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Primarch/Greater Deamon


Necron Overlord

Phoenix Lord/Chapter Master

Space Marine Captain/Necron Lord

Aspect Warrior Exarch/Space Marine Sergeant


Tactical Marine/Necron Immortal

Dire Avenger/Kasrkin (lol i dunno)

Eldar Guardian


PDF Troop


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I don't think you comprehend how fucking powerful the Phoenix Lords are.

Other than the fact there really aren't any power levels, I guess I'd say that's pretty good.

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>Phoenix Lords

They get their asses handed to them and get killed all the time, but thanks to their "lol I live in my armour" thingy they live on, makes me wonter why someone hasn't just taken a dead Phoenix Lords armour and throw it into the sun before the other Eldar can get their hands on it.

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>get killed all the time

I bet you dont reply with enough credible links.

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I bet you date your mother

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Concession Accepted.

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In the book Fulgrim, Fulgrim takes on Asurmen, his body guards and an Avatar.

He end up beating the shit out of Asurmen, almost completly wiping out his bodyguards and kills the Avatar by punching it through the face.

Por Asurmen barly escaped with his life.

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If my girlfriend likes incest roleplay with me being her child does that count?

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That doesn't count, the only Phoenix Lords that arn't total pussies are Karandras and Maugan Ra

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He never fought Asurmen. He tried to kill Eldrad, but was stopped by a Wraithlord, who he went on to defeat.

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But where's your credible sources, bro?

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So wait, he single handedly beat a avatar, a Wraithlord AND almost killed Eldrad?

Damn that nigga boss, also...

Ibram Gaunt > Phoenix Lord

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See this is why I can't take 40k seriously. The Imperium has so many hardcore badasses that they never feel any danger.

Even the Eldar who's whole bag is having super elites can easily be manhandled by the Imperium's mid tier guys.

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Kaldor Draigo


Greater Daemon

Space Marine/Assassin/Exarch

Nobody gives any more fucks.

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Spass Murueens are not mid tier.

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You seem buttfrusturated

But at least we can all agree that Lych Guard > Aspect Warriors.

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Guilliman got beaten by Kor Phaeron, a Chaos Sorcerer who wasn't even a properly made Astartes.

Mortarion got breaten by the Supreme Grandmaster of the Grey Knights.

It seems that GW loves to poke holes in player-made power level rankings, and why not? The 40k fansites are sometimes so full of them that they look like a shonen animu forum.

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>Comparing glorious Assassins to petty spess muhreen and elfdar faggots

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The Beheading.jpg

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They kinda are. Above the Marines, you got Grey Knights, the Death Watch, the Inquistors, the Sisters, Adeptus Custodes, the Primarchs, the Assassins and whatever other super hardcore badass GW can pull out of their ass

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Some Primarchs were stronger than others, Girlyman and Moratorian were some of the less powerful of the Primarchs, wheres Horus, Fulgrim, Angron and Sanguinius were the post powerful (in terms out out right physical fighting power)

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Hang on, didn't Girlyman get beaten by Fulgrim? That's why he's all stasisy?

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Don't forget Thunder Warriors

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Deathwatch are Marines, as are Grey Knights. Custodes are about the same as Marines as are Assassins. Sister are shit tier in comparison as are Inquisitors usually unless they're psykers. The Primarchs don't do anything any more.

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You can be beaten by more than one person you know.

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I don't see any evidence for that sort of power level ranking.

Angron got his ass kicked by Aurellian with psychic backing from three rank and file GK's in a duel, as Graham McNeill's story about the 1st Armageddon War reveals. Aurellian was a brother captain, Draigo is not just a Grandmaster but the supreme grandmaster, and Mortarion had just killed his predecessor.

Sanguinius has a 1-1 record against a daemon that has been killed by Grey Knights many times (stabbing him with a bone once) and by the Sanguinor.

So that's that for power levels.

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There see? The list just goes on and on.

Not that the Imperium needs half of these badasses. The lowly guardsman seems quite able of taking out all comers with an WWI era tank, a shit lasgun and BALLSOFSTEEL.

