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I've never seen a thread on TG before, since the majority of the war-table-games threads are about Warhammer 40k. While liking both games I was curious if anyone played Warmachine (or horde), and about your experience.
I am just beginning with a Cryx army' involving Terminus, Bane Thralls etc.

What's your army about and did you have fun with it so far?

Also, might bump the thread with pics of Warjacks, because I just adore them.

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Mad Dogs of War, Tier 4.
Doom Reavers until the end of time.
Seriously, most opponents build lists to be balanced, to take on a wide variety of threats. Nobody expects 18 doom reavers, Fenris, and the Butcher to come screaming across the field with almost total disregard for their own well-being. Then the fellblades catch flesh, metal, and rock. Good news? Its fun. Bad news? Oh so squishy, and no screen at all for the Butcher.

Other than that, the pButcher's Heart of Darkness is a surprisingly effective list, fun too, heavy infantry and manhunters.

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There is a small, but generally knowledgeable warmahordes community on /tg/.

I play Cryx, Legion, and Four Star Mercs myself.

I don't play Terminus myself, but I've seen him play very well with the Reverant Crew.

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Motherland represent!

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Oh Morrow! Why is it on fire!? Who does that?
Menoth? Oh, well then I guess its ok.

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I started Warmachine playing a Trenchers list and I never really stopped even though they got kinda mediocre in MK 2. Now I kinda use them as a tarpit and CRA squadron alongside Darius, Kraye, or pStryker.

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Know your foe!
See that big fucker in the lower right? Yeah, have the Behemoth punch him a few times and see what happens.

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Likewise the walking pipe-organ is probably going to cause trouble.

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Loving this game right now, just started off a Searforge Commission contract after scrapping 40k because it was boring as hell and I haven't looked back since. Really loving the models and the fluff, but I'm a bit frustrated by the lack of updates the Mercs get, since we haven't even gotten out battle engine yet (hoping it's Rhulic!). Any dorfing tips would be appreciated.

Oh, and has anyone heard anything about the new IK RPG? Looks pretty interesting from what I've seen, and I'm loving the whole background career career thing instead of just picking a character class.

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Oi, these guys.

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Tell us, Satan, does something bad happen when you punch him?! Because I'm a fan of punching big ugly things with other equally big, ugly things.

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You sir!
You're probably not getting a Battle Engine, and you're not getting a colossal, however, you are getting a third warcaster in the Colossals book. This may mean they haven't forgotten about Rhul! Also, I play Thornfall, I've got two warbeasts at the moment. Two.

In the meantime, have a clam-jack.

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Nothing bad, the Behemoth just has Armor Piercing fists of the Motherland! Scraps anything bigger than small with alarming alacrity. Punching it to stupid with the bronzeback's not a bad plan either.

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Do it the dorf way, cover it with templates until it stops moving and then send in some 'jacks to mop up.

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OP here these are some nice pics with giant machines.

I'm happy some people actually play it ahahah.
And you said you played Cryx, what kind of list do you have?

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Behold the hated machine spewing death and necromancy.. while staying being frail compared to MOTHERLANDJacks, What's up with that damn'?

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Damn' verification made me forgot my pic'.

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Wonderful! Because I love the Behemoth (why does it have AP? Because its punches are made of EXPLOSIONS!), and Bronzebacks are…well, they are just great.
Also, with Chain Attack: Smash and Grab, if you hit with your first two initials, then use the power attack, and still have an initial attack left over, do you lose that last initial, or do you get it after the power attack?

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You get it afterwards. Although I usually start with the tusks first, so I can get some more damage on my target before I chuck it at someone.

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Hey guys could someone list out the different playstyles for the different factions?

From what I've been reading; Cygnar: Jack of all trades, Menoth: Spray and Pray, Khador: Slow and heavy hitting, Cryx: Rushdown CC, Scyrah: specialized units, Mercs: Ranged.

Could anyone say how accurate that is, as well as what magic they use?

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I've really just headbutted the target prone, because there no kill like overkill.
>mfw you've still got 6 POW16-19 autohits coming your way, my friend.

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I've been wondering, is Harkevich a good starting caster for a complete newbie to the game? If not, any 'casters that are? Thanks, have a glorious Conquest for a wallpaper

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Harkevich I'd say not to be a good starting caster due it only working in bigger games where you can get multiple jacks and still afford a meatshield. If you want a really solid starting khador warcaster, give the Butcher a go.

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Ah OK, thanks for the suggestion. So, Butcher, Prime or Epic?

