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what would happen if the predators and Alines from the films make the appearence in th Grim Dark Future?
who would win?
Who will predator try to hunt?
Will alien best tyranids (despite tyranids being copied from alines)

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I'm betting the reason Xenomorphs and Yaujta aren't in the Grim Darkness of the Far Future is because they were already encountered and wiped out.

Because lets face it, they are out of their league.

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What if Batman was in GRIM DARK

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Isn't all the Xenomorphs have going for them is the fact there can be a ton of them, and they bleed acid?

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Holy shit. Batman v Predator. I... I want this.... I want this now.

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Oh NO! they bleed acid! Hey guys, they bleed acid! Isn't that terrible?

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You never saw it? It's a real short movie thing.

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I thought this question was already given:

Space Hulk

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Acid for blood seems like a pretty good advantage to me.

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There was a comic based on batman versus predator. A predator beat the shit out of him, and he beat the shit out of a predator with a baseball bat.
part of me died when I saw batman beating a predator, yelling, "I'm batman!".

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It already happened.

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The Imperium faces down Tyrranids. Which are basically Xenomorphs on crack, and they don't need to bust out of your chest to spawn more, either. Acid blood is the least of your problems when you have a huge fucking bug-lizard shooting flesh-boring insects and acid-needles at you.

Predators would be like "Yeah, fuck this." and turn the fuck around.

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I tjink predator wll try to go for the marines since they are the most strong guys around
while the inquisitors sound as a funny prey

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I fucking hate what AvP did to Xenomorphs. They're supposed to be freaky penis space vampires, not disposable bug legions.

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Don't preds do all this hunting crap just to prove themselves worthy of mating?

I could see the Predator, in the face of a hive fleet, being all: "you know what.... No pussy is worth this much hassle. I fold. Fuck the bitches i'm going gay."

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So, a Jedi and a Sith Lord are eaten by Tyranids.

What happens?

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You think gay predators want to be with a guy who can't even collect any skulls?

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Zoanthropes with light sabers obviously. Kind of like swarmlord and a zoanthrope mixed into one.

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>freaky penis space vampires

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Pretty much.


He doesn't need to kill anything to gather skulls. Could just touch down on any random planet, and pick them off the ground like they're mushrooms.
"One tyranid, one space marine, four orks, one female eldar, ten gretchin!"

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No I think both gay preds looked at the sitation and thought: This is not worth it.... hay.... you know.... we've been through a lot together havn't we.... *spontaneous xeno bummings*

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Depends entirely on what the biological cost of adding Force powers to a Tyranid organism would be. They already have access to psychic powers of one type, after all, so unless the Force was better in some way I doubt they'd do anything with it, maybe use the extra information to optimize a bit more, like they always do.

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I guess it depends on what kind of gay we're talking about.

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Force Reflexes/Premonition to avoid bolters?

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Oh god. Tyranids that can force mind rape the planets defenders into killing each other. Genestealer cults were bad enough..

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>Yaujta added to the 40K universe.
>The Yaujta MILITARY Start up shit.

Shit would get real to say the least.

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Look at this guy, What kind of gay do you think he'd be into?

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I'm with the first guy. Ever character in the setting is practically rocking a lasgun (LASER, CAUTERIZE) or a shit fuck ton of armor. Acid blood is going to do squat except make Chainswords not viable.

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the type with long, luxurious bubble baths in nothing but candle light

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The BEST kind.

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Seeing as the females of the Yaujta are bigger burlier things, Probably he'd be more into traps.

Then again, Yaujta do have breasts.

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You don't need to be a queer to enjoy bubble baths. Bubble baths are honorarily manly.

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in that one comic they did.

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Only /tg/ calls Predators by their proper names and not Predators.

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Xenomorph wounds can't cauterize because the only a lining in the veins prevents the Xenomorph itself from melting.

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That's because /tg/ is a higher class of geek. The other geeky boards are only pretend geeks and hipsters.

