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But he looks so comfortable.

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...Is that a Spanish Civil War board game?

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Dawww...... lilly kitty sleepy

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The Spanish Civil War is won by a giant cat. I would be okay with this.

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game is "The Spanish Civil War 1936-1939" published by GMT

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Cats always find the least convenient place to sleep.

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How many weeks has this cutie destroyed, anon?

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Cat bastard. My cat will just walk into me room and plop himself on top of all of our cards when myself and friends are playing an intense game of magic.

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>dramatic moment in the game
>oh god please roll high please roll high
>cat has been poised on corner of couch
>picks THAT RIGHT MOMENT to go after the bouncy shiny clacky things
>dice everywhere

Every goddamn time.

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>Agent 84436 reporting in
>The hairless ape has been busy planning something. He labours over a map with strange tokens. This must be his species war plan. While the hairless ape slumbered, I took stock of every tokens placement, sent a copy to our guys to decipher, and then wrecked shit. I am holding strong on the map, preventing further use, but I don't know how long I can keep this up.
>Stay strong, brothers,
>To the eventual fall of Canada and rise of Catada

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This is why you tie down your cats before playing board games or RPGs. It's also why I haven't had a cat for 12 years. Disrespectful, ungrateful creatures.

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>Studying for exams
>Cat jumps on my desk
>Lies down exactly on my notes

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Call him Guernica.

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>Disrespectful, ungrateful creatures.

How many alligators do you punch in the face?

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I prefer dogs. Lemme ask you: How many coyotes has your cat killed, then brought home? My dog's personal record: Six in one day.

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You have one hell of a dog.

Pro tip though: never bring him to Australia. Dingoes are like smaller coyotes that are also VICIOUS LITTLE BASTARDS.

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>"That's it. I'm attacking your cat."
>"It's on the board. I'm assuming it's a monster. I roll a 17."
>"You can't attack my cat!"
>"I am and did. Is that a hit or no?"

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I wouldn't be too worried about it. He's an absolutely giant schnauzer, 35 inches tall, and 115 pounds last I checked. Best thing about him is when he brings home his kills, he just sort of piles them around our property like he's some canine Vlad
the Impaler trying to intimidate the Turks.

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>It's on the board
Dude, it would be like a Colossal+ creature.

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Well, Australia it's a weird place, you can apply the poison template to half the fauna and the aberration one to the other half. A common dog has to evolve to an ultra vicious thing to survive. Then the dingos.

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Y-You want to attack the Darkness?

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I think it's a collossal creature that exists in a separete dimension, judging from the fact that it is a 3d creature in a 2d board, plus it moves even if it ain't it's turn. If you think you can beat it, be my guest.

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So, the to hit would be pretty easy, but it's T Bonus would huge?

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>Lemme ask you: How many coyotes has your cat killed, then brought home? My dog's personal record: Six in one day.

you could get a lion or a bear or a hippo as a pet and it could a lot kill more coyotes than that

or you could get some kind of infectious virus as a pet and it could kill all the coyotes

but that doesn't make them good pets

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>infectious virus as a pet
Guess I'll be playing a druid or ranger soon.

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>dingo killing prwess does not a good pet make.

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Fucking Cats

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He obviously lives in some place not infested with dingos.

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All I know is that he keeps pests off my property and is otherwise a fairly friendly animal. He's 14 and getting old and crotchety, though. He'll sit on the porch and growl at passing teenagers just like you'd expect from an old man.

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>still murdering coyotes like a boss

You have one hell of a dog.

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The grey one it's the cutest.

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that's so fucking adorable I can hardly stand it.

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no, the Orange ones are

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They obviously learnt to play from their mom

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"Watch closely, kittens. Someday this will all be yours."

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Do you catan?

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>photoshop in a wad of cash

"I think this will suffice to take care of our... dog problem"

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You forgot the cheetos, AGAIN?

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Sometimes my cat likes to sit on the desk and push stuff off. He watches the items fall to the ground, studies them, then pushes something else off the desk. He really concentrates on what he's doing to.

I do wonder why he does that though. Looks like he's trying to figure out how gravity works. Or maybe cat hobbies and games are just dumb.

