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/tg/, I come to you with a conundrum.

Kharne the Betrayer is a nigh-unstoppable murder-machine who regularly mutilates demon princes and loyalist Space Marines for fun, right?

And Kaldor Draigo is the uber-sue created by THE DESTROYER OF VERISIMILITUDE who prances about the warp, slapping demons in the nuts on a regular basis, right?

...will these two ever come into conflict? Kharne actively stalks the Warp and rapes things in the face with his axe when he's got nothing better to do, and KD is stuck in there till the equivalent of Ragnarok. Isn't it logical that all the demon-slaying KD does would eventually attract Kharne's attention?

Pic related, Kharne would completely wield this if he didn't have Gorechild.

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They're the same person.

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Draigo beat Primarch daemon princes and a couple of Greater Daemons.

Kharn is nothing to Draigo.

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This. Draigo is Kharn on vacation.

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It's possible but not likely. Kaldor Draigo has made it his mission to go wreck the shit out of the palaces and greatest daemons of the four gods. It's certainly possible they'd run across each other while Kaldor is MAN ON A MISSION, but Kharn is probably too busy fighting in Khorne blood bowl or against the followers of Tzeentch & Slaanesh to bother with Draigo. Kharn is just KILL MAIM BURN, not really TAKE ANY CHALLENGE, NO MATTER THE ODDS so I don't think he really cares what he kills so long as he kills things, thus he doesn't seem likely to actively search out Draigo.

tl;dr: No Kharn probably wouldn't

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...requesting a drawfag for this. I don't even know how, but this MUST BE DEPICTED.

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Draigo is a Grey Knight.

Grey Knights are specialized against Daemons by their super-psyker powers.

Kharne is not a demon, although you couldn't tell from the way he slaughters on the battlefield.

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Much of 40k is currently being written by Ward, so you know that the only reason those two would come together would be for Draigo to curb-stomp Kharn in some hilariously retarded manner.

But seriously, 40k lore at the moment is pretty fucking awful, I was already more or less on hiatus because I didn't like the current Chaos codex much, but now I'm pretty much totally out.

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He is still a Chaos space marine with the foul taint of the warp flowing in his veins which makes him eligible for a holy beat down from Draigo.

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>But seriously, 40k lore at the moment is pretty fucking awful,
No, you grew up. 40k lore has ALWAYS been fucking awful.

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Here's the facts:
1. Chaos is the Big Bad for the next edition.
2. Fighting Chaos is by definition an unwinnable war, especially considering just being around them or wandering into their neighborhood turns you into a gibbering madman at best. Except for Draigo, that is.

In my opinion he will almost certainly fight Kharn because he was pretty much created for the express purpose of doing so.

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Who would win in a melee fight Abaddon or Kharn?

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No. Fuck you. 3rd was great, 4th was pretty good too.

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I wouldn't put Kharn down that quickly. Straight from the 40k wiki:

>...but since the Heresy Khârn has survived the bloodiest battles across ten millennia and has never come so close to death again.

After over ten-thousand years of constant slaughter, I'm pretty sure he'd find Draigo to be an challenging, but ultimately lesser opponent.

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Alright, it's never been particularly good I'll admit, but let me modify my statement. It's fucking awful compared to what it once was.

Back in 2nd and 3rd edition the fluff was still pretty silly, but it took itself at least somewhat seriously, maintained it's own internal consistency, and payed at least lip service to the established canon. Now it's getting constantly changed by the author of each new codex to whatever they personally want to make it, with no regard to what came before. The most minor consequence of the nightmare clusterfuck of current lore is that there aren't any legitimate threats to the Imperium at all, in any way. Every single villain faction has been reduced to a joke or a punching bag. It just makes the entire thing feel ridiculously juvenile, like the kind of fanfiction you got back in the 90's.

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Our enahny hides in METAL BOXES, dhe cowards! DHE FOOLS! VE...Ve shhhould dake away their METAL BOXES...

Just a reminder that 10,000 years of combat damage AND chaos influence does not always result in the ultimate bad-ass. After a while, having half you brain replaced with random eye-tentacle has a detrimental effect.

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I'd say the Nids and the Necrons are pretty menacing. If the Necrons get what they want, access to the Warp would be closed off completely, crippling the IoM. If the Nids get close to Terra, a huge curbstomp might just occur.

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But that's the thing. Ward doesn't *care* about the established fluff. In every single one of the codices he's written he's just dumped out all the old fluff he didn't like and wrote in his own stuff with no regard to how it fit in. He also has a habit of writing up perfect and unbeatable characters because he personally likes them, and of bringing his own sense of how strong a faction should be to the actual rules (WHFB Daemons being stupidly powerful, Orks and Goblins being stupidly weak, etc).

So the question isn't, and can't be, "Could Kharn beat Draigo based on their strength as displayed in the lore?", but instead "Who does Ward want to win the fight?".

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Wasn't Ward banned from writing fluff, or did I hear that wrong?

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We can only pray

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Maybe recently or something, which would be nice, but he did write both the Grey Knights and Necron codices in 2011, so probably not.

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The Newcron Codex was great, was it not?

Why would you want to stifle this man's colorful creativity?

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Depends who you ask. Everyone here seems to think it was great, and there are a few who dislike it.

I strongly think it was terrible fluff wise, and barely passable rules wise. It may be the crown jewel of Ward's work, but he needs to GTFO in my opinion.

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Look, just because the 'cron codex was Ward's best work doesn't mean it doesn't suck. It's still pretty unambiguously shitty, just slightly less so than his more egregious violations.

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I strongly think it's the best balanced codex ruleswise released after 3e, certainly best of the currently legal ones.

I also think C'tan were one of the most horrible additions to 40k fluff and am baffled at the people who can't fathom why GW would want to knock their fluff down a peg.

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Look, nobody liked the C'tan. The whole thing was shitty from the start, Necrons always worked best (and barely, even then) when they were mysterious, powerful space-terminators.

But by the same token nobody likes being told "Oh shit, none of that ever happened" without even the most minor attempt to rationalize it or fit the new fluff with the old. It's lazy and it shows no respect for the game, and on top of that it's *still* pretty poorly written and uninteresting.

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>nobody liked the C'tan

Lies. Utterly shameless lies!

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Afraid not, I detested them.

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>I hated the c'tan
>That means everyone did
While I personally don't really care, that's a pretty stupid way of thinking

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I preferred it when the Necrons had no personality, to now where they have distinctly 2D ones.

Makes me sad and less likely to get back into the game.

I liked the heroic sacrifice of the Astartes, fighting on, for a humanity they no longer share, despite the suicidal odds against them.

These days it's all "Blood Angels win" or "Grey Knights win lololol". It's like supporting the best team in soccer rather than your local side, then rubbing it in the face of your friends who have stuck with the local team through thick and thin.

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