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Aliens are absorbed by the Tyranid
Tyranid now let loos swarms of face-huggers that spit acid from their ... penis? Whatever tube goes down the throat.

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We respect the sourcematerial enough to refer to it as such, but won't hesitate to ask what kind of gay Chopper would be into.

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It's because Yaujta are mammals, or what basically accounts for a space Mammal.

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I always found that part kind of.... icky. Xenomorths are a species that continue by spider face rape.

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Well, assuming that xenomorfs inherit some properties of host it spawned from, what will happen if facehugger will do a french kiss with spess mahrine or ork?

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>Aliens are absorbed by the Tyranid
...and nothing really changes.

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Chopper's into army-gay

Give him a tank, and he's happy

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Imagine what could be spawned if a facehugger managed to plant eggs inside some really bad w40k shit.

>> No.18098756


What if facehuggers could fly?

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That's the point of their being Penis Teeth Space Vampires.

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wouldn't work on a space marine

they have ribcages made of solid bullshittium

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I don't know. Chopper feels like the group's bitch. Maybe he's the sensitive, quite one? Now, Scar. that's an army fag.

He even gets lasercannons, and shit.

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bah, i'm too tired for posting. i thought there was a negative in there.

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Chestbursts don't just need to come out of the chest, thats just the easiest way to do so.

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Is that a cloud!?
I-I've seen this before sir..... mi'lord it-it's a cloud of face rape!

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So, it will have to bust out of space marines ass, Dream Catcher style? Or they have some filters even there?

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>Xenobaby develops in Space Marine Tummy
>Acquires all mods
>Can't burst from armour
>Continues growing and adapting
>Xenomorph in Space Marine Armour

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I think I've read that doujin

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That's the point, though.

Aliens are supposed to be symbols of sexual dominance. Man and woman alike are just breeding material for them. They rape and kill in the same breath, and then their adult forms abduct more lifeforms to suffer the same fate. This is part of what makes them frightening, I think, even ignoring their deathly visage. When the chestburster emerges from Kane's corpse, it's a moment of realisation. Not just that he had fallen victim to an alien organism, but that he had been raped, impregnated and that the birth cycle had taken his life.

This is why it annoys me that the Alien has been relegated to a swarm monster. It's just not thematically effective in that role. The whole concept of an Alien is based around sexual violence, and it's reasonably unique in that sense (at least, outside of folklore). When you have a swarm of Aliens fightan' dudes in a comic just to get shot down, the publication isn't interacting with the themes of the monster itself. It's just pointless action.

The only release to do that well has been Cameron's Aliens movie. Arguably, some of the games, too, but even they're more effective on an individual scale, and the facehugger enemies are instant death, which is a pretty good as transmedia narrative.

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It's called 'dumbing down.' The textbook example.

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He'd totally be into smaller Yautja so he can feel like he's protecting them. Or he'd act like the biggest badass around other Yautja but be very submissive in his home life.

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I remember reading a comic where a scientist was captured by the Aliens and they kept him as breeding stock.

The Alien drones would lovingly caress him and feed him via goop from their mouths and then carry him off to try and make him screw another human so they can breed humans to beed their young. Was freaking weird and capture the essence of them quite well.

Like weird rape-ants.

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What would be an appropriate name for a chapter of Space Marines that have actually all been replaced by Xenomorphs adapted to their genetic material?

>> No.18098872

yes bro, you understand
here, have some roof since i have nothing else to offer you

>> No.18098888

It would take a rather long time for Xenomorphs to breed in that manner, considering how long the human development cycle is.

>> No.18098892

Xeno Scum Marines?

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I liken this guy's performance to what Edward Norton did in Kingdom of Heaven.

He has no face, barely any voice, yet has to convey a story, emotions, and keep the plot moving forward, which he does just fine. The problem is, they love not keeping the predator on screen, so they can have more annoying humans yelling FUCK! and SHIT! at shadows.

Imagine if AVP2 had been about, you know, the actual predators and aliens, instead of fucking human cannon fodder.