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>Do you Stone Age?

Fix'd. Also, that cat is the worst Stone Age player ever. Unless it's the very beginning, in which case it's fine.

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"No, they haven't built enough things for me to destroy... yet"
-A look into Mother Nature's thought patterns
(though I think that's a guy cat)

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Maybe he's an anarchist.

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My old cat used to do that too. My new one keeps stealing loose change instead.

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My cat was a kitten from a feral litter I found. She was starving and constantly terrified, hiding under some machinery. I don't think she would've made it one more day if I hadn't found her.

Now she eats until she vomits, then eats some more. For some reason she really likes to lay on top of things while she vomits, so whatever she's laying on tends to get vomit all over it.

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My dog once walked into my room when I was playing Warhammer with my buddy.
It gently strolled through whole gaming board, sniffed his stegadong, and then left.
Not a single miniature was tumbled.

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this MUST be done!

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Dogs are gracious gods. Cats rock this shit Old Testament and Summeria style.

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Why, that's not an interesting story at all!

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damn, they are learning.

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I have a cat, but this thread makes me want to adopt a few more.

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why do I get the feeling your dog has a DEX of 18?

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BRB going to find a feral litter

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Someone didn't read the entire post.

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>an accurate re-enactment of a cat attack

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Poor lonely kid. At least he has Lacy with him.

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>Twilight Struggle yay!
>Commie cat boo!

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>sniffed his stegadong
is that what he calls his penis?

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My old D&D group had a house rule that if the cat jumped up onto the table and batted your miniatures around, whatever spot they wound up in was their new spot, and you had to make the best of it.

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Not always. Other time she mauled my old classic 40K stormtroopers (plastic ones with berets)

Well, at least they looked like hardcore tyranid-fighting veterans after I pathed them a little.

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It was an unfortunate accident with a Stegadon and some superglue.

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What game is this? Because it sure looks like the title could be "commies take over the world".

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It's the one with mega-bow on top.

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Twilight Struggle

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So this is the cats and dogs playing board games thread?

Because this is the best thread.

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>Cats are jackasses that keep humans for pets to amuse them.

Fuck cats.

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bit false, actually

huck a tinfoil ball and a cat will be all over that shit. They'll even bring it back to you to throw again

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Cats fucking love shinies. I play with my cat using a laser pointer or a coin in the afternoons. Every time I'm napping he smacks me in the face and then sits there until I give up and grab the laser pointer.

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There is this old joke what cats and dogs are thinking about humans:
Dog - They feed me, play with me, allow me to sleep on couch, they must be gods!
Cat - They feed me, play with me, allow me to sleep on couch, I must be a god!

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And in one fell swoop, Lovecraft becomes an elitist dick

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Dog lover.
Tell me you don't love when your idiot slave does as you command.

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Disregard Snobby Cats

Acquire Bitch instead

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Lovecraft was always an elitist, racist dick.
Good writer though

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Tinfoil ball, why did I never think of that? I just tried it, fucking crazy.

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Say what you people will. Cats are fucking adorable.

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Didn't work for me. My cat sniffed it and looked up at me like I was insane. And I thought for sure she'd go after it.

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My cat just opened it and ate the weed inside.

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Don''t mix canine loyalty and love with slavery. You make it sound like dogs are brainwashed, or something.

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Observe and report.

A dog loves you because he cannot care for himself.
A cat stays because he chooses to.

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During the planned grand invasion of Spain things were going well until the Cat forces went native and fell in love with the siesta.

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Well that's funny thing to say, considering there are packs of wild dogs in the woods, and all stray cats keep close to human settlements.

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Induce vomiting, quick. That might be a toxic dose. Recall that the body weight difference between a cat and a humen is huge, and while it takes stupendous amounts of weed in a single go to even come close to killing a full grown human, the same is not true for a cat.

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Alone, a dog is nothing.
And your argument that cats stay near human settlements assumes there is some benefit to leaving them. Prey is just easier too catch in humanised environments.

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>A dog loves you because he treats you as part of his pack.

Fixed that for ya.

