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Can you teach me to Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay?

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Pretend you are in the warhammer fantasy setting, create a role for yourself to play, play that role.

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Welp, we're done here.
Anyone wanna play FATAL?

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Yeah, sure. Roll for womb bleed-off.

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rolled 89, 2 = 91

Rolling for vaginal depth and circumference

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rolled 38, 95 = 133

Holy shit I'm in a hentai movie.

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This thread took a sinister turn

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Someone had BETTER cap the first 5 posts of this thread.

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Hey, I was just being a smartass, the rest of these guys are the ones that made this thread turn down weird avenue.

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In this context, "Rest of these guys" refers to "All of /tg/".

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Here you go.

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Yeah, that just ain't right.

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I wanna play Warhams Fantasy but I heard 3rd Edition needlessly complicated shit and I can't find a pdf of 2nd Edition anywhere.

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Both are fine. 2e requires less bits and is much easier to pirate though.

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That's the thing, I can't find 2e anywhere.

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Why not just play Dark Heresy or Rouge Trader?
Why the fuck do you care about Warhammer Fantasy?

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excuse me?

back the fuck up

warhammer fantasy is kickass and considerably less silly than 40k

you wanna play warhammer fantasy OP?
take these

of course they're second edition, not third

if OP isn't still around, I'd be happy to discuss or answer questions for anyone else interested in such

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hey lets be fair here

they are both as silly as each other

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Because 40k is retarded and Fantasy is the only good warhammer setting besides Gorkamorka?

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Not really, Fantasy is nowhere near the levels of full retard as 40K. That's the point of 40K after all.

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I wouldn't dream to say that Warhammer Fantasy isn't silly at all

I just think it's less fuck-all-over-the-top-jesus-christ-everybody's-dying-and-we're-all-30-foot-tall-superpeople-or-dying
-at-a-rate-of-200-billion-per-day as 40k

it's not grounded or anything, but it's definitely a bit more sensible

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Depends what you're talking about when you say silly.

It's not as over the top as 40k.
But there are many more pseudo german pun names.

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>Dunmer pic

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now that that's out of the way, has anybody been running a WFRP campaign?

how has it been going?
any exploits to sing?

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1) Kill a bunch of folks
2) Make a throne out of their skulls

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Nobody on /tg/ plays WFRP.
It's literally one of the most shameful truths about this board.

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hey, this is a FATAL thread, okay?

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thanks for the new pic

I have a shitload of warhammer fantasy pics and it's always great to see a new one

anyways, that can't be true

I mean, I know /tg/ likes Dark Heresy and it's spinoffs more, but there have been plenty of threads about people giving Fantasy RP a spin

I want some riveting tales, chaps

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yeah guess you guys are right
gonna fly to the mage skull tower of skully skulls on my pegasus, kill the skull necromancer of skulls, fuck all my towns people in the ass then send them to their deaths,take a dump a chaos lords infernal cape or infernalness, fuck the lady of my castle, fuck my lady again, watch some orcs fight themselves during a battle, find the holy grail, fuck an wood elf chick, kill a dragon, brofist the green knight and then retire and play for my local blood bowl team
feels good man

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>implying anyone noble enough to ride a proud and mighty Pegasus would speak in such a crass manner

You insult my people, sir, and that is a grave insult.

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I lost my nobleness when i started playing blood bowl, my lord.
stay your blade sir

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no blood bowl in the old world, only snotball.

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Here, have some Warhammer art.

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I run games of WHFRP when my group wants a break from Dark Heresy. So far they've lost one party member to Road Warden execution, the Coachman killed his own mother and the wizard has yet to successfully cast a spell.

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>Can you teach me to Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

See you sit really still and let people use you to hit things with.

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>Can you teach me to Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay?

read alot of the warhammer fantasy books, specially the ones collecting many smaller stories. they're quite excellent in getting the theme and mood fo the setting down and if your players haven't read them they also work wonders as sources for 'adventures'. just try to stay away from the more epic warhammer fantasy BATTLE-ish stories (incl. the later felix and gotrek, the earliest ones are quite fine though).

>awberso heresy
ehm, no captcha, not heresy.

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you are a gentleman and a scholar, sir

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Probably because the Fantasy setting is far, far better than 40k, and 40k is utter shit.

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The only time I remember anyone sharing a story about WFRP was this one guy who said he played a halfling vampire hunter who hid under a girl's dress and when she was about to get raped by some bandit he jumped out and shot em with a crossbow in the chest

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>So far they've lost one party member to Road Warden execution..

One players character once got himself dead by neck stretching from a hangmans tree quite early on in a story, I don't remember what he did tod esrve getting strung up on there though, so he just rolled up the Road Warden that actually got his former character hung as his next character and, while at it, saw to it to pass on the former characters nice soft leather boots, they sure didnt do him any good hanging there after all.