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Because of the variety of units, the diversity of warcasters and the ability to supplement with mercs/minions/allies; each faction has a wide range of play styles.
Pick a faction and a playstyle, and someone here can probably recommend a warcaster/warlock, jacks/beasts, units and solos to make it work.

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The factions aren't that narrow. There are several tactical themes for each army, often relating to which warcaster you're using.

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I usually run Dethjack, either Gaspy or Denegra, a couple of Ripjaws, a unit of Bane Knights and/or Bane Thralls, and a few support pieces. Nothing too special.

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eButcher is scary, but much more difficult to make effective.

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Ah okay then. In that case would it be possible to make a rushdown army as the Mercs?

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What do you think about Mortenebra + Deathjack? I really like the Deathjack even if I'm probably going to grab a leviathan or desecrator for my Terminus. What are your thoughts on the different Heavy Helljacks?

Also, I like meh' some Erebus.

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I have a jack-heavy cryx force that I wish I could use more often. my army is a bonechickeny pAsphyxious list, but I'm considering picking of Scaverous and the Wraith Engine.

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Newbie to warmohordes, played my first game with my own army (Blindwater Congregation minions) and I did decently, except for the fact that my Barnabas got slaughtered in the 4th turn by Warpwolves. How the fuck do I prevent Ghostly from wrecking my shit? I knocked down his pure blood with my wrastler, so that took care of that, but his other warpwolf resisted the knockdown and went straight on through
Also this has been my first time painting in a year or two, I think it turned out alright
(and is this picture really dark or is it my monitor? it looked fine on the phone screen)

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Absolutely. With mercs, you have a whole toolbox of casters, and a shitton of solos to augment your forces. I'm not an expert, but I'm sure you could make a rushdown army

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Kill the Pureblood. Then the others can't Ghostly anymore. Warpwolves are pretty squishy, compared to other heavy beasts.

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Mercs are getting a Colossal, though not explicitly Rhulic flavored. The rumor going around, according to the three Press Gangers at my LGS, is that Mercs might be getting a Battle Engine further down the line, and that it will possibly be Rhulic. Nothing confirmed, obviously, but that's what they said has been talked about by PP.

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going to just do that next time, I had killed his body and half of each other row at that time, if my posse just had better rolls he would have been dead
And are the swamp horror and spitter worth looking into?

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Also, use an Iron Fleshed Gatorman Posse with Dirge of Mists up as a screen. Put them behind a Swamp Pit, so the Warpwolves HAVE to Ghostly to get to them (unless they've got some way to acquire Pathfinder, which is possible), instead of using Warp Strength. They'll have to boost to hit reliably, and with Unyielding, it may take up to 2 hits to kill each one. Even if they do end up all dying, they'll be in position for you to charge and slaughter on your turn.

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one thing I've learned about Warmahordes is that (almost) nothing is useless, it just needs the right other stuff to make it useful.

To be fair I play Ret, so we don't have any leftover stuff from Mk I, so this might not apply to all factions.

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The Spitter is a decent ranged beast, that can hold it's own in melee. The Horror is more of a board control beast, that can drag shit out of the way, and give some extra threat to your other beasts.

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The Merc Colossal is called Galleon, pic related.

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rolled 3, 2 = 5


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I forgot my pic! FML.

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Blueprint pic with better detail of weaponry. What looks like a giant harpoon launcher, a huge steam shovel, and six fucking cannons. I want to be able to shoot all of the cannons in one giant broadside.

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Personal thoughts:
Saying which game is better is a waste of time; saying where both (or a third, or fourth, because two-way competition is basically American politics) can improve is better.
-PP is better at getting FAQs out. GW is starting to realize this.
-40k could use open fists, suppression AOEs, or "out-of-activation" powers. Nothing like Overwatch of 2e, but options beyond "Thumb up ass" during the opponent's would be nice.
-Warmachine could do with unit customization/jack/engine loadouts. This isn't about making a 3.5 Chaos "OPTIONFEST" that served only as a bookkeeping nightmare, nor is it about "take Autocannons for your Dreads" or "Missiles for Fangs." It's about not having 7-something light-jacks where there's a 1-to-1 mapping of Jack to Caster ("Sentinel to Kraye, I am smarts.").
-In both games, Artillery (field-gun artillery that is) is not particularly good (eIrusk's Mortar excepted.).
-GW needs to get off their rear, and take tournaments seriously.
-A pox upon the Steamroller System.
-Personal Rant: Unit synergies/pairings will evolve naturally, rather than as the result of the designers trying to force-them in-game, be it through "unit stat bonus combos", tierlist pointbreaks, "This Caster gives FREE FOCUS TO THE BATTLEGROUP" or whatnot. Both games do this, though ironically GW does this less (though they have "Eldar Syndrome" and "Fatecrusher" to show for it). Hordes gives us the term 'Skornergy.' Yeahhhhhh...

