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/tg/ is 5 years old today, so let's look back at all the awesome we've had.
Old thread here >>17960493
Starting this one with a storytime dump.

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Curse you flood detection, bane of image suppliers everywhere!

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I will dump these images, flood detection be damned!

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who doesn't like siege weapons?

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Helping with the image drop.

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always appreciated.
Wish the Birthday Thread in /x/ was going as well.

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Maybe we should send over Boxcar Joe?

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I've only tried demons and undead so far, but knock yourself out.

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I'm not even sure what most of these stories are from the names, but I trust Past Me's judgement of comedy.

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I don't know if it's "awesome", but without /tg/ there would have been no one around to help me make Engine Heart and then later badger me to make a print version available.

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Someone post the Grendel threats!

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Past Me's judgement of comedy and pure Awesome

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/tg/ getting shit done is awesome.

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outline them for those of us with bad memories.

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Incidentally, I think that is the first /tg/ picture I ever saved.

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Castus Grendel was an Adept in someone's Dark Heresy campaign that did some awesome shit and ended up becomming canon.

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my /tg/ folder is not as well-stocked as I thought, I think I'm into single digits.
Stupid duplicate files really cut me down.

That is pretty awesome.
Sadly, I can't help you.

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Well I don't have screencaps but here's the 1d4chan page

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Foie gras, mon amie.

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The person who wrote that is currently Questing on /tgchan/, by the way.

It's Bob.

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That's probably better than a sceencap.
Caps are more for nuggets of awesome than whole threads.

-1 for my picture count
Past You has great taste.

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Oh God, that ending.

How the fuck could he manage that?

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LUCHA! will not be occurring tonight due to DUPLICATE FILE ENTRY!
Why must things I find awesome be considered awesome by others also?
In the meantime, have some other monks.

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How much have you earned on that little gem of yours?

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So duplicate file poster was... Past Me.

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For all I agree with the OP of that image about THAT GUYS, he's one himself for pulling that. If the rest of the characters were having fun, why piss on it? That's the heart of gaming in bad faith.

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all of grendels stuff is on sup/tg/

It was basically the epic story of a very lucky and dedicated DH adept (bookworm) who...
>with a simple damn knife one-shotted a blood-letter (or was it a greater demon of khorne?)
>rode one of those metal-encased khornate mounts into an eldritch horror and sent the two down a bottomless pit
>with a then heavily upgraded knife, one-shotted another greater demon of khorne
>was ultimately whisked away to become an inquisitor

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I'm not so sure. If it's what his character would have done anyway, and if the other players were trying to get him thrown out of the game, then it's a perfectly reasonable thing to do.

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No, the first was a more powerful demon, above bloodletters iirc. HOWEVER! He later beheaded TWO bloodletters with a single swing of his trusty knife (GM gave him permission to make one swing at -20 WS)

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If everyone else wanted him out, then he's THAT GUY to that group. Pissing over the game proves it. If it's not your game, move on and let them have their fun.

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I think everything was fine until they attacked him.
He was just doing his thing up to then.

and i'm all out folks.

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If you read it again, you notice that it was in fact the other players that wanted to rob OP. So they are still a bunch of That Guys, he was simply prepared for their douchbaggery.

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It was a Charnel Daemon of Khorne.

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I'm always here, I just try not to namefag unless I have a reason to.

>How much have you earned on that little gem of yours?
About fifty bucks.

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Also did someone say Server Crash?

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Not a crash. A Glitch.

This means... they've changed something.

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izzat gross or net?

Capcha: latUfe commands
Yes my master!

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Wait, is it /tg/'s birthday? Because it's my birthday today! IT IS A SIGN.

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Net. I got a check for $27.88 last spring, and I'll probably get another one this year. IRS withholds a big chunk because I don't want to bother with registering myself as a company.

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It's /x/'s 5th birthday too.

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Just swung by /x/ to see how it was.

Then I remembered why I don't go there. Please stop reminding me that board exists

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Happy birthday /tg/!

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Is that a bird or a reptile?

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It's the absurdly oversexualized human form of Alexstrasza, the Aspect of the Red Dragonflight from WoW.

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trick question: who was your favorite namefag/tripfag during the years /tg/ and why?

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I'm streaming /tg/ related movies for anyone who wants in for this day.


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Me. Because I'm me.

But I kid. I liked RedBlackSpiderman. I miss his image dumps, but apparently he's dead now, which in a strange way is sad. It's weird knowing that someone you've talked to but never really knew is dead, and not only that but they live in a whole different part of the planet.

The internet is weird and fascinating.

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DLFG, the Archivist and the Collector for images.
Shas'o R'myr for making me laugh out loud, often.
MR. RAGE for being the voice of wisdom and occasionally making me laugh.
Any other even remotely decent name/tripfags are lost to the mists of my horrible memory, and/or never existed.