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they did that because the planet had no more suitable hosts left and they were being afflicted by the only disease able the bend the xenomorphs, the black mold, which infects the hive and the inviduals, causes the chestbusters to underdevelop and become stillbirth (and unable to "exit" by themselves), adults get some sort of leprosy that eat away their exoskeleton, the eggs created infertile or impotent facehuggers, etc...
bkac mold is xenomorphs AIDs and cancer rolled into one

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Umm... I'm interested in reading this...
For research, y'see.

>> No.18098928

This sounds like both awesome and horrific all in one.

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True, but it totally depends what a drone needs in a human body?

I have a theory on that, a weird and interesting theory.

The host is literally the "mother" of the Chestburster.

As the chestburster is injected into the host, it devours their innards, extracting DNA from the tissue and bonding it to their own.

Thats why Xenomorphs from different species create different mutations.

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sorry, don't have the comic, was posted on /co/ sometime ago

>> No.18098958

I think I remember that. It was very horrific.
A lot of the Alien comics were though.

>> No.18098961

So, what did the original Xenomorph look like?

How did they survive on their home world?

>> No.18098968

a link/name to doujin?
which space marine chapter Yaujita will attack?

Sororitas are the best agains sexual xenomorphs
cause they kill evrything with Fire

>> No.18098975

That comic with the black mold that was killing the hive. I remember that one.
That guy had sex with zero people in that comic.
The aliens tried to make him have sex with his mom and he refused.
He later performed surgery on himself to remove a chestburster.

>> No.18098995

I never said he did have sex, but there was some kind of weird breeding program set up.

>> No.18098999

>So, what did the original Xenomorph look like?
More or less like the ones made from humans.

>How did they survive on their home world?
Xenomorph canon is contradictory to the extreme. There are various incompatible versions of their home world. Or they were created by the Yaujta. Or the Yaujta didn't create them, but merely spread them everywhere on purpose.
My favorite version of their home world is a novel in which they are the equivalent of mice on that planet. They are weak and frail beings cowering in their hives and hiding from virtually all other lifeforms on that planet.
The humans nuke it from orbit in the end. Can't remember the name of that book. It wasn't that good.

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Actually lasers don't cauterize wounds. Laser wounds are more like knife wounds than anything else, they're so messy.

Granted, this is 40k, so reality takes a back seat.

>> No.18099002

I thought that was already canon.

Anyway, it depends on how physically developed a human has to be to support a chestburster to maturity.

>> No.18099003

Sauce on image please.

>> No.18099006

You seem to be forgetting, Xenomorphs take on traits of their host. Hence why a Xeno spawned from a Pred is much, much different compared to one spawned from a human. We've only ever seen the human-spawned xenomorphs. As soon as the face hugger got ahold of a Tryranid, Tau, Eldar, or Space Marine...it'd be on at least even footing with the rest of the races. God forbid a Xeno queen spawned from a xenomorph. That would just be unfair.

As for Yaujta...if they got the actual military involved it would be fair.

>> No.18099009

Xenomorphs are smalltime when compared to the Nids. Allthough it would be hilarious to see of a facehugger plonks against the helmet of a marine..wait..actually, since all the important guys don't wear helmets, couldn't facehugger fuck them in the face without problem? (Iron Halo not considered)

As for the Predators..I imagine their strength being somewhat similar to an Aspect Warrior. Something like Banshees with Camouflage, a shoulder-mounted gun and a small nuclear bomb...oh..wait.

However, we've never seen a real Predator War Fleet, only hunting teams of one or a mere handful members. Hell knows what tricks they can pull off if they actually want to kill instead of just hunting your species.

>> No.18099013

>I have a theory on that, a weird and interesting theory.

Shit son, you just said what everyone already knows and has for decades.

But in any case, it seems what the Alien mostly takes is the skeletal structure of the host for locomotive purposes.

>> No.18099014 [DELETED] 


>> No.18099017

I was kidding

But if you want mouth-rape, Sperma Card Attack on fakku fits the bill

>> No.18099024

There was a dog-spawned Xenomorph in the third film.