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I like that you used "hairless ape" like the Kilrathi, another cat race.

"The hairless apes flail about knowing that they are beaten. They have failed their race... utterly. Their will be no interrogation."

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>stray cats

so NOT wild cats then?

Cause true Wild Cats stay the FUCK away from people.

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>More pictures of cats
>Not dogs

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I would hug him and love him and feed him and I would call him George

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Feral cats just don't get seen very much. They do exist though. Hell my cats could get by just fine without us if they chose to run off into the woods.

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Cats are:

>unable to cooperate in large groups
>very difficult to train

When a human has these traits we call them autistic.

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>toxic dose

You know for a human overdose on THC they'd have to smoke a doobie the size of a schoolbus, right? Cat will probably just eat all his food and then go pass out.

>articulation isokes
See, even captcha agrees.

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You're on /tg/ and you're using that as an excuse for us to relate more with Dogs than Cats?

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What I really like about cats that I can't seem to find in dogs is their grace.

The move like a stream, flowing from place to place.

Dogs seems to tumble along, like a rolling boulder

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Really sad thing is the Scottish Wild Cat is almost gone because of interbreeding with strays.

There is a conservation effort but it really isn't as well funded as it should be considering these are Britains largest predatory mammals...what with wolves being killed off in the 1800s.

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I'm fairly sure humans are a bit bigger than the wildcats.

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We hardly count as predatory in the classic animal sense though these days, technology has seen to that, along with being omnivorous in the first place.

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>this thread

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Cats, bane of the Imperium.

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You do realize he's talking about a cat, not a person, right?

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Fuck cats
DMs won't stop petting them, start rolling bitches.

Fuck cats

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Fucking Ninjas.

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"Are you saying I can dodge bullets?"
"I'm saying when you are ready, you won't need to."

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Mfw a cat did this the other day and my tiny ass dauchshound chased the cat into a lake.
The owners were pissed and my dog got a treat.

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but cats hate gentlemen

>> No.18069302

"Oh hey cat, I'm guarding your young one"
"OW, what the fuck, cat?!"

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Cats think hats are headcrabs.
Mommy cats are very protective.

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Idk but I know that cat doesn't punch shit when its photoshopped so hard

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No, Cats just know that dressing animals up is fucking stupid and don't want their kids fucked up that way.

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I like cats but it's really creepy when people get to attached and cuddly with them, even more so when it's a guy doing it. Sure, cats are cute, but that's it. They are not super smart or calculating or any of that shit, they just aren't social animals, that's why they are so dead.

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Now with familiars!

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>> No.18069353

The one in the foreground has a tendency to jump from the floor, to unused chairs up to tabletops. Once there, he is a better Catan player than I am.

>> No.18069361

> when it's a guy doing it

Sexist pig.

>> No.18069362

Cat RPG get

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Why the hell are you wearing shoes indoor?

>> No.18069375

My mom's cats are both fairly social animals. They aren't 100% like her dog, but they don't out and out avoid people. If it's cold they're your best fucking friend in the whole world because they want any and all extra body heat they can find.

Most times, though, if you're sitting on the couch there's bound to be one of them either sitting on the coffee table, the back of the couch or you.

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Dog: *sniff* "Bark"
Cat: "Sitcho ass down biiach"

>> No.18069380

He's actually a burglar who broke into someone's house to take pictures of their pets and thereby steal precious memories

>> No.18069384

h...hi guys...

>> No.18069391

jus gonna nap

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If so, quite bold one.
Using blanket and all.

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>go to /c/ for cute things
>no cute things
>come to /tg/
>cute thread
You really don't need the other boards any more.

>> No.18069420

People do that in some countries. No idea why.

>> No.18069439

>ever attacking anything

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>> No.18069457

fukin saved

>> No.18069464

I see your Hamster/Gerbil/whatever and raise you two Guinea Pigs.

>> No.18069467

Everything /tg/ does is better than the intended board.

>> No.18069471

Cats: Lawful
Dogs: Chaotic

>> No.18069473

Two manly tears were shed.

