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I finished reading Eisenhorn Trilogy, and I have a question,
Is Eisenhorn wh40k version of Commander Shepherd from Mass effect ?

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I don't think Shepard even counts as a character.

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Shepard life is a lot happier compare to Eisenhorn. Beside Shepard doesn't have a apprentice who rise to the rank of Chairman and then return to hunt his mentor.
And Shepard doesn't have his love interest turn into a sleeping beauty that may or may not wake up in the upcoming book.

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Shepherd is Badass but I think Eisenhorn is way more awsome then Shepherd

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No, because Eisenhorn is actually somewhat competently written.

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Heh heh.

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In a vague way, yes. The differences in how things end up come down tothe different worlds. While Mass Effect is hopelessly violent in the frontier and behind closed doors, they've carved out some small areas of civilised existence. 40K doesn't have that luxury. Most importantly, the ME universe is optimistic and in a state of progress, whereas in 40K it's not a question of whether we will win or lose, but how long it takes us to be wiped off the board.

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>40k doesn't have that luxury
No, it does, we just don't see the parts of the galaxy (most of it, in fact) that aren't ONLY WAR

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Upcoming book?

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New trilogy, dealing with Bequin and her awakening.

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Well goddamn. That's brightened my morning.

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OP here
Most interesting part of the book for me was theme of radicalism.
Eisenhorn do what he must, but to do so, he must use dangerous elements that could kill him (or those close to him) Fight fire with fire.
Eisenhorn at end of 3rd book is completly different person then Eisenhorn at start of Book 1.
Where's Commander Shepherd stays completly same character (of course, i only played 2 games from 3 so I might be wrong)

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I hope she dies as soon as she wakes up; I don't want no love blooming on the battlefield.

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despite him being overly descriptive when he sets the scene he always manages to write awesome action sequences and makes me always want to read one more chapter before going to sleep, seriously looking forward to this! Will hopefully shed some light on what happened to Eisonhorn during the Ravenor short story

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>Eisenhorn at end of 3rd book is completly different person then Eisenhorn at start of Book 1.
That's character development, mate.
> Where's Commander Shepherd stays completly same character (of course, i only played 2 games from 3 so I might be wrong)
ME3 isn't out yet and it's hard to enforce character development on a player character. Shepard is who YOU want him/her to be. You can change your Shepard from Goody-Two-Shoes Paragon to Ultra-Dick Renegade(or vice-versa) with each game and it has to accommodate you in making those choices. It's both a weakness of video game RPGs that you have an openness to the character to accommodate different players' different play and character preferences, but a weakness in that you can't really have a proper character arc when many players are just going to play LOLRANDUMB.

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Who's is Wrex to Eisenhorn's Shepard?

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>>18066376 againb
>...both a strength* and a weakness...
I derped and dropped a word there.

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Fischig. He's the big, tough bruiser of the team and he has a big confrontation with Eisenhorn over mixed loyalties.

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I was oblivious of the busy-ness dangers that 2011 would hold. Now I am blivious. Fully blivious. So 2012 is going to be a bit more selective in terms of work and events. Don't fret: on January 1st, I will still be starting on the long awaited new Inquisitor trilogy ("The Bequin Trilogy" aka Eisenhorn vs Ravenor aka "Pariah"). I'm going to have to turn down a few things I would otherwise love to do in 2012, but them's the breaks. I don't want to feel quite so Know No Big Hand From The Little Hand again.


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Why do you even ask that question? It's Fischig. BLATANTLY Fischig.

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It was kinda sad how that 'I will redeem you' thing ended.

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Oh gosh
Textual gratitude is not enough
I might start throwing out random images for you

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Fishing was too closed minded and too suspicious to see the real threat.

Eisenhorn hated himself for what he did but he did it because it was necessary.

That was the major theme of the books I felt, Eisenhorn saw what was required of him what he had to give up in order to keep protecting humanity and he did it without flinching

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It was kinda sad how the whole damn trilogy ended...

I can't actually remember most of the stuff which happened in Ravenor though.

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Daemon drug, Rivalry, Betrayal and psyker mindfuck.
Love can't Bloom. Eisenhorn himself said that.

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Bearing in mind I have no idea what I'm uploading, save for it's in my /tg/ folder (so all fetishes and things, most likely.)

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To keep it somewhat on topic

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Yeah psyker + pariah = no love

Even though they both wanted it and everyone could see it from galaxies away

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And another one. Though Ravenor describes his chair as much more plain and boxy than the one depicted here.
And in the Eisenhorn one, Midas and Medea should be a lot darker.

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I love this picture. Any idea who the artist is?

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Bringing out the big guns.

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Well one of Ravenor blank sunddenly loss his blank ability after being near the boy for a long time so there's still hope.

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I dunno I always thought they were supposed to be more a chocolate brown than black from the descriptions given in the book.

That may just be my terrible memory at work however

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Both fighting players are THAT GUY.
Player 1 for getting a religious symbol tattoo for a faith he doesn't have, for getting annoyed OOC about a douche and for throwing the first punch. He's just a bastard for beating a downed man.
Player 2 is wrong because HURR DURR RELIGION IS DUMB and fucking picking up a chair for a fight he already lost.
I hate the guy who told the story as well.

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Aerion-the-Faithful on deviantart

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The best hint was when Eisenhorn does a sneak roll into his kitchen in which Medea was making a midnight snack wearing nothing but a semi-long shirt. (Gregor was only wearing a bedsheet around his waist which caught on the door handle as he did his roll.) Anyway, I just remember him commenting on how lovely her long black legs were.
That one line made me dread a love triangle in the future, but I'm glad Abnett avoided it.

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>i've just realized how many pages this is

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It is as a nod to his family history and player 1 was being a fucking immature shithead.

Also he was spat on I don't care who you are or what you have done spit on someone and you adjust asked for the incoming mass of fuck you that should put you in hospital

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Hopefully you find this one more agreeable, whatever it is.

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I like how Eisenhorn after 1st book suddenly become freakin Swordmaster

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Ah Yes, I always thought it was a one off typo on Abnett's part but it makes sense when you think of It that way

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Yeah, he mostly described Midas as dark skinned, making me picture him with just a bit of a tan(like Billy Dee Williams' shade), until he got to Medea and constantly reminded the reader just how dark she was and how much she was like her father in that.
Though she did feel like a shoe-horned in replacement of her father(never did like how he was killed off-screen as it were), since she was just like him, only younger. And female, which also lent to my fear of a love triangle with her.

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Ah good, it's Henderson. Everyone loves him.
>if i have to try one more time i'm going for a walk
>i did have to try one more time
>fuck this

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Yeah, Midas death off-screen was such let down, especially how badass he was in xeno

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