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How do you play as a good guy without seeming shallow and lame?

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How do you not?

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how does i shot web?

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By not being the most powerful thing in the canon, not being able to materialize new powers at will, and having more than one distinct weakness?

For starters anyway.

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Make sure there is internal struggle.
Doing Good things is not easy. Thats why people are tempted in the first place.

Give them a cause and stick to it. Even if you are a Lawful Good Paladin, your cause can still be deeper than your church. Perhaps as a child you grew up under the tyrannical rule of your father. He would verbally abuse you and your mother and you ran away. The church took you in and you quickly learned discipline. Now you struggle to shed the grief of abandoning your family and you seek to find them again and prove your worth to your mother and provide salvation for your father.

in like 2 seconds I thought up the rough draft of a non-shallow non-lame LG guy!

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Doing what you consider the right thing even in the face of grave danger. You're not some one dimensional mary sue if you're actually willing to fight fights that you may not win.

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All powers are generic as fuck nowadays though

It's better to be a normal average everyday guy

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Its all about the why. Why is your character "Good" and why do you consider them "good". That's what I'd be asking myself more than anything.

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Is there really any one right answer to this?

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I think at the very least being WARRIOR OF JUSTICE should carry some sort of burden or tradeoff on the character's emotions, mind and what have you.
I mean after all, never straying from the righteous path could get pretty depressing, right?

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How do you get more generic than "Average everyday guy?"

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I tend towards more of a Lawful Neutral sort of character. For instance, a man from the Elemental Plane of Law that was sent to audit the Prime Material Plane.

>"Only one thing is certain in this world, but it most certainly not death. Nor is it limited to just THIS world."
>"I cannot accept a reward. It would throw off my audit. My associate would likely appreciate one, though."
>"The Taxman cometh."

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That is gold. Consider it plagiarised.

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Actually he has three distinct weaknesses. Kryptonite (now in all the colors of the rainbow! Again.), magic and telepathy. Also, Manchester Black once used his telekinesis to keep the red blood cells in his brain from moving, so we can add cleverly applied telekinesis. The problem is that too few writers even bother with anything that isn't a shiny alien crystal.

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Fuck off /co/.

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would mary sue be better?

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As seen at my LGS.

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Actually give him some kind of reasoning behind his morality, rather than "because it's the right thing to do because the aspects of established society the author happens to supports that have shaped the poorly envisioned society of this story says so." Create moral and personal conflict and have the character show he/she is capable of reasoning his/her way out of it. Against an opposing morality of another character is one way, but being able to smoothly insert such a conflict with the hero against himself can be especially poignant. Assuming you're not totally incompetent you've made somewhat interesting villains, who need coherent and logical motives to be evil and not just "crazy" so that's step one. Now you just explore your hero's character in relation to said villain in a way that doesn't have him fall flat because he doesn't know why he does what he does, other than being a self-righteous ass who think himself above the law, which tends to be the most common pitfall.

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Screencap dump?

Screencap dump.

Because stories of JUSTICE prevailing over evil are the best stories.

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There are many different flavors of "Good", just as there are many different shades of Evil.

Good does not necessarily mean Nice.

But it doesn't mean you have to play with a stick up your ass the entire time either.

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Good doesn't mean "perfect" either. A character who wants to be good can still be plagued by doubts and fears and the failings that the rest of us face every day.

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But throughout it all, the one thing that defines a character as "good" is their desire to help others, even at a cost to themselves.

They may sometimes doubt their own actions and whether or not they're doing the right thing, but remains constant is their belief that the world can and SHOULD be a better place, and that their life should be spent working towards that.

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How do you play a bad guy, without seeming petty and short-sighted?

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And believe me, there is no better feeling in the world than seeing that work actually pay off in-game. If you want to encourage someone to roleplay better, show their actions having an actual effect on the game's setting, it reinforces the fact that what they do has consequences, and they'll be more likely to go out of their comfort zone, do new things, and explore the game's world more to try and make a bigger mark on it.

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Give him unusual/unpalatable cultural beliefs he really supports or some that he unthinkingly backs despite being somewhat immoral.

An Aztec Paladin, for example, would very much be in favor of voluntary human sacrifice, and would likely view involuntary sacrifice as an unpleasant but necessary thing, as otherwise the gods will weaken and the world will die. The victim goes to the best afterlife for his trouble, the world keeps existing, and life continues.

Or one that views slavery as a punishment to be a good idea, as he perhaps believes that it teaches the criminal the value of hard work while also allowing the victim of the crime to get what they lost back via labor the criminal's labor.

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Oh my god Vimes is the best example of Lawful Good I could possible name. I'll just shut up now and tell you all to read the City Watch books in the Discworld series, if you haven't already.

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Quick clarification: Carrot is the best example of lawful good, Vimes is the best example of a lawful good character.

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Both are Lawful Good, they're just good examples of how two characters of radically different personalities and beliefs can still be classified under it.

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part 1

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part 2

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Your character has experienced enough in life to know that being a good person is the only way to live a fulfilling life.

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Like this

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And here's a case of how NOT to play a character.

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Don't be a paladin to an unaligned brutish dick of a god, I agree.

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Some people mistake optimism for naivety.

Really, I'm just jealous of those that can see the best in everything.

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what class would jack be considered?

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fucking saved

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I was aiming more for "actions have consequences". If you're going to be a dick, be willing to accept what happens as a result of that.

Good doesn't necessarily mean being beholden to the status quo.

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When ever in doubt just think to yourself...

"What would Jack do?"

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kick ass with a magic blade while still finding a way to add humor to almost every episode of your encounters of a mystic world controlled by the black spawn of evil?

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But 4e Kord isn't good at all.

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And this is probably the best paldin/Lawful Good story I have saved.

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Paladin, even.

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A failure who never defeated evil in the end?

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Why does /tg/ keep emphasizing lawful good over neutral/chaotic good? Not that lawful is bad, I just sort of prefer the other two.

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Or a Samurai-Paladin that had a dick DM and then the campaign got cancelled early.

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WHY did the world need an asmodeus in the first place, again?

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y'know a movie's being planned as a finale for the series.

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>How do you play as a good guy without seeming shallow and lame?
Like this.

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I basically have all my actions be for the emperor which means that when I whore myself out it is "FOR THE EMPEROR!"

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/tg/ isn't trendy enough to slobber all over chaotic good.

Which is why I like /tg/

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Just a simple fighter with mobility and crit-centered feat loadout.

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