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Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

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Aww yes.

Ok I'm thinking about doing a sandbox WFRP campaign at some point, and I'm planning a folder full of tables and interesting things to help me wing stuff as I go along.

My list of stuff to make is currently at:

- Names
- Inns
- Travellers
- Roadway Encounters
- River Encounters
- Wilderness Encounters
- City Encounters
- Weather
- Travel Impediments (should maybe be included in Roadway Encounters)
- Interesting Personal Effects table for corpse looting
- Foods (pies and beer especially)
- Gossip/Rumours
- Newspaper/Notice board ads, some for fun, some as plot hooks. (LOST - One pegleg. Left at the Eel and Root in on Saturday. If found, please return to Leggy Jones)
- Horse descriptions
- Books
- Superstitions
- Calendar

Slightly over the top, but it should be fun. It might even be possible to string out the odd session just from that stuff and a good map.

Is there anything I'm missing that I should have?

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Sounds like you have more than enough going on already. Looks fun as hell too.

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I want to do a completely Dwarf-centric campaign set way back when their empire was at it's peak and they ran the whole Old World. The thing is that, besides them having a lot more Holds and the underway being operating properly I don't think I know much about how the world was back then.

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>that feel when I've got a ton of Warhammer maps too big to post on /tg/

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expansions WFRP needs posthaste:

Cathay / grorious Nippon / Ind
Araby / wherever the fuck Tomb Kings live is called

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Since 2 edition is no longer in print, looks like it's up to /tg/ to Help make that a reality

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Hello there.
Just being the inspiration for every witch hunter ever.
If you want to play a witch hunter in warhams fatnessy arpee, you should definitely read every single tale regarding this character.
And read the comics.
And watch the movies.
This puritan wolf has a harsher bite than anything Games Workshop can conjure.

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I was more interested in Sigmar being Conan, are those Time of Legends books really that bad?

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>that feel when you haven't figured out how to shrink something in MSPaint in under 10 seconds

>> No.17989315

and lose all the quality? why bother?

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Haven't read them.
But I've read Conan.
So I don't need to. I'm fully convinced that no one can write the savage noble concept like Howard can, no matter how hard people try.
But Sigmar's pretty baller, not gonna lie.

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>that feel when you can rapidshare a zip file with all of them
i seriously need some maps for my own rpg man. bring it.

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... because you could save them under another name and post the smaller ones? Or you could just do what >>17989328 said.

Man, am I happy that I actualy don't care about any warhammer maps, because it seems you are just teasing these poor guys.

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>that feel when you can post them on HR and cross-post them from /tg/
That's how I got my Hyboria map. A gentleman posted it on HR and said he was cross-posting it for TG. Then he posted that cross-link here, and boom.
Hyboria map.
Do it up bro

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He's Conan/Charlemagne really.

Which is twice as awesome.

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Haven't you heard about the big dustup with Rapidshare?

They're throttling free user speeds by inserting periodic breaks in the download; even if you have a blazing fast connection, your download will still average out to 30 k/bps.

Also, they removed resuming paused/interrupted downloads for free visitors.

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OK, it'll take about 30 minutes to upload.

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>that feel when not a single fuck is given as to what site is used

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Stop that. Talk in real sentences, like an adult. There is no time for feels in Warhammer Fantasy Battle.

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Check this out:



(from the previous thread)

While most saurus and kroxigors are simpleminded, skink society is fairly complex. Most skinks have independant personalities and can be compared to humans (save for their complete loyalty to their leaders).

>That feel when someone saved your badly painted Tehenhauin picture

Feels good man

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>Not Tenehuini

Makes me sad.

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Glad you like it.

By the way, a question fo the experts regarding that map. What part is the home for tha group of chaos nomads that live in their horses? From what the Liber Chaotica said I asumed that it was a fairly normal plain, but everything I see are places like BLASTED LANDS or DARK LANDS.

I'm guessing either the wolf lands (not sure because it looks kinda small) and the howling wastes.

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Finally done! Maps for everyone!


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There's the Hung (hehe) who live to the north of Naggaroth and a little to the north of Cathay.

>> No.17989760


Not exactly those, most of their territory is not even on the map, I'm talking about a tribe that sometimes attacked the Empire so the must be near the World edge mountains

I can't really remember the name, and I don't have Liber chaotica at hand. It sucks...

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The Hung are chaos nomads reputed to be the best horsemen in the world and are born in the saddle.
They are basically chaos Mongols.

Then there are the Ungols, who live in northern Kislev, the northern Dark Lands and north of Cathay.
They are Mongols but they are not chaos.

There are the Kurgan, who live north of the Old World, who are excellent horsemen.
They are nor Mongols, but they are chaos.

(Then there's the Hobgoblin Hegemony who are Mongols, but aren't chaos, aren't human and don't ride horses and the Ogre Kingdoms who are mongols, aren't humans and also don't ride horses)

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Forgot my pic.

Those squinty-eyed Ungols and their racial guile.
Not racist at all there, WFRP3?

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DUDE! 228 mb?! how many fucking maps are there?!

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I don't fuck around with Warhammer

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I'm fairly sure The Ungols worship the dark gods (with less mutation I think)

So let's see, from west to east it would be:

Norscans->Kurgan/Hung->Ungols in the rest of the continent.

So it must be either the kurgan or the hung, I remember Liber Chaotica mentioning that the member of the tribe I'm thinking about mutilate their own when they are still babies to change the form of the skull...

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Liber Chaotica says that's the Kurgan.
This map should help. I swear I had a larger version at some point, but google isn't showing up anything.

The Ungols aren't chaos worshippers (Most of them, anyway)

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This is how I Witchhunter

>> No.17990025


>Hung are the ones in Naggaroth

Oh that would explain it

So then...



>Kurgan and Ungols:

Eastern steppes from the world edge mountains to the Ogre Kingdoms max


Anywhere else, I guess from the east of the Ogre kingdoms to Naggaroth.

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I FINALLY managed to snag a pdf of the 2nd Edition core rulebook last night. That thing is a bitch and a half to find, but hot damn was it worth it. It's definitely a system I'm going to have to use in the near future.

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I jelly, I lost mine when my computer died and now the link is dead.

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Call me an idiotic moron, but which rendition of Dracula is this?

>> No.17990162

The Hammer Horror movies. When Christopher Lee played Dracula.

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I gotta say, I'm playing an Arabyan in a 3e game, and having quite a bit of fun. Planning to go Wizard later.

I wish there was more stuff on Araby, like their religion. I mean, I've seen refs to them being athiest (Blood on the Reik), worshipping Allah (early WHFB stuff), worshipping Ohmazd (fan stuff), and even worshipping Ptra-Atem from Khemri (notes from the guy who did the Liber Chaotica and similar books)

>> No.17990371

I think the Tomb Kings armybook goes into Araby a bit more.

>> No.17990528

I know there's a city where undead and humans live in harmony or something, but I don't know if that was in Araby itself.