And this is why I don't like nice things...

Army? Ah right, mostly derp with Menoth. Mostly because they are a rather straightforward army, and they shoot rather well for being a 'melee' faction.

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Which unit has Dirge of Mists?
But that sounds like a good plan
sounds interesting, I'll look more into them

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Deathjack is the best Cryx jack in the game. It goes well just about any Cryx caster.

Leviathan is pretty solid anti-jack. I'll pick up a Descrator once it comes out as a mid-poiint between the Leviathan and the more anti-troop Harrower.

Erebus doesn't strike me as being that much better than a normal Slayer without Scaverous.

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A response:

>>PP is better at getting FAQs out. GW is starting to realize this.
and also, out of order, but for the sake of succinctness:
>>GW needs to get off their rear, and take tournaments seriously.
My understanding is that GW sees its self as a modelling outfit first and foremost, and that the games exist to support the models rather than the other way around. This means really nice models, but I think the company does not really WANT a competetive tournament scene (which would require better FAQs and generally tighter rules) because it clashes with the "modeling first" outlook.

>>40k could use open fists, suppression AOEs, or "out-of-activation" powers. Nothing like Overwatch of 2e, but options beyond "Thumb up ass" during the opponent's would be nice.
Agreed. Even Warmahordes is kind of small-time. IGOUGO turn structure should be considered outmoded by now! It's like class-based character advancement in an RPG! We live in the future! We should be past this shit!

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The mournful neighing of barnyard animals continues.

>>Warmachine could do with unit customization/jack/engine loadouts. This isn't about making a 3.5 Chaos "OPTIONFEST" that served only as a bookkeeping nightmare, nor is it about "take Autocannons for your Dreads" or "Missiles for Fangs." It's about not having 7-something light-jacks where there's a 1-to-1 mapping of Jack to Caster ("Sentinel to Kraye, I am smarts.").
I think that you have within this point my greatest criticism of why unit customization isn't particularly desirable. If I have four pages of wargear for my general but there are only 3 or 4 loadouts that are viable/optimized/efficient, I see that as dumb. I don't think it's good design to give people options just for the sake of having options. They need GOOD options. If I want a ranged caster, Caine is already optimized as fuck. I don't need to build my own Caine from the ground up.
I think the larger complaint about Warmahordes is the inability to use the game to tell your own story - this is a fixed universe with fixed characters operating in it.

>>In both games, Artillery (field-gun artillery that is) is not particularly good (eIrusk's Mortar excepted.).
40k and Warmahordes both, for games that feature a fuck ton of guns, tend to de-emphasize shooting by way of design. The designers thought that dudes punching each other war more exciting. If you think artillery strikes are more exiciting, there's always Flames of War.

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My senseless jabberings are completed:

>>A pox upon the Steamroller System.
Why you so mad bro? Fo you dislike radial deployment? Feel aggravated by timed turns? Harbor contempt for the superfluousness of most scenarios when caster kill is generally the more expedient option? Do tell.

>>Personal Rant: Unit synergies/pairings will evolve naturally, rather than as the result of the designers trying to force-them in-game, be it through "unit stat bonus combos", tierlist pointbreaks, "This Caster gives FREE FOCUS TO THE BATTLEGROUP" or whatnot. Both games do this, though ironically GW does this less (though they have "Eldar Syndrome" and "Fatecrusher" to show for it). Hordes gives us the term 'Skornergy.' Yeahhhhhh...
I just straight disagree with this. Game designers should not design units that interact with each other? Players will take a crate of unrelated units and forge something coherent out of them? How? What? Huh?

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>I think the larger complaint about Warmahordes is the inability to use the game to tell your own story - this is a fixed universe with fixed characters operating in it.
this put me off also, though you can always just get different models and make up a story and just give him/her a existing warcaster's stats (hell, if you want to go really far photoshop some custom art and their name into their card)

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I'm working on building up my skorne at the moment. I actually just finished up painting eMakeda a few hours ago. I'm looking forward to playing her, but now I'm looking at the unit of nihilators that I need to start working on.