>> No.18069475

>half-feral dogs one step removed from wolves
>not attacking things

>> No.18069480

That's a sad story.

Husky's have that feral instinct strong however, they will go after anything running away.

>> No.18069482

>> No.18069487


Actually when it comes to genetics, Shih Tzu are the closest relation to wolves.

>> No.18069495

prolly shoulda thought "fake" as soon as it said the bit about everyone being mean to it.

people don't generally act like assholes to small, injured, friendly animals.

any given neighborhood just about always has at least one bleedin' heart who helps 'em.

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>> No.18069507

This is basically the greatest thread ever. Thank you /tg/.

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>> No.18069529

>> No.18069556

. . .Seriously, /tg/, I'm going to cry like a bitch in a minute.

>> No.18069559

>> No.18069587

Fuck those people
>lol I can totally post this on my wall about how sad I was :P

>> No.18069606

But if they hadn't photographed it we would not now know anout it.

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>> No.18069619

>huskies look like wolves they must act like wolves too
You don't know shit about dogs do you?

>> No.18069650


>> No.18069663


Man's best friend...

>> No.18069669

Well, there were two in my family, plus a few around neighborhood, so actually I think I know a thing or two about Husky behavior.

>> No.18069681

I'm 99% I've heard about something like this happening in another country. Maybe it happens more often. Also isn't there a tale about it?

>> No.18069685


small time

>> No.18069694

Who doesn't enjoy an inbred animal. To the point where it hurts the animal. See pugs.

>> No.18069716

rolled 6, 3, 1 = 10

The Slow Mo Guys have an awesome cat.

>> No.18069717


>Dogs sit and wait
>Cats track you down


>> No.18069722


I dont give a fuck, im crying right now...

>> No.18069734

Huskies are GENERALLY very docile. Of course they're still animals and a lot depends on upbringing and individual character, but the whole 'huskies look like wolves so they are dangerous dogs" is a myth propagated by people who know nothing about dogs.

>> No.18069738

damn, i forgot about that one


>> No.18069752

A friend of mine trained his cat to retrieve dice that fell off the table during DnD. So if your die went wild and flew off under something, 10-15 seconds later the cat would pop up with the die in it's mouth and demand a treat.

This carried on for years and the cat would occasionally appear with a die even when you weren't playing DnD or the like.

Many many years later he moved from that house after the cat was long dead and after moving a large cupboard we found a massive stash of dice which evidently the cat had built up to bring to us when it wanted a treat/attention.

Goddamm that was an amazing cat. We'll always miss you Captain Hobo.

>> No.18069778

Most pure-bred dogs are inbreeds with so many genetic disorders it should be illegal to breed more of them. Meanwhile my "probably German shepherd/who the fuck knows what" mongrel dog turned 15 this year. Worst thing that happened to him was an ear infection.

>> No.18069795

>Many many years later he moved from that house after the cat was long dead and after moving a large cupboard we found a massive stash of dice which evidently the cat had built up to bring to us when it wanted a treat/attention.
Fucking brilliant.

>> No.18069810

rolled 5, 3, 5 = 13

Between this and everything else in the thread... damn it why can't I already be home for spring break.

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When cats do this, then you may talk about dogs sitting and doing nothing.

>> No.18069839

And I didn't said anything like that. But they are more prone to "oh-my-gosh-there-is-something-there-gotta-run" and that usually ends badly for cats or small mammals.
And it causes problem with people who think "oh my God, free-running dog! And he look like wolf! He for sure want to kill me and eat my children!"

Something more lighthearted, mood became to grim on this thread:

>> No.18069841

It is possible to find purebred dogs that aren't horribly inbred, you just have to be careful what breeder you get them from.

>> No.18069844

I don't think anyone can disagree that dogs are infinitely more useful than cats.
Whether it's the better pet or not, well, everyone has personal preference.

>> No.18069867


You were saying?

>> No.18069869

When we gamed at my place for two years, my gaming group was introduced to Zorro, whose full name is Zorro, Wonder Kitty of Doom. He's a senile old man who would yell at us while we were gaming. Eventually, our group started yelling back at him. So, our sessions would sound like this:

DM: So, as you wander into the cave...
Zorro: MROW.
Group: MROW.
Zorro: Murrrr
Group: Murrr
DM: Fuck it.

