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Dumping a small 40k comic. Also general 40k thread.

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please dump faster op.

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It's always fun seeing virgins read this for the first time.

Then they shit bricks when they realize it was the machine spirit of the bolter talking.

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Spoilers, man!

I mean, I'M familiar with the story, but I was looking forward to seeing others' reactions too.

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That was amazing stuff, thanks OP!

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I still don't get that

"Guys, let's make our GUNS sentient!"

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And now for something completely different.

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Pffftahahaha every single time.

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Aaaaaah, hahahahaha. You sir, are awesome.

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Well, that's it. Gonna just be dumping the rest of my 40k pics I guess

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OMG! This comic was amazing! Thanks OP!

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Well, no, with the warp being a thing, and the (very, very large) entirety of the adeptus mechanicus and a large large number of space marines believing machine spirits to be a thing because they don't actually understand how technology works, just how to put it together, machine spirits became real.

A pretty awesome example of machine spirits are the crazed elder-god level entities that reside in titans.

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They didn't "make" anything sentient. Making a machine sentient is one of the things that got the Imperium into the colossal clusterfuck they face right now.

I think the more powerful or complex a machine is the more powerful its spirit is supposed to be. So something like a toaster isn't really something to be concerned with much, but a Titan has something that actually approaches consciousness.

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It's not the guns, it's most complicated machinery. It's also not fully sentient but the partial intelligence of anything ranging from an animal to a human which aids in things such as the auto-targeting of enemy targets in the middle of a fight to avoid hitting allies or more.

it's also still a bit of a vague area in 40k lore which happens to be one of my favorites, but that's the gist of it

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this guy shat bricks

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False, check the codex. Land Raiders have a machine spirit in them that is brain matter on a computer chip effectively, and gives them limited straight forward thought. Larger vehicles get more

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Can anyone dump the Daemonifuge comic?

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> Not the first time I read it.
...what? I-I never realized that!

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Got a few assorted AdMech pics, since I sense that's where this thread will end up

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Admech it is.

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Not as many as I thought I had...

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Does anyone want the advice admech?

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Pretty much. Read the comic "Titan: God-Machine". It is pretty good and that Titan clearly has a sentient on board AI. But no one cares because it is just the powerful Machine Spirit of the Titan speaking to them in their opinion.

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Got a bunch of these. Anyone have Tallarns?

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Sure, post away


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Bolters have an predatory animal 'spirit' in them. They're linked to the wielder by neural connections. That lasersight thing on the bolter? It's a third eye, that lets the marine see through it.

You need to read more ancient fluff.

Most important marine gear (land raiders, terminator armor, bolters, predators) have machine-spirits, which is just another name for an animal brain with mechanical pieces.

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I got all versions of that, including nude.
Over 9000 hours in paint to do this custom WP.

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And Krowzis other tp

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>God is a machine
>Ergo removing body parts and replacing them with machine parts brings you closer to God
>BRB, getting half of my brain removed

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What is the comic actually called OP?

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This has to be a shoop, right?

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rolled 72 = 72

In the op's first story, why would the gun make reference to itself, or reference equipment as from a perspective of a marine?
I guess it could go into how the weapons view themselves...?

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No man, that's legit. Totally.

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The ritual of pure thought is a very powerful thing indeed, but even the mechanicus thinks it's extreme.

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If they ever make a live action 40k movie, it has to include photorealistic tech priests and servitors.
That alone would give a 'things have gone very bad in the future' feeling to viewers.

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Paging HR Geiger...

No, I completely agree though. I think the reason why people shy away from doing techpriests in other 40k material that involves animation and whatnot is that their designs are very busy and would be a bitch to try and process. But as live-action practical effects? YES PLEASE.

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I'm sorry, machine spirit of my Kindle Fire, please allow me to finish posting pictures. Amachine.

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I'm convinced that, with a half decent budget, you could make a TV series of Rogue Trader a hit, if it were done in the style of A Game of Thrones - lots of politicking and character-driven intrigue, to go along with awesome gunfights and ridiculous spce battles.

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these are fuckin hilarious

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Thank you. Tell your computer thanks too.
No idea, sorry.

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Why don't they just put the Emperor in a Dreadnought?

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I think you got the last page of the comic wrong OP

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You just can't have too many flailing mechanical tentacles.
More mechadendrites=better. Simple as that.

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These were the good ones

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Mostly because you have to have at least some vital functions to be sustained by a dreadnought. The Emperor is just *too dead* to be maintained by a Dreadnought Sarcophagus.

Also, the Emperor's psychic powers are the only things capable of holding closed the damaged warp gate that the Throne is connected to. Another psyker did it for a while during the Heresy, but it destroyed him. Even if somebody found a way to restore the Emperor to a level of health that could survive in a dreadnought they would still need to find another alpha-plus psyker to sit on the Golden Throne.

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I like how he has the Latin word for 'hammer' on a skull for no describable reason.
I guess it could be a Malleus Maleficarum reference, but I don't think that techpriests are dedicated witch hunters.

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Guardsmen vox for help
Save vehicles

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Buddy, that skull says MALUS, not MALLEUS. What joke are you making that I'm missing?