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Specifically, the "Bring two armies, double-blind, swap out." That's me though; I'm *very* much of the "Take-All-Comers mentality." I dislike playing "my matchup-fu is stronger."

>just straight disagree with this. Game designers should not design units that interact with each other? Players will take a crate of unrelated units and forge something coherent out of them? How? What? Huh?
Army design matters, of course. There's a fine line between doing something like "EGaspy and Bile Thralls" (be the simple 'my caster brought smokeshells,' or the Excarnate conga-line) versus "This unit unlocks *this* ability in this other unit, unlocks in this unit...but don't forget this animosity, this Inspiration, and that Flank..."

I'm simple I guess.

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Barnabas is effectively the toughest Hordes caster in the game when he goes into defense mode (Only Kallus and Xerxis truly compare... on their feat turns); he can't be shot as long as he doesn't want to be shot or they bog him down with an army so he has nowhere to put his pit but in that case he's got an army to fight so he doesn't really mind. (although he can even then sometimes use a countercharge INTO a pit though that'll only work on someone if they make a big mistake.) if there's a warlock in the game that can survive anything charging them, its Barnabas in GUTS mode.

As another note, keep in mind ghostly does not advance through BASES (as incomporeal does) so the obligatory posse (the core of a gator force; they are amazing infantry) can stop it from reaching him, or even just a heavy. Without a strength boost, as long as he's sitting on say, 2+ transfers, Barnabas should be able to survive even an above average luck warpwolf charge (but not ridiculous luck) as a tip though; always always always have the bullsnapper cast spiny growth on Barnabas and follow him around like a little pet.

In general, try to keep spiny growth on as many key targets (Caster+Wrastlers first) as possible without sacrificing fury to transfer with. A wrastler, at arm19, is not that hard to kill for a single beast/jack. At arm21 with a d3 damage return every time, only the most powerful of beasts/jacks (or well buffed ones) will be able to kill one on their own.

Himself, though, don't be afraid to Iron Flesh+SG+transfers and dangle him in front of medium grade hitters (standard heavies but not things like; behemoth, bronzeback titan, death jack, Avatar) it is not that uncommon to watch him survive a charge from some of the most godawful things.

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Hey /tg/, I love Everblight's warbeasts. They're fucking amazing, and get around so many limitations with their inherent special rules, and the way that they look. Their units I love even more, including the less used ones like Legionnaires and Swordsmen on a gameplay and aesthetic sense.

But I hate their fucking warlock options. All of them just seem one-dimensional to me, and I sincerely hope that it's just me being too bad at this game to recognize their greatness.

So, /tg/, what Everblight casters are good, and why? What are their typical win conditions and playstyles, or famous/infamous combos? Give me a good reason to finally play everblight.

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Well, if you came from playing a warmachine faction to legion, I can understand seeing them as 'not all that great' but when you really get down to it, they are some of the best hordes casters. (Circle is the only faction I look at and it leaves me a little wanting in warcaster department though they're still all pretty good.)

If you wanna talk "S TIER GRADE BULLSHIT" then the first and foremost answer is Saeryn.

Saeryn is Legion's eGaspy, or eHaley, Zaal, or whoever. If there is a problem you will find yourself coming across, Saeryn can solve it in some way shape or form. When you ask "How do I, as a Legion player, deal with _____" you must specifify "Without using Saeryn" to get an answer other than Saeryn.

>> No.18127527

Thanks for that. Yes, I'm coming from Cryx and Menoth of warmachine. I'm looking into my third faction, and I've found that I loved everything about Everblight except the casters, and hated everything about Trolls except the casters (and dygmies).

I'll take a closer look into Saeryn though, so thanks for that.

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It's the one dimesional aspect that makes them scary anon.

Legion's casters usually go for one list only with only a few swaps, but run those lists efficiently.

If you want something that's 1.5 dimension I recommend regular Thagrosh.

>> No.18127742

Other noteworthy casters are pThagrosh, who is a pretty amazing attrition caster and, at a glance, does not really seem like he's all that great. But when you take into account spiny growth and his death shroud passive ability (which is downright amazing and one of his best abilities) he is an amazing brick-type caster who has an attrition feat that... brings a brick back to his wall.
+2 def vs shooting for your whole army and +2 arm against melee against shooting that he just kind of has surround him.
Mutagenisis is gimmicky but useful, and being able to go up to def14arm20 with spiny growth in melee, he's pretty bulky and able to get deep into the fight as long as he's got transfers.

