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Right, so, The Eldar. What's the deal with THOSE guys?

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They are space elves. Elves in space, as it were.

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Buncha Joiks!

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They're space elves.

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They are the Giant pandas of 40k. Apparently, they also have trouble breeding in captivity, because they're always whining about how theyre a dying race.

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They make my heart blush.

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Especially the women.

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they should be a bit more grimdark.

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They need to stop having sex with us. It's weird.

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Pretty decent Lounge Singers.

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We're taking measures.

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They have silly helmets.

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mesopotamian stuff

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They look very silly

That's about it, really.

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>gross scars


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They are silly.

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ain't seen the one with drills and tubes and cables and spikes and syringes in her anus.

With a very badly drawn face

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Post-scarcity space-elf refugees. Notoriously haughty and unnervingly graceful former masters of the galaxy reduced to drifting bands of refugees. Frequent objects of lust and hatred.
Eldar still have surprisingly military potency, and are keepers of the darkest secrets in the known universe.

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So they're emo elf teen mary sues?

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Who wins in a fight between Captain America and Macha?

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They fuck.


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Now yes.

Originally supposed to be fabulous, glamorous, mysterious, tenebrous space metalheads.

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when you live for a very long time, breeding is something you'll "get around to eventually". "I can just do that tomorrow Dad, gotta finish my poems lamenting the death of the race first"


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So just elves?

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no, that's "tree-hugging hippie".

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But elves are usually supposed to be fabulous, glamorous, mysterious etc etc.

It's kind of their thing.

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>mary sue

This phrase does not mean what you think it means.

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They are currently GWs whipping boys/girls. Don't expect a new codex for them at least until half way through 5th. So expect them to practically fall off the map, just like the Tau Empire, Tyranids, and anyone not SPESS MEHREENS!

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That is disgusting and repulsive.

I wish to see it.

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what kind of fight are we talking about here?

Elves who occasionally rock out as total badasses.

I mean, the entire race is epitomized by Yriel, who has (since Rogue Trader) been an unabashed clone of Captain Harlock.

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So silly.

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They haven't rocked out as total badasses in years and probably will continue not rocking out as total badasses for years to come.

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Xenology gives an interesting explanation:

to make one babby, eldars need to fuck several times at precise moments of their hormonal cycle (for men and women).
So, yeah, it requires a lot of infrastructures and time and dedication to have children when you're only a few millions in these conditions.

I also like to believe that having sex with the same partner is not necessary, but that it makes succession and parenting extremely complicated when the child has five fathers. Especially since eldars used to have a prestigious nobility. That would make maintaining birth rates nearly impossible without falling either into decadency or inbreeding.

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So kind of like humans? Or most animals for that matter? Except the whole multiple fathers part.

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not with diamond-studded leather jackets, colorful headbands, garish make-up, punk crests, shuriken guns and guyver suits.

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kind of like humans but a lot worse.

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One on one, no holds barred. Elfdar mind attacks permitted.

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>leather jackets, colorful headbands, garish make-up, punk crests, shuriken guns and guyver suits.

So they're slightly westaboo japanese elves?

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He's Keanu Reeves and he knows Kung Fu.

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back on the day we had SQUATS half-eldars, general silliness the setting was a joke and EVERYBODY KNEW IT? and we had gorkamorka?

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They tend to avoid it even more because their decadence created a Chaos God, so they're kinda skittish about anything that even vaguely smells of corruption.

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let me explain you:

but that was before 3rd Ed.

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Mind attacks don't work on Captain America, seriously: one of his abilities is a near-limitless willpower.
So still better than most animals.

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Those panties make her look fat.

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It's my favourite band. I would like crüe in space.

Shame they were elves.

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No, I think the fact that she's fat makes her look fat.

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I still don't buy that.

I mean, it's not sex that fuels slaanesh, it's unbridal hedonism, the free reign of emotion that the ancient eldar indulged in.

I maintain that there's almost certainly some Eldar Path of the Lover, devoted to reproduction, and romance, love, and all that jazz. They're still kept walled off from other eldar, just to be safe.

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What happens if Macha actually DOES get laid?

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The universe dies just before it.

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Basically all of the above.

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it certainly requires emotional involvement or some shit. That means that they have a path of love, and seeing that many of them already are in a more important path...

but okay, don't buy it. Just say that they are actually spawning tons of babies.