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And bear with me here

What if

A big what here

What if...

It's because it's from a game called WarHAMMER?

Just a wild guess though.

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captcha: efailso 1897-1899;

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Some words have alternate spellings in different places and different times.
His skull says "hammer" in Latin. The 'Malleus Maleficarum" also says "Witch Hammer" in Latin (we reverse the order of the words in English). The spellings differ.

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Many thanks, sadiq.

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Tech-heresy just means you don't have the clearance for what you did.

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But almost no one is a magos capable of getting away with what is generally considered techheresy.

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You are welcome, Sinclaire

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where are all the comics, nukka?

you said there'd be comics

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Sorry, but I didn't really try to learn the fluff and back-story of Warhammer 40k until recently...

...why is building a toast heresy? Is toast banned in the Grim, bleak and dark future of year 40.000?

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His skull says 'Evil' in Latin. Think of words like MALeficent (vs. beneficent). Or, for that matter, malefica.

Malleus Maleficarum means 'Hammer of the Witches' ('malleus' hammer, 'maleficarum' genitive plural of witch).

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don't make me post comics, because I might just leave half-way to get some cake

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What about trying to make AI?

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Development of non-sanctioned technology is techheresy.
Unless there was a toaster STC or toasters were developed by early techpriests, they are heresy.
Also: comic part 1 of 2.

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holy shit awesome. im new to warhammer , what are these? also, where can i go to learn more about the universe, it sounds cool

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That would be a commissar. He's the only reason those men aren't breaking and running. The Imperial Guard believe that the way to deal with having something scary in front of you is to have something even scarier behind, hence the commissar shouting orders and ready to shoot anyone who turns to run.

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It was somebody who doesn't know his fluff.

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Lexicanum dot... com? I dont remember, google it. Lexicanum got everything.

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cake and milk. Was pretty good

hell yeah comics! I'm considering screencapturing the Deathwatch comic, but I might just go play some vidya after dumping this

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Things can get iffy as soon as you try to do any kind of innovation without consent of higherups.
You will not get grilled for the toaster, but for using prohibited tech or some new method that is not approved.
What exactly counts as techheresy is not really sure and depends on what source you consult. >>18018202 represents the zero-tolerance approach, which is suggested by the earlier tabletop books.
Most books that delve deeper into the universe, nowadays imply cases of new developements and modifications. Even outright progress by private companies.

Banned, heretical and punishable by death or even Exterminatus in severe cases.

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Only a magos is allowed to do that kind of stuff.
As clearly demonstrated in those quotes in your pic.

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I'm a few missions into Chaos Rising. My experience with DoW II has been pretty positive, so far

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And Magos is not that high a rank.

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Magos are fairly common though. There are more than a few on every forge world, not to mention the ones who travel the stars

There -are- echelons within the rank of "magos", but I think it's just seniority that matters. Not to mention the wildly different specializations (a magos biolgis will be radically different from a titan-smith)

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fuck, forgot the all important comic

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>toasters were developed by early techpriests

But wouldn't a present time (our era) engineer or inventor be comparable to a tech priest? I mean, of course two very important aspects are missing: The mechanical prosthetic limb with practical purposes (drilling, torching or shooting) and the religious aspect, but wait a couple hundred or thousand years - our time - and I'm sure you have some cult of engineers with mechanical body parts.

Which might make them ancient techpriests if the Warhammer 40k timeline is supposed to be an offshoot of our own, or am I wrong?

Sorry if I'm very mistaken, I just can't face toast being heresy in the future, like the fa/tg/uy who denounced the Emperor when he learned that in the grim future of Warhammer 40k there was no IHOP.

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Tying it all back to tech-heresy being related to clearance. Anyone who knows how can make a new slugthrower design, but if some random doctor tries futzing about with genetics he's going to get shot.

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I'd play a Vindicare game

it would be Splinter Cell combined with Just Cause

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The people in the modern world are The Ancients. Remember, we're in M2. They're in M41.

People can make stuff in the future of 40k, but nobody really does. There's very little reason to with STCs around. Standard Template Constructions are basically the Knowledge of the Ancients, and the whisper of one can mobilize an entire regiment. Two guard scouts managed to find an STC for a knife. They now rule a world. Each.

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Fun fact: the AdMech own and operate all Titans. They won't let other people operate their precious god machines.
That and your brain has to be wired into a Titan for it to work.

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> The baloon

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>an entire regiment
More like a small crusade.

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There was an old thread with ideas for an assassin game.
Pick one of the four types. Each has different strengths and weaknesses.
That could work.

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>There's very little reason to with STCs around.
bit of a falsity there; while STC's are absolutely priceless relics that (usually) contain a treasure of technical information, largely they are fragmented or incomplete

Tech-Priests regularly need to rebuild the information from the ground up. And not all technical discoveries are STC-based. Although your average member of the machine cult can't really do much on their own, the higher echelons frequently theorize and work with new discoveries and create new technology

The C'Tan phase blade and things like Hellfire rounds are a good example of that, but there are more in the fluff (a good example would be Arkhan Land's Grav-Technology, which he based on non STC information).