Abby is kind of lame, just straightforward beasty type caster.
Both Lylyths are straightforward 'I'ma gonna shoot you and not much else'
Rhyas would be lame as fuck if it weren't for her feat which can make for interesting and fun games (particularly the CarnAir trick which involves using a two handed throw, which is a melee attack against the thing you're throwing at, to teleport into the base of the thing you threw or threw at and then go to town biting bitches on the ground) but they're all a little one dimensional I guess.

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Great advice, thanks man, but what do you mean by guts mode? pic related?

>As another note, keep in mind ghostly does not advance through BASES
Oh fuck me that's how he did it, going to slap him next time I see that bitch

and what do you feel about Maelok? It was a tie between him or Barnabas because zombie gatormen seemed so cool

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The ghostly thing is an easy mistake to make, many people make it the first time, but no it does not allow you to advance through MODELS in the way incorp does (Which, hint hint, Maelok gives as a feat) but ignoring free strikes and terrain that ghostly gives is a big deal and still really good.

GUTS mode is when you take Barnabas, you charge something, kill it with your cleaver, and use blood boon to cast Iron Flesh, and then have a bullsnapper Spiny growth him (Though usually before hand) and then sit on 3+ transfers and just hope he survives what they throw at him. Which puts him at def16 arm21 in melee.

If Jacks/Beasts are wounded and charging him, don't be surprised when they break their swords, arms, minds, souls or cortexes on his face. (I won a game because a eHaley bonded Stormclad on 4 focus broke its already damaged cortex on his face with the first swing, and he had no transfers.)

There are obviously cases where you don't do it (DJ, bronzeback, avatar, etc like I said) but against many enemies he can actually survive some of the most vicious beatings. (Like laughing off Kromac's melee feat turn)

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pThagrosh is GOOD?

Explain more please, becuase I thought he was just pure shit and worse in every way than eThagrosh. pThagz and the new Domination caster are the only two that aesthetically please me, and I discounted both of them because they seemed too weak.

>> No.18128038

Maelok is pretty on par with Barnabas, but with much more focus on supporting the Posse. He is a very strong attrition caster and tends to excel at control point scernario games (but not destruction scenarios)
Posse are def12(13 with dirge) and arm16(18 in melee) so they're already fairly durable and on their own considered the best multiwounders in the game (only skorne's shield wallers really compare) but with Maelok, he turns them undead (which is great) and adds 2 more armor...

So now they're up to 18(20melee) which means they're practically little jacks. Unless its his feat turn in which case the undead units (which the witchdoctor, once he comes out, can make even more of) get two more... so your primary unit is now 20(22). So getting heavier than jacks. People will tend to have to send heavies to reliably kill your infantry. Unless you spiny growth a couple of them. So 22(24) on the frontmost little bastards with bounceback damage to the beasts/jacks it takes to kill them. Laugh as a fully loaded heavy jack struggles to kill even TWO of the bastards... (I've had games where a pillowfisted beast did more damage to itself than to my posse because of SG)

And then you bring them back with revive.

On paper, Maelok is a poor man's version of many other better casters that do the same thing; but he offers everything to the best multiwounders in the game so it totally makes up for it.

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>>I dislike playing "my matchup-fu is stronger."
And I dislike playing "list list composition-fu is stronger." There are over a hundred warnouns at this point and there's a lot you can come up against. Versatility helps. Especially if you're running a tier list. I love my T4 Kraye, but he runs into some hard counters (fukken Circle). When I see that across the table, it's nice having another option.

>>RE: Simplicity:
I think it is fairly simple MOST OF THE TIME. Flank is fine, UAs and support solos (thinking about Champion Hero or Horthol for Trollkin) are fine.
But it can get crazy in some instances. Pirates, for example. That is an army that takes the concept of stacking buffs to a level that is kind of frustrating to play against.

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I know, right?

pThagrosh is one of the weakest looking casters ever. When I first saw him, I thought "Man he sucks."