>> No.17990589

You mean back in the 1950's?

>> No.17990651

Yeah. The same actors appeared in a lot of different movies. Peter Cushing is Van Helsing in that picture, for example, and Christopher Lee and Oliver Reed played in a lot of them too.

That movie in particular is probably the 1958 version of Dracula.


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All the wizards having a different color gave me the idea for the greatest campaign ever

>> No.17990967


By the gods...

I know it's hopeless to ask, but... But this NEEDS to be drawfagged.

>> No.17991095

Sadly there's no Black college of magic, there's grey though.

>> No.17991124

Part of me would love to do something with Daemons in Araby.
I know the winds have hardly any presence there, but the nation still feels the taint of chaos.

The lord of rocs (Or "Baalrukh"), a powerful bloodthirster, leads armies of Efreeti (Djinn whose blazing red skin, brass weaponry, and horned visages are not totally disimilar to Bloodletters) against the great sultans of Araby.

In the great desert, isolated oasis lure in travellers with mirages of great gardens of pleasure, where the water nymphs feed them heavenly dates and hashish, before they reveal their scorpion nature and feed on them.

And of course, the cults of Melek Taus, the Peacock Angel, who is said to have taught man the idea for the flying carpet with his radient wheel-shaped servents.

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>> No.17991140

Hey blame the Colleges of magic for keeping a nigra down, not me

>> No.17991161

Is there at least green?

>> No.17991169

All the other colors are accounted for (well gold and yellow and amethyst for pinkish)

>> No.17991176

Blame the Elves for claiming that only they can work pure magic, and labelling all others who do Black or Dark Wizards.

Dhar and Qhaysh are the same thing, just with bad and good press.

>> No.17991178

There's Bright, Light, Gold, Jade, Amber, Amethyst, Celestial and Grey.

>> No.17991182


The jade school

So we need someone to fill the black ranger role I guess either amber wizard or grey wizard...

>> No.17991185

Yeah, that must be why Qhaysh rots you from the inside and turns you insane.

Oh wait.

>> No.17991208

>Nor being a necromancer


>> No.17991212

ALL magic affects its users. Hence why Alchemists gain gold skin.

Dhar and Qhaysh are both the results of all the winds of magic mixing together, but the latter is simply a well balanced version.

The High Elf "Archmages" have simply learned how to balance this magic use. Their refusal to teach humanity this method is obviously one of their tricks to keep humanity in the "dark".

>> No.17991241


I think it was because a human can't learn Qhaysh in his lifetime, so Teclis created eight schools for the eight aspects of magic.

>> No.17991247

Do I get a complimentary party hat if I join?

>> No.17991318

There was a fan-made tilean sourcebook, called "Spears of Maiden". It was quite nice.

>> No.17991320

Isn't it funny how no one but the High Elves can learn this supposed "High Magic", even those of equal length of life. Like their cousins the Wood and Dark Elves. Or the Slann, the most powerful wizards alive.

>> No.17991341

This download looks legit:

>> No.17991356

Wait... I'm only just glancing through the thread, but aren't the Slann far more powerful casters than even the High Elves?

>> No.17991360

Are you sure Slann's can't use it?

>> No.17991382


I think the dark elves can't use it for a personality thing, just like almost any non-dark elf can't use Dhar without fucking himself up in more than one way


>Can't use high magic

They fucking told the elves everything they know.

>> No.17991385

Belive it or not, no.
Slann have access to any lore from the rulebook, but High Magic is only found in the High Elves army book.

>> No.17991406


>They fucking told the elves everything they know.

Bad wording now that I think of it, forgive my english.

Slann mage priest taught the elves in the use of magic, even if rules wise the can only use one school of magic doesn't mean it's like that in the lore. They were masters of magic way before the elves let alone the humans and their schools of magic.

>> No.17991437


Dark Elves don't bother using High Magic because they're too busy having bloody sex parties and murdering babies to practice it. Dark Magic is easy and comes naturally and works just as well, so why bother working hard?

Wood Elves don't need it because they've got the power of the forest to back them up.

And the Slaan don't need it because the Slaan know the real magic.

>> No.17991449

You'd think the Lizardmen an Elves would be on better terms if they both have a common link with the Slann.

>> No.17991469

From what I've seen on quick google check, Lizardmen can use High Magic.

>> No.17991475

The reason they don't is that the Elves don't do what the Slann want.
The Slann know that Elves shouldn't be anywhere other than Ulthuan, so the Lizardmen get sent to stop the Elves setting up colonies everywhere.

>> No.17991487

but what about when the Elves lived on the Old World? The War of the Beard is what kicked their asses out not the lizards.

>> No.17991501


The lizardmen were still healing from the chaos shitstorm they had, of course the Slann couldn't get involved at the time, save for the occasional tectonic plate movement.

>> No.17991510

The Slann weren't paying attention... they're not the most attentive.

Really, the only reason they noticed the Elves were colonising other places was because a bunch landed on lustria, got taken to the nearest Slann, who woke up long enough to go "They should not be there", then went back to meditation, and the Saurus killed them.

>> No.17991517

for such an ancient and wise neutral race they sure seem like assholes, even Tomb Kings are nicer

>> No.17991531


They're ancient and wise and know exactly what needs to be done to save the world. No-one else fits these criteria and no-one really listens to them. Can you blame them for being a bit pissed off?

The Tomb Kings are nicer because they mostly just want to be left alone to guard their kingdoms. The Slaan have a plan for all of us. It's just that no-one else plays according to that plan.

>> No.17991549

They're assholes because they don't feel hate, love, fear, panic, like, curiousity or anything like that.
They spend their time in meditation, performing great works of magic, exploring the universe, and communing with other Slann.

They don't have time to worry about such short lived races as Elves.

>> No.17991576

Maybe if they spoke glorious Reikspiel instead of that slobbering sound they make more people would be willing to listen to them.
And not slaughtering everyone on sight would work wonders as well.

>> No.17991582

Thank you, it took a fuck ton out of me and a lot of effort, I'm still kind of burnt out

One day I'll start work on that Araby/TK book... one day...

>> No.17991584

>even Tomb Kings are nicer

Isn't Settra dream still "conquer the whole world!"?
Fleet send to Bordeleaux, armies of skeletons pushing into Badlands, etc.?

>> No.17991598

Settra is the biggest asshole amongst them, generally they leave you alone if you don't touch their stuff. There was also that one famous story about how the one king actually helped a guy save his wife because he himself lost his loved one in life. Also I think it was retconned but there was also that one time like a whole army of them marched to Altdorf, raided the museum for any of their lost artifacts and turned heel and went home without killing anyone.

>> No.17991603

Yeah, he does.

And it's possible to trade with the Lizardmen. Recover their stolen goods, they'll give you pearls.

>> No.17991612

then kill you while you're gawking at the pearls.