>> No.18099025

Image reminds me of that DAMN writefag story about the 'Nids that rape the SoB company. And I mean actual rape. Sexings, cause they release like pheromones or whatever that make the Sisters horny.

>> No.18099027

>raped by a hive tyrant

>> No.18099053

> use the term "Yautja"
> make concrete claims about Xeno biology
> despite the fact that Aliens are where Lovecraftian nightmares meets vampiric folklore and a shitload of cocks

What is this dumbed down shit? Aliens have no rules.

>> No.18099054

>since all the important guys don't wear helmets, couldn't facehugger fuck them in the face without problem?

Would the Space Marine's enhanced immune system/digestive acids just kill the chestburster?

>> No.18099058

Glassing planets I think the actual military could do, but it's mostly a defence force I THINK, I am pretty forgetful with the Yaujta background stuff nowadays. Was shown in a civil war thing was it not?

>> No.18099066

not traditional games

>> No.18099074

Space Marine would bite off the facehugger's cock.

Yes, I realize it's full of acid.

>> No.18099078

Xenomorphs where never Lovecraftian.

They inspire horror from their sexual natures, Uncanny valley and the primordial fear of insects.

>> No.18099083


They don't make war on themselves or others, because they'd ruin their empire.

I guess after you've gone on your mandatory skullquest, you become a lawyer, or something. Then, when the next generation's come of age, you strap on your badass fishnets, armored pauldrons, and helmet, so you can go out huntin' again.

Wait. This sounds a lot like humanity.

>> No.18099084

Better question would be how they get through the chest bone.

>> No.18099086

Ignoring all the mentions of 40k, are you?

>> No.18099090

rolled 17 = 17

Indeed. The entire idea Ridley Scott had behind them was "I want to sexually assault the audience".

>> No.18099095

> implying that the original Alien isn't a sci-fi adaptation of At The Mountains Of Madness

>> No.18099097

I imagine they'd have a difficult time and would instead just dig around till they found somewhere soft to escape through

>> No.18099098

As previously stated, they adapt to their host.

>> No.18099101

>wounded alien sprays acid on space marine
>space marine spits acid from his acid glands at it in retaliation
Two can play this game.

>> No.18099108

google can search immages you know?

>> No.18099110

They don't. If the chestburster actually survived inside the Space Marine, it would have to find another exit.

>> No.18099116

This is the original alien.
Then you have the legged pussies that rape your face with a cock, so a much bigger cock can burst out from your ribs.

>> No.18099129

>My favorite version of their home world is a novel in which they are the equivalent of mice on that planet. They are weak and frail beings cowering in their hives and hiding from virtually all other lifeforms on that planet.

That sounds great

>> No.18099131

google can search immages you know?

on topic immagine it beingAdeptus mechanicus skull picrelated

>> No.18099133

>Double penis head
>penis tail
>4 fingers and a thumb on each hand
At least his hands aren't penises

>> No.18099159

that's because giger's a bit distorted you see? i went to his exibition few days ago. landscapes of penises i tell you.

>> No.18099166

To hunt, or to hunt more, that is the question:
Whether 'tis Nobler in the mind to hunt
The Xeno and humans of outrageous lethality,
Or to take Arms against a Sea of Xenohumans,
And by opposing end them: to kill, to burn
No more; and by a burning, to say we end
The heart-ache, and the thousand Natural shocks
That Flesh is heir to? 'Tis a consummation

>> No.18099171

It's not. Not even a little bit.

>> No.18099172

>> No.18099173

Yeah, alright.

Alien is such a specific search term. Surely I will get it FIRST page.

>> No.18099179

I forgot

>Right hand is ready to stroke the cocktail

>> No.18099200

You sure are sarcastic for someone who doesn't get how this works.
Search the actual image. Not the word 'aliens'. The actual image.
Or go to tinyeye for an alternative to google.

>> No.18099204

Google has a reverse image search. Select images, then drag an image over to the google page.

