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Modeling/Converting/Painting General, because I don't see one up.

Thanks to Scripty's help and buying some Blu-Tack ripoff, I have a mockup of my chaos lord for my Malal CSM army. This offbrand isn't as good as the real deal so I had to kinda overdo it a bit to keep things in place, but it's a good enough point of reference!

>Your pauldrons are huge, you must be the boss!

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What a wonderfully svelte waist.

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I hope you plan on green stuffing some robes/gluing on plenty of gubbins to fill that waist gap. Which is a bitch, by the way, robes can turn out like shit if you don't know what you are doing (like me).

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That's actually pretty good

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He's been trying to keep his figure. Who knew among all those burnt heretics there would be some calories?

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Mega amateur painter. Very simple conversion, but effective I'd say.

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You modelled that yourself? You have all my jelly.

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Well, good! If the bullets are trapped, that means that they can't harm the marine!

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>>still complaining about 40k armor
dude, seriously?

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Well I learned a new word today.

I intend on bulking up the area proper with details when I get to the actual assembly phase. My first idea is to use guitar string vertically like some power armor models have.

That tonk has a beautiful amount of dakka, sir.

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Ridiculous armor looks ridiculous on the tabletop, even for 40K

If you're not gonna try doing a good job, you might as well not model any minis at all

It's why everyone thinks they can get away with slapping random shit on an Ork model, cause it's Orky!
No nigger, that is fucking lazy

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There was this one that one of my friends did a few months back

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Someone sounds mad that they can't throw random shit on their models and make it look half decent.

Its okay, conversion work isn't for everyone

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Simple, effective conversion. Nice.
Doesn't go too over the top and draws the right ammount of attention.

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>Tripfag being condescending again

No, it isn't that hard
Get off your high horse

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40k is suppose to to be ridiculously over the top that is the entire point of the setting, Also I think it is a pretty cool conversion.

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Ridiculous to a point

Some shit doesn't fly
Even with Rule of Cool, you'll get laughed at for stupid shit

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and sometimes you find out just how over the top you can make things

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Finished my little unit of CSM possessed

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Another angle of the possessed

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They feel flat yo

But they do look okay

Maybe some dabs of dark ink here and there would make em stand out more

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Come at me bro!

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Been thinking of ways to liven up the GK range. So far I've made these. Next up - adding more cloth to GKTerminators and making a bashed Grandmaster.

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They look pretty cool. I like the grey skin and eyes. Not often you see uniform looking possessed but it works.

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Plagueclaw Catapult

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Now here's a guy who won't act condescending and knows how to be humble about his work

Did your painting get better though?

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I'm comin at ya, bro!

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My love for you... Is like a truck.

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Sarcasm really is wasted on most people

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Not really. Then again, I've been busier than ever lately, hardly had time to model, let alone think about painting.
A big part of the problem is, I don't want to fuck up my models with bad paintjobs, but I can't get good at painting without painting some bad stuff first.

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That ain't sarcasm bro

You seem like you enjoy tooting your own horn a little too much

Scriptarius has always been a bro and knows when to admit he's fucked up

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Yay its dakka for xmas

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Speaking of fucking up, I don't suppose anyone here happens to know a mr. "That Paint Guy", would they?
I haven't been able to contact him lately, and now I have no way of knowing what the situation with the models he is painting for me is.

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Nigga, I think you fucked up hard

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And telling someone else their work is just ridiculous is any better? Hardly

Besides, when have I claimed anything I posted was mine?

Most of it is either reposts of older stuff or stuff some of my friends did.

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It happens. He seemed like a nice guy to boot.
Oh well, guess I need to get someone over there in person.
And so everyone learned a valuble lesson about outsourcing.

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Well at one point in /tg/ you could give someone critique and they would take it in stride

And if you're work was silly or straight up stupid, multiple people would tell you it was just that, poor work

I guess /tg/ changed a lot too

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This is a model i did for someone for a secret santa thing our club does, what do ya think?

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This exists. Not just in 80s stuff that people try to forget; actual, modern day 40K has this giant goofy piece of shit in it.

All arguments of pauldron sizes are now over. Have a nice day.

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Might as well do that, maybe he died too, you never know dude

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Wait, someone stole one of the primarch models you were working on?

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>This exists
And how.

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Got any closeups dude?

Can't tell much from such a small picture

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Could be.
Email, MSN and Livestream are all silent.
Cool model. Might benefit from bigger legs.

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i wish, thats only picture i have. It was taken with a phone. :(

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Wit hall due respect, you haven't exactly said anything outside of my model looks ridiculous. It's not exactly much to work.

Hard to tell much from the low resolution, but from what I can see it looks pretty good. Always a fun kinda scene.

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That was one of yours, I thought.

6 models though...damn, that sucks

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Sharing a chaos lord my brother made. I want to get into conversions myself, but I cannot into greenstuff.

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I can rebuild them all, but I'll need to shop of lots and and lots of new bits to do it.
Neither can I, but I've never let that stop me. Sure I'm no world class talent but my models tend to look unique enough even without huge resculpts.

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Yeah sorry bro, i can't tell what's going on with such a small image

It's really just the size of the pauldrons, they're ridiculous even in 40K terms
I don't know how thing they are but if you cut off some of the edges, it might work but right now, no, it doesn't work

And you might wanna add bits and doodads to his top armor and the shoulders if you fix them, why are his legs detailed but his top half bare? That's silly

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Find clay and work with it

Makes small stuff on throwaway models, or even sprue dolls, then simply practice

Once you're confident, use the real stuff on actual models or be beta and practice with green stuff on sprue models some more

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I just have to say, that looks awesome. Always been a fan of the "cyber-spider" look.

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Start with simple shit.

Mutated or rotting flesh isn't too difficult, and you can always cut out arrows easily on a flat surface then apply to your model.

Just a few examples.

And there's tutorials everywhere for many things.

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Not that fucking up mutated flesh isn't easily doable as well.

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The legs are an issue of having exactly one set of terminator legs. Again, this is mainly a dryrun of concept. In fact, I would rather have clean terminator legs so I have a blank slate to sculpt onto.

In regards to the pauldrons, I mainly wanted something large what would extend down to the elbows. As these are dreadnought elbows there are pegslots on the inside which is where they're currently attached to, which might be why they look extra huge.

I could sculpt a more rounded top for them, though. I'll prolly make duplicates of the bits if I'm going to do that, though.


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I've got something similar. Would post pictures, but its on a boat in the middle of the Atlantic

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Ah, found one. The guy in the middle there

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Looks like the Templar from HGL

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I really loved the techknight concept in this game. Pity it's not popular (both the game and the techknight concept).

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Well the problem is you need either a lot of armor or shielding or a mix of both.

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