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So, the story of ass kicking mercs continues. This time it was another game with the one and only MACBANE! and his new pals the Kayazay Eliminators.

Yeah, those three point chicks are awesome combo striking all over the place and then not dying thanks to his feat. Mercs are awesome.

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I actually had time for a 15-point game this week! Cryx vs Cygnar. I was running PDenny, 2xNightwretches, 2x10 McThralls, and a Skarlock.

It was kind of a simple game, just went for a basic feat-turn assassination, but I still had fun playing it.

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How are the Russians supposed to beat the Catholics in the starter box? Right now the games break down to Kreoss using his feat and burning the bitch straight to hell.

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I love those gals. They're -enormous- miniatures though.

use Sorscha's feat first? She's much more maneuverable than Kreoss, so getting the frst strike isn't really hard

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Kreoss and Sorcha's feat basically boil down to the same thing. Which is you can't do anything next turn and I get to auto hit you. Sorcha's army however, is faster than Kreoss'. You shouldn't have any trouble using Boundless Charge to fuck his shit up.

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question about sorchsa feat when it says in control area and in los does that mean everything in the control area and her line of sight get the affect or does that mean that only the models that are in both get that effect

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both. It used to be only Control I think back in Mk1 and they changed it.

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Those new knights are sexy.

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Just got done taking some pics of my menoth stuff. Thought you guys might like to see.

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>Green and White Menoth
Holy shit that looks really good.

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thanks much, I decided I wanted to get back in to warmahoards, and my friend suggested Irish catholic menites so that is what I went with.

Thinking about picking up some seadogs in the future so I can do a green, white, and black color scheme for them.

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I just had a game where Kreoss just buried himself in his forces with no opening for boundless charge. If he got frozen in place, there would still be no opening to attack.

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Got an eFeora coming in soon, thinking about making her a field of flowers for her base. Like what I did for the guardian but on a larger scale.

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I've done a dozen or so demo games with that 2p box and what I've found is it's actually better to have sorscha hang back away from kreoss so she and the destroyer dont get caught in feat. use your man-o-wars and juggernaut very aggressively to deal with the cinerators and vanquisher early. when kreoss pops feat, wind-rush in and pop your feat, because all of those knocked down models of yours usually leaves a clear LoS to Kreoss. have the destroyer throw boosted ranged damage rolls on a defense 5 kreoss for game, as long as he's not camping too hard (he usually isn't, his upkeeps are always worth leaving up and he likes to be doing things)

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Incoming W.I.P.'s now.

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Well I like it!

Then again I'm a stickler for any non-studio color paint schemes.

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I would like to note, that this avatars arms were bent off, most of the sword missing, the only thing attached were the organ pipes, and missing the boss shield. Luckily I had a busted up vanguard laying around, I'm shaving down the vanguards shield so I can have one of my friends draw somthing on it so I can paint a mural on the shield.

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Again I appreciate it.

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I'm not trying to be a dick or anything but I feel I must point out that as sweet an avatar conversion as that is, it will almost definitely not be tournament legal, unless your TO is really generous.

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So, I want some with a list. I'm about to go out swinging for the first time that isn't a friendly match with Reznik, and I want to know if this looks like a functional list:

6 Reznik
8 Reckoner
8 Castigator
2 Min. Choir
10 Max Errants with UA
2 Vassal
1 Wracks

The idea being that the Reckoner is my anti-Jack beat stick, the Castigator can fill in the gaps as either anti-jack or anti-infantry with his conflagration attack, and the Errants do their all-purpose thing. The wracks are there to be able to maybe play slow/defensively against another melee opponent, but mostly to just get the most out of Reznik early. Can this work?

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are the privateer press dudes even worse than gw in that regard?

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yeah, I know, gonna buy another one when it gets a plastic kit possibly just painting this one up for fun and a contest my FGS holds every year. I need somthing neat after my absence of the last 3 years.

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Yes, because a lot of warjacks have similar looking chasises (chases?) they are very strict that each warjack have its proper weapons for easy identification.

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that sucks. magnetization work well on jacks?

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yes, PP had that in mind when they released the heavy plastic kits, I honestly wish they had done the same kit for the light warjacks though.

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thats nice and shitty at the same time, like most pp stuff

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I also wanted to get you guys opinion on sea dogs and press gangers in the current meta. worth taking with an attendant priest?

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Um...its an Avatar of Menoth. He has 1 weapons setup and already has reach.