>> No.18069935


"They will not die without names."

That's when I lost it.

>> No.18069950

Did you had any stories about cat/dog in school as obligatory reading?
In Poland the is one called "About a dog who traveled by train" in primary school.

>> No.18069953

THIS RIGHT HERE! This is the reason that I could never date or get involved with someone that doesn't like my dogs. One of the only reasons I'm glad that I have 4 siblings (three of them still at home) is that the dogs always have someone to entertain or play with.
Hell, when I get my own place and family I want a bunch of kids and a bunch of dogs (MAYBE, JUST MAYBE, a single cat). Who needs nice cars, trips to Fiji, or expensive clothing when you have a houseful of love to return to at the end of every long day?

>> No.18070015

God, I almost cried.

>> No.18070024

You must have more testosterone than I because I cried like a girl.

>> No.18070039


I cant explain how sad im now, I think i need to go and pet my cat

>> No.18070052


...And here I was, foolishly thinking I'd be able to go about my day not feeling like complete shit. I want to go home and pet my dogs.

>> No.18070121


Carbon monoxide has no odor.


That is amazing.

>> No.18070138

>That feel when your dog is miles, miles away
Well, at least she is with my family, so they can pet her.

I cried like little kid when my older dog died.
I try to hold it for those important occasions.

>> No.18070166


Activate... the cat beacon.

>> No.18070167

I have at least two friends who have declared me officially 'dead inside' and even *I* choked up at this shit.

>> No.18070182

>Train/convince cat to go for the face whenever the words "I rape the" are declared
>Hold campaigns at my house
>Haven't had a That Guy for more than a single session in years

>> No.18070201

I live at least 25 miles away from my work place, I live outside the city and when I get home at midnight ,my cat jumps over me wanting me to pet her.

But that is really sad man, I hope you see your dog again

>> No.18070224

dude, I remember when my dog dies years ago just when I was heading to school, that same day. It was the worst day I can remember

>> No.18070234

Sounds like a load of bullshit to me but I laughed anyway

>> No.18070250

anyone who says dags are dumb needs to look at my dog

he learned from seeing people turn door knobs how to fucking OPEN DOORS

he gets on his hind legs and paws at the knob until he gets a grip to turn it, he's a Pure Bread english springer spaniel named Maxy and his brother Rudy are so well behaved too

>> No.18070272


"One small cat changes coming home to an empty house to coming home."- Pam Brown

>> No.18070276

it's America. Wearing shoes inside is not verboten, depending on the household.

My best friend's mother freaks if anyone wears shoes on her rugs.
I have been inside apartments where you would have to be crazy to not wear shoes, because of the level of filth in the rug.
My home, rugs get cleaned weekly, and shoes are allowed

>> No.18070278

Best cat I ever had? That would've been Arnold when I was 7-10 years old, he was a lean grey tabby. It was the only cat I have known so far that liked to be under your jacket or sweater, he was so warm, cozy and adorable.
And every day I came home from school, every day he was waiting for me at the driveway, waiting for me to pick him up and pet him and let him ride on my shoulders as I walked up to the house. But one day, he was just gone, most likely taken by a predator since we lived out in the forest.
A year or two after that I just got a sudden pang of saddness and started crying, and cried for half a day because I missed him so much.

>> No.18070279

You say that like cats don't open doors on their own (when possible)

>> No.18070467

>dog tracks down robber

>cat walks across russia

It's a pretty hard contest to be honest.

>> No.18070494


Sorry for off topic but what anime is that form?
Looks like it could be interesting.

Erm... Riot Dog picture so kinda on topic!

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>> No.18070559


>> No.18070569

>> No.18070586


Man that guy is lucky they just used a kinda normal hose on him.

Cause like full on watercannons can blast your eyeball out of its socket and fun stuff like that.

Still got a shiteload of balls though.

>> No.18070593

Guilty Crown

>> No.18070636



>> No.18070676

It's so sad to watch my poor cat try to open round doorknobs.

