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Im so very confused here /tg/

Are male witches warlocks? or is a warlock a completely diferent thing entirely?

I mean, i know theres distinction between then in D&D, but seriously, i always saw the name "witch" as being a female name.

So WTF should i call male "witches"?

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Witch is a witch like a bitch is a bitch.
The word you're looking for doesn't require the soul of a specific gender individual that is claimed by a harem hoarding deity.

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Historically, yes. Warlock is the word for male witch. In games though, it depends on the system.

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They're still witches technically, but the Wiccan faith was very much about worship of the feminine so it's fair to have that association of witch to women in particular. Vedmak might be an acceptable term depending on the situation.

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>wiccan claims the term witch
oh here we go

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Warlocks = badass men who cast powerful spells and don't give a fuck

Witch = Feminist man-haters who cast charms and hexes to get their selfish revenge

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Men have been executed for the crime of being witches. Witches are witches, male or female.

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Ok, so what should i call a male witch in Pathfinder for example? Just... Male witch? because that sounds a bit retarded...

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Or Wych for short.
>womyn reference hurr

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Like a Sorcerer.

Witch is a abbreviated term just like Sorcer(y).

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Just Witch.

Nobody'll care as long as you don't draw attention to it.

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>someone snickers when you address yourself as a "witch"
>turn him inside-out
>everyone is suddenly okay with your title

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Call yourself a proud witch.

Have your DM make akward remarks from all his NPCs.

Halarity ensues

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If you want something with a less feminine xonnotation, you could try Glamourist.

You know, someone who casts glamours.

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Witch is a gender neutral word.

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All the definitions in the dictionary bring up females:

1. A woman claiming or popularly believed to possess magical powers and practice sorcery.
2. A believer or follower of Wicca; a Wiccan.
3. A hag.
4. A woman considered to be spiteful or overbearing.
5. Informal A woman or girl considered bewitching.
6. One particularly skilled or competent at one's craft: "A witch of a writer, [she] is capable of developing an intensity that verges on ferocity" (Peter S. Prescott).

Source: http://www.thefreedictionary.com/witch

But if you can give me a source to your claim that would be good.

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this is how I Glamourist

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>internet argument based on definition
>cites pop culture online source based on the internet
>word originated in a bygone era in which people of both genders were burned at the stake for witchcraft

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I'll tell you what they are

They are generic as FUCK

"huurrr pact with demons and cuthulhus so deeeeep and original"


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1. a person, usually female, who practises or professes to practise magic or sorcery, esp black magic, or is believed to have dealings with the devil
2. an ugly or wicked old woman
3. a Wiccan priest or priestess
4. a fascinating or enchanting woman
5. short for water witch

>source: Collins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged 10th Edition

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>Information presented on the Internet is at all times false and can never be sourced for this reason.
>Because I say so.

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No, information that we know to be wrong from pervasive accounts of men executed and interrogated for being witches is wrong because it is mixed with pop culture drift in an environment that really, really likes the idea of cute girls in pointy hats and short skirts doing magic, the result being a weird memetic chimera that ignores the root of the actual word.

That is why I despise it when people cite blatantly incorrect sources in internet debates.

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Yeah, but that was just to make the point that the therm has gotten its own direction along the years.

I see. Ok maybe i can call them witches, my only problem with that is that people might look at it and think "Oh, if i want to be a witch i have to be female"...

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Then male witches witchers or hermit

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The thing is the Salem witch trials, and Salem itself, are a very tiny fraction of the English language. A blip in its history.

If the Salemites called a dude a witch, that doesn't necessarily mean that it's historically correct to call male practitioners of witchcraft witches, simply because of the fact that their English is an outlying example at this time rather than a standard.

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Count the men executed for the crime. Look at the countries, and how many were executed for it in non-english speaking countries.

This argument is fucking stupid, and I am ashamed to have participated in it.

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>Then male witches are

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>5. short for water witch

You can't use the word in the definition!

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1. a person, now especially a woman, who professes or is supposed to practice magic, especially black magic or the black art; sorceress. Compare warlock.
2. an ugly or mean old woman; hag: the old witch who used to own this building.
3. a person who uses a divining rod; dowser.
verb (used with object)
4. to bring by or as by witchcraft (often followed by into, to, etc.): She witched him into going.
5. Archaic . to affect as if by witchcraft; bewitch; charm.

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Jesus, you're actually arguing for non-English uses of "witch" equivalent terms?

Christ, considering that those other languages arrived to a "witch" equivalent word from completely different etymological paths you can't compare those words to any other language's word of choice for this kind of argument.

For instance, Spanish "Bruja" vs "Brujo"

They are both the feminine and masculine form for the word roughly equivalent for "witch" but "brujo" can easily be translated between witch and warlock or any other word that means "male magic user" in English.

In German you need to append "Hexe" and make "Hexenmeister" to get a male "witch" equivalent word to work with their grammatical gender - and at that point "'hexeress'/'curseress'" to "hex/curse master" is as much of a word mutation as "witch" to "warlock" is.

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And yet the concept is virtually the same, and we come back to English, which is what you are bitching about being too narrow while ignoring the rest of what you were just shown evidence wise.

