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dont fucking think. Just post your /tg/ related fun times in here. Who needs a fucking thread direction. Post in here if you want fun times.

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I want fun times

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So I'm running Dark Heresy for the first time. I don't think I'm doing horribly, but that's only because most of my players aren't into 40k(Which actually causes an interesting dynamic, considering how Imperial citizens are out of the loop).

I have to admit I'm only running off the core rulebook and it's all online, so if I start getting into more I'll have to get the others, but at the moment it's fine. One of the issues I had with not knowing the book completely was not knowing the "reliable" trait for weapons.

The scene was; The Acolytes are fighting cultists who are trying to summon some Tzeentchian bastards and the Tech Priest is in the back, sniping with her Longlas. Now, she's spent most of the sessions babying it, talking to it, cleaning it to make sure it was free of cobwebs, and other such lovey dovey devotion to the machine god.

So I decided to be a little evil.

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this thread has potential

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I lay in wait and keep rolling, and most of the time she just misses. She FINALLY rolls a crit failure. Now, rather then do what I did with the two Assassins and make her shoot her teammates constantly, I decided that the lovey dovey longlas would have to go.

She fired, and the barrel of the Longlas split like a bannana, rendering it useless. Cue "AAAAAAAW D:" from all the players, and the character ICly practically weeping over the destroyed gun.

I didn't know how to feel about it.

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I want fun.

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Posting in memory of the recently (as in last night), HLQ.

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what is fun?

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Here is my fun.

TL;DR: My guardsman has horrible luck with pretty much every thing important, yet seems to always get out of everything alive, despite terrible decision making and crazy ideas. Very minor things he always does brilliantly in, like looking for someone moving around, or trying to figure out what something is.

The terrible luck seems to spread to others.

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Fun! Fun is good! Fun is.... fun!

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This is from Masters of Jade, for Exalted.

It looks like the start of some bizarre romantic comedy.

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If that happened I would have the Solar punch the Lunar in the face.

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Well, I punched a demon in the dick once...
>Roll psyker
>Near end of campaign
>Greater demon!
>Any glowing red spots or other weak points?
>Does it have a dick?
>Well, I guess...
>Manifest hammerhands
>Punch his dick.

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Hey, yeah you, I got your fun times right here.

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>finds AD&D 2nd edition book of sex
>Playing Wizard
>Find spell for prismatic dildo
>cast on party member
>My fucking face when

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Hey guys

The Dungeons and Dragons comic from IDW is awesome.

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DM Rule #389Every god damn time, no matter the setting, somehow you end up in space. Plan accordingly.

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a classic

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Lasgun barrels fail all the time..not that dramatically, and it would be physically impossible for a lasgun barrel to bannanna (but hey, whatever. imagery is what counts. weapon experienced a horrible failure.) My point is that lasgun barrels are designed to be swapped out and the cleaning kit for the weapon actually includes a spare stock and a spare barrel.

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I remember this thread.

What happened, exactly.

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What in the unhallowed fuck is this?

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Context please.

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I have no idea what the fuck he's doing...

But anyone that wears penguins for boots is alright in my book

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It's a wizard. we don't need much more explanation

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There is no, and has never been, context for that image.
The only threads it shows up in are just people asking for context. Like you.

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Wow. This thread is fucking magic. I'm having way more fun than I've had on the internets in quite a while.
In return, short PC story time.

I was DMing a campaign than revolved completely around the idea that the BBEG has this nigh impenetrable flying steam punk ship of doom. First time the PC's encounter it, instead of hiding; infiltrating et cetera, they knocked on the door, swore their souls and demanded employment.

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Really? Artist: Matt Rhodes.

His comment on the drawing: "Sitting around a camp fire, my friends and I talked about wizards. Wizards, if they were real, would be the worst people. Dabbling in all sorts of grim abominations for dubious ends. They'd be the last people you'd ever hire for a quest, and then only in utter desperation."


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It's a poison wizard. Giant spider, bag full of spiders, blue-ringed octopus ...

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The man all my Evil characters are based on

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Do you have the pic someone drew of Old Man Henderson by any chance?

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Go on.

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here you go took awhile to find it

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Whats with wizards and candles?

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It's like scientists and toasters.

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I see

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I love classic D&D-style dungeon crawls. Seriously, more than any type of roleplaying at all, I love dark dank dungeons, filled with monsters, deathtraps, and puzzles - all in the hopes that there is some nice treasure to be found at the end. Character development and personal character goals not related to slaying monsters and taking treasure are nice, but not when they actively prevent me from crawling through the lost temple of the kings and acquiring everything of value while crushing skeleton guards and dodging poison arrow traps.

Pic unrelated, but funny nonetheless.

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