>> No.18070806

The odour is added so you can tell if there is a leak.

>> No.18070944


I hate you all

>> No.18070951

You missed >>18069606

>> No.18071233


>> No.18071276

my dog was fucking Houdini, but he was also a massive idiot.
He could escape from his been which had a latch and a bungi cord to secure it.
He used at least 8 different techniques to escape, some rather clever.

He also lost a leg when he ran into a car. Yes those words are in the right order, he hit the car. I don't blame the driver, because the dog side swiped it from the side of the road.

>> No.18071367

>> No.18071471

>Playing Warhammer 40.000
>Cat jumps on table
>"The Emperor has forsaken us! The Tyranids are using the FELINATREX!! RUUN! RETREAT!"
>"Mmm, shiny things. What's this? It smells odd."

>> No.18071603

My dog earned the nickname "Blast Template" when he came bolting in from outside only to run up and jump up so his paws hit the table.

Being a college student, it was a pretty wobbly old card table. Knocked down everything.

Nothing had scared him, apparently he had just wanted to see what was going on RIGHT THE FUCK NOW!

I miss my dog.

>> No.18073429


You heard it here, folks. Dogs are unholy vermin, and should purged from our existence.

>> No.18073690


But...The Rat Catcher's Small But Vicious Dog is used to fight AGAINST unholy vermin...

>> No.18073700

Grand Strategy Cat is not amused.

>> No.18073730

Just a thing, you idiots, that isn't "lol he's tryin' to revive him soo cuteeeeeh!111!! tey r so inteligentah!!11" he's testing if the dog is REALLY FUCKING DEAD(and tender) SO HE CAN EAT IT.

>> No.18073775

Pretty sure that live dog looks more sad than hungry.

>> No.18073781

I have two dogs, both are half pitbull, one is half Ihavenoclue and the other half rottweiler. The rottweiler one is literally so stupid, that it cannot push open a door that doesn't have a doorknob. I have personally demonstrated to him how to push it open with his snout, he has also seen the other dog push it open many times.
Some dogs are just fucking stupid, others can can break free of anything.

>> No.18073873

>a cat can care for itself

I'm gonna call bullshit on that considering every time one of my neighbors' cats runs out into the world, they

1) Get found a week later dead and rotting somewhere just beyond the backyard
2) Manage to find their way back after a week skinny as shit and infected with who knows what else, sometimes having to be put down

Seven times. You'd think they'd fucking learn to stop getting cats.

>> No.18073892


Pampered indoor cats?

Cause most outdoor cats at the very least know how to scab food off of unsuspecting neighbours with a cute act, and farm cats do just live for themselves and occasionally bother with people.

>> No.18073907


Therefore the idea that "cats can care for themselves" as if it's inherent is bullshit.

>> No.18073916


>> No.18074024


Some were.

Others were just really dumb and got into fights the moment they jumped the fence and ran off into the woods rather than back into the house.

>> No.18074035


Well any creature, humans included, find it next to impossible to survive on their own if they are overly pampered, sheltered or in some way have their natural instincts ruined.

>> No.18074201

My old dog took out a guy breaking into our house after coping a 410 shell to the side of the head/front part of his body. Had to be put down due to almost killing the guy who broke in some serious bullshit laws right there.

The guy lost his ability to walk and got jail time. But I lost my fucking dog. R.I.P Sparkplug you were a great dog.

>> No.18074239

If a cat is declawed, it must stay inside - they can't defend themselves against predators outside, and they can't run away since without their front claws they can't climb trees to escape, which is their best method of outrunning faster animals like dogs.

>> No.18074310


And a dog is perfectly capable of caring for itself outside if it's not overly pampered or kept inside its whole life.

Sort of the whole thing I was calling bullshit on in the first place.

>> No.18074356

I dunno what kind of shits cats you have, but my family had nothing but black longhairs, one in Russia, the other here in Canada. The first one was an apartment cat. We took him to our summer home and he ran away. Found him a month later, filthy but well fed. He's still alive, 15 years old now even though we've moved away living in a more rural area where we lived before moving something like a cross between suburbs and a village, living outdoors mostly. The second, born here in Canada is also an outdoor cat. Got into fights a lot, ran off for a week to father a brood. Dragged him home and my parents got him fixed. Attacks any four-legged animal bigger than him. We nearly got sued when be blinded a runty german shepard that chased him into our home.