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I though that Alpharius Omegon was weakest of them (but smartest)

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Yeah. But the time the Daemon won it won the fight from ambush, and it got tons of flak about it.

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>Alpharius Omegon was weakest

Smallest at least.

>but smartest


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That's black Library, it's subjective as fuck.

Core canon says that it took a company of GK's, all of which died in the process to get rid of Angron.

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>Custodes are about the same as Marines

BAHAhaHAH! You don't know sit about fuck! BAHAHAHAHA!

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Well he was such tactical genius, he could rival even Creed!

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Emprah > All

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Deathwatch and Grey Knights are supercharged marines and are there for a tier above them. As for Sisters, well they can pull magical powers straight out of their asses without ever suffering the effects of the warp, on top of being completely immune to the powers of Chaos.

And let's not get started on the Inquisitor who was able to move the Tau warship with his fucking mind alone

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That's because you are Alpharius

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No it doesn't almost a company died banishing Angron, his bodyguard of 12 Bloodthirsters and a fucking huge horde of daemons that contained Skulltaker in it. It wasn't just Angron.

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It's a White Dwarf summary, so studio instead of black libary. You know Graham McNeill used to work for the studio?

Your claim is the one without proof.

If anyone's interested, the record for the battle against Angron is here:

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I'm pretty sure the GKs eat Bloodthirsters for breakfast

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Yes, in large groups and with planning.

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>12 bloodthirsters

Angron sure did fear for his life if he had to go that over the fucking top in terms of protection.....

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>on top of being completely immune to the powers of Chaos.

That's a blatant lie. Sisters can be corrupted and hurt by chaos mojo.

You know, their most powerful offensive spell in Dark Heresy does nothing to daemons with WP50 or more due to their immense power level?

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Read Blood Games bro.

Deathwatch aren't super charged, they're vet level, but that's a very indistinct level.
Grey Knights are more super charged, but they're still Space Marines.

>As for Sisters, well they can pull magical powers straight out of their asses without ever suffering the effects of the warp, on top of being completely immune to the powers of Chaos.

That's wrong though, and they lose in a straight fight.

>And let's not get started on the Inquisitor who was able to move the Tau warship with his fucking mind alone

Psykers muddy the waters, a Space Marine psyker of the same level could do the same thing.

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rolled 65 = 65

>Implying you're not secretly Alpharius in disguise
>Implying you're not just trying to make us underestimate your intelligence.
>Implying the other Primarchs aren't secretly alpharius in disguise

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New GKs, at least terminators and purifiers, likely could, in a group.
Old GKs, nope.
In the fluff, a grandmaster could 1v1 a thirster, purportedly.

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We are legion.

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Why did FFG give Sisters blasty magic anyway?

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Im Alpharius

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They is dumb.

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Probably because it is cool.
And it is possible they got first-hand information from GW about the turn the Sisters will take. If we look at the Dark Eldar in the DH adventures they looked a lot like the revamped DE, before the new Codex was published.

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I'd say Assassins and Phoenix lords would be on top. The first because, while a primarch / greater daemon is more powerful. They are fuckstupid compared to the superb reasoning of an assassin, that combined with better equipment and an actual combat doctrine beyond "CHAAAAAARGE" will ensure they come out on top.

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But the codex that came after BoM was the WD shortie, which did have a revamped faith system but no offensive powers.

There's not even a hint of a real codex coming anywhere soon. It's more likely that they're making up their own stuff and diverging from GW canon.

Deathwatch says Ultramar's worlds do not equip Guard regiments, the codices say they equip hundreds due to Ultramarines' efficient governance.

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In the fluff a Grandmaster can 1v1 a Demon Prince of Tzeenth. And a justicar can 1v1 another Demon Prince with no power armor, bare-handed, with his psyker powers inhibited by a collar of Khorne.

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The same justicar at full capacity got pimpslapped and enslaved by a champion of khorne, BL is inconsistent.