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Slaneesh is finally defeated.

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Maugan Ra taking on a splinter-fleet Solo and Karandras and Ahra going all DBZ on each other say otherwise

It's not common.. but they do it now and then

Eldar aren't always skinny waifs

(this is GW artwork, by the way)

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And the world ends.

I'm still rooting for it to happen though. She is adorable.

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You have no idea what the fuck you just said.

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I'd hit it like the birth of Slaanesh.

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Oh my.

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They are the white martians of barsoom!

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old, very specific artwork, that contradicts all the other concepts and miniatures and illsutrations where eldar girls are skinny things with no hips or thighs.

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Oh I don't deny that they probably don't seek out sex, and that they view it with some distaste.

I just mean they don't view it as anathema.

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who said that?

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I'd nom that biomass.

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all banshee sculpts disagrees with you

actually, pretty much every eldar model has had a well defined rear and thighs. Accentuated by their skintight suits and armour plates sure, but still pretty significant

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you mean all those skin flaps on her narrow hips?

kids those days

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Ah, sorry, I'd seen an earlier post, and assumed that people were falling for the whole "eldar hate sex" thing, when the actual posts were far less extreme.
My apologies for my bullheadedness.

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I'd uncanny her valley, if you know what I mean...

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Damn kids smashing my garden gnomes at night!

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Technically that's a Dark Eldar.

But by god, do Green Marine girls tickle my fancy.

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>Those marines

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Ahhhh yes, DLFG delivers the Kayleth.

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for a second i thought that swooping hawk had a melta gun

can you imagine the horror

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I did too...

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>can you imagine the horror

Yea, they might actually be useful!

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If it's just the Exarch with one, it wouldn't be too big of a deal.

A whole squad would be hilarious.

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Indeed. That would actually make them not suck and make sense for the aspect, and we can't have that. Better stick to lasguns and haywires.

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I miss 2nd ed, where you could drop kraks on peoples heads with leg launchers, and or the lasblaster was deadly as hell.

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we can kill any tank whenever we want no matter where it is, it would be glorious

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>and make sense for the aspect

I'm not sure I'd go that far. I'd rather see the idea of them representing the mythical hawks that would circle the heads of a murderer, so all would know his guilt played up a bit. Make the Lasblaster actually useful, and add a rule that lets them mark a squad, sort of like Markerlights. They might not be amazing at dealing damage themselves, but they can guide other Eldar in to deliver justice.

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you know im pretty sure the dark reapers and death jesters would do fine in the imperium, they certainly have enough skulls

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So gansta.

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you can always play it, provided your locals are old/easy to convince

mind, if you've got any ork/tyranid players you'll probably want to mod the close combat rules. Boy was that "interesting" to cut my teeth on as a kid

ha! Next you'll be telling me they're releasing new warlock sculpts, and that Support Weapons will not be absolute shit

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Additionally; allow them to drop Haywire Grenades as well as Plasma Grenades. Large blast, any vehicle caught under the template suffers D6 haywire hits. A couple of small squads of Hawks bouncing up and down, dropping Haywire Grenades on clusters of vehicles, would be a lovely way to screw up a Mech player's tactics.

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I still have some friends around from those days. And yeah, close combat was horrifying against genestealers.

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I like it.

How would you go about representing this Markerlight-esque rule?

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I like this idea. I might actually include a squad for once (in a non-joking manner).

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Deny Cover Saves maybe?

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Any Eldar unit shooting at the marked squad for the rest of that turn counts their weapons as being Twin-linked. Nice and simple.

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I like it.
I'll phone Ward, he owes me.

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well then would twin linked weapons be quad-linked or something?

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Would it be an Exarch ability akin to Deathmarks then?

Again, I like the idea.

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You can reroll a save only once.

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I meant in the manner of actual hawks swooping down and killing whatever they are after with extreme prejudice, though sticking to Eldar myth-hawks isn't bad either.
I truly hate the person that made this.
>ha! Next you'll be telling me they're releasing new warlock sculpts, and that Support Weapons will not be absolute shit
Well, the warlocks are really old…and SWs did get that nice shiny plastic kit…damn it.

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No, they just wouldn't get a bonus. Eldar aren't overburdened by Twin-Linked weapons anyway; there's the turret on a Wave Serpent, and Wraithlords if you kit them with two of the same gun.