>> No.17991615

Purple magic would probably a better fit for a black ranger substitute, everyone thinks there a bit to friendly with the dead after all

>> No.17991616

Were you perhaps the one behind those "Araby sourcebook/armybook" threads we had here last year?
That was fun.

>> No.17991633

I've contributed a couple of things to Araby discussions on here in the past but cant claim credit for this, looks nifty though.

>> No.17991639


This is precisely why they hate the lesser races. They clearly leave signs saying "Stay the fuck away", then when those signs are ignored they kill the people who ignored them. And then more people come, ignoring the fact that the previous lot of ignorers ignored the signs and got themselves killed.

Basically, ignorance.

>> No.17991650

>all manner of variations of gunpowder weapons
>mfw revolvers next edition
>Border Princes becomes the wild west

>> No.17991653

Where do i firm to join in?

>> No.17991663

You are referring to that old tale about Arab diplomat from White Dwarf, right?

>> No.17991673

Actually the Marco Columbo one.

They viewed the pearls as worthless beads, so were quite happy with the deal. (Although they had no intention of letting him go home. He might bring other warm bloods)

>> No.17991699


>implying the Border Princes aren't already the Wild West

>> No.17991705

Yeah but now they'll have REVOLVERS

>> No.17991726

That marching into Altdorf thing (it was actually fleet on the Reik) was from "Nemesis Crown" worldwide summer campaign. But I don't know how it ended.

And GW are assholes, pulling down internet pages of their worldwide campaign's. I am still mad about this interactive map from Storm of Chaos. And all this great background stuff, now lost forever.

>> No.17991733

I think Nemesis Crown was retconned along with Storm of Chaos.

>> No.17991827

More conveniently ignored than retconned. It ended with "all the bad dudes lost and went home, all the good dudes won and went home, and the Nemesis Crown was locked down in the big vault under the Dwarf capital".

>> No.17991845

I gotta wonder what the Sorcerer's Isles are like in Araby.

They do sound full of potential.

>> No.17991848

Query: What's the consensus on the cards and tokens and whatnot used for combat resolution in the newest edition? Does it work, or is it retarded?

>> No.17991856

Say what?!
How? When?
It was still there in 7ed Empire book.
And I don't recall seeing anything like that in 8ed Rulebook.

>> No.17991865

I remember hearing it on /tg/ along with how they brushed Storm of Chaos under the rug.

>> No.17991884



>> No.17991888

Relating back to the magic talk: there's an artbook called Blood on the Reik that has some really neat Arabyans and College of Magic wizards in it. It's great for character art.

>> No.17991889


Isn't the Brass Keep in Middle Mountains still in Chaos hands? And Ostland generally lay in ruins?
Those are great ideas for WFRP games, by the way.

>> No.17991903

Jaffar's been there for yonks. Conquered Araby, manipulated by Skaven, attacked Tilea, causing the crusades...Arguably the worst thing to happen to Araby after Arkhan the Black.

>> No.17991917

Yeah, Blood on the Reik is fucking excellent and a must-have for WFRP.

I think you can get it on /rs/

It's basically The Big Book of NPC Portraits.

>> No.17991944

Ain't that the damn truth

>> No.17992138

What other books would you guys suggest to help throw together a WFRP game?

>> No.17992287

"Warhammer - Uniforms and Heraldry of the Empire" It can give you some fine ideas about Empire's provinces.

"The Witch Hunter Handbook" - Book about figthing Chaos, Undead and all Evil. What more can you want.

Also try some Osprey historic books for ideas and good images of Empire soldiers, for example "The Landsknechts" or "Tudor Knight". Generally those about XVI century. "Polish Armies 1569-1696" for example is great for Kislev and Ostland.

It's past 2 a.m. for me, so see ya tommorow guys.
Sigmar protects!

>> No.17992381

There was a ton of really good stuff on the old Black Industries site before it went down.
I think there's a WFRP collection torrent out there with the whole archive in it.

The career guide booklets especially are massively recommended if you have any players with the careers that they exist for.

>> No.17992646

>They're ancient and wise and know exactly what needs to be done to save the world. No-one else fits these criteria and no-one really listens to them. Can you blame them for being a bit pissed off?

Actually, I think Slann are as oblivious to what's really going on as everyone else, as there were some mentions in the lizardmen army book that they argue with each other about the Old Ones' great plan and what they should do about it after their masters' disappearance. And then there's this Mazamundi dude who believes that the plan isn't even started, and firstly all races must be returned to their proper places, but he doesn't have the uniform backing of all the other Slann.

Still, in terms of magic they're the baddest motherfuckers there, as the aforementioned Slann, in order to prevent invasions from Naggaroth, created a mountain chain with a single spell.

>> No.17993021

Harumph haroom grumble grumble which is the best Order of Magic?

>> No.17993045


>> No.17993064

I don't think that chap is affiliated with any of them sir.

Pardon me while I call a Witch Hunter.

>> No.17993075

Gotta love those masked alchemists.

>> No.17993094

I agree.

Rich as fuck, best scientists, not as hated by the populace since you actually provide tangible goods and services, and your patriarch is Dr Doom.

>> No.17993538

Bump for glorious Warhammer Fantasy


I remember the thread, there was a great lore discussion about the society of Araby, the religion and use of magic in particular (general consensus was that while religious, the arabyans appeared like godless people to other nations because they were less zealous about it (no warrior priests), and since Araby was too far away for the winds of magic to have much influence, the sorcerers of Araby used bounded spirits/demons as a source of fairly safe power)



But the the pink ranger would be the amethyst wizard...

>> No.17993684

The winds of magic actually still reach Araby I believe, lots of wizards in the Gold Order are from there,

>> No.17993702

What Gold Magic does on the battlefield again?

>> No.17993710

It can turn the enemies equipment into useless junk for at least a little while. Also Gold wizards are best at potion making.

>> No.17993733


The winds reach Araby yes but not in the same force as in the old world. The best you can do with that is ritual magic or binding your own familiar into a bitchin' ring or lamp.

>lots of wizards in the Gold Order are from there,

Yeah, but they have to go to the empire and live there to learn if they go back to Araby the will be noticeably weaker.


Glorious alchemy, specially effective against armor.

>> No.17993749


Sorry, something was wrong with my coma button for a while...

>> No.17993752

How does this sound as a character concept?

A Bretonnian initiate of Shallya whose parents were slightly too vocal about their belief that the Lady of the Lake was Shallya's servant, and were killed by a Grail Knight for it. She was young enough at the time to not be killed out of hand, and is currently torn between her vow of and general belief in peace and healing with extreme anger at Bretonnia's nobility and in the concept of the Lady of the Lake in general. To solve this problem for the time being, she wants to get the hell out of Bretonnia.

>> No.17994043

>she wants to get the hell out of Bretonnia.

Sensible decision.
She could go to the Empire, work hard, make a name for herself, get rich, come back and fuck those Bret faggots up.