Just let this incredibly bad thread die, or you're just trolling.

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And what exactly is a wizard?

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A person who casts spells having spent years learning them.

Alternately, any old guy with a beard, robe and a hat.

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magical proto-scientist

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>which is what you are bitching about being too narrow

I'm not bitching about that, I'm bitching about how fucking clueless you are about interlingual relationships and linguistics proper, if you're going to fucking argue about the use of a word or definition in a language, the farthest you can stray from that language is into older versions of that language, like from Modern English to Middle or Old English, rather than "lol different families go!" and comparing English to German to Hindi to what-the-fuck ever.


That's you, that's how retarded you sound.

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You're picking things to whine about because you can. I suspect you are OP, this is a troll thread, and now /tg/ is bored of you.

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Actually, warlock comes from Old English word for oathbreaker, and originally referred to a witch who would betray their coven to avoid getting executed.

Witch was originally a gender-neutral term. There are records of men being sentenced for witchcraft, although in America and central Europe that was quite rare. In Scandinavia and Finland, on the other hand, red-haired men were among the people most commonly accused of witchcraft. These days witch and warlock are used as gender-specific terms for the same thing, though.

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Hes not the OP, and this is not a troll thread, and before that post we were having a nice discussion, so i will now invite you too leave

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>So WTF should i call male "witches"?


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A miserable little pile of incantations?

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Witch is a gender neutral term, OP. Male witch, female witch - it doesn't matter what gender they are.

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Well, there we go. I think we can all just agree that this is the answer and we can all stop arguing about it.

Male Witches are Witch Doctors.

Bonus points for being Dr. Facilier.

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Male witches are called Warlocks.

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Witches of any gender are called witches.

Nigga I will turn you into a toad.

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Dude you're just some dumb nigga living in the swamps.

Try reading some european mythology.

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I prefer the gender-neutral Witcher. Also, since it's a made up word, you can avoid arguments with retards.

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Hexenmeister is a term, iirc, wich was called false in "Hexenhammer" (think of a Hanbook for witchhunting) as it could be misintepred as "master of witches" the apropirate term for a male wich is therefore "Hexer".

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I'm okay with this.

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In conclusion: There is not one single term in popular language that is used commonly to describe a male witch (warlock is very loose and games like D&D totaly butcher any chances of having warlock be the term for male witch).

I like hexer...
But then alot of people will not know what that is...

Fuck it, i think ill stick to witch...

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Everyone knows what a hex is.

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Hexer is actually what "The Witcher" was originally supposed to be.

But then they just went and translated it literally.

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Ok then, ill use Hexer

And from now on, each time someone asks this question, the first post shall say: "Hexer" and nothing more. An historical moment at least.


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But the answer is witch. Witch is a gender neutral word, for fuck's sake.

Man up your little faggot ass and rev up your I'm-not-this-pathetically-insecure engine and deal with playing a dude whose class is called Witch.

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FFs.. the problem is not me, ill play a dude wich class is called witch just fucking fine, the problem is that when the other persons ear the word witch they mostly think of a female witch, so i wanted to see if i could find a term that is more common in popular language to determine a male witch...

GOD FUCKING DAMN, its almost like you didnt read the rest of the fucking thread...

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Alright guys, chill. I got this.

Op, it's Witchalok. No need to thank me.

(Seriously though, Warlock is probably the most common term for males practicing the black arts/witchcraft.)

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rolled 99, 54 = 153

Warlocks are Warlocks, Witches are Witches.
Male witch is a witch.

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Wyches are melee fighters. Warlocks grant special abilities. Try to get your facts straight OP.

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Yeah, no. You've got some insecure masculinity hangup here, because that is some outrageous butthurt you've got going on over my throwaway insult.

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rolled 85, 34 = 119

So you're willing to go over people's uneducated assumptions over facts?
This is why people think decades start at 01 and end at #0.

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Language, friend, isn't really something in the hands of the educated. It's a changing thing.

It doesn't matter if a guy wrote that witch is gender neutral in a book if 99% of the people you meet think witch is exclusively female.

Definitions are fluid and in the hands of everyone. Me and my friends can use a word in a certain way (reds to mean raspberry cakes, for example), but I don't get to tell everyone else that my use is the correct one.

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you are both fucktards,
just read:

Oh and thank you for getting me mad btw...

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>>FFs.. the problem is not me, ill play a dude wich class is called witch just fucking fine, the problem is that when the other persons ear the word witch they mostly think of a female witch, so i wanted to see if i could find a term that is more common in popular language to determine a male witch...

Who are you describing it to? Context is important.

If it's someone else who plays pathfinder, they know a witch can be male or female. If you're playing in the game and an NPC asks your PC what they are, and they say "witch", the NPC should know that can apply to males.

If you're talking about your character to someone who is unfamiliar with Pathfinder and your rules, you can just say, "I chose the witch class", and by since "classes" are gender neutral, there should be no confusion.

If you're talking to someone with no understanding of /tg/ games, Pathfinder, or D&D, and say "I'm a witch", well then you have the same issue you'd have saying, "I'm a warlock/hexxer/practitioner of dark arts/etc".

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Ooh ooh I know, I know

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>mfw all the warlock faggot are shut down brilliantly

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