Possibly, but I imagined it more as an innate squad ability. The squad should, ideally, be useful without an Exarch - the Exarch should make the squad *better*, he shouldn't be needed just to make them useful.

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What have they done to offend you so?

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I'm running my group through Lure of the Expanse. They want to try and TALK to the Eldar. How the hell do I do that early in the adventure?

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Motley Crue's "Looks that Kill"- Eldar 2nd Edition?
Yeah, I can see that.

If DE had been around there then maybe we would have had CWE been exclusively David Bowie.

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I'm not familiar with the plot of Lure of the Expanse. Can you go into a bit more detail? What are the Eldar's motivations?

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The way the sword is being held so that we, the viewers, can see the blade in profile. No one fucking holds a single-edged sword like that. That's a "dude in the foreground-right corner getting a right-handed punch to the face and turning left so we can see both people's faces" tier rendering bullshit.

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Ok then.

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This bunch of Eldar don't speak gothic?

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To fuck over the players actually.
Lure is a Rogue Trader adventure, where an Eldar Maiden World is about to be released from a Warp Storm. THe players don't KNOW this though, they just think the "Dread Pearl" is a treasure planet ripe for plunder.
The middle part of the adventure (The part the players are on now) is them going to 5 different abandoned Eldar Temples in an attempt to get the location for the Dread Pearl. They're also racing 8 other Rogue Traders to get to these temples.

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So, any other ways to improve Swooping Hawks? I like reading fan ideas to improve aspects, while keeping their theme.

Letting Fire Dragon squads replace their Meltas with Flamers.
Giving Dire Avengers the option of CCW and Shuriken Pistol.
Dark Reapers with Shuriken Catapults.

That kind of thing.

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>So, any other ways to improve Swooping Hawks?
Apart from making their shooting not suck ass and giving them some synergy with the army? Not really. I think that the big problem is that they are anti-GEQ via a lot of dice rolling in a army that has no problem doing that with everything else.

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Alright. If the players want to work with the Eldar, that's not really a problem. You can easily jury-rig things to suggest the Eldar made themselves known to the players in order to frighten/impress/whatever reason the PC's want to work with them into reaching some sort of compromise. The plot shifts from trying to find out what the Dread Pearl is and how to get to it, to stopping the other Rogue Traders from doing so. Assuming the PC's work with the Eldar right to the end and help them claim the Maiden World, the Eldar might grant the PC's some sort of reward - some powerful bits of technology, the location of a seperate planet, or even the promise of a future favour.

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That might work if the party hadn't killed a couple Warlocks and taken their Soul Stones.
Int he Party's defense, it WAS self defense. They came upon the first temple and found 6 Warlocks trying to make it disappear, and when they tried to stop then 3 of the Warlocks said something in a language they didn't understand, and then attacked.

>> No.17969588

>Dire Avengers

Avenger Catapults are Assault 3 basic. Bladestorm has its points increased (to about 20-25, expensive enough that it's not something you'd take automatically) and grants Rending.

>Dark Reapers
Give them BS5. Reaper Launchers become Heavy 3. An expensive Exarch power that allows him to give the whole squad Fast or Crack shot? Alternatively, just allow them to ignore cover saves. It's the predominance of cover that neuters them.

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Well, the party has the Soul Stones, and thus a little leverage in negotiating.

>> No.17969632

Well, Eldar are known to peacefully negotiate when Imperials slay high ranking Eldar and take their Soulstones.

>> No.17969634

Oh! Didn't you start a thread about this a couple weeks ago? With the band of pretty heretical traders with an illegitimate claim to the warrant?

>> No.17969641

Or they're the target of ever Murder Hobo Eldar in the system!
Eldar do NOT fuck around when it comes to Soul Stones. They will send in hit squads to retrieve even one normal Eldar SS, much less MULTIPLE WARLOCK Soul Stones!

>> No.17969642

Alright. If the party wants to talk with the Eldar, it shouldn't be too hard for the Eldar to send a group to deal with them - behind the scenes, assume a Farseer manages to track them down along the skeins of fate and realises they want to talk. Eldar aren't stupid; Warlocks are powerful fighters and if the party managed to down three of them, then it might be worth negotiating rather than trying again and again to kill them.

Personal aside, this is a bit of a personal bugbear of mine, courtesy of the DoW games - where Eldar will send waves and waves of troops at an enemy who's obviously got the upper hand, rather than withdrawing and trying something else. It doesn't make sense for a race that can't win wars of attrition to relentlessly attack the PC's, unless they're doing so from a sitation that puts the Eldar at a distinct advantage.