>> No.17994094

Actually, since Gold Wizardry uses so little of the winds, Alchemy isn't badly effected.
The reason why Empire Wizards are better Alchemists than Arabyan ones is that when the order was founded they tempted a lot of Arabyan alchemists over to their side.

Bright Wizardry is known to cluster around deserts.
Araby is one big desert, even with the vortex sapping the magic, there's going to be quite a bit of Aqshy energies. Enough for firebreathing magics to be commonplace, and Pyromancers to exist in force.

Heirophants have their work cut out for them, Hysh is one of the hardest winds to work with, however, it is also the one that teaches binding and control of Djinns. Thus although their personal power isn't as great as northern Light Wizards, their usage of binding rather than banishment grants them mighty servents.

The Sorcerers Isles lay on an an almost direct course from Araby to Ulthuan, and thus it's likely that the winds flowing to the vortex converge over the islands, making them ideal places for Wizards to themselves converge.
It was here that the Arabyan petty wizards first made pacts with the high elves who they traded with for Arcane Lore, allowing them to become powerful sorcerers.
It is said that the winds are so potent around the isles, that a wizard can walk from one island to another on them.

>> No.17994160


That's very interesting information, thanks anon.

>> No.17994234

Do you ever think GW will give enough of a shit to give us supplements on Araby, Nippon and Cathay?

>> No.17994256

My guess is that something like ARMY OF SAMURAIS, is something that people can do with historical minis, so GW doesn't want to give this chance to the customers

>> No.17994260


They are giving more attention to Fantasy lately, but they would never create a new faction for it while they can be making the next SPHESS MUHREENS codex

>> No.17994286

But there's a ton of great units and armies that could be made!

>> No.17994294

Ah, good, I thought I killed the thread.

The only trouble (aside from the ever-present possibility of my GM vanishing after the one conversation we had last night) is that I already rolled up a female transvestite knight-errant who set out after a complicated series of events wound up with her older sister dying in a stupid quest of valor and she herself killing her (at the time drunk and violent) father in a swordfight. Given that she's not married and her father is dead, she believes she's still following the female code of chivalry because there's no one to obey, and her highest ambition is to prove herself to the Lady of the Lake. She's also known for fraternizing with peasants.

For some reason, all of my WFRP ideas are for Bretonnian women extremely ambivalent about their country. I think this is because... Bretonnia is terrible, but I always feel so much more hooked into a Bretonnian origin than I would with any Imperial one. I'd rather travel the Empire than Bretonnia, but can't quite make someone born in the Empire.

>> No.17994306



>> No.17994328

My only faith on this was on the Contingent Rumour, but then Ghost21 confirmed that he isn't really a rumour dude.
So yeah, if we receive anything only after a few years

>> No.17994335

>Legend speak that when mighty Nippon is in its darkest hour, the four legendary reptiles of war shall emerge from the shadows and deliver us from annihilation...

>> No.17994347

Any chance you can upload it somewhere? It's been deleted from /rs/.

>> No.17994348


There are places other than the Empire or Bretonnia...

>> No.17994365

That have no sourcebooks whatsoever?

>> No.17994424

For Tilea look into the Dogs of War army book.
Kislev has the Army Book and a Sourcebook for the RPG
>This is actually a cover of a fandex, but yeah whatever, it fits with them

>> No.17994433

Question why there is no lizardmen splatbook for fantasy RPG?

>> No.17994450

Here you are


Also here are all the WH Fantasy books I currently possess, if anyone wants anything else that's here I will deliver

>> No.17994462


Could you upload the Uniforms & Heraldry book?

>> No.17994473

My guess is that they're far away from the Old World.
Their Bases are pretty much South America, and South Africa

>> No.17994478


Thanks bro, much appreciated.

>> No.17994512


>2nd edition WHFRP core book



>> No.17994543

True, but it's highly irksome nonetheless. We should really make one.

>> No.17994558

Aye captain


My pleasure

Comin right up

>> No.17994579

Rumour has it options for such will be included in a new Dogs of War book.

>> No.17994587

Nah, man.
This Contigent stuff is a lie.

>> No.17994609


>> No.17994620

I want to play as a saurus.
In a mission from a slann.
Look a daemon in the eye and say "Fuck you, and your gay FUCKING SHIT ASSHOLE!" and behead him with my macana.

>> No.17994636

repost pic!

>> No.17994639


I want to play as a skink shaman.
...Being the couch of a blood bowl team in the old world.

>> No.17994660

Well, we can't have this wrong fun can we?
How about more space marines?
More Space Marines should be then

>> No.17994673


Sorry bro, thread 404'd, and I lost the original pic a while ago when my computer died.

You will have to wait for the same guy to post the pic again...

>> No.17994792

Aren't they sort of unintelligent? It's possible that everyone would need to play Skinks.

>> No.17994793

How 'would' you incorporate blood bowl into the fluff? Its technically set in an alternate reality, after all.

>> No.17994859


Fuck you I will do it and I will win all the tournaments and get all the warmblood bitches.


Are you dead anon?

>> No.17994867

i can see why a girl would want to leave bretonnia,

I don't see why a grail knight would slaughter two followers of shallya, Perhaps an overzealous questing knight, but not a grail knight.

if her parents are peasants then they're not even supposed to worship the lady of the lake. `

>> No.17994876

My guess is both Saurus and Skinks are available as races.

Saurus get the martial ones, and a few labourer ones.
Skink get the crafters, the artisans, the skirmishers, the wizards.

Racial talents for 2e would be Coolheaded, Resistance to Poisons, and Stout-Hearted.

Saurus would also get Natural Weapons, Menacing, and Very Resiliant.

Skinks would instead have Lightning Reflexes, Marksman, and Rover.

>> No.17994877

Still here, the upload is gonna take another 28 minutes or so

>> No.17994894



>> No.17994936

I have a unit of kislev winged lancers, i would love for there to be mercenary units. but then again my main army is bretonnia and they don't allow mercenaries anyways.

i thought there were rumours that after most army books are released for fantasy they were going to introduce a new race.

>> No.17994965

Forgeworld has been recreating old factions. They might make new ones too eventually.

>> No.17994970

It's a line from the Bretonnia book, about how both Grail Knights and Grail Damsels "ruthlessly suppress" any notions of the "Lady is a servant of Shallya" heresy. It seemed a logical conclusion.

Granted, she did stop believing it, though now she more believes that the Lady is either a usurper of Shallya's power or possibly some other entity altogether who's turned the Grail Knights and by extension Bretonnia into her personal puppets, so... not quite an improvement.

>> No.17995048

I'm still pissed Bretonnia all but dropped Repanse de Lyonesse.

>> No.17995085


>> No.17995118

Don't play silly buggers with me, sunshine.

>> No.17995137

No, seriously, I have no idea who you're talking about. I only know Bretonnia from the RP sourcebook, and I don't recall the Lyonesse section mentioning Repanse, though I may have skimmed it.

