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I got a new Pathfinder game tomorrow where I'll be playing the female orcish paladin version of Brian Blessed.

What should I keep in mind when playing a paladin?

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Also, have some Paladin images

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Don't let the party bully you into straying from your Code. Also remember, as cool it is to smite everything, a paladin who can turn someone from Evil is the best kind. Don't neglect your social skills: they are overpowered.

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Strangly she has +6 to Diplomacy, making her the most social orc ever

So what should a good Orc Paladin keep in mind when engaging in Diplomacy

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Don't act like other orcs?

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Don't get mad when they inevitably say something like "you know you have a lot more self-control than most orcs".

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Also /tg/, I need some example of what banded armour looks like.

Anyone got some pictures they can spare?

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As a paladin, you should view your goodness as a degree of how much you're willing to sacrifice. You might want to show that villain what's what and torture him for the pain he has caused others, but you can't sacrifice the rights of others for your own desires. Be giving of yourself, when you see the innocents in pain you have to sacrifice your own time for the wellbeing of others. When forced into conflict, you have to sacrifice your wishes for a peaceful world in order to prevent your own death. You don't kill when you don't have to, but you have far too much work to do, you sometimes have to accept that and just pay as much respect to the bodies after the fight.

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Express sympathy for your enemies, but don't go about saying "I know-" about why they're evil or anything unless you genuinely do know. Simply show your belief structures in the words you choose. "They have been tainted" or "There is darkness" are commonly used to this end.

Also, remember that a paladin will sometimes do good for the sake of goodness itself. If a city is in shambles and they're offering gold to you, decline the offer. If the DM pushes it; take it, use a portion to restock on necessities, then donate the rest back. Later on you could speak to the DM in private about maybe letting the city get into better shape with buildings being rebuilt with sturdier materials, or the populace being better fed because they could buy provisions from other areas. It won't always result in good things, but the point of the paladin is that they will try, even if it doesn't result in the greatness they hope for.
This isn't to say you have to give up everything down to the copper, a smart paladin knows that if he's going to do more good work then he has to be prepared to face great obstacles. Just don't take from the needy unless they push the issue, part of being sacrificing of yourself is accepting that uncomfortableness that happens when it's rude to argue about accepting payment. What you do then is pay it forward, accept and cherish the gift, or simple hold onto the item in hopes that you find a better purpose for it some day.

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