>> No.18099230

>rectal breaching
oh dear god

>> No.18099231


Holy shit /tg/ thanks a lot.

Very serious, did not know this was possible.

>> No.18099246

>not assblaster

Can you even into popular American Sci fi B movie monster series?

Welcome to the 21st century Anon.

>> No.18099263

The mouth would be closer.

>> No.18099295

Yautja would fit the Lovecraftian mold better. Beings of incredible power to which humanity are animals.

>> No.18099317

it seems 4chan did something good instead of just wasting people time

Yaujita have really sharp wepons, would they work as force/runic weapons , cutting through armor like butter or not?

>> No.18099330

as far as hunting gear goes, only some ofthe throwing disks and the plasma caster would do that
not much about their military has been revealed

>> No.18099334


Then you might wanna talk it over with Dan O'Bannon. 'Cept he's dead.

In any case, Lovecraft was a pretty self-evidently huge influence on Alien -- O'Bannon would tell you as such, and Giger's said it numerous times.

Del Toro's noted the similarities as well.

>> No.18099337


They're basically power weapons.

>> No.18099344

>Yaujita have really sharp wepons

Rending would cover that. Generally speaking, something needs to be more than just really sharp to count as a Power Weapon.

>> No.18099355

They do use Plasma rifles in a larger vein of their shoulder casters though.

Think tau plasma rifles carried by Kroot wih carapace armour and BS4 I think.

Either way a Military Yaujta can take a Space marine in a one on one fight I am damn sure.

>> No.18099362


The sticks, discs, most gauntlet pointy things, and the solid projectiles are made of a metal that's impervious to damage, and immune to acids.

>> No.18099365

Lovecraft wasn't originally eldritch, arcane, mystical and terrifying. It was just one guy with his phobias of seafood, sex, blacks, non-euclidean objects writing about all the stuff he really HATED. It kind of fits.

>> No.18099368

that breeding comic was aliens: labyrinth

have a mediafire link. i dug it up.


>> No.18099375

I think monofiliament weapons are basically Power weapons, sharp enough to seperate between molecules. I think Yaujta weapons are Monofilament though, it could just be the metal.

>> No.18099382

>non-euclidean objects
Which are in no way scary or unnerving in real life.
If you have a phobia of curves, then it is scary. If you don't, it is regular geometry on curved surfaces. Think longitude and latitude.

>> No.18099387

there is a difference between "imprevious to damage" amd "has properties that enable it to cut ceramite armor like butter"
power weapons have force fields, that is what allows them to cut thru armor
>inb4 this turns into a retarded vs thread

>> No.18099389


A hunter's enough to rape a marine. Imperial assassins probably rape the hunters, though.

>> No.18099399

web spinners, warp spider's weapon of choice, fire monofilament, and that thing does diddley to most armor in the game

>> No.18099405

Which is why I said phobia. Irrational fear. He couldn't wrap his head around it so it scared the LIVING FUCK outta him, just like the idea of inter-racial breeding and the possible outcomes of it.

>> No.18099411

My guess is that Xenomorphs would get wiped from the galaxy if they even show up... Although it would be interesting to see a Tau, Ork, Eldar xenomorph hybrid

Predators is whole other ballgame. Considering the fact that the only Predator's we've seen are just small hunting parties, its safe to assume that they might pull some crazy ass vehicles and space ships, as well different weapons to give most of the factions in 40K a run for their money

>> No.18099413

Dark Eldar combat knives have been described as honed to monomolecular points before, and only counted as regular close combat weapons.

>> No.18099418

He was scared of delicious brown girls?

>> No.18099421

Let's face it, Warp Spiders are just statted shit, the guns don't even make sense.

It should be something like Str* AP6 rending, with * equal to the targets strength.

>> No.18099430

Ah, true fact then, However the metal it's made out of seems pretty damn OP, rending seems fine really.

>> No.18099431

yeah but they are not SM, so according to GW's policies they do not deserve competitive rules

>> No.18099433

More like scared of all women.
He ranted and ranted against all non-whites and the Jews.
Then he married a Jewish women.
I don't know what his problem was.

