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What happened to all the old /tg/ characters like Jubblowski, Lolicron, Loli-D, Chem-Chan, Ronery Wych etc?
have /tg/ forgotten about them or something?

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popularity on the internet comes and goes quickly I guess.

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no, we still produce a few drawings about them from time to time, or mention them in their respective army threads.

Krieg-chan and lolicron, mostly

the other ones aren't interesting enough.

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The mods took them away. Just like the dwarf porn.

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They are gone. they're all gone.

Only grimdurp remains.

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They aren't relevant to a bunch of threads. You still see them from time to time, but they just aren't as relevant most of the time.

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Cultist-chan is still going strong

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I miss the Loli Daemonette.

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Don't come to /tg/ for fap material.

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Her character design was ugly as fuck. They took all the goofy and ugly elements of the canon daemonettes, and slapped them on a generic loli frame, without making it look cute, artsy, interesting, or sexy.

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I miss jubblowski....

But i guees with the mods and all we can't have sexy things

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I still see lolicron posted occasionally, usually in context of Xeno.

But mostly, we just got tired of them.

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cut that crap, son, the crazy mod stopped coming nearly a year ago. He came back for a few days, one or two times, but that's all.

And Jubblowski had no real character or backstory. She had some potential I guess, but only as Lil'E's aunt.

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