If they're really going to complain about that, then they can deal with it.

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just got into the game with a friend, i chose Cygnar and he got Khador (only have battle boxes at the moment). What is a good counter for Cygnar against heavy jacks? From what i can tell after little experience is that my heavy jacks cant really go toe to toe with his unassisted and the main counter i can find is the hunter (i think thats its name, the one that halves ARM of heavy jacks) or potentially knockdown shenanigans and try to focus on them

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I could actually never figure out why they gave the avatar reach and then gave him the chode sword.

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must be a grower.

>> No.18101511

really long arms would be my guess

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The Butterknife of Menoth.

Here's a simple conversion.

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not even mentioning that the thing is blunt as hell, needs some spikey.

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Thinking about getting started on a Hordes force, having finally been convinced to give up on WFB due to retarded GW pricing.
Looking at Circle Orboros.They any good?
Also what'll I be looking at for an average sized force in the way of spending?

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still would like an opinion on sea dogs if anyone can provide.

In reference to the avatar though, what do you guys think I should do for color scheme? seems white has been done to death, and I don't think all green would look good, ideas?

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Sea dogs are pretty great with any of the 4 or 5 casters who can use them in tier, but still pretty good with anyone any time, as long as they have their support models: UAs, Hawk, Doc, etc.

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But if he doesn't match the rest of the army won't he look really out of place?

As for Sea Dogs; they're alright. I find they work best in max units with solos for some support. They can be downright mean in some cases.

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a gold look with maybe some green embroidery type stuff would look good, and match the rest of the army.

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what do you think about giving the seadogs an attendant priest?
is it sad that I didn't even consider I had gold to work with? I think a green as the flameguard robes as main color and gold for the trim might be a bit cliche' but it would look good.

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Rather have Mr. Walls any day of the week.

>> No.18101833

oh? granted he's good, but I can see not being able to be targeted by spells bringing a bit to the table, and since they become menites with him I could then stick a reclaimer behind them and let him suck up souls.

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>playing a team game
>Menoth + Scyrah vs. Khador + Cygnar
>15 points each player so 30 per team
>my fucking teammate has yet to do anything
>I'm holding the fort down tight
>gonna get my shit raped on Cygnar player's turn

Such is the life of Elves.

>> No.18104428

>Still holding the fort
>Eliminator fuck yeah
>Raping some great bears
>bullets cannot stop me
>Cygnar/Khador attack menoth a bit
>pKreoss fucks it
>Menoth eliminated
>Scyrah vs. Khador + Cygnar
>I lose

God dammit.

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Remember, it's not genocide if it's humans.

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My words to him after the game were:

"Just you wait till I get my fucking horse."

Also tried out Ravyn today, and played Vyros for a couple more matches as he is my usual. Seriously, fuck Ravyn. I hate her. Hate the fluff, hate playing her, hate her rules. God damn, if she goes epic with Vyros I will nerdrage so fucking hard.

>> No.18105960

Why you hate her? I still can't pick between Everpuppies and Ret, but if I go ret I think Ravyn looks great. She can make her units stupidly long-ranged, her feat seems kickass for shooty-organized force..and she still has decent myrmidon synergy due to locomotion and Vortex.

>> No.18106015


Like I said, mainly fluff reasons, but after playing her, I found her kinda dull. Looking at her, you wouldn't think she is as squishy as she is. Guess its more a playstyle thing though.

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How's this for a Menoth list:

Grand Exemplar Kreoss(6*)
High Exemplar Gravus(5)
Fire of Salvation(9)
Exemplar Errant(8)
Exemplar Errant Officer and Standard(2)
Knight Exemplar(5)
Knight Exemplar(5)
Knight Exemplar(5)
Exemplar Errant Seneschal(2)
Knights Exemplar Seneschal(0)

Tier 4, all but Kreoss and FoS get advanced move, all fearless, all immune to knockdown and being immobile, all immune to continuous effects, all weapons masters, and whenever someone dies, at least 2 models benefit from it

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Ravyn's problem is that she is fantastic at two things: supporting ranged attacks, and chewing through enemy infantry. This is a problem because she really CAN'T do anything else, making her a very 2-dimensional caster. Every turn is 'upkeep Snipe, cast Locomotion, advance, plop down Veil of Mist, done' (unless it's her feat turn, in which case she pops her feat somewhere in there). The only exception is if she get's into charge range of an enemy unit of light infantry, then its 'cast Vortex of Destruction, charge-thresher, Quick Work, Swift Hunter, buy attack, Quick Work, Swift Hunter, buy attack, etc', then hoping she doesn't die next round because you just left her exposed (and if your opponent knows Ravyn, he either won't left you get the chance to do this, or will bait you into doing so he can kill you afterwards).