But then there was a journeyman league and my LGS and they said I could just go with a caster I didn't already own instead of a brand new faction... so I had pThag and Abby to choose from. So I went ahead with pThag and took a bunch of Nephilim cause I didn't have any already... (Also went with grotesques and incubi. Hate those useless flying fucks for everything but their ability to deliver incubi who are amazing.) and he ended up working REALLY REALLY WELL. Even when I only had mediocre lights to spend my feat on, he was beating the shit out of casters like eKaya, Kraye, Mohsar, Jarl, with Barnabas really being the only one I struggled against. There were at least two others but I can't for the life of me remember who they were. (1/1 w/l against barny, pretty much all wins against everything else)

The thing that is the best about him is Death Shroud. It is such a simple ability at a glance, but when you really get down to it its downright AMAZING. If you forget about death shroud, and don't apply it against your opponent, yes, Thagrosh basically sucks. But with it, he turns shitty nephilim into a durability level that is actually comparable to heavies... Or if he just uses it on heavies like he'd like to, they power up to things like arm20 base... Which you can spiny growth. So arm22 Carniveans, or Arm19+1d3regen typhons in melee, which are kind of much harder to kill. And being able to throw a heavy away in a trade (which still might not die because of his brick-mode with them) that he can bring right back. Which can again potentially survive a turn of attacks because of the armor benefits to actually get into the real fight again afterwards.

>> No.18128168

He doesn't look like much, but he's a VERY good second choice to take to a tournament setting, and I'd rate him above his hyper-aggressive epic version personally.

>> No.18128217

Somewhat unrelated, but does anyone have copies of the old Iron Kingdoms books?

>> No.18128278

Speaking of Minions, anyone have a scan of the wrastler card? I lost mine and I don't feel like buying one for .50 and then paying another 5 bucks for shipping

>> No.18129170

Follow up - more sexy Khador.

>> No.18129183

>Implying you can be stealth with that kind of rack

>> No.18129204

>I lost mine and I don't feel like buying one for .50 and then paying another 5 bucks for shipping
What the fuck on that postage, right? Forgot to pick up a Mk.II soulward when I was getting other crap. I was hoping that they'd send me one along with the eMakeda cards I need (blister I got had Mk.I, just like the Soulward).
They, haven't gotten back to me.

>> No.18129248

Well, here's my first crack at an everblight list. What you think?

pThagrosh, 35pts, Duel
Thagrosh, Prophet of Everblight (+5pts)
* Carnivean (11pts)
* Seraph (8pts)
* Shredder (2pts)
MAX Blighted Nyss Legionnaires (6pts)
MAX Blighted Ogrun Wamongers (8pts)
Warmonger War Chief (3pts)
Forsaken (2pts)

>> No.18129266 [DELETED] 

just had to do two shipments of replacement cards and some bitz 8.60 per shipment.

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>> No.18129371

Kodiak in progress

>> No.18129425

The only other one I have by that artist has tits front and center, and we I don't thinkg /tg/ has spoiler image tags.
Still, plenty of tits in the IK.

Seriously though, the mask on that Kommando creeps me the fuck out.

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>> No.18129437


At minimum I'd probably drop the Seraph for a Ravagore. The Ravagore has a great ranged attack (and a good animus to compliment it), while Slipstream is really the only good thing the Seraph has going for it. The Seraph does have a couple 'locks it's good with, but pThag doesn't do much for it.

I'd go either-or on the warmongers/legionnaires: neither of them are there to be your heavy hitters (although the warmongers might get lucky with Draconic Blessing on a heavy), they're there to control infantry so your beasts can run riot. And while it pains me to say this, if you go warmongers a Gatorman Posse might be an even better choice: they go up to effective ARM 20 in melee if you can get Death Shroud (and even without it they're a respectable ARM 18, which actually makes a huge difference in survivability), and while Warmongers can theoretically weed whacker entire enemy units in one turn the gators tend to be more consistent. Use your free points to either go with another warbeast (the Scythean is a popular choice, completing the Ravagore/Carni/Scythean trio), a Throne if you hate money, or maybe some ranged infantry support (Striders/Deathstalkers, etc.).

>> No.18129441


>> No.18129476


>> No.18129497 [DELETED] 

Own and play mainly cygnar looking into expanding my collection what do you guys think I should grab (adding mercs to the list since cygnar = merc)


Black 13th
6 Trenchers
6 Sword Knights
3 Stormlances
Alexia Ciannor and the Risen (just the base box still need to expand)

2 Gunmage captain adepts
1 Journeyman warcaster
3 Stormsmiths
arlan Strangeways
Maxwell finn
Ogrun Bokur
Taryn Dila Rovissi

3 Chargers
2 Ironclads
2 Stormclads

what would you suggest adding?

>> No.18129528

Looks plenty good, again thanks to death shroud, he helps the legionarres by making them a little more resilient (will really only matter for blast damage really) and make warmongers tough enough that they should survive an opposing charge or a couple non-charges.

Pretty standard set of beasts, feels almost a little low (though I guess not so much at 35) for a fury 7 caster but thanks to his athanc and feat its basically a complete non-issue.