>> No.17995153

Joan of Arc with the serial numbers filed off.

Much like how they had robin hood.

>> No.17995193

Finally done!


>> No.17995200

Repanse was a Bretonian girl who rallied the peasantry to fight off a massive greenskin invasion. She's pretty much the Bretonnian Jeanne D'Arc, and one of the only woman to be knighted in Bretonnia being dubbed the King's champion or some such.

Which was retconned into 'given a parcel of land and noble title' after the no girls rule was enforced. She might not even have the noble title any more.

Now-a-days she can't even be fielded as a general, and only counts as a standard bearer.

One of the few fighting women in fantasy, pretty much gone.

>> No.17995237

Truth be told, that just makes it all the more tempting for my aspiring knight to eventually join Chaos and burn down the country. In fact, I can even think of an in-character justification for skimpy armor; after disguising herself as a man for the rest of her career, when she comes to exact revenge on the nation, she wants to be seen as obviously female.

>> No.17995252


FUCK YEAH, thanks man.

>> No.17995268

Do it. Do it Undivided. Gather the Norscans, gather the outcasts, and fuck it up.

Kill the knights for Khorne, have the damsels raped for Slaneesh, corrupt the peasants for Nurgle and train boy wizards for Tzeentch.

Turn Bretonnia into a cluster fuck of Chaos.

>> No.17995280

>No mention of Jules the Jester

Don't make me taunt you a second time.

>> No.17995286


>Die choking with your own food by accident

>> No.17995293

Another Bret character shafted for 'knights and magic-maidens, nothing else!'

>> No.17995294

So the invasion would have to be undertaken by sea, I imagine, as I think the Empire blocks off the usable land routes north. On the other hand, Artois may also be a lovely place to start...

And I'm getting the growing feeling that Bretonnia is rather unpopular on /tg/.

>> No.17995296

Truth be told that only gives a discarded and angered Bretonnian noble woman to run to Tilea or Estalia gather up an army and march back to fuck up Bretonnia nice and good.

please just give us notspain and notitaly GW that's all I ask

>> No.17995313

Bretonnia is a bit inconsistent. It can be a really cool faction, but its been pretty bland lately.

A sea invasion would be best. Greenskins, the Empire and heavy fortresses block off the land routes.

>> No.17995360


>Invading Bretonnia by sea

Enjoy being absolutely destroyed by Bretonnia's god tier navy.

>> No.17995368

It's a shame that Fantasy's Chaos forces can't simply pop out of the Warp, because the setups for the summoning of Chaos in Dark Crusade and Soulstorm were extremely cool and I'd love to emulate them... ah well.

Of course, I'm not quite sure I want to play someone predisposed to join Chaos from the beginning, but... the possibilities just seem so interesting. Fantasy's Chaos seems much less PURE LOLEVIL than 40K's, probably because there are whole fairly stable nations that basically worship the Chaos Gods.

>> No.17995376

I'm not sure the Bret navy is still canon.

>> No.17995382

What would it take to fix bretonnia?

Bring in more of the 1e stuff? Make them more like "The Corrupt Kingdom of Bretonnia"?

>> No.17995420

Just a corrupt underbelly, they can still keep the 'pure' image.

>> No.17995426

They were always intended to be a huge subversion of the traditional fantasy image of ye olde noble heroic knights of yore, nobody likes them as it is, why not just go back to that image?

>> No.17995800

I don't see why it wouldn't be.

>> No.17995840


I think it's in the army book, so it should be still canon.

>> No.17996413


and the mighty silver giants who descend from the heavens to defend against Chaos

>> No.17996572

Nice chin on the witchhunter there

>> No.17997479

And yet they are raided time after time by Norsemen and Dark Elves. Even Undead landed practically unopposed in Bordeleaux just to snatch some old Duke's corpse and change him into Wight.

There is a fan-made sourcebook for Tilea and Estalia, called "Spears of Maiden":

>> No.17997502

Uh, If you are still here, or will be back sometime, can I have that Man-of-War book?

Also, do you perhaps have continuation of "Witchhunter" in this "novel" folder?

>> No.17997504

Rofl, which was mentioned halfway up the thread

>> No.17997545

Well yes, and it was I who mentioned it.
But people above didn't seen it, and I thought I posted it in previous thread.

I'm suprised to see someone responding, to be honest. Fellow eurofag?

>> No.17997714

Well, not the guy you were asking, but someone from earlier in the thread, and yeah, I'm a britfag, I figured everyone was snoozin' now.

>> No.17998550

Spears guy here, just been working on a template for a possible Araby book, not saying I'll definetly doing it but its going through mind.

Chapter 1 - Land and People
>-Deserts, tip to tip, sea to Nehekara and down to Southlands
>-Abandoned cities, monuments buried in shifting sands, cursed artifacts clutched in bone dry hands, great desert beasts > sand worms, scorpions, Rocs, Phoenix
>-Analogs to rl Berbers, Nubians, Numidians, Muslims, Nomads
>-Trade, links to Ind, Tilea, Southlands - Spices and Gold
>-Rules for Dehydration
Chapter 2- History
>-what do we know from official GW? Is it enough?
>Ancient past, contact with Elves, subjugation/vassals of Khemri and its eventual fall
>-small kingdoms, origins of Ormaz/Zorastra/Islam
>-up to about 1000 IC, migrations of Southlands tribes to North? Collapse of Ormaz empire
>-Rise of Jafar in the ruins of Empire
>-Unification of Araby under Jafar, invasion of Estalia, eventual destruction in Crusades
>Crusader states
>after 1600-1700 IC, rise of modern Araby, small city-states, enclaves of Bretonian settlers, trading empire

>> No.17998552

Chapter 3 Magic + Religion
>-Details of Ormaz and its religion,
>-Pre-ormaz and current myriad religions, worship of minor Djinn
>-How desert attracts Gold magic, but less powerful winds of magic, penalties to casting in the area
>-Binding Djinn
>--1) craft a vessel to house the Djinn
>--2) summon Djinn
>--3) How powerful is Djinn? Bind to the vessel
>-Spell lists, how to use Djinn magic, half down to wizards magic rating, half down to a contest with Djinn to cast the spell, WP contest
>--eventual corruption of caster
Chapter 3 Characters and Creatures
>-Janissary (Warrior Slave to Ormaz empire)
>-Eunuch bodyguard
>-Djinn Binder > Master, Apprentice, Binder, Dabbler (this one has no magic level of his own at all)
>-Careers that can be used with 2/3 changes to existing careers > Alchemist, Sand Trader(slave trader?), Nomad, Harem Temptress
>Creatures > Lesser and greater Djinn (possible use DH Deamonhost generator?), Sand Stalker (giant/bone giant thing), Sand Scorpion, Phoenix, Roc
Chapter 4 Armoury/Artifacts
>-Djinn vessels
>-Magic Carpets
>-Silk map > routes across desert
>-Khemrian items (raid TK book)

And thats all I've got for now

>> No.17998602

Do you need any help?
I'm marinating right now due to fruitless and frustrating job hunt, so being able to do something productive would be nice.