>> No.18099438

So, have the Tyranid consumed Orks?

Is the WAAAAAGH part of the Hive Mind?

>> No.18099449

Exactly. I NEVER see Warp spiders used except for the opponent to say "I took them for the warp spider exarch because he looks Ballin'"

Those things I statted up could actually be pretty nice, they'd be assassins who go after high strength things.

>> No.18099453

No, he was scared of blacks breeding the whites into extinction.

>> No.18099460

they were somewhat good back when their guns had good chances of causing several glancing hits on a vehicle

>> No.18099461

Jeeez, what did he think about Asians?

>> No.18099462

>He ranted and ranted against all non-whites and the Jews.

>mfw the Jews have brainwashed and broken the white man into believing this while they tear apart the nations of the world through the banking and immigration factions, so that they will never again be threatened by the white devil

>> No.18099463

It was some Weird metal defect. Seeing as he didn't care if his wife was jewish or if he talked to a few coloured men and enjoyed their company alot.

>> No.18099466

he was also scared of the sea

>> No.18099472


WHO WINS /tg/?

>> No.18099475

To Lovecraft, if you weren't an upper-class Englishman you were shit. Which was funny because he was a poor American. Also funny? The time when his writing was the most bigoted was when he was married a Jewish woman.

>> No.18099480

Tyranids have consumed Ork genetic material, yes. It results in larger, stronger breeds of Tyranids, and it's suggested that the Biovore was engineered from Orkish DNA. Nothing like the Waaagh! effect has manifested, because the vast majority of Tyranids lack the capability for speculative thought.

Rending, AP5, and an extra 6" of range would make them worth their cost, I think.

>> No.18099484

>Most banking chains are owned by whites or Saudians.

Jews on the media and a few companies, not the commercial world brother, just because a bank manager is named goldburg doesn't mean the top guy is.

Hell, vivendi owns tons of companies and is run by the french.

>> No.18099486

>The time when his writing was the most bigoted was when he was married a Jewish woman.
Ah, so he wrote what he knew, then?

>> No.18099487

That they would breed the resultant tan people out of existence.

>> No.18099488

If anyone's seen Predators... A large group of Predators abduct and drop off a space marine, a eldar, a tau, a ork, and a dark eldar on a hunting planet like in the movie. At first they attack each other due to their hostilities towards one another only to figure out that they're being hunted... Add some Exposition on what they were doing before being abudcted, throw in seem creepy being stalked moments and a final show down and you got yourself a somewhat interesting 40K story

>> No.18099492

Actually his racism seemed more focused on how well a person had assimilated into the stereotypical white New Englander mindset than biological features. More than anything he hated immigrants.

>> No.18099493


So he was a white Mugabe?

>> No.18099495

True fact, he was racist to Englishmen too.
And Americans.

I think it was some weird disorder he had and less his actual view on people.

>> No.18099502

That's exactly what the 5 Jew Bankers want you to think.

>> No.18099504


>> No.18099507

>Predator activates arm-nuke
>Ork buries nuke in dirt
>loud *thump* and the pule of dirt jumps a bit

And the day is saved by WWAAAAGH (Or is WWAAAGH weapon only?)

>> No.18099509

>A large group of Predators abduct and drop off a space marine, a eldar, a tau, a ork, and a dark eldar on a hunting planet like in the movie.

The Marine, the Ork, and the Deldar proceed to murder the fuck out of everything, until the Marine gets a grip on the Deldar and rips its head off.

Then the Orks spores transform the entire planet into a new Ork world.

>> No.18099512

I'd rather be scared of the french overlords than some goldstien peddling shit in Hollywood really.

>> No.18099526

Actually, if we take the grimderp away, make the marine a blood raven could actually have a decent plot.

Deldar and Eldar work together sometimes, Orks are mercs, Tau would enjoy getting along and Blood Ravens always do the "team up if needed" shit.

