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Could one murder someone with poison or some other subtle lethal method, animate bones, then have their undead minion dopplegang as the deceased for an extended period of time if perfumes and embalming fluid are used to prevent decay?

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If you could prevent decay then yes.
But most methods work by dessication so are pretty noticeable.

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Gentle repose.

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Why even bother with embalming when you can cast Gentle Repose?

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>animate bones

Or you could make zombie instead. It could move all the facial muscles for better illusion of life.

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What is the distinction between a zombie and living bones exactly? Or is that what they just eventually wear down to.

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Can Gentle Repose stack/persist (ie, when it expires can you cast it again, or is it a once per corpse type deal?). If you can persistently stack it, I'd think that making some kind of unobtrusive enchanted item with permanent Gentle Repose could allow you to essentially animate them forever without decay.

>Just had thought of entire town of corpses under a single necromancer/liche's control. They all wear the same style of simple golden ring....

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This is kind of necromancer specific.
You could get away with using less spells if it didn't have to be necromancy.

You could also get away without having magic to be detected if you blackmailed them or used some other similar means to coerce them into doing what you wanted.

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>Just had thought of entire town of corpses under a single necromancer/liche's control. They all wear the same style of simple golden ring....
And I just lost the mental block I had while planning out my group's next quest.

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If I were the DM and you tried to do this I'd allow it regardless of rules, because I like how you're making an effort.

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Just imagine the horror when the Baron Ventrea of the Brick Quarry estate locks himself away in his Manor after suspiciously entering into a tilted business arrangement for his surplus of resources then the looks on the faces of his personal retinue when they finally confront the sheltered away Sir in his smoking room. Place a hand on his shoulder to get him to respond and his skin and musculature sluffs off like a 3 week old orange peel.

Then a skeleton pops out.

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The skeleton looks down at his fallen flesh, then speaks in a British aristocratic accent:
"Oh no I'm dreadfully sorry, I'll have the maids clean this up at once"

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Because of the open ended interpretation of the spell the Bones continue to act as the Baron. He then proceeds to convert each and every family and business member under his charge into Bones. Citing the process 'freshens up the Morning air without all that meat musking up the place'. Each new Bone takes on the personality of their previous owner and they begin to live immortal undead existences while still maintaining the guise of noble life and enjoying afternoon Tea and Pork tongue.

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Just pay a shapeshifter that's what we did.

She only had to get a look at the body, we handed her a dossier for the person and within five minutes the new Prince we had.

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>Townspeople love him

>Priests fear him

>Adventurers are confused by him

>Ladies and gentlemen...

>Baron Ventrea the Ossified!

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