Essentially, she has no realtricks up her sleeve, and she doesn't add anything to her force other than 'we shoot farther, and more accurately once per game'. She is a tournament level caster because that alone can win games, but she's dull to play in casual games.

>> No.18107334

I...love her then. I do admit I often lose sight of any intricate meta-synergies during game, focusing only on the table, so simple caster is good.

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bump muthafucker

>> No.18109492

i saw different schemes based on actual crusaders house and order colors. there was one that was black and purple that looked like a rape waiting to happen, and a gold and blue/green that looked tough as hell.

>> No.18109903


Exactly hence my faves being Kaelyssa and Vyros

>> No.18110107

probably gonna go with a full green color scheme and use gold for the trim. It will not only look different it will make the fire on top of the pike stand out that much more.

thanks for the input though.

>> No.18111383


Then wreak his 'jacks? A Juggernaught is pretty much capable of wrecking whatever it touches and whatever survives will be still be stationary for a turn. So the Cinerators will just sit there for a whole while you either kill them dead or move up with your army.

After that it's only one more turn before you bitch slap Kreoss and win the game.

>> No.18114285

God damn it's hard to fit my shit into the foam trays.

There's so much crap hanging out past the bases that infantry still nearly take up as much room as a light jack even though they don't look that big.

>> No.18114325

Im having that problem with the cryx models I own (cut of dennys spikey bits so she would fit better).

>> No.18114346

I take it you're using pre-cut trays?

>> No.18114409

Nah I'm using the pluck ones, so I can make them fit but shit still takes up more room than it should and there's not really like a uniform size even within a unit.

>> No.18114498

Yeah, cryx can be a bit of a problem in that way. I generally have to get pretty creative to fit things into anything.

You may as well assume you'll never fit Terminus in anything ever for example

>> No.18114529

Huh. I've not had any problems fitting any of my stuff in my trays and I use the same kind as you. Then again; maybe Mercs just fit easier.

>> No.18114538

I can't help but think that picture is just minutes before Feora uses Engine of Destruction and kills them both in seconds.

>> No.18115478

I think that's the joke.
Yes, mercs are many many many times easier to store when compared to cryx.

You're trying to fit guys that fill rectangle or square shapes in holes made out of squares, which coincidentally make easy rectangles.
Cryx is fitting square or rectangle shapes with triangles sticking out of them in every direction in the same square-made holes.

>> No.18116938

so sam and the devil dogs are good in the new format....defiantly thinking about picking them up instead of seadogs. what jacks seem to work best with them?

>> No.18117094

People take Cinerators?

>> No.18120027

So I'm a new player (Cryx, my friends play Khador and Retribution and one might start Skorne) but I've only ever played one game, a 35 point match against the Khador friend. He used pButcher, and I used pDenny. I don't... Really like her though. I want a Warcaster who uses 'proper' Warjacks moreso than 3-4 Arc Nodes.

I was thinking Mortenebra would be an obvious one, but what others would work? One of the Skarres, maybe?

Don't misunderstand, I love using Cryx's debuffs and such, but I find that pDenny emphasises it... Too much. And I think her Feat is a tad powerful.

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>> No.18120073

Sadly, if you love the jacks of Cryx for them being jacks, you're in a rough position, as they are generally some of the worst jacks in the entire game thanks to their extreme fragility.

Most Cryx casters are EXCEPTIONALLY focus greedy thanks to their amazing offensive spell lists (and doubled by the fact their non-arcs are lack-luster) however, Character heavies are an exception to the rule (Erebus is the only character heavy that isn't amazing and he's still kind of decent) but even with them, it usually just means you're using 1 heavy plus arcs and then infantry swarm.

Both Asphixiouses, Both Dennys, Venethrax, Terminus, Scaverous and both Goreshades are strained to ever take more than a single heavy (who usually ends up being one of the characters) with the rest being arcnode love.

