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Khorne, Nurgle, Slaanesh or Tzeentch whos the your personal favorite Chaos deity?

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These aren't how you spell "Malal"

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Slaanesh. Fits my personal philosophy best.

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Kevin, Khorne's younger brother and God of Raised Voices and Chinese Burns.

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I'm partial to Slaanesh, but not as the DRUGS AND ORGIES type he is usually depicted as, but a god of sensation taken to an excess.

Me and my friends once thought up a university debate club dedicated to Slaanesh on the basis that these guy's get a huge mental hard-on from winning at debates.

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I keep imagining the gods of Chaos as a role-playing group. Tzeentch is obviously the GM, the kind of guy who has always thought up a contingency to screw the players no matter what they do.

Khorne is the group power-gamer who likes killing things and taking their stuff.

Nurgle is just there 'cause he loves hanging out and playing with his friends.

Slaanesh always rolls up bizarre Mary Sues with extremely weird backgrounds.

And Malal is the group munchkin who's been banned from playing Frenzied Berserkers after the last incident that lead to a TPK.

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Fucking hipster. You're the cancer killing Chaos worship!

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Tzeentch is first, love a good plan
Khorne is second because BLOOD AND THUNDER! is the only battle cry I'll ever use
Slaanesh is third because I rather not be injected with drugs into every orifice
Nurgle is my least favorite. Don't get me wrong, I'd call Papa Nurgle and chat him up, but I'd never hang out with him.

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>You're the cancer killing Chaos worship!
> killing Chaos worship

I see what you did there.

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Grandfather Nurgle and Tzeentch!

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I only worship 1 god no matter what system.
Franklin, God of Sock Puppets and Bringer of Destruction
In my DnD game he has a large following of Kobold followers with my Sorcerer his head priest..
In the DH game, he is currently missing in action after the Inquisitor shot off my character's hand. He shall resurrect though. Just need to find another left sock.

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Approved. Someone needs to drawfag that.

Personally, Tzeentch first because I study politics, Nurgle a distant second. Universal love is cool and all, but I prefer to not be rotting alive.
Slaanesh & Khorne barely register, although I'd love to be a Noise Marine. I do like me some noise rock.

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Which one grants you magical girl transformations?

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I would either follow Slaanesh or Nurgle.

I LOVE good food and drink, that and my sexual preferences are pretty deviant.

However I am a damn coward and in the 40k verse I would value my self preservation more than anything, so I feel like I would go with Papa Nurgle. It'd be nice, having a god that loves you. I've also read that Nurgle's followers are friendly, like a big, happy, diseased family. I think it'd be nice to belong to a family like that in the cold world of 40k.

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C'mon, step it up!

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Apparently I'm slannesh by my friends for my ability to get, have, enjoy and indulge my every desire with seemingly little to no effort.

But preferably I'd take a good tzentch, no for plans or plots, I'm as spontaneous as they come, but for hope, for change, for the desire of betterment

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All serve Tzeentch already. They just don't know it yet.

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Khorne, nothin' like killing 'em and not sorting 'em out.

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Well fuck you

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Khorne: Strong Nuclear Force
Nurgle: Gravitation
Slaanesh: Magnetism
Tzeentch: Weak Nuclear Force


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Just dropping by to remind you guys that its one down and three to go.

Your days are numbered, you miserable wretches.

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Star Father

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Problem, anonymous?

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Why choose one? Chaos undivided up in this one!

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I'd probably follow Tzeench, or maybe Slaanesh.

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Creed especially. Who is more justasplanned in the entire Imperium?

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Papa Nurgle, with a little bit of Khorne mixed in for aesthetic purposes.

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Creed doesn't count. He is Tzeentch incarnate but purified by faith to the God-Emperor.

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I might not be a fan of monstergirls, but I would definitely hit Khorne.

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Fact : Creed is OP

Nerf plox

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I'll just leave this here...

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Fool! You don't hit Khorne. Khorne hits you.

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What part of Blood for the Blood God don't you people understand?

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Tzeentch is a Kitsune?
This merely reinforces my prior sentiment for him...

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Mork and Gork.
Or maybe Gork and Mork.

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That's just what he wants you to think.

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I would've chosen Slaanesh, but I think I respect Khorne more. Besides I heard tends not to kill the innocent, I can get behind that

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Fuck Creed

Fuck this bastard

Fuck IGs too

Fuck you

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Khorne. He's easy to understand and his goal is pretty clear.
Dat Khorne. Dat Tzeentch. I'm torn between them.