>> No.18129584


>> No.18130382 [DELETED] 

would you guys call Enemo competitive? I am looking for a second list (going with EStryker for the first)

>> No.18130920

Just ordered the rest of this (except the Skarlock which they didn't have) from Maelstrom since they're having a sale.

System: Warmachine
Faction: Cryx
Casters: 1/1
Points: 35/35
Warwitch Deneghra (*5pts)
* Deathripper (4pts)
* Deathripper (4pts)
* Slayer (6pts)
* Skarlock Thrall (2pts)
Bane Thralls (Leader and 9 Grunts) (8pts)
Satyxis Raiders (Leader and 9 Grunts) (8pts)
* Satyxis Raider Sea Witch (2pts)
Bane Lord Tartarus (4pts)
Satyxis Raider Captain (2pts)

Now if only I actually had somebody to play with. ;_;

>> No.18130949

No LGS near you?

>> No.18130957

Picked me up a Menoth battlebox recently, a buddy of mine's been eyeing up Cryx, so that gives me somebody to play with, LGS moved recently though, to a fair bit out of my way (herp, derp, no got car), which kinda screws me for possible opponents, feels bittersweet man.

>> No.18130967

I run Vyros/Kaelyssa jack heavy lists with some Dawnguard.

>> No.18130983

Unfortunately not. There's a GW and a comic store that has MTG tourneys on the other side of town, but that's the extent of it.

>> No.18130997

Hell, at least you got a comic store, I gotta go to the city to access the nearest one, the life of a car-less suburban neckbeard is fraught with difficulty.

>> No.18131007

I don't read comics though, so it's pretty useless to me.

>> No.18131026

Me and my exclusively-40k gaming crew just expanded into Warmachine. Grabbed a Khador Battlegroup. Painting it up is loads of fun, a good change from IG. Havn't played a single game yet, planning to when the other guys get their stuff together as well- Out of curiosity, what can you guy recommend for a starting Khador list? I've heard good things about the Butcher and a squad of Widowmakers.

>> No.18131110

Points: 35/35

Forward Kommander Sorscha (*6pts)
* Beast-09 (11pts)
* Devastator (9pts)
* Sylys Wyshnalyrr, the Seeker (2pts)
Winter Guard Infantry (Leader and 9 Grunts) (6pts)
* Winter Guard Infantry Officer & Standard (2pts)
* 3 Winter Guard Infantry Rocketeers (3pts)
Winter Guard Mortar Crew (Leader and Grunt) (3pts)
Eiryss, Angel of Retribution (3pts)
Kovnik Jozef Grigorovich (2pts)

I've been playing this list lately and I've been losing (still a beginner though, but I'm at 10 loses out of 10 games). Is the list bad, or am I playing it wrong? I run the jacks on the flanks nearby the winterguard, who sit in the middle and sorscha, joe and sylys following behind, Mortar takes up a nice spot somewhere to shoot at stuff. I pop shots off at stuff with the WG and spray when in range if it's soft targets but otherwise I just get in close as quickly as possible.

>> No.18131176

My friend wants input on his 50point Menoth:

Harbinger of Menoth
Avatar of Menoth
Choir of Menoth (Leader + 5)
Exemplar Bastions (Leader + 4)
Exemplar Bastions (Leader + 4)
Covenant of Menoth
The Wrack (3 Wracks)
Vassal of Menoth

>> No.18134035


>> No.18134181

The protoypical Prime Khador army is built around IFP or WG with a couple melee jacks with manhunters and Windowmakers on a flank.

Tricked-out WG are a great tar pit, but don't expect it to do too much damage. I've found eScorsh is all about timing her feat to give your charge turn or assassin turn the maximum effectiveness against high armored targets or the enemy warcaster.

>> No.18134961

has anyone ever done like an omnibus of WM/H fluff or at least a cliffs notes version? I've been playing since November and with only MKII, Wrath, and FoW Ret I feel like I've missed a lot of good stories and important plot points. I was going to just buy the old rulebooks but A) theres quite a few and B) all the shops around here are still selling them at full price. Plus there's all the no quarters that I'm not even going to TRY to get hold of.

>> No.18135309 [DELETED] 

sadly no, I would pay good money for a giant fluff book of all the stories (hell they could even break it down by year like noquarter/rulebooks 2003, to get more outta me), the best you can do is torrent the no quarters especially considering that numbers one threw four are out of print.

>> No.18135354

Cool, the first Warmachine thread I've read that didn't end up in a flame war between 40K fans and warmahorde fans!