>> No.17998721

I like you sir.
I really like you.

>> No.17998854

If anyone wanted them, I bundled together the career booklets that were on the old BI site and uploaded them.



Which I think is all of them?
Also here's a bear with a blunderbuss.

>> No.17999048

I could see Necromancers serving in matters of the undead. Also possibly an ancient Grail Knight that has been there since Bretonnias crusade and is honoring a vow. Which also leads me to there possibly being some old Bretonnia artifacts lost in Araby as well.

>> No.17999083

Aye, Iron brothers of the sands, undead palladins guarding empty Oasis or serving in the ranks of Liche Priests

Plenty of scope for mad necromancers to, half of em trying to raise Pyramid inhabitants, half of em just your good old fashioned lunatics fucking with corpses

Also more places like Zandri(?) in the TK book, living and dead fighting side by side

>> No.17999104

I think it was Numas.

>> No.17999118

Imperial Crusades begun around 1450 a.s.
If you are talking about those, that Grail Knight is seriously "ancient".
Local version of Green Knight maybe?

>> No.17999126

Possibly, been a while

For now no, need to do some reading as above shows. Also need to find out wtf happened to the Estalia project

>> No.17999168

Oh well, I guess If you decide to do it, I'll notice it lurking here from time to time.

>> No.17999255

Araby version of Green Knight could be cool. Instead of being tied to forests he could manifest by Oases to guard them against corruption by those that seeks to defile them. Or could have him manifest when the moon is full.

>> No.17999426

"Ghibli Rider" or "Chamsin Rider".
(Both words mean "hot wind" I think)

>> No.17999444

That's... really close to how I imagine Roland Deschain. Freaky-deaky.

>> No.17999645

Sorry it took so long


What 'Witchhunter' book are you talking about? Do you mean that Mathias Thulmann series? I seem to have a few of those.

>> No.17999711

/Shouts of pure joy/
Thank you very much.
Yes, I ment Mathias Thulmann.
Mine didn't had so... "fiery" cover, but it's same book.

>> No.17999740

Here ya go


I don't know if that's the whole series but there's about five or six stories in there, in different formats (lit, pdf and html)

>> No.17999781

And again, thank you, kind sir.

>> No.18000088

I really wish this thread had been made months ago when GW was doing their Black Library submission contest, we all could've pooled our ideas for an Araby story and sent it in to show them people want to see more of it.

>> No.18000139


There was a time last year when we had constant Fantasy threads, I THINK it was around August/September.

>we all could've pooled our ideas for an Araby story and sent it in to show them people want to see more of it.

Now I'm sad

>> No.18000147

Needs more Chaos.

>> No.18000166


>> No.18000193


>> No.18000283

Get back to your lamp.

>> No.18000332


>> No.18000341

You know speaking of that city, how does that whole arrangement work? Are the skeletons and shit sentient? Do they live in houses, get jobs, have friends? I really wish they elaborated on this concept because as it is I don't see how it could work.

>> No.18000365

>Are the skeletons and shit sentient? Do they live in houses, get jobs, have friends?


>> No.18000372


>> No.18000403

Liche priests always keep watch for intruders.
Tomb King/Prince and his host rise only when they really need to.

>> No.18000426

>but High Magic is only found in the High Elves army book.

Don't ever use what's included and not in an Army Book as some sort of reflection of the actual limits of the faction with in the setting. Army books are made do make each faction interesting in their own way, lots is left out and intentionally limited.

>> No.18001237

did anyone even win that?

>> No.18002218


>> No.18003157

>female ogres are bearded

well at least the female dwarves actually aren't

>> No.18003198

It's a fake beard.

>> No.18003212

Bah, we already worked out that Dwarven Women are all Anvils.

>> No.18003232

Anybody here mixed his WFRP games with Battle?
Playing soldier-campaign for example?
Or making hero in his army from player character?

>> No.18003279

>Or making hero in his army from player character?

That just invites inglorious death. Fitting I suppose.

>> No.18003306

I've not run an all-soldier game, all-watchmen yes. But Soldiers are halfway competant. And this is WFRP.

>> No.18003435

Well probably, but you can't make hero in Battle from any player character. I think it's a good way to part with strong pc without killing him, or simply putting character sheet into drawer.

Please explain.

>> No.18004165

I've actually been trying to track down every bit of Arabyan history I could find, here's what I've got so far:

-1420 - First Skaven clan spotted in Araby.

-1200 - Armies from burgeoning cities of Bel-Alliad, Bhagar and Ka-Sabar aid Nehekharan armies against the Vampire city of Lahmia. (Liber Necris)

-1149 - Arkhan the Black sacks the city of Bel-Aliad, precipitating what later Arabian chroniclers will call the Wars of Death. For the next 1,000 years Arkhan raids the lands of Araby from the desert wilderness that surrounds them. The once mighty civilisation that ruled these lands is reduced to a few weakened city states and a handful of desert tribes. (Undead 4e)

50 - Magritta merchants establish trade with the Arabian cities. (Liber Fanatica)

271 - A series of earthquakes ravage Araby. (Lizardman 7e)

800 - Shores of Araby start being ravaged by Norscan pirates from this century onwards. (Dogs of War)

1150 - Ibn Jellaba of Araby treks across the desert, searching for an overland route into the interior of the Southlands. Encounters the hidden Lizardmen city of Zlatlan. (Lizardman 6e)

1226 - Arabian corsairs become more active in the Southern Sea, eclipsing the Norse (Liber Fanatica)

1230 - The mad Arabian sorcerer Mahik al'Rak creates the Portal of Twilight from a series of enchanted mirrors. Shortly after, his body is possessed by a Lord of Change who thereafter influences the magical practices of Araby to the greater glory of Tzeentch. (Daemons of Chaos)

1240 - Cities on the coasts of Araby are once again flourishing and prosperous after the Wars of Death in ancient times. (Dogs of War)

1240 - Led by Nafel Muq, Arabian corsairs invade the island of Sartosa and establish it as their base. Norse rulers are hanged (Liber Fanatica)

1240 - Sartosa invaded by Corsairs of Araby (Dogs of War)

>> No.18004187

1435 - An obscure Arabian sorcerer known as Jaffar unites the nomadic tribes using his charismatic power and his ability to summon desert genies. He sweeps out of the desert and makes himself Sultan of Araby. (Dogs of War)
The Skaven spy for the Sultan and murder many rivals in exchange for warpstone. (Skaven 7e)

1448 - Jaffar is manipulated into invading Estalia and captures Magritta. This begins the Araby crusades by the human realms of the Old World, notably Bretonnia and the Empire. Distrust and anarchy are spread wide. (Skaven 7e)

1448 - Tilean mercenaries take part in wars to free Estalia from Sultan Jaffar. Tobaro holds out against the Sultan's army. (Dogs of War)

