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In a Grimdark universe full of xeno-scum and superhuman deamons dedicated to beating you to death with your own broken spine the average mortal Imperial Guardsman doesn't have a massive life expectancy.

Brave as they may be, they die in their millions and even billions. They die under exotic alien guns, they die under swarms of claws, talons and teeth. They die holding the line, they die standing.

This thread is not about those men. This thread is about those crazy motherfuckers that decide "Fuck THAT" and take matters into their own hands, surviving against all odds and beating the alien, the mutant and the heretic bloody with their gigantic ceramite balls.

If you have any stories about a couple of guardsmen acheiving way more than you could ever have expected, post em here. Bonus points to mad dog lone survivors.

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Had a Storm Trooper squad infiltrate into a ruined building overlooking a shallow creek in the middle of the battlefield

Since they were in between our two armies my space marine opponent decided to focus on them first. They held off a Tac Squad, a Scout Squad, and killed the enemy Captain as he tried to charge across the creek. They held out long enough for the rest of my guys to reach them and drive the smurfs back, only 3 of the original 10 survived. The smurfs never crossed the river.

This was before AP3 hellguns

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To jump from a flying vehichle requires some degree of backbone. To jump into a combat situation with little to no support requires a great deal more. So when this particular Veteran Sergeant (with carapace and demolitions) dropped from a flat-out Valkryie into the middle of an Ork Waaagh with the closest thing resembling backup being a wayward Chimera which clearly has no idea what the fuck it's doing, it's clear that the Veteran Sergeant is already a couple of steps up on the baddass scale.

Despite the Orks being somewhat surprised at humies dropping from the sky, as well as painfully learning that Heavy Flamers do in fact hurt like the dickens, things go from bad to worse to FUBAR pretty fucking quickly for the Gaurdsmen. Some of his guys die from the drop and dangerous terrain. Others die as the Valkyrie explodes and crashes into their midst. But what's really the deciding factor behind putting up a big 'We are Fucked' sign on this squad is the Killa Kannon that kills everyone but the Sergeant.

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Now, with the Ork Warboss and the remants of his dick-face Nob gangbangers just a couple of steps away, even guys who went to Badass Academy on the Planet of Badass might reconsider their career. But's it's pretty clear that if the Veteran Sergeant was thinking anything as he pelted towards the biggest greenskin he'd ever laid eyes upon, it was only how badly he wanted to wreck up those xenos-shits. It's also pretty clear that this guy plans ahead, as the Warboss saw for himself when a demolition pack fell sqaurely in the middle of the squad, blowing the rest of his posse to Ork Hell and leaving a bloody, ragged (yet still pissed off) Warboss on the crater. It's a pity he never got to use that fancy Klaw he had on him, as the Veteran Sergeant followed due Imperial Doctrine by repeatedly stabbing that fucker in the face with his power sword. He was still sitting on the warbosses corpse when the Chimeras rolled by to see what was up.


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Guardsmen winning. What's next, Eldar losing?

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Some guardsmen will see an oncoming line of chaos space marines, stand their ground, and fire desperately towards the oncoming hordes, hoping for survival.

Some guardsmen, however, will fix bayonets, and countercharge. This at least has the element of surprise.

A few dozen sixes later, the guardsmen were victorious.

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Yeah, the single most massive and powerful army in the galaxy with moral officers that kill them if they run away sure are brave.

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>Guardsmen winning. What's next, Eldar losing?

What Bizzaro-world fluff are you reading?

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In a recent Apoc game, I had a squad of Knife Fighting Penal Legionaries with a priest attached charge a squad of chaos termies. They were within 12" of Straken, so they got that sweet, sweet I4.

Now, to do the mathhammer: 30 attacks with 4+ to hit with rerolls: 22.5 hits.

4+ to wound with 6+ rending: 11.25 hits, 3.75 of which are rending.

7.5 saves at 2+ and 3.75 at 5+ = 3.75 wounds.

Well, I beat those odds, beat them badly, because I killed 6 terminators of the remaining 7, and only lost one guy in return. The priest did help, but I think he only managed one termie himself.

Sure, next turn Abaddon walked up and made the squad go splat, but for a turn those guys murdered the fuck out of those guys.

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I have a veteran squad who are this thread incarnate. Mechanically, they're a veteran squad with the demolitions upgrade, two flamers and a heavy flamer, all armed with shotguns. but they are so much more than that.

They're called the "Burns Unit." I've even named them. Sergeant-Major Tavish Burns, mustachioed master of the plasma pistol and power sword. Corporal Alexander Cook, heavy flamer. Troopers Bernard and Crispin Mackay, pyromaniac flame-trooper brothers. Trooper Ben "Kaboom" Guinness. Carries the squad's demolition charge. Heroic troopers Redshirt, Token, Meatshield, Leeroy and Fodder.

They razz around in a chimera called "The Chariot". It's fitted with two heavy flamers.

They set fucking EVERYTHING on fire. If that doesn't work, they run up and clamp melta bombs to it.

Kill tally to date - uncertain, but huge. Measured in whole squads. They've taken down super-heavies on several occasions. Once took down Ghazkull Thraka by assaulting him.

Heroes of the imperium, every man of them.

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