Skulltaker is just a Herald and not a greater daemon, yet the Grey Knights' best swordsman Crowe could only fight him on a standstill in a ground consecrated with Emprah's tears. Skulltaker also killed a quarter of the brother-captains present in the battles of Armageddon.

>> No.18093509

Just throwing this out there, but Abaddon's Chosen have repeatedly foiled the Officio Assassinorum's attempts on their lives. It isn't said whether there was any actual combat involved, but Ygethmor the Deceiver alone overcame at least seven Assassins before being killed by an Autarch.

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Assassins are assassins, they assassinate targets, not going all 1 man army style

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It's funny because that Justicar got enslaved by the same Champion he later beat in combat with no weapons or armor because he "figured out his fighting style had too many flourishes."

Anyway, that citation was mostly a joke because that character isn't even really a Space Marine at that point in the books.

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The Chaos codex says there are daemon princes that are more powerful than the daemon primarchs. That likely means there might be other warp creatures surpassing the Primarchs in power too.

The relative superiority in power the Forgeworld GD's have over Daemon Prince Angron in rules might hint towards this, of course rules =/= fluff but the difference in former does correlate with difference in latter, warboss is stronger than a boy in both rules and fluff.

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Ben Counter cannot into writing, see Battle for the Abyss and Fists letting a giant legion of spiders into the Phalanx.

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The strongest Bloodthirster has been stated to be Ka'Bandha and Ann'grath, and both have been beaten by primarchs, Ka'Bandha has been beaten by Marines and Ann'grath was beaten by an Inquisitor.

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>> No.18093592

Also, Talos, an Apothecary, killed M'Shen, the Callidus responsible for the death of Night Haunter, who let her kill him due to emo.

>> No.18093602


But Primarchs have been beaten by Space Marines and greater daemons too. This is why power level threads are clutter.

>> No.18093604

Isn't Ka'bandha demoted, and weakened due to his screw-ups with the Blood Angels?

>> No.18093608

> conscientious objection to a horrible regime
> emo


>> No.18093635

Duh, he committed suicide. That is /obviously/ emo.

>captcha: Fabius sripse

It was Fabius Bile's plan all along!

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Codex Grey Knights refers to him as the greatest. Skarbrand got demoted, because he was the strongest at some moment in time apparently.

>> No.18093651


No support for that, sounds like a fan theory to bring consistency to power levels.

>> No.18093652

Wasn't Skarbrand demoted because he tried to overthrow Khorne? (On Tzeench's behest, of course)

>> No.18093663

I'm quite sure I read /somewhere/ that Khorne was displeased at Ka'bandha because he tried to attack Sanguinis from behind, and ripped out part of his essence as punishment.

Might've been a fan-story though. There are lots of them around.

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He got mad and attacked him at least.

>> No.18093670


Then again, IA7 and Apoc 2nd refers to An'ggrath as the greatest.

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You mean fabulous bile.

>> No.18093679

You mean Fabulous Bill.

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He might not be dead. There is theory that his "giving up due to emo faggotry" was actually just plot to disappear that the assassin helped him with.
IIRC, it was one on one match, and body was never found... think about it.

>> No.18093687

I'm quite certain it was something along the lines of Skarbrand annoying Tzeench by tearing through his carefully laid plans like a, well, raging bloodthirster. As punishment Skarbrand was given the idea to overthrow Khorne, and he also 'came up' with a plan to do it. Tzeench obviously set that up to fail.
And when it DID fail, Khorne was so pissed at Skarbrand that he ripped out EVERYTHING but the raging bloodthirst and ferocity, and left him a raging ball of.. eh.. rage. Used only as a living siege engine now.

>> No.18093691

We see him get decapitated in Lord of the Night.

>> No.18093697

heh and i though Kharn was hardcore

>> No.18093705

Yeah, it is very ambious. In the end, the only primarch confirmed dead is Ferrus Manus, and he was brought to Mars, instead of the Iron Hands' homeworld for some reason. Anyhow, the Iron Hands are all sure their Primarch will return from the dead, raised by blessed technology.