1448 - Arabian forces under Sultan Jaffar attack Tobaro, but fails to take the Tilean city and are forced to withdraw. Many Tilean mercenaries join the war in Estalia (Liber Fanatica)

1449 - An army of Bretonnian Knights is dispatched to assist the Estalians against the hordes of Sultan Jaffar of Araby. He is hurled back into Araby with great slaughter. (Bretonnia 5e)

1450 - The Empire launches its Crusades against Araby (Empire 5e)

1451 - The Battle of El-Haikk in which Sultan Jaffar of Araby is finally overthrown. (Bretonnia 5e)

1458 - Ships from Remas, Miragliano and Tobaro transport Old World Crusaders to Araby where they continue their war. (Liber Fanatica)

1460 - While crusading in Araby, Marius Holseher, Elector Count of Stirland, uncovers the Mirror of Nightmares and inadvertently travels through it into the Realm of Chaos. For reasons of their own, the Chaos Gods allow the Count to return to the mortal world unmolested, where he writes an account of his journey in the Liber Malefic. (Daemons of Chaos)

>> No.18004203


1475 - A combined crusading army of the Empire and Bretonnia sacs the Arabian city of Bel-aliad. The inadvertently awaken the Portal of Twilight, banishing themselves into the Realm of Chaos where they become part of Khorne's eternal war. (Daemons of Chaos)

1482 - The Old Worlder war against Araby is spent. Tilean ships help evacuate the remnants of the Crusading Force. (Liber Fanatica)

1500 - Sultan Daryus-e Qabir launches crusades against the Old World. (WHFRP 1e)

1501 - Sartosa recaptured from Corsairs of Araby by mercenary army of Luciano Catena. (Dogs of War)

1501 - Mercenary army of Prince Luciano Catena of Luccini retakes Sartosa from Emir Abd al Wazaq and his corsairs after a six month bloody siege. (Liber Fanatica)

1550 - The Empire launches a second Crusade against Araby (Empire 5e)

15?? - (Late) Tilean prince Giovanni Lanfranchi leads a crusading army through Nehekhara and onwards into Araby. (The Thousand Thrones)

2445 - Pierre le Demente from Bretonnia becomes King of the Pirates when Sophia's ship is sunk after battling Arabians from Arijil. (Liber Fanatica)

2488 - Pirate King Angelo Cuorenero plunders and skins twenty Arabian ships in the year. (Liber Fanatica)

2501 - Cuorenero's luck finally runs out. His ship is sunk and he is taken prisoner by an Estalian warship (from Cantonia). He is promptly turned over to the Arabians in exchange for several Cantonian sea captains (privateers). Cuorenero is succeeded by Giovanni Barbarossa, an enemy of Estalian and Arabian alike, as King of the Pirates. (Liber Fanatica)

2511 - Inrease in pirate predations from Sartosa, Brionne, and Araby. (Liber Fanatica)

>> No.18004461


Impressive work my good man, it's a shame that's all we've gotten from GW thus far.

>> No.18004566

Thanks, there may be more that I've missed though (hopefully), so if anyone knows of anything else, I'd love it.

>> No.18004785

Whoa. Great work.
I must get my hands on this old Dogs of War book.

Semi related:
1457 - Battle of Magritta. During savage street fighting around city's temple of Myrmidia, freak earthquake topples goddess statue on Emir Wasr the Cruel and his feared Black Guard, turning the tide of battle. Surviving Empire knights form Order of the Blazing Sun with Myrmidia as protector and patron.

>> No.18005100

Holy shit man, thats gonna save me a lot of searching

>/tg/ delivers fuck yeah

>> No.18005223

According to blood on the reik, Araby is most likely an Atheist nation. (Blood on the Reik was released in 2005, and is as far as I can tell, the only official source on this since around Warhammer 3rd edition, where they worshipped Allah)

>> No.18005369


Well yeah, but remember that "Blood on the Reik" is stylized to be sort of Imperial diplomat's diary.
So "godless" and "bereft of faith" probably mean they:
1/. Worship their own pantheon of gods.
2/. They are more relaxed about venerating them than Sigmarites or followers of Ulric or Taal.

Time to sleep.

>> No.18005428

Good point.

>> No.18005887

speaking of places we don't hear of to much, what goes on in Albion besides rain?

>> No.18005951

>Isle of Wights


>> No.18005974


Lizardmen chillin' as far as I know.


Pretty much.

>> No.18005985

There was an entire campaign there.
"Dark Shadows of Albion", where forces of Belakor tempted armies to come and disrupt the mists, which were protecting the world from chaos.

>> No.18006003

Not just any England, like prehistoric England when it was infested with druids erecting Stonehenge for god knows what purpose.

>> No.18006021

so what happened?

>> No.18006030


>The mystery of the druids

Oh man, I'm loving the shit out of the "subtle" threads on /v/

>> No.18006035

Lizardmen came and krumped everybody.

>> No.18006048

Not Lizardmen.



>> No.18006055

they look like angry foreskin devils

>> No.18006058

I think the High Elves also did well, but it's been a long time

>and I was playing Lizards, so who really gives a shit about anyone else

>> No.18006074


>> No.18006171


I remember that it was in Albion where some factions got 40k equipment.
Also, subtle...

>> No.18006236

I belive the official result was that the mists got restored, everyone buggered off, and the Lizardmen (not firmir, although they also live there) made a settlement there.

>> No.18006303

not just Albion. The old Realm of Chaos books, BloodBowl and Warhammer Quest (maybe the Path to Glory WD supplement, as well?) had things like Chainswords,.. I think

but my memory is pretty fuzzy since (despite starting with Fantasy) I've been more inclined to 40k's fluff

>> No.18006313

Oh, also, a Bunch of Albion creatures are in Storm of Magic. Fenbeasts, Truthsayers, Dark Emmissaries (Be'lakor's servents), and Fimir Balefiends.

>> No.18006732

What did /tg/ think of Storm of Magic anyway?

>> No.18006837

I can't find a pdf of anything besides the rules. Sounded cool at least.

>> No.18006875


I don't really dislike it, but I prefer to keep my Warhammer low fantasy most of the time.

The monsters are very nice though.

>> No.18007186

I'm more of a fan of the lore.

But I liked what I saw. Zoats, Great Taurus, Pegasi of Araby...

stuff like that.

>> No.18007229

Forgeworld basilisk!

>> No.18007328

Wow, that's awesome.

>> No.18007454

Yeah it is. And everyone in the same combat as it takes an increasing amount of extra wounds just for being in combat with it.

>> No.18007474


What other monsters were in SoM anyway? They ranted and raved so much about TAKE COMMAND OF MIGHTY BEASTS RARGH RAR RAR so I'm wondering if they delivered.

>> No.18007528

I don't have the book, but I remember there being quite a lot. Everything from packs of cold ones to mamticores, as well as a fuck ton of newly released Forgeworld monsters.