The Seether sort of solves the 'bloobloo we want all our focus to ourselves' issue of the casters, but 9pts for what is the most fragile heavy in the game is kind of a big issue considering almost none of the casters or anything really offer it much protection (Though with the new Jack Marshal, that most people really hate because bloobloo cryx jacks suck, him offering it stealth till it goes all out might work)

>> No.18120093


Mortenbra is your jack caster. Witch Coven can run bout 3 heavies if you want. eSkarre can arguably do well with Jacks.

>> No.18120129

But, there are those last few casters.
Both Skarres can sort of run a few heavies, though they usually prefer the character heavies route as well.

pSkarre have between 7 and 12 focus a turn to play with, but because it isn't consistent, you can't reliably run a bunch of heavies with her. On a good turn, yes, she can go balls to the wall powering a bunch of jacks, but if things don't go as planned, or you get a 1 at the worst possible turn, she might struggle powering a large number of jacks.

eSkarre offers the greatest protective ability in the game with her feat, however it affects a maximum of 5 targets. 1 tending to be herself, this leaves you 4 things to get the love. But, she plays similarly to pDenny; she's going to want to be slinging spells at the same time to set off things like perdition, black spot, etc. So she, at her best, is still only wanting to handle so many heavies and preferably focus efficient ones.
HOWEVER; Thanks to seas of Fate, you can maximize your focus potential with her, so using the Power Boost ability from warwitch sirens (one of Cryx's BEST solos) you can potentially run an extra pair of heavies without losing TOO much efficiency.
eSkarre is probably the 2nd best 'Jack caster' of Cryx, though still being able to support infantry very well.

>> No.18120162


Mortenebra is considered the best jack caster in the game, and she has one the game's best tier lists, so you'll definitely want her.

eSkarre is also a good choice. With Seas of Fate, Death Ward, and Admonition, she can run her jacks very focus efficiently AND keep them running longer. Also, her feat allows her to make her jacks invincible for one round (which I can tell you, as a person who plays AGAINST eSkarre, sucks to have to deal with).

The Witch Coven is an interesting choice. The only have one single-jack buff, but the fact that they start with 9 Focus and reduce the cost of their spells by 1 means they'll likely have more Focus to spare than other casters.

>> No.18120173

Witch Coven are approximately tied with eSkarre at being good with jacks; they don't offer the same level of protection that you can get out of eSkarre, but they can run more cheaper jacks and run them at full efficiency just as well, whereas eSkarre wants the biggest badasses around to maximize on her protection to set up for proper face stompings.

They can debuff arm, so the hitting power issue of the heavies is a non-issue, and being able to bounce infernal machine around (Each witch has her own separate activation, allowing you to shuffle your upkeeps) you can turn several jacks into little goddamn missiles, doing things like trampling 11" over the enemy's entire army and not give a shit about any free strike that might happen along the way thanks to ghost walk.

>> No.18120232


Skarre/Coven mind.

>> No.18120233

Dammit, conflicting messages on whether to start another army (I've only invested about $140 [AUD] on my Cryx, which really isn't much in my opinion) or to try another 'caster and risk not liking them.

>> No.18120254


If I recall correctly there is a Vassal Engine for Warmahordes. You might wanna check that out if I am right.

>> No.18120264

Not really... Into Vassal, if you know what I mean. It's the same with Magic for me; I can't play it with Cockatrice.

>> No.18120287

OKAY, so assuming I start another, if I wanted to do an army with a lot (or at least a fair amount) of big things, which one should I pick? Not including Menoth, Khador or Skorne.

>> No.18120304


There is indeed a vassal module for WarmaHordes, and it is of exceptional quality.
Last time I checked they had about 50% of the stuff from the Wrath.

>> No.18120309


Cygnar, Circle, or Legion. All three can run pretty jack/beast heavy.

>> No.18120316

Definately try Mort if you want to go jacks, give her a try before you completely give up on Cryx. You could also try using the hated Iron Lich Overseer now that he's out on the 5 casters that actually don't mind having their heavy jacks taken out of their battlegroups, plus warwitches help out in being able to hand out a focus in a pinch. (Those five being pDenny, either Asphixious, Scaverous, and pSkarre)

Despite having some of the worst jacks on their own, she is effectively the most competetive Jack Caster in the entire game and is one of the very few you can run completely infantryless and still do well with.

Slayers, Seethers, etc, may suck, but she takes full and complete advantage of the few things good about them they DO have; long melee threat ranges that she can virtually double very reliably, and a feat that makes anything that is within the realm of possibility a certainty.

