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LMAO! 1/2 CAT!!1

1/2 CAT!1

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>Wizards makes a housecat stronger than a commoner again

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Use the cat to block stromkirk noble!

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I remember a time when a creature's power/toughness and what that creature actually was had something to do with each other.

That time was about one year after the release of Alpha Edition. I was so pissed off at Odyssey block's 1/1 squirrel tokens and other such tomfoolery.

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>soldier vs savannah lions: mutual destruction
>housecat vs savannah lions: mutual destruction
>housecat vs soldier: soldier dies, cat survives
>housecat vs storm crow: both survive

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That's clearly no ordinary house cat.
I don't know what you fags are crying about.

>> No.18124527

brb, building cat deck.

>> No.18124586

>That's clearly no ordinary house cat.
Oh? Is it a magical armored battle-feline or something?

>> No.18124621


savanna lions able to be killed by one 1/1 wizard dork at no cost.

>> No.18124697

Apparently. It's just missing the +1 atk from the spear.

>> No.18124732


It's obviously imbued with some kind of holy shit. I mean, cat's eyes glow, but not like *that*.

>> No.18124768

>Housecat vs zombie crocodile: mutual destruction

>> No.18124785

"The bat squirmed under his claw. It seemed to Greebo's small cat brain that it was trying to change its shape, and he wasn't having any of that from a mouse with wings on."

>> No.18124808

>A perfectly normal hawk, a glowing cat, a mounted knight and a firebreathing dragon all have the same combat stats

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>> No.18124827

>Housecat vs regular crocodile
>Housecat wins

>> No.18124840

The cat will SLAUGHTER a whole band of Mons's Goblin Raiders.

>> No.18124852

I always thought the Algae Gharial was a very small lizard, before it begins eating all the corpses you provide it, becoming a huge monster eventually.

So it makes sense that a cat could devour a small lizard.

>> No.18124853

Ironically, it couldn't really defeat a bat-vampire. Just Stormkirk Noble.

>> No.18124870

>a perfectly normal hawk

>> No.18124873

... And thus Aladdin was slain by a housecat.

>> No.18124897

No it cleary says croc so it can't be a lizard.

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Gharials are real crocodilians, bro.
From wiki:
e average size of mature gharials is 3.5 to 4.5 m (11 to 15 ft). The maximum recorded size is 6.25 m (20.5 ft). Hatchlings approximate 37 cm (15 in).[5] Young gharials can reach a length of 1 m (3.3 ft) in eighteen months.

>> No.18124904

Oh god, that face!

>> No.18124909

How are you all so dense?
Cats have 9 lives.

>> No.18124912

It can also beat a Greyscale Gharial or trade with a Hagra Crocodile without landfall.

>> No.18124915

Alright then

>> No.18124927

Yes but how big are they when they hatch? I would put my money on 'not very'.

>> No.18124929


He's a little short sighted... He needs glasses so he can


Have eyes like a hawk.


>> No.18124936

They must do something, or this guy would starve to death.

>> No.18124945

Idjit. That would mean it gets regeneration

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>> No.18124967

Tundra wolves will get EATEN by one housecat... Regardless *they* get to attack it first...

>> No.18124968

It should be a 1/1 (or 0/1) with 9 counters then, and you can remove a counter to regenerate it (or it's indestructible as long as it has a counter on, but it loses a counter every time it receives combat damage.)
But that would make for an interesting and fluff-sensible card, so there's no way that could've happened.

>> No.18124986

"Hey, bro, you know what? Fuck this shit! Lets go hunt some hawks."

>> No.18124987

Except cats don't regenerate, they're just preternaturally lucky.
It won't survive a Wurm attack, but it can take most minor things and walk away looking smug.

>> No.18125020

Actually, cat's luck would mean it would miraculously survive a wurm attack (once... or well, nine times), but it couldn't tank dog attacks all day long. Guess which one this card does?

>> No.18125030


Is it weird that I'm focused on that well drawn, highly detailed elk ass?

>> No.18125041

IIRC there's one wurm like those "ghost" 0/0 creatures that work with +1/+1 counters and that "remove one counter to prevent all damage" mechanic

So if the wurm ended up with his last +1/+1 counter the housecat would survive the attack

>> No.18125081

Phantom Wurm is a 2/0, so even on its last counter it will kill Sanctuary Cat.

>> No.18125121

>I remember a time when a creature's power/toughness and what that creature actually was had something to do with each other.

War Elephant, Jackal Pup, Carrier Pigeons, Chub Toad and a few other cards of glorious old Magic would like a word with you.

>> No.18125136

Well shit

>> No.18125152

Did you stop reading before: "That time was about one year after the release of Alpha Edition"?

>> No.18125298

Protip: There was never a time like that

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