>> No.17969648

Anyone got any Warp Spider pics?

>> No.17969668

Last one.

>> No.17969691

Makes you miss 2e, doesn't it?

>> No.17969692

The party could try forking over the 'stones a goodwill gesture.
Not my first choice of options in 40K tho'.

>> No.17969698

Yup, that was me. Guess what they did last weekend?
They got to the Landships of Zayth. Each one is it's own sovereign nation locked in endless war with the others. Each home to millions. They wanted to make allies with a specific Landship, so they casually fired a few torpedoes at one it was fighting. Killing several million people.
So they could get access to the Auto-Loaders the Landships use for their Macrocannons.

>> No.17969713

>fucking cheese
gets me every fucking time

>> No.17969731

This assumes the party actually knows what Spirit Stones are, and the significance of them. It is not common knowledge within the Imperium, not in the slightest. There's an example of a bit of wargear in one of the Deathwatch books - a shield decorated with Eldar soul stones taken from a defeated warhost. The Deathwatch Marines don't understand why the Eldar periodically attack them to try and reclaim the shield, or how Eldar always seem to know when it's around even if concealed.

>> No.17969752

I mean, I get that it's probably going to be fine since both parties are going to be completely rational about the whole thing and realize that it was simply a mistake.

But still

"Hey guys, totes sorry about killing those dudes. They dropped some sick loot though, you can have it if you want."

>> No.17969769

Oh come now, what RT worth his title HASN'T committed casual genocide a few times?

>> No.17969788

yes and no

it's a complicated feeling

>> No.17969796

Of course.
I was assuming that the party had some inkling of what they were, given that they had taken them and were wanting to contact some Eldar.
Key term being "assuming", naturally.

That, too. They could trade on the basis that they're some kind of valuable Eldar Bling while having no true idea of their nature or worth.

>> No.17969800


Don't the team from Deffwotch have a truckload of soulstones?

Then again, they blew up an entire Craftworld, so I have no idea what Shas'o is planning for them.

>> No.17969825

Eh, can't say that I'm surprised.
If they did what I suggested and left those stones in a crate to not be touched until that Eldar fleet shows up looking for them, they should be fine.

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Imma call her Cap' Heretic.

>> No.17970026

they wouldn't tell me

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Hey, who turned off the Eldar?

>> No.17970247

Frankly, pissing off the Eldar is kind of a prerequisite if you're running the Lure Of The Expanse campaign.

The whole motivation for the Eldar in that campaign is basically several millenniums worth of "Those fuckers, our shit".

>> No.17970315

>> No.17970317

It is always "those fuckers, our shit!" with the Eldar.

>> No.17970355

>> No.17970360

Because it's always THOSE FUCKERS trying to take OUR SHIT!

>> No.17970494


If we give you Captain America will you forgive us?

>> No.17970570

Only if it's Captain America X Macha porn.
....what the hell is wrong with me?

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>> No.17970629



>> No.17970651




>> No.17970665

You're only allowed to give away the liefeld Captain America.

>> No.17970672


>> No.17970689

Precisely. Nobody will miss it.

>> No.17970786

Except that Macha will NEVER get laid.
Besides, Cap would probably save himself for marriage.

>> No.17970826

Actually he's a bit more loose about it than you'd expect. Captain America has gotten around. Though not as much as Tony Stark. This is old, I'm pretty sure Cap has slept with someone on this chart.

>> No.17970856





>> No.17970863

Ok, there needs to be about a DOZEN more lines connecting to She-Hulk.

>> No.17970886

To be fair, some of those lines don't make a lick of goddamn sense, why in the chuffing hell would she sleep with Juggernaut?

>> No.17970901

Well... BuckyCap isn't being used, she can have him.

>> No.17970916

Because Juggernaut has a HUGE penis.
That's why she slept with Herc I think.

>> No.17970939

No, sleeping with Herc makes sense, he's thousands of years old, and has laid a sizable portion of the population of Earth. His skill in the sack must be legendary. Juggernaut? Not so much, he's probably too rough.

>> No.17970962

Juggy can be a nice guy in once in awhile

>> No.17971012

It's not that he's nice/not nice, I mean up until Fear Itself (seriously, fuck that event) he was playing superhero, and he was damn good at it, but his powers (being unstoppable) don't exactly help in the sack.