>> No.18093709

I don't think he was annoying Tzeentch, Tzeentch just trolled him by fanning the flames of his pride and rage and then. The Skarbrand attacked Khorne while his back was turned and Khorne got really mad.

>> No.18093722

>the only primarch confirmed dead is Ferrus Manus
>And yes, the Night Haunter

>> No.18093727

I'm quite sure Tzeench had a reason. Not that he'd need one, but I'm quite sure he had in this case.

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>> No.18093739


Dorn as well.

>> No.18093741

Sanguinis is kept in stasis after a shattered spine, and Horus, well. No body was ever found..

>> No.18093750

Another case of no body found. They did only find that hand of his.

>> No.18093754

Can we all agree that Draigo is the strongest in the Universe?

>> No.18093766

Nope. Just that Kal has a good PR manager

>> No.18093767

forgeting about the c'tan again?

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Gman is kept is stasis alive, Sanguinus was dead. Horus did leave a body, long story short the Black Legion destroyed it.

They've got Dorn's skeleton encased in amber, except his hands, which they write on.

>> No.18093779


They did find his remains, just that his hand is kept on clear display. There's more evidence to Dorn's death than Kurzes.


>> No.18093786

Melta bomb







>> No.18093799

I'm quite certain I read that Sanguinis is alive, but brain-dead or something like that, and that AdMech are trying to bring him back, because if they could do that, they are one step closer to using the same procedure on the Emprar.

>> No.18093803

Dorn is dead, but Haunter's severed head is a lot of evidence.

>> No.18093815

He's entombed on Baal and has death masks, he's dead.

>> No.18093822

He's dead as a doornail.

>> No.18093831

Hmm. How sad. One of my friends had managed to get it into my head that all the primarchs could be brought back to fighting capability again, which would've allowed for some truly epic fights. How sad. Ah well, good enough that Chaos has most of theirs.

>> No.18093843

What a fucking ignoble end. Killed by a nobody on some random cruiser. It'd be more fitting if he had died during the Iron Cage incident, that would've at least been impressive, and a fitting death for a primarch.

>> No.18093860

The power levels of the C'tan go up and down depending on how much they've eaten. The Nightbringer was barely clinging onto existence by the time Uriel came upon it (also, lolshard). And at their strongest?

>Planets were razed, suns extinguished and whole systems devoured by black holes called into being by the reality warping powers of the star gods.

>> No.18093866

>Hmm. How sad. One of my friends had managed to get it into my head that all the primarchs could be brought back to fighting capability again, which would've allowed for some truly epic fights. How sad.

Well, he's dead, but the souls and magic exist, so don't count him out from any kind of APOCALYPSE END OF TIMES scenario.

>> No.18093875

> killed by a nobody
One of the fundamental cornerstones of 40k, in my mind, is that anyone has a chance of killing anything if they get lucky enough.

>> No.18093877


But Eldar gods were stronger still when they could occupy materium:

"Sunstorm Squadrons take their name from the legendary
Sunstorm called down by the father of all Eldar gods, Asuryan.
The Eldar tell of a great conflict between Asuryan and Kaelis
Ra, the Destroyer of Worlds. Such was the power of these
immortal beings that neither foe could gain supremacy over
the other. The Father of the Eldar was sorely pressed, however,
for it was his children that were suffering as the battle raged
across the void. In desperation, Asuryan rearranged the suns
themselves so that their constellations spelt a time of ill omen
for Kaelis Ra. With the speed of thought, Asuryan then harnessed
the power of the outraged stars, and with a mighty
barrage of solar flares he dealt Kaelis Ra a mortal blow that all
but destroyed him. It is this act that the Sunstorm Squadrons
call upon when they open fire."

>> No.18093882

Leman Russ, Corax, and probably Vulkan are all in the Eye of Terror. And Leman Russ is naked, as they found his armor.
I like to think they are having larger than life adventures, and Leman Russ STILL refuses to putt on clothes.