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here is a list a (not complete) list

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Not one in particular, but those guys who were in the rap threads were pretty cool.

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Mr Culexus

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Well hey, yeah these are familiar. gA for magic threads, then. DBvE has some decent thoughts. Curator and greenmarine for stuffs, and ww for shenanigans.
I don't care if you're Edward or just imitating him, you need to drink some bleach. Most of this list is scum a thin margin better than you, and that's not a compliment.

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Obviously Converto.

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Oh no, someone on the internet thinks I should commit suicide for posting on 4chan with a name. Whatever will I do?

Although to be fair, I have given out my trip code several times in the past, so it's not like this couldn't be someone else.

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Well, she IS the Aspect of -Life-.

Think about it

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Whoops. Too lazy to put the trip back on.

What did people hate about me anyway? I can never understand why people hated me anyway. Until I wrote something, of course. Everyone seems to like what I write, so that's good. I need to start selling it.

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You rang?

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Because you don't think before you post. Anyone else would've realized "Maybe it's a bad idea to talk about inadvertently masturbating my cat", but not you.

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Man, I still remember the 800k get. Has it been so long? How very fascinating.

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Most normal people aren't as autistic as you are, but you somehow manage.

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He, at one point, claimed it was a joke.

Given his history, I find that to be highly doubtful.

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Let's see if I have any screencaps that haven't been posted yet...

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Goshujin-sama, because Maid Quest.

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Most normal people aren't as autistic as anyone on 4chan. What's your point?

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That is not Alexstrasza. It is a personification of a Rathalos from Monster Hunter.

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I'd like to request the John Cloud Raven threads. Those are some /tg/ classics.

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alrighty then.

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sorry about the delay, internet didn't want to play nice.


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and 4. thus ends the saga of John Cloud Raven.

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Anyone else remember the original angry marines threads?

Those derailed from making douchebag jarhead marines so quickly it wasn't funny

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/tg/ don't you ever leave. I love you, and everyone on you too much. Happy Birthday.

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I'm not sure how I feel about JCR now.
On the one hand THAT GUY extraordinaire, on the other warrior for Humanity.

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Happy birthday /tg/

Wanna party?

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Happy Birthday /tg/

Never change.

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I remember dozens of them.

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Never change, /tg/. Five more years.

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Come to think of it, since the old thread 404'd we ought to be able to post pictures lost with it.

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part 2

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I'm sure someone already mentioned him, but Scriptarius and his crazy shit has served us well over the years.

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Wasteland Warrior

I think those two have contributed the largest sheer amount of awesome content to the board. Do you remember a time when either of them posted something not worth reading? I sure don't.

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That. Is. Beautiful.

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Storytiem is sort of great.

But you guys are forgetting the most important tripfags of all: Wikifag! He Who Walks Amongst the Wikis! We wouldn't have 1d4chan if it weren't for him. And what about Licorice? We wouldn't have suptg if not for him.

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How can someone be so good at sculpting gingerbread and so bad at sculpting green stuff?

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In honor of this anniversary, I'm finally getting some of my shit together and scanning in the campaign notes from a horror game I did last summer. The scanning is necessary, because I don't think I can do the same important textual things I did for the props.

Thanks, /tg/, for giving me some fond memories of wasting time while I should be doing other things, plus giving me a place to write a bit of low-grade horror that isn't the cesspit of terrible that is /x/.

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We wouldn't have the most badass emprah without you SE.

Still think emprahesque is the best /tg/ incarnation of him

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Shas'O Rymyr has some great campaigns for the less serious side of 40k between deffwotch and pimps in space.

Seriously wish more DM's could be like that

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I remember dozens of them

>> No.17977278

I thought metathreads was punishable by a ban.

Has /tg/ really become good again?

>> No.17977305

Not really the modnazi is probably not around is all

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Hey, guys. 'member me?


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Maybe it's the difference in scale or something. Hell if I know though.

>> No.17977446

Not to mention the texture difference.

>> No.17977455

Gingerbread is surprisingly easy to handle and shape

Green stuff is a bit if a bitch to do well I find but it is likely the scale was the major factor

>> No.17977478

Eastern Europeans have a natural affinity for gingerbread.

>> No.17977501

But he's northern european

>> No.17977572

But nazimod is dead, bro

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When was that deviantart message received? How old is it?

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Unless I'm mistaken, Assberryfaggot is Scriptarius' DA. Go ask him.

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heh, good times /tg/. Only thing I've ever contributed was the dnd paratroopers. (airship + window of escape) I have to say, thanks to you glorious mother fuckers for making me laugh, cry, and inspiring me to try DM'ing again. I'm a terrible DM, but it was worth a shot.

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Holy Shit, someone saved my get! That makes my day.
Also, holy god was that really five years ago?

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The original one was, there is a new one

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Not an RP story, but cool as hell

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