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So a friend of mine in our Rogue Trader group is playing as a rogue Lychguard, this is cool and all, but it turns out his character is getting romanticly involved with another character in our group, and that character is a rogue female Aspect Warrior Eldar....(of the Dire Avengers)

I'm new to role playing groups, is this kind of shit unusual or does it happen quite often?

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Players are pretty wacky.

Now, where did you get that picture?

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Kill them all with a meltagun in the name of the Emperor.

Everything is validated if it is in the name of the Emperor.

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I'm not familiar with 40k details.
Is this supposed to be strictly impossible?
If not, then I don't see how a romantic relationship inside the group of PCs is something weird to be avoided. If they make a point of driving it up to squick every time all the time and their couple steals the spotlight and blahblahblah; in a word if they're being dicks about it, tell them you're not comfortable with that and try to move on. If they're just adding cool dimensions to their characters... Congratulations, bro, you found yourself a good group with players willing to find reasons to stick together and to care about each other. Keep them close and be good to them.

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And this is why we don't retcon it to give lesser necrons personalities. Shit like this happens!

No, this doesn't happen quite often. Especially not between characters like you describe.

That said, your group. You ask them if it happens often.

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Holy fuck that's Hilarious.

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what rules are you using for the lychgaurd?

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That Lychgard looks like that picture of the "Draugr Murderboss Deathking."

He's so CHUNKY. And his Swordgun is all whacked out. And now I want to make a Draugr themed Necron army. FUCK.

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>So one of my players is playing a rogue zombie deathrobot in my RT game
That's a bit out there, but if you can eyeball the balance and everyone is ok with it, I don't see why anyone should piss in your cereal over it.

>His character is getting romantically involved with another player...
Did I mention he's playing a zombie deathrobot? Granted, it's more likely with the current necron codex that it was with the last one, but this is really reminding me of that one panda furry who drew picture of her fursona getting hit on by bumblebee. Yes, THAT bumblebee.

>...and the girl is playing a rogue eldar
It's not enough that a million year old asexual robot is gettin' hormones for a girl, it has to be a girl of the race that his race was involved in an apocalyptic genocidal war that nearly saw both sides exterminated? There are some aspects of chaos that the eldar get along with more than the necrons, and the eldar HATE chaos.

THIS MAKES NO FIRGGEN SENSE, so yes stuff like this does happen with alarming regularity. Just roll with it.

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We're gonna need the rules for both the Lychguard and the Eldar.

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Love is about more than sex, hormones and hot monkey dick you know...

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It's like Twilight 40,000.

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What are you talking about? Blood Angels already exist.

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Asexual dosn't mean a-romantic

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While I appreciate the reasoning behind your point, when was the last time either of us saw an inter-player romance story on /tg/ that didn't have 'romantically involved' mean THAT kind of involvement?

>Dear /tg/
>One of the players in my group is getting into a chaste, chivalric romance with another player, and I'm not sure what to do?

...although that could be a pretty cool thread if it caught /tg/ in the right mood.

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I've seen worse.

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Ya nigger replying to a troll post.

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>wonders what's wrong with pic

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Strype draws some really good furry art, funny how he's a huge 40k fan.

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>on /tg/
>pic related

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First of all the lychgaurd player is a mary sue.
This is rogue trader not dark heresy and a lychgaurd can pull the limbs off of a space marine like you would a fly or a space marine would you.

That said, if the eldar player was roleplaying right she would rather throw herself out of an airlock than spend 2 minutes of conversation with a soulless creature (slaanesh is a better choice in their eyes).

The Eldar were literally made to hate and fight the Necrons.Their entire purpose is to ensure that they never return (though being Eldar they are very incompetent and fail pretty much every time).

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Lots of furries like myself play 40k, and we don't all play space wolves.


Bullshit, where's the source that says eldar literally hate necrons? Why can't it be a duty thing?

Also, they're both rogue, that leads to another layer of complexity.

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Um.... not to insult you or anything, but you are not helping your case, at all.

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My case? That's the first post I made in this thread.

Although if you're talking about the furry thing, that doesn't have much to do with what else I've said.

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I thought you were OP, on furries I couldn't care less what you're into in private.

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yall trolls niggering in a post thread

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Friggin' fucking funny OP

Just ask them what they plan to do with it.

Also, I would be tickled pink if someone ran an ork in an otherwise all female character group and took the talent to count non-orkz as half orkz

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I think it's a really cool twist on the plot, if I remember correctly the Lychguard were given the lord treatment (retain memory and personality) only that they were bound to their master.

Say if their bind would fail (which I assume is what has happened) it would be kind of tragic when he falls in love with someone that is probably incapable of returning his feelings since he transferred himself to the Necron body, I think you should endorse this if both players are mature about it since it provides a nice opportunity for roleplay.

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So a friend of mine in our modern South American Cartels group is playing as a rogue Talibani, this is cool and all, but it turns out his character is getting romanticly involved with another character in our group, and that character is a rogue Navy Seal....(Evangelical Christian)

I'm new to role playing groups, is this kind of shit unusual or does it happen quite often?

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... point well made.

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.. What point?

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>playing as a rogue Lychguard
>rogue female Dire Avenger
>romantically involved


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To answer your question OP, by the rules of the setting its retarded. But groups are groups and maybe your players are awesome and not a whole squad worth of That Guy.

Necrons are inhuman soulless monsters and Lychguard are almost-entirely-sentient brainwashed bodyguards for Necrons who are hate-filled genocidal automatons at worst and warped husks of their former selves at best. Lychguard are specifically mentioned as having their minds modified for unbreakable loyalty to their lord.

Eldar are the ancient enemies of the Necrons, built by the Old Ones specifically to fight them, and hating Necrons is probably pre-programmed into their minds. And rogue Eldar tend to get eaten by Slaanesh in short order too.

There's also thematic questions. Necrons degrade because they can't avoid entropy, which is a key theme in 40k. Eldar are dicks in general. Both have utterly incomprehensible motives because alien species can never understand each other even if they superficially appear similar.

But... uh... you know, maybe your group is full of cool guys who can tell a great story. I'm sure this tale done right could be a nice forbidden fruit romance.

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Have you SEEN the stats for basic necron warriors? There's no way a Lychguard character could be balanced and be true to the fluff.

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Maybe it's an Iron Man pretending to be a Necron pretending to by a Lychguard?

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How retarded OP's group are. Look at a real-life equivalent, and... urgh. Just no. I'm all for people enjoying things in whatever way they want, but this is badwrongfun.

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>implying love cannot bloom

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I can writefaggot all I want about the Emprah fucking Gork in the ass and the big greenie loving it.

Doesn't mean I should.

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HAHAHA Oh man........can't stop laughing.....

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Do it.


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