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Hey /tg/ I need some of you Elegen/tg/entlemen to look over my troop list and see how it looks. And tell if it needs changes. By the way it is Space Marine standard codex. It should be about 1000 points.

HQ: “Captain Horveskr” Space Marine Captain with Bike upgrade and chain sword
“Iron Halo” 4+ invulnerable save Space Marine Bike +1 Toughness Move 12” 135 pts
(Makes bike units count as troops)

Elites: “Terminator Squad Delphi “ Squad of 4 Terminators w/ 4 bolters + 1 cyclone launcher
1 terminator sergeant w/ power sword 270 pts

Troops: “Scout Bike Squad Theta” 4 Scout bikes w/4 shotgun
Scout Biker Sergeant W/ shotgun 140 pts

Troops: “Scout Squad Sigma” Scout Squad 4 scouts w/2 combat blades
Scout Sergeant w/ combat blade and power sword 128 pts

Troops: “Bike Squad Kappa” Space Marine Bike Squad of 5 units w/ 1 melta guns
Bike Sergeant w/ 1 power fist 265 pts

Troops: “Bike Squad Epsilon” Space Marine Bike Squad of 5 units w/ 2 melta guns
Bike Sergeant w/ 1 bolt pistol
Attack Bike w/ multi melta 325 pts

Notes : And they shall no know fear, combat tactics, independent character, rites of battle, mantle of suzerain

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Anyone? If not I guess I will dump 40k art...

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nice thumbnail

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Yea sorry I am looking to find a better version

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Sorry. I'm a fiend for 40k's fluff, but I don't have the money or the locale to play.

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It's all good I have only dropped about 80 on it so far the rest of my units were free

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Can't say I've seen that much bike use at this points level, but the list looks pretty solid.

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Anything you would tweak?

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Depends on what you want out of the list. If you're going for a fluff thematic army then anything goes. If you want to play to win then your list needs some tweaking. First of all, ditch the close combat & power weapons on your scouts. Their best role is to camp on objectives or stay in the backfield and give fire support, equip them as such. Any dedicated melee units will eat scouts for breakfast, any units that are weak to melee are generally good at ranged--they'll mow down your scouts before they get a chance to strike. Next up: your terminators. Ranged termies are generally seen as not worth their hefty point cost. They simply don't bring enough firepower for what you pay for. Assault termies on the other hand are considered the best in the codex. Get a mix of hammer/shield and claw guys and run them as your melee bruisers.

The rest of your list looks fine for a biker army, although I'm not sure if you can take scout bikers as troops even with the captains special rule, might wanna double check your codex.

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I guess I will be upgrading my termies once I have some money again...

And yep thanks for catching that about the scout bikes man.

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Looks good, I would second the removal of the power weapon on the scouts. I don't have alot of experience with scout bikers and scout squads, I end up using more bike squads.

You could try doing a full sized bike squad, and then combat squadding it. Send an attack bike with some ablative wound bikers to hunt vehicles, or put in meltas to get more shots.

Assault terminators are great for area denial, but I enjoy using shooty terminators every once in a while. They definately give you some room to maneuver around or a place to fall back to. Proxy and see if you like using them.

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Oh, and consider giving your captain a relic blade. Putting him into bike squads is about the only way they can have a hope of winning CC against some squads. High strength power weapons never hurt in his hands.

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Cool Cool I am still waiting to get my first match in... Was pumped this afternoon when I finally got the captain so my army is fieldable.
Ad I have removed the power weapons from the scouts.

What's a relic blade?

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Also, if you can squeeze them in, try out the Astartes Grenade launchers on your scout bikers. Pumping out 6 str3 blast templates is a great way to waste hordes, and the str6 krak mode isn't bad for forcing saves on MEQs. Makes them a lot more flexible than the shotguns would allow.

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pg 99 codex.
power weapon, counts as strength 6. Due to its size cannot get extra attacks due to additional close combat weapons.
+30 points for a captain.

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Can't use it with the bike can I? If its two handed that doesn't work since he needs at least one to steer and such...

I may see how that fits after my first match which should be in about a week.

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you can equip a dude with a stormshield and a weapon on a bike, same sorta situation. I dunno, control with the knees? Brain link? Or they're just that badass.

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Two handed only restricts the bonus attacks you get with it, perfectly legal to ride a bike with one, just don't think about how he would be doing it fluff wise. The thing costs 30 points so it isn't cheap, but it does make the captains unit a melee powerhouse. Also consider giving him artificer armor, it may be 15 points but the difference between 2+ and 3+ can be game changing.

You should be able to afford the changes if you swap the shooty termies with assault termies. Which you seem to have miscalculated the points for. Termie squads are 200 base, cyclone would be an extra 30, that would be 230, not 270.

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Ok cool

Ill re calculate it later on after I crash in a bit. But thanks for the help guys I'll tweak my list some and see how it comes out. If I need more help and this thread is still up I will pop back in and ask questions.

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Yeah, its not mandatory, just nice to have on the captain. Gives people a second thought about going hth with a squad he is in, gives on that is charging a weakened unit that extra umph in combat. Digi weapons on him is also nice, but at 1000 points you don't wanna overload him with wargear. Second the artificer armor as well.

Also consider plasma for weapons on bike squads. Meltas are great, but plasma can net you more shots at a greater range(rapid fire + relentless, same deal as twl bolt guns on the bike), if you aren't popping armor and taking out heavy infantry.

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Alright I shall swap the melta's for plasma and I'll drop the scouts power weapons. Give the captain artificer armor and a relic blade. And I want to try my shootie termies before I try assault termies.

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Just consider it, as far as the plasma/melta go. You fight more heavy vehicles, big multi-wound monsters or whatever, you'll want to paste them with melta.

I like shooty termies with bikes because they can actually do something while being area denial. They're relentless to, so can move around and shoot at 24. Assault termies are great with the invuln save improvement from storm shields, but unless they get into combat or are charged (who in their right mind does that), they just sorta stand there.

Try em both out and see what you like.

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Thanks man

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