>> No.18074372

>> No.18074418

Haha, look at this faggot and laugh.
You sir just lost the right to call bullshit ever again with even remote or imaginary degrees of validity.

>> No.18074607

>cat freak butthurt because he got told

Just go back to your cat stable and remember to use clean q-tips every once in a while.

>> No.18075122

> using human facial cues to apply to dog emotions.

>> No.18075338

Newsflash: any overly domesticated animal is screwed once it's outside civilization.
It's true of dogs, it's true of cats, and it's sure as shit true of humans.

>> No.18076929

fuck it, one bump.

>> No.18076966

>> No.18077162

replace dog with nigger and cat with white man and it would still accurately reflect Lovecraft's views

>> No.18077183


>> No.18077193

>domesticated animal

I dunno, bro... my human seems pretty smart, so there's a chance if something goes awry they'll be able to survive on their own.

>> No.18077200


>> No.18077223

Fortunatly my cat doesn't go chasing dice or sitting on maps. Instead he stares at me via my reflection in mirrors. It's creepy, as if he's communing with the mirror-verse me, plotting to replace me. Perhaps it's already happened and I just don't know it yet.

>> No.18077238

Well obviously, results will vary between individuals.
This isn't a species thing.

>> No.18077251

It's already happened a few times.

>> No.18080153


I miss when /x/ had fun threads about that kind of thing.

Really I should start more old /x/ type threads here in /tg/ seeing as /x/ has been dead for years now.

>> No.18080168

>> No.18080249

>> No.18080365

What the hell is that?

>> No.18080380

Big-Dog. A robot created to be able to move through area that cannot be pass by wheel.

>> No.18080392

And also designed to have a fit if it stumbles the slightest bit?
What could it even be used for?
Waiter, drinks spilled everywhere.
Bomb Disposal, well it's gone at least.

>> No.18080413

Its better than the previous of: Fall over like a tree.

>> No.18080423


To be fair in that .gif it IS walking across ice. When it's walking on normal surfaces it does it pretty well, in a nightmare-fuel kind of way.

>> No.18080424

Why not just, like... walk? Why use a robot?

>> No.18080431

Because we can.

>> No.18080432

Carrying ammunition and supplies.
When it stumbles it goes into a spastic fit and then rights itself, damn thing can actually climb steep, sleek and hazardous surfaces easily.
A squad could bring one along with them to carry extra gear, or one could be sent out to resupply a unit that would be far too dangerous to attempt with people or supply helicopters, the idea was that a dog could perform this role quite well, except dogs aren't bulletproof.

>> No.18080440

Does anyone have a .gif of Big-Dog when it gets kicked and tries to stay upright?

>> No.18080442

The gif you're seeing is the new and improve version that can "walk" on ice though not as smoothly as anyone would've like.
Much better than the last one that fall over and die.
It was design to accompany soldier and the robot itself is fitted with many different gears to help spot and scout stuff.
Think of it as a high tech mule.

>> No.18080484

>damn thing can actually climb steepsurfaces easily.
Well, not so easily actually. It can only take very small steps and is unable to jump, which handicap it greatly on steep slopes, especially rocky ones.
Saw a video of one on a 50% slope, that wasn't exciting.

>Think of it as a high tech mule.
I still wonder why they don't use a low-tech mule, it seems better in every aspect.
Or mybe they do ?

>> No.18080500

For a couple reasons: They're logistically a bitch to deal with. Also, they're too easy to swap out for one that's been bugged, or has a bomb in them. Finally: American troops love robots.

We still use low tech mules if we have too, we just don't like it.

>> No.18080502

Well for one thing high tech mule don't require food, water or rest.

>> No.18080560


I'd rather have a robot carry 200+lbs of gear than myself personally

>> No.18080804

Just electricity and maintenance.

>> No.18083794

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