>> No.18007722

People looking for extra fluff should check the Fantasy Lexicanum. It isn't as stupidly comprehensive as the 40k one, but its still pretty good.

>> No.18007817

I don't have a great scan, but here's a list of the monsters from the book.

>> No.18008128


>> No.18008170

Fimir and Zoats are both back from obscurity. Its pretty cool. Combined with the return of the Chaos Dwarfs, Fantasy is looking pretty neat right now.

>> No.18008204


Oh, so you didn't know...

>> No.18008437

Yup. Zoats.

And they're frick'n awesome Life mages.

>> No.18008522

Since OK and VCs, the corresponding WDs give you the new pact info, and let you take the three new ogre monsters as well (the ogre cavalry on its own is overcosted though). FW is currently working on their own big book of monsters as well.

>> No.18008540

I remember that, dwarfs got a power sword, high elves got power armour and I think a power fist, not sure what the dark elves got from it, I have the issue of white dwarf that had the list dolling out the loot from the Albion campaign.

>> No.18009984

In my wanderings, I found an official list of arabyan magics... for Mordheim, but better than nothing.
(Town Cryer issue 20, for reference)

>> No.18010674

I'm gonna run a campaign for some friends and I'm kind of wondering what I should do. One idea I had was the group trying to help establish a colony on Lustria. But now I'm thinking just turning them loose and throwing a bunch of plot seeds out, see where they decide to go from there.

>> No.18010732

That's a very good way to run WHFRP.

>> No.18010928

Try finding Lustria campaign book for ideas.

>> No.18011407

Do you think you could upload it? Or if you have it in hard copy, could you scan the relevant pages? I'm trying to put together a list of ties between the 40k and Fantasy universes and I've been looking for that issue for a long time

>> No.18013194

In case you're still around, I have assembled a bunch of things that might be handy to you and uploaded them.


Included are:
- Two (2) articles on the lizardmen and creatures of Lustria, including stats and lizardman character creation and careers (Including Slann??)
- Six (6) Mordheim articles on the Cities of Gold setting. Of variable use, but the maps, exploration table and artifacts might be useful.
- One (1) Mordheim Amazons warband list. I think there might be another in the Cities of Gold articles but whatever.
- Three (3) BONUS articles on monsters including the Dragon Turtle, the Fenworm and the Giant Sand Clam.

>> No.18013254

>- Two (2) articles on the lizardmen and creatures of Lustria, including stats and lizardman character creation and careers (Including Slann??)
>2 articles lizardmen, stats lizardmen char gen and carerr
>Lizardmen PCs


>> No.18013316

Now i just need a willing Dungeon Master for it.

>> No.18013972

>Dungeon Master

>> No.18013992

Okay, "Biggest son of a whore like in ever who wants to kill you and rape your crap because he hates you and your gay existence"
better now?
also is a reflex act.

>> No.18014369

Let's mantain a bit of civility on this thread.

About that Lustria campaign, in what time period would it take place?
Present Warhammer time (around 2525 a.s.) or during Marco Colombo era?

>> No.18014766


I choose Marco Columbo's time if only for his name alone

>> No.18015022

>About that Lustria campaign, in what time period would it take place?
extremely important question.
Play as humans or as lizardmen?
because the first one would be "YOU DIE" the game.

>> No.18015111

Actually a few settlements have survived over time.

While going into the deep jungle is near-suicide, staying near the coast and cutting down the nearby trees works reasonably well.

>> No.18015158

Am interested in this, however unfortunately enough I have no experience with wfrp. s:

>> No.18015223


All of them.

>> No.18015230

Yeah, but compare playing as a lizardmen giving no fucks and killing everybody who gets on your jungle, then again going back to the slann and get a quest to re-adquiere tables and shit from random people who stole it.
Me too, seems similar to 40k ones

>> No.18015419


That's because the 40k ones are based on 2E WFRP.

>> No.18015584

Here's idea for lizardmen quest (quite obvious anyway):
Recovering stolen artifacts of the Old Ones.
You can go near - pursuing nosy human explorers or small raiding parties in the jungle or small settlements,
or far far away, basically anyplace those stolen artifacts were carried. And mind you, most of them are made of pure gold, so they could change hands quite frequently.
Beside that there is Vampire Coast, Skavens, Dark Elves, etc. All trying to kill you and steal those magical trinkets of your toad-boss.

>> No.18015653


also my email:
[email protected]

>> No.18016277

>>18010674 This poster again.

This is extremely relevant to my interests. Thanks!

Probably the modern period? I'm not sure. I'm really not that familiar with Warhammer's history (I've only had the core rulebook for about two days, and am still trying to gather more sourcebooks). But I'm assuming there was a period of rapid colonization a la IRL Age of Sail? Who participated in that? I imagine the Empire, Tilea, and Estalia were heavily involved?

If it's not too much trouble, can I get the Empire army book?

>> No.18016348

Here you are


>> No.18016375

Let it never be said that /tg/ doesn't get shit done. Thanks bro!

>> No.18016605

How about the Warhammer Fantasy Battle core rulebook? Do you have that?

>> No.18016649

7th or 8th ed?

>> No.18016733

Preferably 8th?

I'll admit I'm never too sure about these things. Like, which Edition is compatible with which army book and shit like that.

>> No.18016790

>period of rapid colonization
Not really.
Marco Colombo brought back ships full of gold (don't ask how he got it), so there was kind of rush-for-the-new-world, but Lizardmen and Lustria proved much more demanding than our world indians. Plus Dark Elves. Plus Skavens. Plus mad vampire ruling large undead empire called (surpirise, surpirse) Vampire Coast.
As of Warhammer present time there are only small coastal colonies, more similar to portugese african trading post than full scale colonisation.
Biggest colonial town is called Skeggi, and was founded by norsmen, if I remember correctly.
It was described in White Dwarf 309.

>> No.18017604

Oh cool. I always liked that period of history, so I'll probably stick with having the party try to establish a proper town or something. No one said WFRP was supposed to be easy after all.

>> No.18017667

Here you go


>> No.18018575


what's the deal with the vampires anyway?
sorry not too familiar with Fantasy I'm more towards 40K stuff

>> No.18018974


Basically an insane vampire pirate crashed there and took over with his skeleton and zombie crew. I'm not sure what interaction the lizardmen have with him.

I think in general there should be more pirate campaigns going on in WFRP, Lustria's perfect for such a thing.

>> No.18019142

Basically, there are several vampire lines, with different "specialities" and goals.
Try finding "Liber Necris" book if you wan't to know more.

>> No.18019193

He sacked one of their cities and tried to steal their most potent magical trinkets, so Slanns fried his brain with magic. As he was vampire, he survived it, but now is completely insane and don't remember many things from the past.
Still hates lizardmen and vows revenge to them.

>> No.18019367

and they just kick his shit.

also you want to DM the lizardmen game? or a game at all?

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