That might be an exaguration, but she (her feat in particular) is what facilitated my double-hail mary in a 100pt game that I was going to lose on scenario if I didn't kill both Feora and Harbinger, both camping nearly max armour, in the same turn, both sitting behind their entire army. (pGaspy, under her feat with rerolls, spell assassinated Feora and DJ under rerolls trampled over the army and tore Harby apart, with both having litterally nothing left in my army capable of putting a hit on them, on the last attack possible with each, killing both of them on the nose in damage boxes.)

>> No.18120322


Gatormen (Minions)

>> No.18120334

Buccaneers. Cheap and cheerful, so I don't mind if I lose the 'jack marshals, and the net provides a knock-down to boost the damage of the Devil Dogs. Doesn't get as much offensive use out of Drive: Pronto for this trick though, as you'll want to activate the 'jack before them. Sometimes it's handy just to move the Buccaneer out of the way to clear the charge lane for 'em though.

Extra-pricey mode: take a Freebooter as well.

>> No.18120341

Er, take Seether out of that statement. I was trying to say "Cryx heavies in general" but the Seether's free charge is completely redundant with Morty's spell list and she's usually better off just taking more slayers than a seether. Crabs and Character heavies you can mix and match with her.

Oh, and the Corruptor is probably the worst heavy in the game so don't even think about it.

>> No.18120344

Not Trollbloods? Thought they'd be pretty beast-heavy.

I don't really like Circle though, so yeah. Cygnar and Legion are possibilities, though.

Well it's not really giving up, more putting them aside for now and coming back to them if I get interested in their playstyle.

So uh, everything but Mercs?

>> No.18120355

True, and I've heard many bad things about the Corruptor.

Out of curiosity, why's it so bad? Not a clear role? Just bad at what it does?

>> No.18120366


To elaborate:

>Darius (who sucks), eNemo, pNemo, Kraye
>Baldur and the Wolds
>eDoomy, med bases everywhere anyways
>fuck if I know, initially thinking eThagrosh, possibly Vayl or Abysslonia, don't know but iirc one of the Chicks is a Warbeast caster
Gatormen (Minions)
>tons of med bases

>> No.18120370

>Gatormen (Minions)
The core of gatormen are their Posse. They aren't "huge" as he's suggesting he's looking for. Currently they don't offer a whole lot to make them a 'beast' faction; they are an inbetween faction with big infantry.

They are a combined arms force, they are not what one would call a 'jack faction' by a long shot. Vyre Jacks make it almost doable but they are still some ways short of being able to play as a jack-based army.

Basically same case as Gatormen but they can go a little beast heavier, but in general they are more inbetween with big infantry.

>> No.18120372


Merc jack caster is pMagnus and maybe Bartolo Montador. Not sure outside of that.

>> No.18120377

Trollbloods can run beast heavy with epic Doomshaper, but that's about it.

>> No.18120393


Vyros runs a 3 heavy jack list fine. Ossyan regularly runs 2, Kaelyssa runs 3 fine. So unless he wants more then that, I would argue that they qualify.

>> No.18120396

Thanks, guys. Really tempted to go Cygnar... Maaaybe Trollbloods (surely they'd have more Beasts than Cryx has 'jacks?). I dunno. But you've narrowed it down a lot.

>> No.18120448


Trollbloods are very infantry focused, and their warlocks have on average lower Fury than the other factions.

Cygnar is a good jack faction because they have multiple sources of focus outside their caster (Squire, Journeyman Warcaster, Arlan Strangeways), and they have some solid jack marshal's, especially for all of their ranged jacks that don't need focus in the first place (the Gun Mage Unit Attachment is an awesome jack marshal).

Legion just has lots of good beasts (that ignore half the rules in the game), good support from their warlocks, as well as from solos (Shepard, Forsaken).

>> No.18120455

As a ranged shooting jack, Cryx already doesn't offer much to them and Leviathan is just plain better at solid shooting than him with longer range.

So it comes down to its special abilities:

Burster: Its an AoE on a low Rat jack except it can't scatter when it inevitably misses because the AoE is on killing a target. The only time burster will ever work is against an opponent that's gotten so used to the Corruptor missing him every single time that he leaves guys close enough to take a blast hit when you finally get a direct hit.

Distillation: This ability is fucking stupid and useless. If you brought a caster that cuts themself, just have a necrosurgeon follow them.