>> No.17971040

Or they just make it BETTER... when his partner is another Super anyway. One who can take it.

>> No.17971070


I dunno, She Hulk is stronger than Thor and Herc...I think she wouldn't mind rough.

She kinda gets around herself. Not QUITE Stark level but a decent bit.

>> No.17971094

It makes me laugh that STARK rejects her advances.

>> No.17971115


Did he? I thought they got it on. She had a comment about how after this people would high five him and call her a slut.

Mind you, with those two I can't say both didn't happen at various points.

>> No.17971122

He did? What is he retarded or something? Even when she isn't She-Hulk, she still has all that delicious experience.

>> No.17971151

... Really? Considering her track record I'd high-five She-Hulk, assuming she was in her normal form, otherwise it would be more of a mid-five, also I'd be afraid of hurting myself, but I'd try anyway. A lady that successful deserves congratulations.

I liked her before the retarded revamp.

>> No.17971178


I think it was just sorta a comment on 'A man isn't seen badly if he's a man slut, a woman is'

Mind you, she seemed perfectly fine with it, more or less 'But who gives a fuck, I'm having fun, lots of it'

>> No.17971195

OH, crap, no, I'm thinking of WOLVERINE who rejected her... because she slept with Juggy. She promptly denied it.

>> No.17971209

... Okay, now I have to ask, why the fuck would she sleep with him? Yes, he's immortal, but he barely remembers what happened yesterday, much less how to make love properly.

>> No.17971290

They had just finished fighting some baddy or another, and Shulkie wanted to unwind. And hey. you can't break Logan.
Oh, and he's got pretty much all of his memories back by the way.

>> No.17971308

They come and go, you know this as much as I do, and a night in the sack with She-Hulk is probably enough to make them go away again.

>> No.17971311

Hoe did we go from Eldar to Comic Books?

>> No.17971329

Natural selection.

>> No.17971332

Someone wanted Macha to fuck Captain America, not taking to account that there are like a dozen Captain Americas.

>> No.17971352

When will you realize you don't NEED the other boards?

>> No.17971465

While on this strange comic stint... I'm pretty sure I knwo how Orks would react to the Hulk, but hoe would Da Boys deal with Shulkie?

>> No.17971585

They would be confused, would probably try attacking her, and then get their asses kicked.

Bizarrely enough, She-Hulk has a more impressive resume than Hulk does. He hasn't broken Cap's shield, She has. He's never beaten the guy holding the Infinity gem of Power, She has. Etc.

>> No.17971641

She also has a lot more control then Hulk. Also, her strength as She Hulk DOES connect to her strength as a human. The more in shape she is, the stronger She Hulk is. Not that, in this case, she's move out of Hulk mode.
But, raw power wise, she's A LOT weaker then Hulk.

>> No.17971741

boss got sum weird gubbins, but Boss is biggest and strongest, so Boss iz Boss.
HEY! You git! Wut da zog is a bubbly bath?

>> No.17971826

So SHulk's the ultimate Warboss almost waiting to happen?

>> No.17971848

Her resume is more impressive, but she's too much of a normal person to tolerate a bunch of rugby hooligans. Make them do her bidding? Sure, why not. Put up with their crap for long? Probably not.

>> No.17972015

I Da'no what a bath is!

>> No.17972070

What about world war hulk when he beat everyone including sentry? That was goddamn impressive.

>> No.17972091

Slapping the local Mary Sue in the dick isn't impressive, it just means you have something on the GM.

>> No.17972103

I wonder what its like to fuck an Eldar. They are said to be inhumanly graceful, so one can assume it would be that way during sex as well.

>> No.17972109

I'll get roight on it. GET DA MEKBOY. E'LL FIGURE IT OUT.

>> No.17972150

My pet theory goes with a bit of /tg/ headcanon, namely that Eldar have tremendous elastic strength (relatively speaking of course) and comparable fine muscle control.
Spasming, thrashing, pumping -lots of hard sudden movements that might be hard to keep up with. Superior positioning and use of body weight to limit your partner's movement is probably useful.

>> No.17972178

Based on deskripshons, i made someting'! I Kuldnt find "SOAP" So i used boiling lead, it bubbles nice and gud!

>> No.17972332


You dick! You can draw and you made that instead of Macha raping Captain America!?