>> No.18099528

unfortunately WAAAAGH effect only works on orks and ork-made stuff, and only to some extent, orkz cannot pull out a Looney Tunes on everything they do

>> No.18099530

This was a movie. Marbo won.

>> No.18099535


Those would never cooperate with each other, under any circumstance, but if you made it a grey knight, a harlequin, an inquisitor, a shas'o, and a necron overlord, you could have some, and lots of backstabbing.

>> No.18099539

Curse the Five Jew Bankers! They're the reason this station is a craphole!

>> No.18099549

>Hell, vivendi owns tons of companies and is run by the french.
The French are clearly a conspiracy trying to destroy the Western World.

>> No.18099572

>The French are clearly a conspiracy trying to fuck the Western Women.

>> No.18099576

It's more to do with replacing Anglican culture and language with French, I believe.

>> No.18099609


>implying that a face hugger could even wrap itself around a tyranid or space marine, they can leap onto a humans face, goodluck jumping like 14 got damn feet into the air past whizzing bullets power/chainswords and then somehow get through a damned helmet, i doubt they could even wrap their finger bits around the head of a tyranid, those niggers are bigger than models lead you to believe.

they can have the eldar though...

>> No.18099626

>and then somehow get through a damned helmet

Facehuggers use acid to melt their way through helmets and facemasks to get at their victim. In the first Alien film, Kane falls victim to the facehugger despite wearing a helmet that fully covers his head.

>> No.18099642

Five Jew Bankers is my new team of Power Ranger replacements.

I wonder how they'd fare against xenomorphs... probably not so well.

>> No.18099663


I feel as though power armor helmets would last a good deal longer than that wimpy thing. Also, the whole, "oh no, its strangling me and if i tear it off it will break my neck." thing, i feel as though that also would not apply.

>> No.18099678


space marines necks are the size of bridge cables, could a face hugger even get all the way around that shit?

>> No.18099712

I'll certainly grant that several things in the 40k universe would be difficult (though not impossible) for a Facehugger to successfully implant. A Marine would be strong enough to just yank it off, either flavour of Eldar fast enough to dodge. Necrons are obviously immune, Tyranids are too odd a shape to easily be implanted though it's probably possible. Humans, Tau, and Orks would all be vulnerable though. But wearing a helmet certainly doesn't make you immune to their attentions. The acid that the facehugger bled dissolved through several decks of the Nostromo, IIRC. Assuming the acid used is of the same potency, it could probably get through power armour.

>> No.18099721


The marine would bite the facehugger cock off, and then devour the facehugger itself, even at the price of acidic scars, because you cannot allow the xeno to live after its laid itself upon the sacred, human form.

>> No.18099728

>Aliens, Predators and 40k space marines

welp, turning the tables pretty furiously. I guess the alines take the new position as 'weakest of the bunch'. And instead of considering to leave the 'human' alone (if unarmed) the predators might think twice out of other reasons...

>> No.18099764

ITT: /tg turns trollposts into discussions.

I ain't got no predator pics, but I got pics of space marine predators.

>> No.18099766

Eh you got me there, still to me it would make for an interesting story, or hell, just make it a makeshift squad of space marines but from different chapters (a space wolf, a salamander, blood angel, white scar, etc.)

>> No.18099783


Someone needs to style that up as a quest.

>> No.18099792

Not gonna lie. I don't care how Mary-Sue it sounds, my Arch-Militant in my group's deathwatch game grew up with a Yautja for a best friend. But then, he was raised by a group of xenos mercenaries out in the Koronus after his colony was purgatus'd.

>> No.18099794

And just for the sake of being close to the film, one of the marines is secretly a chaos worshiper, kinda like how that one dude was really a psychotic serial killer

>> No.18099818

When I'm done with Nod Quest, I might give it a shot, though with the state of my laptop, might be a while

>> No.18099831


Sounds like typical Dan Abnett dirty dozen shit. Do not want.


Do want. There's only one marine, so they won't be able to muscle or plot armor their way through everything, either.