Psycho Venom: You're paying twice the points of an arc node so you can shoot a bullet at an enemy to turn THEM into an arc node, that you now have the grace of using THEIR front arc for LoS purposes! Congradulations, you can now arc at your own army! Assuming the target was living, you actually hit, you killed, and he didn't pass tough or anything silly like that. Plus it still works as an arc node, so you can't even use it to get around things that stop arc nodes but not channeling.

Also, his melee is one of the worst in the game for a heavy. Cryx's other "ranged" focused jack, the Leviathan, also happens to have one of Cryx's highest pow melee weapons at a healthy 17. (so, 2nd strongest base pow right behind DJ.)

>> No.18120484

I think I'll go Cygnar, then.

Oh, wow. It really does suck.

Also, I have the PDF of all the books but is it worth shelling out a little more for the hardcover faction book?

>> No.18120510

Eh, only if you care to own them. I only buy ones for what I play, though I skipped the legion book (I much prefer playing my Cryx+Minions). There's nothing particularly great about owning them and its always nice to have more models instead.

>> No.18120512


It can be convenient to have, but not necessary. You can also get a softcover copy if you're on a budget.

>> No.18120530

Dude, I have ~$650 to spend on shit (scratchie) so if it's nice to have, well yeah. Thanks though.


>> No.18120535

Cygnar can be a good option for warjack heavy lists, I run eNemo and Kraye fairly regularly.

eNemo does well with multiple warjacks. Both Energizer and his feat scales up with the number of warjacks you're taking, but once he's got his upkeep spells on and cast Energizer, he's got very little focus to hand out. It's really going to be all about the feat turn for maximum damage, or sling-shotting a single heavy warjack forward with Energizer and Lightning Shroud.

Kraye does fairly well out of having a couple of ranged warjacks and a single melee heavy. You'll basically be looking at Full Tilt on your melee heavy to boost it's SPD, while the rest of your ranged warjacks enjoy the benefits of Guided Fire. I like taking Sentinels and Hunters as my ranged options in a 'jack focused Kraye list; both can make good use out of the Light Cavalry move, with the Hunter becoming an effective flank harasser and the Sentinel able to move forwards, pop off a shot or six, and then move back towards Kraye to act as a shield guard.

>> No.18120566

How the hell do I paint this thing, and how the hell do I get it's drapes to stick. I've tried greenstuff and glue, neither have agreed with it. How do I handle this bitch in a way that it won't explode the second I try to move it?

>> No.18120583

It is to be expected when you try to contain a god in such a small idol.

>> No.18121052

I'm loving how both Nemos look. Not sure which one to take.

>> No.18121359


2-part Epoxy Resin? That worked pretty well for my old metal Carniverean.

You gotta find a way to keep the pieces in place whilst it sets though.

Failing that, drill and pinning I guess?

>> No.18121640


There's a third one coming out later. He comes attached with a young female apprentice.

>> No.18122122

pics or it didn't happen...also in before pervy professor.

>> No.18122149

There's concept art in the current WD, and the apprentice is pretty easy on the eyes.

>> No.18122157

Holy balls, I need to stop posting.
>**in the current NO QUARTER**

>> No.18122883

They're both pretty awesome, but their focus is slightly different - pNemo's "I can allocate up to five focus to a single warjack" trick begs to take a pair of good, heavy hitting warjacks (because you'll probably lose one...), while eNemo really likes to have many warjacks to get use out of Energizer and his feat.

>> No.18122924

Has anyone seen Scaverous in play yet?

I'm tempted by the awesome of his tier list; the 2nd or 3rd one lets everything with Soul Taker start the game with a free soul token. Given that the list would contain a Wraith Engine, Scavs, a Skarlock, pistol wraiths, AND the withershadow Combine, It seems too good to pass up.

>> No.18123000


pNemo also makes the Thunderhead worth taking. 3 boosted POW 14s with Sustained Attack and Crit Disruption...

>> No.18123138


>> No.18123181


Any news on whether thats his estranged daughter?

That would be so cool.

>> No.18123238

I keep meaning to give that a try, it's just I'm always a bit disappointed with the Thunderhead - maybe with a bubble-wrap of infantry to stop people running to engage him, perhaps, it's just that I don't like his awesome "zark!" thing can't be used while it's in melee.

>> No.18123256


She's apparently named Stormchaser Adept Finch, that's all I know. If it is his daughter, she would have to either have gotten married, or enlisted under a false name.

>> No.18123271


I pretty sure this is exactly what the Stormguard are for, having Reach and Immunity: Electricity.

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