>> No.18093884

we had this discussion once, didn't we? It was wrapped around a discussion of Russ and Draigo having hot, sweaty mansex.

>> No.18093885

I don't. But my point is that a primarch shouldn't die like that. Ferrus had a good death, Sanguinis had almost a good death. Dorn's death sucks. It smacks of 'well, we have to get rid of this guy'.

>> No.18093894


The "whatever happens, you won't be missed" line does get kind of meaningless when you have most of the fan discussion centered around the Horus Heresy, Primarchs and their powers. Then there are people like Calgar, Logan, Azrael, Dante and Abaddon running around since the early days of 40k who are pretty much guaranteed to survive anything and everything.

>> No.18093898

Yeah, here it is.

>> No.18093904

They still failed to destroy the C'tan. They just delayed them.

By the end of the War in Heaven, the C'tan and their necron servants were winning.

>> No.18093914


By the end of the war in heaven, the C'tan were shattered, the Old Ones dead and the Necrons on the run from the Eldar.

3e fluff = squats.

>> No.18093921

It is? Look, I just think that the Primarchs are important enough to the canon that they'd deserve some more from the authors than getting killed by an unnamed guy in some forgotten black crusade. I mean, the guy who finally took down Dorn would be hailed as a great and mighty warrior, because the only ones who've previously bested other primarchs (who've fought back) are other primarchs. Girlyman took down Alpharius, and was in turn taken down by SnakeFulgrim, Fulgrim had already killed Ferrus Manus in turn.

It just feels silly that Dorn was just killed in a shipboard fight with some guy history doesn't remember.

>> No.18093924

>eldar stories

>Altharius, which meant in the ancient inscrutable Eldar tongue The Most Elegant of Nobility in The Arts of Graceful Warfare and Majestic Pottery pointed his elegant weapon at the apish space marines, the squad ripped apart by a graceful hail of deadly shuriken fire, the advanced psycho reactive monomolecular wraithbone edges ripped apart their crude armor like a swarm of vengeful wraithbees defending their spirithoney from the starbears of ancient Eldar mythology.

>Still for every crudely clad clunky stupid clumsy monkey marine killed, a dozen swarmed in to take its place. Their clumsy boxcars puttered slowly towards the elegant firing lines of the most ancient eldritch elegant Eldar, blown away by graceful deadly brilliant lances of energy from the vengeful lances of the glorious guardian squad Thethaliusomis which meant in the ancient Eldar tongue The Squad of Most Righteous Invincible Unwavering Noble Craftsmen Who Craft Death as Elegantly As Their Earthenware.

>Altharius danced gracefully through the clumsy bolts belched by the marine's crude gun, if such a clumsy device could even be called a weapon, dispatching one after another with elegant sweeps of his monomolecular finely crafted gem encrusted graceful blade made from the psychoreactive wraithbone, testament to the Eldar psychic and technological mastery.

>A stray bolt shell farted through the air and struck Altharius upon his noble chest, but the amazing psycho reactive wraithbone armor of the Eldar which was as flexible as the most sheer silk elegantly shifted and hardened harder than the hardest of hardturtles of ancient Eldar mythology to deflect the crude monkeyshot, veering it into the face of another clumsy marine standing beside him.

>> No.18093929

>Altharius then somersaulted through the air dancing across the sky like the great elegant hunting falcons of Eldar mythology and in his descent his elegant heel caved in the helmet of one of the crude armor clad monkeys and used the building momentum to spin cartwheeling towards the leader of the marines, a great ugly brute with crooked teeth and a lazy eye and ruddy wrinkly skin his crude armor garishly covered in seals and with the crudely banged out symbol of his clumsy god emperor scrawled upon his crude armor. The simple creature's dumb farm animal eyes widened in fear as the spinning whirlwind of eldritch ancient elegant destruction spun towards him and in a graceful flash of majestic advanced wraithbone he was cut cleanly in two by the elegant gem encrusted monomolecular edge. Its kidneys, backup kidneys, secondary kidneys, and deluxe double black kidneys all fell out of his body with a disgusting ploop.