>> No.18099846

Tyranids are aliens on GRIMDARK extract. Literally the same damned thing.

Predator would class as like a normal unit pretty much though. Kinda like a fucked up sex nuts and retard strong version of kroot probably.. in that universe they would probably even be part of the tau forces too. As predators would no be able to survive on their own in the 40k universe. At least not enough to even come up on the universal radar.

>> No.18099854

>one dude was really a psychotic serial killer
>psychotic serial killer
>only one dude

Now, I'm not a WH40K buff, but.... that seems like a remarkably low number of crazy people

>> No.18099889

Fuck it. Turn that bitch on its head. A group of young, either unblooded or recently blooded yautja wake up in the midst of what seems to be an abandoned hive city. They are slowly being tracked/hunted by a group of near dialogue-less Deathwatch marines as it turns out this is just another Ordo Xenos training situation. It comes down to the most veteran yautja and the youngest, pluckiest one. The big one sacrifices himself to weaken the last deathwatch guy and the young yautja delivers the final blow. Then the planet is exterminatus'd from orbit. Just to be sure.

>> No.18099906


You heartless monster.
How could you!?

>> No.18099932

For the Grimdark because in 40K fiction, either humanity /the Imperium always wins, or everybody dies.

>> No.18099954

rolled 5 = 5

It's my favorite part. Death to the vile xenos!

>> No.18099966

You forget Genestealers, who are pretty much The Thing.

>> No.18100086

I know its not exactly what you said but
>> John Carpenter's The Thing in 40K
Hm, might be interesting,
>>The Thing goes around a IG regiment and assimilates different organisms and takes on their likeness
>>Assimilates a commisar so no one suspects him

>> No.18100095

Well they wouldn;t be able to grab onto marines to lay eggs due to the mask and if they did latch onto a guardsman he'd be executed before it had a chance to hatch.

>> No.18100097

>He doesn't know about the Yaujta military.

>> No.18100109

*different guardsman

>> No.18100277


I just don't know who to believe anymore.

>> No.18100587

>> No.18101215 [DELETED] 

I saw what you did there. And I'll be.damned if I didn't start believing. Thank you.

>> No.18101237

I saw what you did there. And I'll be damned if I didn't start believing. Thank you.

>> No.18104422

this wuold end with space marines ledar etc.
kill each other (no way they team up) and the last surviver would kick ass to the predators.

still it would be cool to see it.

>> No.18104460

We already had this discussion a thousand times

Aliens COULD take over a planet, maybe two or three, before being wiped out.

A Predator COULD kill a handful of beasties, before being smashed off.

I love both of them, but seriously, in 40k, they are a negligible threat.

>> No.18104747

Maybe if there was a Yautja with super-powers in a costume.

>> No.18104797

The Yautja as a group would probably be a problem for the 40k 'verse - they're a lot like the Dark Eldar in their technology, but with the strength of Space Marines.
The Xenomorphs would also be an issue inasmuch as genestealer cults are an issue. In fact, they'd be worse - there are space hulks all over the goddamn place, and facehuggers and their eggs require even less than 'stealers do.

>> No.18105330

How much is the arch militant lagging behind the others in that game?

>> No.18105394

>make the marine a blood raven
>Blood Raven manages to survive and hail battle barge
>uses shoulder-mounted plasma cannon as flare gun, walks out of forest, disengages cloak
>"Battle Brothers! See what wondrous gifts the hunter xenos have granted us!

>> No.18105585

Now I want to see a Catachan, a Space Marine Initiate, an Aspect Warrior, and a Tau Firewarrior get dropped into a Yautja poaching planet. They manage to find the ruins of a Space Hulk, and meets a Madboy Ork...

>> No.18105630

>implying Predators aren't already in 40K

It's subtler than most of the references FFG put in their books, but it's there.

>> No.18106473

the yautji is already in warhammer
he is darkeldar collector

>> No.18106492

it also says that he displays the heads in his cavern below the city, and when the collection of heads will be comleted something awful will happen.
also he takes the heads only of "worthy " enemies

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