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ITT we force 40k on to everything we possibly can. For example, playing a half-orc in DnD 3.5? His name is Dakka and he talks like a cockney little shit.

Playing a supervillain in Mutants and Masterminds? BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD, SKULLS FOR THE SKULL THRONE. Worship the chaos gods, acquire henchmen and make them talk liuhk theees for kaos.

Now, tell me how you're going to force 40k onto anything and everything you do.

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You mean what already happens in every thread on this board?

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this is a troll thread supposed to make people complain how 40k fans supposedly force 40k into everything.

so I'm going to report it.

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I'm sorry, but unless you intend to contribute to this thread and to /tg/, I'm going to have to ask you to leave.

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do it first you pathetic little asswipe.

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Sorry, couldn't help myself.

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No. :3

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>h-h-here I-I go...
btw. you forgot your tripcode
That post would be perfect with a tripcode.

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>I have never played in a game where someone didn't yell FOR THE EMPEROR at some point.

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I'll humor you OP

Anyone play Beyond Good and Evil?

Alpha sections are Chaos, the regular Hillyan army is Spess Muhreen.

It actually makes too much sense if you think about it. Power armor, power axes, loyalists falling to a supernatural corruption because of greed or whatever...

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Never played it, but it sounds 40k enough.

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Putting 40k into other things is meh.

Putting things from elsewhere in 40k is bloody hilarious.

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