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Hello, /tg/. I have come to you, humble and barefooted, to beg you to kindly dump some pictures of 40k characters to be used in my RT module.

Help me, /tg/. You are my only hope.

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Your Explorator

>beauty lidyva
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder captcha

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You know what? I just might zip up my 40k characters (which include NSFW pics, group pics, dubs, trips and quad copys of the same pic,landscape pics and all maner of shit I can't be arsed to sort because fuck you, it's my folder) folder and link it here instead. Some 400-500 pics in that.

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Uploading to mediafire, says it will take 24 minutes atm.

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Sweet man sounds awesome

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Btw, do you have any 40k capable pics of noble ladies?

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I find all sorts of heretical shit I forgotten about. Pic related.

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Or, should I rather say, more pics of noble ladies?

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You are going to have to check the pics yourself once you dl'd them. 18 min remaining atm.

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I hope you are ok with demonettes tentacleraping eldar banshees, because it's in there.

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Found this, something you are looking for?

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I am. Though I am not going to show them to my players. As the guy who plays the trader has been asking me for some of them (either captive banshees or some demonettes) for, like, forever.

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Hard~u Gay~u marine desu~!

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More or less. Though the problem is, I'm running out of the ones which were published in RT supplements (like this one, for example) and somewhat hoped to find something beyond that.

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Few and far between, people rather do spess muhreens, elfdars or IMPERIAL GUARD FUCK YEAH, than the common rabble (including nobles)

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5 minutes remaining

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Yeah, but sometimes you can reappropriate pics, which were not intended as warhammer pics.

Pic related

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Ok OP, here is the link

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I do have a Female and a Male character folder, but I don't have anything at all in order. It's a mix of sci-fi, fantasy, modern, 40k, nsfw etc. Female folder is at 2000+ pics and male folder is at 950+ pics. As I said, total clusterfuck, and the first few hundred pics in the female folder is pure fap fodder before I decided to move those pics into another folder. It would probably take a few hours to go through them once, So yeah, intradasted?

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Hey /tg/, hey!!
What's a good Warhammer 40k/ Popular Snack Food
pun that you can think of?

Preferably loyalist. All I can think of is "Ork Rinds" and that's not much good. Also, it sounds disgusting.

Help me out and I'll draw up a request for the person who gets it, colors and shading, the woiks. Erm. Within reason.

Whatcha got for me?

Sorry for hi-jack. Didn't think this was worth starting a thread over.

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Man, I've spent half a day browsing deviantart for such pics. There are some treasures to be found, but there are many more eye-popping monstrosyties. So, same browsing, but with less monstrosities?
Yes, please.

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What do you want first, male or female? I'm not going to decide for you.

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Female, certainly. They are harder to come by. Unless they are sororitas, of couse.


There is nothing meaningful after 0:08.
But you can always have your Alien Beans

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Alright, starting now. I think mediafire have a 200mb limit so it might have to be 3 zips.

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Anyone in the imperium would not fear a bare footed man, now a man with one sandal I could see being fearful of.

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Thanks. But i was thinking more processed than that.
Closest I got is "Dorn Chips"

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Uploading about 600 MB worth of fem art. It will take about 1h45-2h according to mediafire.

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You better keep an eye out on this thread from time to time OP.

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I do

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>the first few hundred pics in the female folder is pure fap fodder

Faptau has been summoned!

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OWL? Where the fuck is my Estrella or Lantchips?

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OLW? Where the fuck is my Estrella or Lantchips?

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Gods, no! We are DOOMED!

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I think Ork Rinds is a great place to start.

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I have a Random Girls folder (read that as "fap fodder") with 1300+ pics. It's all nude and skimpy clothing, stuff that I wouldn't use as characters basically.

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I forgot to mention that I also have a Monster Girls folder. Some fap, some not. It's close to 600 pics atm.

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Pic related

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I have a folder named "Cute" that has a bunch of pics that aren't enough to fap to, but too inappropriate to use as PC character pics.

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I beg you, Master of the Internets, share your treasures with us!
It would be nice to see your Monster Girls, since Im prefer /d/M methods of DMing.

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The Female char folders are uploading atm, 47 minutes remaining.

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You know, I kinda like we are all anonymous here.

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>Females 3.rar Failure
>pic related
I'll try it again. In the meantime, have the 1st and 2nd .rar


Have anyone found anything useful in the 40k char rar?

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Yeah, found some cool new ecclesiarchs/priest. Given that my module features a ton of these guys (the party had accidentaly gotten itself into chuch politics) it's pretty cool

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30% on Females 3.rar

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Ok, last part of the Female chars are uploaded

So, is the anon who wants monster girls still here?

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Im always here and awaiting my goddess!!

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Alright, zippin' it up and puttin' it in the internet

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I have a massive hard-on for dress uniforms. Goddamn I want a fancy dress uniform.

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>implying these aren't your Imperial Navy admirals.

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Last one.

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Obvious svenskar is obvious.

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That's beautiful

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godamnit, it does something to see one of your drawfagging being reposted...

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Too bad the guy doing that rogue trader quest never show up again, eh?

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At least, I have recycled the character concept for an online RT campaign.

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Ok, grab your dick, here's the link

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My god, is that Sigourney Weaver?

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She wasn't used as a reference, but at the end...

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Th-thenk hyuu zo manch!

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thanks guys
now i proceding to sort your galleries
(mostly deleting filies)
great thanks

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You're wel-
>(mostly deleting filies)
Your whalecum.
No problemo (which is a lie, of course it was a bother! I-It's not that I like you or anything)

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