Loads of knowledge IS lost, though. It just depends on how super-SCIENCE (or blatantly ignorant) the particular author wants the Mechanicus to be at the time

godamn inconsistent canon!

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you know you love it

yeah, I remember that. To be honest I'd prefer a game built entirely for one (maybe two) type(s) of Assassin. Anything less would feel.. well, half-done

Alternatively a Castle Crashers game in the vein of >>18018436 would be super cool

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>Forever a callidus

>> No.18018511

and since I have no more COMICS, I bid you folks adieu

I'll grab the Deathwatch Comic at a later date. Got the archive and everything, but screen-capturing is annoying

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>Babby's first callidus mask
Can't unsee.

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But that's a culexus, you fucking moron.

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>someone mistyped something on the interweb
>fuck you
Okay then. That'll show me to dump images on 4chan.

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I wouldn't mind it so much if the name of the thing wasn't in the goddamn filename.

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You know how they should've revamped Necrons?

Physical Manifestations of the Machine Spirit. Except, actually make it detailed.

That would have been so much cooler than space egyptians.

>> No.18018688

So make the race that predates errybody based entirely around a creation of the Imperium?

How about no.

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anyone have that comic with the lone space marine that wrecks everyones shit, and there's an ork horde commanded by baus, who's boss because he's da prettiest?

>> No.18018750

I don't have it

but google "Slut Patrol", because that's the name of it

>> No.18018775

>creation of the imperium
>implying the admech don't worship a c'tan

>> No.18018789

well sure, but the C'Tan led them to create the machine spirits. it didn't create them itself. Obviously, if the Necrons are machine spirits, they cannot predate the creation of machine spirits.

>> No.18018794

Come clean. You just want Codex: Admech to be canon, don't you?

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Fuck you, man. I hope you get an infected wound.

This is why /tg/ needs spoilers.

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This one should have gone first, oh well.

>> No.18018818

Lexicanum says this: Also, as a result of a reaction between their genetics and the high levels of radiation on Nocturne, Salamanders battle brothers have dark or jet black skin and bright, burning eyes.

does this mean that, potentially, some salamanders recruits are white? Also the change wouldn't be immediate so some younger salamanders would also be white, while older salamanders are the darkest with the chapter masters and veterans being almost literal black while the regular companies are brown in skin colour and the scouts lighter/middle eastern in colour.

not trying to make a racist/genetic defect post, just curious

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>> No.18018828

That is correct!

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>> No.18018848

But they recruit from their planet, where the locals are rather dark. Not coal black, but regular human black.

>> No.18018850

Salamanders are the coolest chapter. FUCK YEAH BLACKSMITHS AND COOL AS SHIT ARMOR

>> No.18018860

>does this mean that, potentially, some salamanders recruits are white?
since they ONLY recruit from Nocturne, chances are most (all) of their initiates are pretty tanned.

there could easily be a mix of caucasian, middle eastern and africans though. I wouldn't be surprised if Prometheus was basically "Greek Egypt in spaaace"

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Why doesn't /tg/ have spoilers? I honestly don't see the reasoning behind it.

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Self sentered heresy. Humans fight hardest when they are fighting for another!
Do not question your end when it comes to you. It comes because of who you are and what you are.

>> No.18018890

Moot thinks we would use it to hide content not conforming with the rules.

>> No.18018893

Someone dump Demonifuge so i can finish the freaking story.
I bought the comic like 10 years ago... part 1

>> No.18018898

ok, i couldn't find anything saying that the inhabitants of Nocturne were dark to begin with. Thanks

>> No.18018915

They never ended the story.
That is the last page of the last comic they made for it. That page even claims that there will be more. There isn't.
Also: that comic gets super derpy as it goes on. About the time the helpful eldar guy shows up things have gone to shit in its story.

>> No.18018916

Not quite. He thinks that's ALL it would be used for. Anything that comes out is discussed or not discussed, but there's nothing really plot-heavy about traditional games...well, nothing in the books. The only time a plot comes about is when we want to tell it, rather than a new episode or what have you.

So he doesn't add spoilers. Because they're useless, and counterproductive.

>> No.18018967

but it does allow for some fairly hilarious jokes such as spoiler-ing a rude word or something. Just pop over to /v/ and you'll learn how hilarious and witty spoilers can be

>> No.18018976

He finds them funny too, but he doesn't think that's reason enough, as I understand it.

>> No.18018982

well, I don't think anything says that. It's just logic

I mean, it's bright and sunny there. So much that the place is classified a DeathWorld

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Why do you have to go and ruin shit man?

>> No.18019046

much as I enjoy spoilers, it's probably for the best that they aren't on /tg/

>fuck I can't find the other gnome picture from the WCII manual

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>Buttpoisoning: the deadliest kind of poisoning.

>> No.18019211

wasn't there another part to this, where the eldar ended up on necromunda? i seem to specifically remember a panel where some gangers decapitate some eldar with a grav-car while screaming, "WELCOME TO NECROMUNDA, BITCHES!"

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