Oh right, I forgot that Hitlermod bans all drawfags on site since the last time he tried to do anything creative he ended up accidentally getting buttpregnant.

Keep the struggle alive, my brother.

>> No.17972387

>> No.17972745

ROIGHT! Giv it ta da Boss! He-er... She? She gonna like dis!

>> No.17972857

>Oh right, I forgot that Hitlermod bans all drawfags on site

I haven't been on /tg/ regularly in two years.


>> No.17972869

>Oh right, I forgot that Hitlermod bans all drawfags on site since the last time he tried to do anything creative he ended up accidentally getting buttpregnant.

Since technomancer and his diaper Xeno stuff is still around, I must disagree.

>> No.17972877

>tremendous elastic strength
>fine muscle control.
>Spasming, thrashing, pumping
>lots of hard sudden movements

OH god yes

>> No.17972898

>from eldar fluff to eldar rules to comics to mod

/tg/, never change

>> No.17972921

A while back a mod banned a load of drawfags due to the massive amount of porn they were putting out. /tg/ got buttfrustrated about this.

>> No.17972932

Actually he banned a shitload of drawings whether they were posting porn or not /tg/ got buttmad over that

>> No.17973025

What I'd do if I was in charge of Eldar

>redo fluff. Remove soulstone bullshit, Slaanesh just straight-up killed 95% of the population. Eldar have not been moping like fucktards, but started cloning themselves to rebuild their numbers. Probably bought the technology from Vect
>The main problem with the Eldar empire is the lack of infrastructure, so they've turned to the easiest source of supplies: raiding the Imperium for everything from construction material to materials for weaponry to chocolate
>New main Eldar troop choice is Corsair, young Eldar raiders.
>Rename Guardians to Combat Engineers and give them defensive abilities and grav-plats as standard
>Move Dire Avengers to elites and buff them
>completely redo Aspect Warriors

tl;dr make Eldar less stupid

>> No.17973039


/tg/ will likely never be the same and that makes me so fucking mad that one piece of shit can in one e-peen fueled week destroy something that took eight years to make perfect. Fuck.

>> No.17973405


alternatively GW could man up and not fuck the race over like they've been doing for the past few years

>> No.17973415

No, that would mean that the space marines couldn't steam roll them anymore.

>> No.17973459

As an Eldarfan I have to respectfully disagree. Corsairs are a whole different army and should stay that way, although being able to take them as an elite or fast attack choice would be nice. Guardians should stay and just be made less crappy. And if there's one thing the Eldar need to keep it's the diversity of troop choices- including Avengers. Their troop choices just need to be less terrible is all.

>> No.17973600

Having said that... it would be nice to have corsair and craftworld lists in one Eldar codex. But as the corsair units are forgeworld, I can't see it happening.

>> No.17974068

Guardians can keep their stats, they just need a higher Initiative, hell, all eldar do. That would allow GW to keep their stats week but make them feel fast like eldar should be. And God damnit, I want my FLGS to sell storm guardian kits!

>> No.17974206

>they just need a higher Initiative

What Guardians really need is 18" ranges on their Shruiken Catapults, to allow them to contribute to a firefight without being rapid fired into oblivion. I'd also like to see them with the option to take up to four grav-platforms, one for every five models in the squad.

>> No.17974322

Speaking of speed... a major improvement for all Eldar would be to make fleet actually do something. They have an 'army-wide' ability that for most of them can only be used if they decide to kill themselves.

>> No.17974364

>make fleet actually do something

That should really be a change to the Fleet USR, really, rather than being specifically for Eldar. Something to make models with it faster than those who make regular Run moves. Maybe make fleet D3+3", for a total of 4"-6"? Or leave the distance as it is, but allow models with Fleet to shoot as well as assault?

>> No.17974729

I like! If standard shuricats went up to 18", Avenger ones might have to be 24", which would be all kinds of deadly. Now... how to make banshees good?

>> No.17974978

How about giving them the same save was Wyches?

Dodge: Howling Banshees have a 4+ Invulnerable Save against wounds caused by close combat attacks.

Another idea I've seen, is making the Phoenix Lord's "special ability" into another Exarch power, so Striking Scorpions can take Stealth, Fire Dragon Exarchs with Feel No Pain.
Each Exarch would still be limited to two powers, so only the Phoenix Lord would have all the powers of their Aspect.

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