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Seriosly /tg/, Khorne and Slanesh? The only true chaos god it's, Tzeentch 4 live,I love to planning and sketching like a good fa/tg/uy, and Khorne, Nurgle and Slanesh are only others parts of Tzeentch made to amuse himself.

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Eh, some khornate cultists only kill worthy opponents, others preach that "Khorne cares not whence the blood flows".

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Heretics. Heretics all of you.

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Best Chaos marines for the best god

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I like these guys more.

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Zuvassin the Undoer because I'm a failure.

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though many times that is in reference to themselves dying

>Blood for the BLOOD GOD, even if that blood is mine

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My life for the Changer of Ways!

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Yeah. But my point was that some khornates are so far over the edge that they will kill everything that moves, including themselves if they run out of targets.

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Oh hai, just had to stop by and shout out my love for Papa Nurgle.

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Aw yeah

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What part of this is unappealing?

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Tzeentch is by far the worst to worship because he will ensure you never have what you want.

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It took me hours to load that pic, it was totally worth it

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>Maim Kill Burn Maim Kill Burn

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Tzeentch, of course. Never mind that I'm not too good at crafting intricate plans, but it does appeal to me. Also, I fucking love magic. Then Slaanesh. I enjoy the aspect where I'm better than everyone else and rub it in their face. The giant sex parties might be fun as well. As for Nurgle and Khorne, well, they just don't tickle my fancies.

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Awesome! You know who did that picture?
I'm totally using that guy as a rival in Black Crusade...

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Figures why you picked Slaanesh then. S/he'll tickles anyone's fancy.

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I remember it was some incredible drawfag who had a website gallery, but I lost the link

He was planning to do 1 picture for each gods, but I never saw him again

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>Giant sex parties
You mean giant mutilation blood orgies?

If anybody would go to chaos just to get laid I honestly think killing you would be doing you a favor, and it would certainly be doing the universe one.

That being said, Nurgle for life.

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What if all I want is UNLIMITED POWAH?

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I'm more about pus for the pus god. Nurgle for all my miserable, unchanging existence. Might as well have some fun by making everyone as miserable as I am.

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Ah, too bad. Ah well. Tzeench was the one I wanted anyhow. :3

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though I could outright kill those "kill everything that moves" guys

after all blood is blood

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No. For Nurgle its all about LOVE!

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Uh huh.

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Art style look like Chink and unlike what >>18093734 said Chink site is still up though it rarely update.
And it's not really Chaos gods more like Daemonette from different gods.

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Here be Bloodletter. I'd let her blood flow if you know what I mean.

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just gonna save everyone some time.


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Annnd here be Plague Bearer. Walking collection of STD and every disease you can and can't imagine.

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I think you are talking about the wrong pic


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Tzeentch. The unvierse in bloom! Nothing dies! Everything grows! and changes! All of creation filled with colour and the dance of change! All directed by his light! his colour! and his madness!

It's not even about the power or the politics. It's enough to be a part of the game and to dream of what is to come, by his glorious designs!

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Guy was so powerful he had to reliquish some of his power to not get immidietly gang banged by 3 other chaos gods. In the end, a plot wins in the Great Game. It is a reason why Batman wins over anyone, not because of personal might, but because of how he works on people's disadvatages.

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Slaves of Darkness right?

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yfw his master plan is the two retarded horrors will eventually collect all the spells he had to give up.

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Nurgle is a nice guy u guise.

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Probably gave them to Changling.

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Seeing as it is Tzeench we are talking about, they are probably just the face of the plan, and he has a bunch of really competent guys working on it behind the scenes.

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>implying the other Gods aren't the Changling and Tzeentch has been trolling himself since the dawn of the time.

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It's like these duo of horrors knew how to read it. They don't. If somehow they wanted transfer this knowledge to another Tzeentchian deamon, Tzeentch would know it before hand. Both this duo and Changling can be stopped by Tzeentch very easily. Plan is subtle and will take time, but very little chance it will be discovered.

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>The entire 40k universe is just a plan Tzeentch is thinking ahead on

It's like Ocean's 40,000.

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Tzeentch is GW

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Nurgle, because Camp Nurgle sounds like such a good time.

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