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Lets get some Warmage Portraits in here.

Wizards, Magus, Warmages, Battle Clerics. Magic with Armor and Shields is the name of the game.

>tl:dr Thinly veiled Request for BattleMage/WarMage Portraits

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>Don't you hate it when your Captcha is in Russian

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Not exactly Armored, but Battle enough.

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Battle Artificer count?

I have A Male Edit of that Picture. Let me see if I can find it.

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I just wish this picture was less Techy

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>pigeon-toed stance


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>that feel when your captcha is in Traditional Chinese and you have the IME installed that allows you to actually solve it the proper way

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OP Here, getting hard to find more.

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I'll see what I got.

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To heck with arcane armor penalties.

I'm thinking that, in my next setting, shields and magic will be iconically related. Mages will routinely carry shields, marked with the runes necessary to cast spells. And because shields will have cultural associations with wizardry, more fightery types will shy away from sword and board. Just culturally, and it'll still be an option for PCs, but your average NPC guard/swordsman type will lean towards two-handed weapons instead.

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OP here. I'm almost out.

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Continuing, one picture didn't want to upload it seems. I'll keep trucking.

Mah nigga! Fuck everyone who says that a mage shouldn't wear armor and shields. He's a fucking mage, he can do whatever he wants, warped DnD balance reasons aside.

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OP Here. Yeah, I'm actually playing a Shield Mage in an upcoming Gestalt campaign.

Mithral Twilight Heavy shield let you use a shield without Arcane Failure chance

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Plus if you're playing Pathfinder Arcane Armor Training reduces things by another 10% and Mastery 20%

It is a feat investment though

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Op Here, I'm out. This is bottom of the barrel for me

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Serious question here:
I'm building a Nox for Pathfinder.

Should I go Fighter/Wizard into Eldritch Knight, or should I just go 20 Magus?

Help a brother out.

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Finding armored spellcasters that aren't Eldar seems to be a rather difficult task.

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But she's not a mage.

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Honestly. See if your Gm will allow the Battle Sorcerer Variant from UA 3.5 1 less spell known for each level of spells for light armor casting and 3/4 bab

Then go Arcane Sage Sorc to get Int Based Sorc.

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I don't think that Nerevar or Dumac were casters.

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Seems that'll be it.

Psion battlemage hybrid focused on martial arts and close combat. I'm running low on stuff anyway, scraping together what I can find.

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I'd prefer to be an Intelligence based caster and a prepared caster if I were going to play Nox to a tee. The Battle Sorcerer would be great if it was for a Wizard instead. And if my DM allowed it.
But no 3.5, and no homebrewing, which I totally respect.

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Keep in mind that Sage Variant changes all your Sorc to Int based. That includes Class Features.

The other option with just pathfinder would be Magus

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Yeah, if I'm relegated to Sorcerer, the obvious best choice is Intelligence, but without Battle Sorcerer being allowed, there's pretty much no reason to use Sorcerer levels.

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