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Honestly, I'd expect this with an Elysium Regiment or a Cadia Regiment. Even the Spacewolves. Not the Kriegers.

Imperial Guard General?

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Dem Krieg chicks man.

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Turns out internet fan artists don't always get the fluff right.

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A regiment comes from god knows where to save your planet's sorry ass and your not happy for it because of uniform design? It doesn't really seem like any Kriegers are really taking mind of her anyways, except one. He's new. He will die first tomorrow.

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Oh look, it's this thread again...

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inb4 Avitus

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Fuck yeah Canada!

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How is Cadia supposed to be space canada anyways?

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The Kriegers would probably kill her. They're worse than the Commissars.

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Rough Riders, users of horse alternatives reporting in.

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They're more like Space World War 2 Allies. Including Canada.

Also. More Krieg-chan please.

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Praetorian guard here. We haven't been seen since the Early 90's.

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Ok I was just scrolling down the front page not really gonna mess with this thread but wait.

Please tell me how you rationalize this.

I really want to hear it.

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Guard General

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>Injecting happiness into 40k.
That's like injecting grimdark into Teletubbies, or injecting sense into a David Lynch film.

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Kriegers lay wast to everything in their path. They wouldn't specifically target her. But any planet the Kriegers liberate will be devoid of life when they're done.

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>grimdark teletubbies

How the FUCK.

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You gotta love the Stormtroopers.

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That sounds unreasonable, I would imagine they are sent in to warzones already obliterated, and/or nobody cares about collateral damage.

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It says this where?

And if that was the case, no one would want fucking Kriegers at all.

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I wish those things got better rules in the update, they are pretty cool.

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>Grimdark Tellitubbies.

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Assuming this is on the planet Krieg, all those civilians are going to get cancer in about 10 seconds.

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I'm just holding out hope Abhumans make a comeback. They add flavor to a Imperial Guardsman Regiment to me.

I'm still hunting for a Krieger Ogryn. Just to see that massive Gasmask.

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It's something we call juxtaposition.

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It can't be, you can't breath on the surface of Krieg plus no one has ever captured any part of Krieg's surface the only people who go there are cadets so they can have mock wars with each other (few survive)

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Nobody wants fucking furries in 40k.

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The Imperial Guard needs more Variety than Massive Tank Spam.

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See, that's why I said they're about to get cancer. This generally kind of a shitty drawing. Kriegers just don't work like this.

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The Baneblade just seems Impractical.

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And a namefag to boot.

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They still exist fluff wise, also apparently GW may release a pdf for the servant of slaughter army list which includes the rules for beastmen.

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GW posted a Praetorian army (made by some guy) a few days ago for their "Hobby" part of the blog.

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I was worried for a second that they might go the way of Squats.

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Hey, at least Penal Legion squads make good beastmen.

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They aren't on Krieg, clearly.

It's probably some liberated world. Orks or somethin'. The locals clearly, and justly fear the Kriegers. Except this one chick here. But cold and logical isn't going to shoot a woman for giving him a flower. He's probably just gonna drop it, keep marching.

Actually, he's probably just reacting to that thing that is coming into his view. Any idea how hard it is to see in a gasmask?

Still no reason to ruin a GUARD GENERAL thread with pointless talk about this picture.

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I want to start an Imperial Guard army. Do you guys have any advice?

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What kind of style are you wanting?

Seige army, Commandos, Human Waves, Feral Worlders?

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Did someone say Canadians? I think someone said Canadians.

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1: Find message board dedicated to playing IG
2: Read board
3: Play what they say to play until you're comfortable with it
4: Make alterations based on your own taste/play style
5: Do something else or something. I don't care.

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Siege. I want to focus on Tanks and Artillery.

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Yeah they do still exist ( very rarely mentioned though) also I meant to say that FW are going to release a pdf not GW.

Also here are the current rules for the beastmen in the servant of slaughter army list (an outdated army list) sorry about the quality of the picture.

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Who wants Imperial Guard cheesecake propaganda!?

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Here's the stats for beastmen from Imperial Armour 5.

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The average guardsman, I would assume.

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I'm getting a Seras Victoria Vibe from her.

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Don't waste your Money on a baneblade.

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Does NO ONE remember Love and Krieg? Possibly one of my favourite long running writefag products to come from /tg/ ever?

No one?

Let me educate you

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Wow. This has to be some kind of record. I've never seen a thread go that far between the first Krieg-chan post and the first Seras Victoria reference.
I'm proud of you, /tg/.

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Krieg's marching song.

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Terranis Holds

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I finally got around to reading the whole thing just a few days ago.
Those were not manly tears.
Not manly at all.
And I am not ashamed of it.

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I know that feel man. Its sad, but the whole series at least brings it to noblebright again

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There's a semi-official army list for Seige regiments online.

You should have no problems using it, and it's been updated to the standards of the most recent codex, but if you want something no one can complain about, here's my recomendations.

HQ: Company command squad, give 'em a master of Ordinance, and turn 2 of the squad's vets into a Mortar squad.

Troops: Veteran squads. These are your seige engineers. Shotguns (due to the close range enviroments they'll be in). Give them the Demolitions doctrine to give 'em melta bombs to break into the most hardenened bunker, tank, or monster. Their CCWs can be represented by shovels, picks, and axes.

Fast Attack: You want tanks? Go with Hellhound squadrons. Inferno cannons are great for dealing with hordes.

Heavy Support: Your meat and potatoes. Really you're spoiled for choice here. 1-2 Ordinance batteries, and a squadron of Leman Russes can't go wrong.

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Thanks Man.

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Oh, stock up on boxes of Cadian command squads. Those things are kinda awesome for all the bits they have.
I've seen people use the kits to make Commissars, Masters of Ordinance, Psyker Primaris and similar.

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