I'm new to miniature games in general, My brother in law tricked me into buying the assault on black reach set with him, and that was kinda fun.
Then I stumbled onto warmachine when I was watching some 40k videos on youtube, I think it was miniwargaming or beastofwars tube channel.

I fell in love with the whole steampunk robots and monsters setting, watched a "how to play" video, and ordered myself the 2player battle box.
I have yet to play a proper game. I'm still painting up the figures. Khador was a bitch to do since I'm a pinting newb as well, and the red colours gave me a hard time.

The only thing that confuses me this far are the models with shield, like the man o war guys. In one of the "how to" videos I saw they said any model with a shield gets +2 to def or arm when attacked in the front arc, but the rule book says models with the small shield/buckler symbol on their card gets the bonus.
And the man o war guys dont have that on their card, they got shield wall, but do a lone manowar get +2 def/arm since he has a shield? or is that something only jacks or beasts with shield get?

>> No.18135440 [DELETED] 

they just explained it porely if a model has a shield they get +2 deffense as long as that arm is still working (if its a jack), if its a buckler they just get +1.
The Man-o-wars just have shield wall its a order that the leader has to give them (rolling 2d6 under command) and it only works if they are in formation Ie. B2B (base to base)

>> No.18135499

You'll only see the +2 on jacks, because they're the only models that can effectively lose that limb and continue fighting. Other models with shields just have them factored into their ARM stat.

>> No.18136222

Got my War Wagon last night and holly crap this this is huge. It's times like these I wish I had an airbrush....

S what's on your guys' painting tables?

>> No.18136286

A bullsnapper and a bunch of circle stuff someone commissioned me to paint up.

Ain't never gonna finish this snapper.

>> No.18136311

Again, it should be +1 ARM for a buckler and +2 ARM for a shield, and only for jacks. Warriors have it factored in to their stats.

>> No.18136357 [DELETED] 

shit ton of cygnar, mercs, circle, khador and cryx

>> No.18136555

>what's on your guys' painting tables?
Infinity stuff right now. I haven't put paint to Warmachine model in a while. Might prime up one of my Renegades and try to get one of them painted sometime soon. My Nomad has paint on it, but it's not even close to being done.

>> No.18136970

>what's on your guys' painting tables?

well I just got done with a bunch of my menoth stuff, I'll post more in a second, but as for whats on my painting table, I have 10 more temple flameguard, a modded avatar, 3 anachnarok spider bases, 30 slaanesh furies, and I'm waiting on my eFeora and redeemer.

so yeah.


>> No.18136982


>> No.18136996


>> No.18137010


>> No.18137018


>> No.18137041


>> No.18137058


>> No.18137092


Man I love my new camera.

>> No.18137160

I like your white and green Menoth paint scheme.

>> No.18137187

Thank you much. I appreciate it.

>> No.18137637 [DELETED] 

what sort of camera are you using, been looking into getting one.

>> No.18137714

How/where do you make/get those little flowers? I've been trying to find flowers of that size for the base of my flower knight but to of no avail.

>> No.18138521

Well I usually aim to clear a charge lane one way or another. I either end up having the winterguard + other stuff clear a lane for Sorscha to get to their caster/lock, or Sorscha and other stuff clear some los for WG to do a massive CRA against their Caster. During feat turn I should say.

>> No.18139600

It was a canon I got on sale, powershot a3300IS the zoom is garbage but otherwise it was a nice little camera for $50
ok these are a bit tricky at first but after you got them down they are really simple.
The items you will need:
a paintbrush with 1'' long bristles (preferably horsehair, and a large amount of bristles), elmers glue, colored flock (I suggest red, yellow, purple and blue), and a pair of small trimming shears.

cut a small patch out of the brush and dip one end into the elmers glue, just a small dab you don't want drippage, then dip that into the colored flock, wait a few moments for the flock to dry and then cut the other end of the bristles to the length you want. finally glue in place. it may take a few times to get it right but after you get it down it can look great.

I know it's not warmachine but this was another picture I took recently of my spider goblin warboss, thought you guys might like it.

>> No.18140375 [DELETED] 

LSD Flashbacks

>> No.18140863 [DELETED] 

bad trip?

>> No.18140890

Man I love the warhammer 40k universe. The game seems so cool and I play the shit out of dawn of war, space marine, read a bunch of the books. Unfortunately the cost of really getting into that game is so daunting. And I dont even know anyone who would be interested in playing. Still..what a cool concept. Pure geek warfare.

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