>Their leader dead, the marines hopped back into their boxes and puttered away, but there would be no escape for the crude monkeys as their clumsy retreat was cut apart by an elegant hail of deadly monomolecular shuriken discs and graceful lances of light that cut through the air like the legendary glowwyrms of Eldar mythology which once aided The Ancient Mythological Eldar God Vaul as he got lost in the spiritwoods in the legendary mythologies of the Eldar's ancient past.

>Altharius was glad the war was over and looked forward to returning to walking the graceful path of the potter which staved off the temptations of Slaanesh but he walked a razor's edge between indulgence and the trappings of the path which the brilliant Eldar mind could fall to such was the tragedy of his people.

>> No.18093933

Correction. The Old Ones were utterly defeated and the C'tan finally had their ultimate victory over their hated enemies.

They were just mobbing up the rest of the resistance then the Necron betrayal happened.

After the Necron managed to shatter the C'tan they were too weakened to stand up to the Eldar.

>> No.18093939


>To be a man in such times is to be one amongst untold billions. It is to live in the cruellest and most bloody regime imaginable. This is the tale of those times. It is a universe you can live in today - if you dare - for this is a dark and terrible era where you will find little comfort or hope. If you want to take part in the adventure then prepare yourself now. Forget the power of technology, science and common humanity. Forget the promise of progress and understanding, for there is no peace amongst the stars, only an eternity of carnage and slaughter and the laughter of thirsting gods.

>But the universe is a big place and, whatever happens, you will not be missed...

Repeat until the scouter shows zero.

>> No.18093973


The C'tan were spent when the Necrons turned on them, their triumph over the Old Ones short-lived. This means they got backstabbed immediately, and the book also says the C'tan were too arrogant to see anything coming.

>> No.18093975

What does this have to do with what I said? That quote hardly applies to the Primarchs. Dorn wasn't one among uncounted billions, he was one of twenty, personally created by the Emperor himself.

>> No.18093984

And now, how the eldar act in vidya.

>> No.18093986

>Primarchs that are the demons:

>Primarchs that are alive:
Roboute Guilliman
Lion El’Jonson

>Primarchs that are dead:
Ferrus Manus
Konrad Curze

>Primarchs that are of unknown status:
Leman Russ
Jaghatai Khan
Corvus Corax
Alpharius Omegon

>Primarchs that are paintings

>> No.18093992

No, in the video games, they act like extras in the opening 20 minutes of saving private Ryan.

>> No.18094001


>> No.18094002

While I appreciate the joke you made about Fulgrim, he deserves a place with the daemon-guys, as his body and everything that made him a primarch is there. It's just that his mind is in that painting.

>> No.18094003


>> No.18094004


>whatever happens, you won't be missed

40k isn't about superheroics and being a C'tan or a Primarchs shouldn't in itself grant you any more authorial protection than being a guardsman.

That's why Dorn's story is relevant to the setting, even a primarch's death can come alone and unwitnessed.

>> No.18094020

The C'tan gained tremendous power by consuming all that living essence. If the Silent King didn't strike before they wiped all the living races, they would have become unstoppable.

They were reaching their peak of power and they knew it. This is what blinded them to the Silent Kings betrayal. They thought they were untouchable with all their might.

>> No.18094025

But he IS missed. His body is the centrepiece for a shrine for crying out loud.
And I also find it rather stupid that the guy who managed to do the deed wasn't elevated by the chaos gods, and rewarded for his service, as the only non-primarch to kill one. That is no small feat, and striking such a blow against the hated imperium WOULD attract attention

>> No.18094026

Silly humans we could easily paired up and defeated the X menace but we didn't and instead we decided to try to kill you because in our magical logic it says it's easier to kill you and this somehow will make the menace go away!

Oh no we, the small numbers elite force somehow have billions and billions of soldiers! And they are all dying to 8 space marines!

Clearly Space Marines are superior! Buy them please! From your local Games Workshop (TM)

>> No.18094027


In the grim derpness of the far future there is only hurr.

