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>ITT: It's opposite day in 40k
I'm here to talk to you kids oh how pre-marital sex is wrong!

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Everyone can go fuck themselves. All we care about is our own corner; if we're not there, it's not our problem.

For our own good.

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Biomass? I'm not really feeling it today, sorry Bro

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Mabye we should tone it down a bit, I mean instead of going to war with literally everyone we could focus on domestic issues and improve our people's lives!

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... America, is that you?

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Its okay if you don't worship the Emperor, I still respect your choice of Faith.

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"Damn it's good to be a High Lord."

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Here is a well deserved sage for your cancerous thread.

(but its opposite day, so treat it like a bump)
(you fagget)

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Alright, that looks like enough dakka. We shouldn't need any more than this.

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Keeping all this knowledge to ourselves isn't helping anyone, lets share whatever we can to help out before we die.

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I think I'll listen to your advice. I've put my grudges behind me, and I'm ready to make some good long lasting friends among the Eldar.

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Listen, we certainly have different ideas of how things work in this large infinite universe of ours, lets just agree to disagree and keep our distance.

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You know, maybe we shouldn't brutally torture sentient beings to prolong our own lives. Maybe we should try feeding on happiness instead of pain?

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You know kharn, maybe we should calm down a bit and think this through.

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Hey guys, these tyrannids are starting to pose a real threat here, maybe we could work together a bit to fight them back. we dont have to like eachother, but the enemy of my enemy is my friend right?

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lets write a codex where the fluff ISNT retarded.

while were at it, lets make the rules have sense to them as well

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>harp weapon

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Oh no it's cool guys. We're just looking to take what we need and then we'll be on our way to another galaxy on route to colonize.

Sorry for the trouble!

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questions first, shoot later

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Needs less dakka and chopa! Too much dakka chopa!

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I am greatly disliking this thread.

(Remember, opposite day.)

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>opposite day

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Green is the worst colour...

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You know, maybe a bit of sorcery wouldn't be to bad, I'm sure Tzeentch will respect our boundaries and will be willing to teach us freely.

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Ok fellas, let's start handing out those antibiotics and vaccines to the populace. Don't forget to make sure to put on gloves, sterilize them and make sure none of that ick gets on you. Cleanliness is a virtue after all.

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genestealer-chan is pretty cool~ he said hes looking for other places to live for the rest of his family

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Foightin'? Nah mate, we's chillin over 'ere. 'Ow about a herbal tea?

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