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Remember me?

Coolest guys in 40k ever.

Space marines are all cowards and weaklings.

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It appears you are all too young to remember.

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none of this is ork related?

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>Ork related

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the cowerds! the fewls!

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these things you are posting look like lego bionacles but even more retarded.

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>implying they aren't the best thing about 40k
>implying they wouldn't make an awesome setting for DH or RT

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So where do Knights fall in the Titan spectrum. I realize they are smaller than a Warhound, but by how much? Are they basically what the Dreadknight is?

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Yup, except they don't stick the rider on the outside like a retard.

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Is that epic scale?

I want to run a game of Deathwatch where I play as a knight.

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Way too big to be epic. That's an AoBR Marine.

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no it's not...

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>Way too big

How can you tell, there is no frame of reference?

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Nuadhu Fireheart master race.

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I've seen more detail in a gumball machine toy

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The Space Marine?

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But we don't know how big that is in real world terms.

Could be a normal figure.

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The Marine. Last time I checked (and mind you I haven't looked at any epic units in god knows how long) Reavers were barely bigger than a 28mm Marine figure and there's no way that's an Epic Marine.

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It's a snap-fit Mk7 from waaay before AoBR -
Note the pins on the body instead of sockets.
That said, it's still a 28mm model.
[tgspoiler]Space Crusade[/tgspoiler]

The Knight is an Armorcast model from the days when GW permitted that company to pioneer the resin frontier - before unceremonoiusly revoking their license as soon as the profit potential was shown. They then started their own resin works; a funny little place you might have heard of, called

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Is it possible to attain Knight models any more? Have always found them sexier than slaneesh.

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Oh my, I was way off! I'm sorry, I saw the snap-it arms and assumed it was from the set. In retrospect, the helm was a dead giveaway.

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And here gentlemen is our resident neckbeard.

His martial skills include identifying the randomest things know to mankind.

Truely we should all wish for a thick neck beard like this gentle creature's.

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Any ideas on this guys?

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>Saging a thread you are asking a question in

That makes little to no sense.

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Yea it stayed in the email field from posting on a different board, didn't notice it until after I had posted

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