>> No.18094032

They had become weakened by fighting the Old Ones, which is hy the Silent King struck.

>> No.18094033

Just.. one thing... Aren't the Craftworlds ginormous retrofitted trade-ships?

>> No.18094049


Not what the codex says, they were spent after the Old Ones had been defeated (and Eldar still in ascendancy meaning they were relatively untouched).

This means C'tan weren't powering up while they warred, they were expending their powers. The fact that they needed the Necrontyr life force to reach their peak level suggests stars (which dwarf the body battery) aren't their primary diet anymore.

I for one am not going to pay lip service to 3e fluff.

>> No.18094066

IIRC, Dorn went down by being dogpiled by waves of Chaos Marines.
So it wasn't any one guy that did the deed.

>> No.18094067

Its the eldar. If a few billion humans have to die to maybe help some eldar at some hypothetical future point, then the eldar will conspire to kill all those humans.
They are total dicks. Not that 40k humans are any better.

>> No.18094080


It's a figure of speech. I'm pretty sure that the family of a dead guardsman would miss him too. The point stands.

As for only non-primarch to kill a primarch: M'shen killed Kurze, and we don't know what happened to Dorn's killer, it might have been a summoned daemon or a marine who died in the battle etc.

Most importantly you're wrong assuming Chaos Gods would care. They do not ascribe to human notions of success and failure. This has been explained by the devs when questioned about failed chaos invasions:

>It’s time for me to wheel out a well-worn rant! People need to stop attributing human notions of success and failure to the Chaos Gods. Players have focused on a very specific rules incident that’s been around a while – a fleeing Champion gets turned into a Spawn – and created an entirely warped (ha ha!) idea around what the Chaos Gods think of mortals. A Spawn is a Champion that has been given too many gifts! It is not a punishment… Archaon in particular has survived a long time without any significant mutation at all, and for all we know the Chaos Gods don’t really care about him one way or another.

>> No.18094097

I know, right?

Only the Tau are not dicks.

>> No.18094101

>The Lord of the End Times, the Champion of Light, even Sigmar reborn are all mortal constructs created to help them make sense of the ultimately senseless and Chaotic. The blur between reality, myth, religion and magic in Warhammer is so intense that there are no dividing lines between what is a priest and a wizard, a champion and a failure. Just as in the real world, any individual claiming to do something in a god’s cause is no closer to knowing their deity’s will than anybody else.

>> No.18094104


>> No.18094119

But Kurze didn't fight back. So that can't really speak for it. And we DO know the name of the one who killed him.

And I agree, the Chaos Gods might not care, but hundreds of Daemon Princes, Greater Daemons, Heralds and Champions would've noticed that, and simply having the attention of all those beings would make sure that guy was remembered.

>> No.18094123

>We say that the Chaos Gods are incomprehensible but when we write them they are not, because we aren't very good writers, please don't pay attention to it.

>> No.18094140



>> No.18094151

Nope. Try again faggot.

>> No.18094156

Ferrus Manus' psychic presence will one day build a giant robot that he will then take control over.

Ferrusbot will be the saviour of the Imperium.

>> No.18094187


That doesn't follow at all.

Nurgle has granted daemonhood for Mamon, clerk who undermined the defences of one world from an underling office position.

No chaos servant has even acknowledged the accomplishments of Vandire that dwarf those. And why would they? The daemon primarchs, from the POV of Chaos are just a set of daemon princes, and there are even stronger ones around. Why should they care what those were in their mortal lives?

If Russ and Corax are still around in the Eye after 10,000 years followers of Chaos should notice their rampages or deaths according to your logic, but they do not. Primarchs aren't that special for Chaos, while in the Imperial cultural context they might have been.

>> No.18094190


>> No.18094227

Yeah. That washes, the ones who helped cripple the imperium and all but kill their living god are irrelevant in the eyes of Chaos.

What I meant is that the followers of chaos would see the fall of a primarch as a HUGE event. And not one easily forgotten, at that.

>> No.18094232


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