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Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay had (1st edition) had some of the most well written campaigns and 'adventures' for any game of its time (along with CoC), 2nd edition followed that up quite nicely. DH, RT and so on lack quite a bit when it comes to that, also their settings are so.. undefined and on a scale that makes the writters not focus enough on details, and oh are there details in the warhammer fantasy material.

DH and RT is fun, but it offers nothing close to what alot of the warhammer fantasy material do to its players and most of all its game masters.

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I really like that idea

it fits rather well with the feel of the setting as well


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anybody got the dl for 3e?

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thank you

it's really all the nitty-gritty details that make Warhammer Fantasy do it for me as a setting

the second ed rulebooks are some of the fluffiest I've ever read

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Is anybody running an online WHFRP game? I kind of want to give it a try.

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you need a shitload of weird dice to play 3e

I'm not even sure you can proxy regular dice to play, not to mention all the different cards and other miscellanea

I could be wrong, though

anyways, 15 seconds on /rs/ got me this

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I am

if I got enough players I could totally put something together

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There's also the fact that Fantasy can tell many different types of stories with various tones more than 40K and its constant in your face grimdrudgery will allow.

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shit, I'm horrible at telling them but there's alot of them. played WHFRP since 1st edition and we're still going strong today (when we find the time) and probably have 2-3 different WHFRP games/campaigns going with 2-3 more on hold. it's our go to game when we cant coem up with anything else and it just evolves naturally into missery and bitter irony, some times just much slower then others and you actually find the time to enjoy quite a bt of success, and some fame, befor it all comes around and bites you in the ass.

we justs tarted up a little dungeon crawling bit (that KARAK-something book) as one of our players where missing so we couldn't continue on the regular campaign; and the other players had already set the tone for the group with a norse man of questionable origins and allegiances, along with a twitchy mystic with a fondness of odd colored flames and ravens.. yeah, so I did myself a halfling, a halfling cook!

so you might wonder what a halfling cook might do with a norse marauder and a tzeentch cultist, hm? well, it so just happens that this little halfling had, along with his brother, spent quite some time as a cook for a band of ogre mercenaries (maneaters) and now are quite devoted followers of the maw them selves, particularly how it manifests in a hunger, and being immune to the mutating powers of chaos, they just love devouring the most fantastic and mutated of creatures.

oh, and he and his brother runs a meats and extracts wagon where the bowl of mystery stew is but a few coppers.

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E-mail in the email field. Let me know what comes of it, I'd be glad to join if you don't mind a player totally new to the game (I am mostly familiar to the setting, though, and the tone of the game).

In the meantime I'm gonna read the core rulebooks.

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>halfling obsessed with eating chaos


I really want to play more

got you written down
anybody else want to play some wfrp at some point? Perfectly willing to accept newbies

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yeah, well RT has a bit more 'space' or should Is ay 'void' to tell different kinds (tone/mood) of stories, but it suffers even worse from the lack of information and focus, alond really demands alot from the GM when it coems to imagination and just general knowledge of the setting, which also can be a bit hard to get as most of the information is more or less from the view of the space marines (bit more diverse now a days though with necromunda style books and such, still more fitting for DH). while DH is so heavily fixed in it's of little setting of being an acolyte with the quite limiting character advances suggested by the system (perhaps not for a D&D player but for any one not from the school of D&D character progression DH, along with RT, feels (can feel) very sufforcating).

Still, fun games for what they are, just wish GW would dare to give more, and expand the setting of 40K much more and give the GMs and their players more, details (not just weapon lists) on things (also I think they didnt quite knew what to do with RT and ended up missing alot fo what they should have done from the start, which are now, years later, starting to show up in its books).

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Currently playing a Dwarf Runesmith in a (heavily modified) Thousand Thrones campaign.

We're now about to assault a Necromancer's tower, as undead distracted us from killing Karl who we are pretty certain is a mutant or demonically possessed or something.

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Original OP here, I can't believe this thread came back like this. AND someone posted 2e .pdfs

You rule, /tg/

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Oh warhammer fantasy. Any chance to play you continues to elude me.

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ah, them thrones is what we are playing, but taking a break from as oen fo our players couldn't make it.

we have one dorf engineer (the professor), two students (half-half taking some of the professors classes, one a noble, teh other a 'horse-fucking' secret police/spy of the ice queen) and a wizard apprentice (student drinking buddy); ALL SQUISHIES!!!

yes, we can't fight (well now we can 2/3rds through, but we couldn't at the start of it) so we've had to crazy mad clever, and spend money for occational mercs and pump every conection we have for support and help constantly, which have turned into a really interesting campaing with alot of witch hunter conections (we've turned into semi-self proclaimed witch hunter henchmen/acolytes kinda maybe, with networks of conections and favors).

at one time we had the idea and opertunity to just fly (gyrocopter) Karl to the moot and have the moot halflings adopt him, but we actually wanted to know what the remaining 75% of teh campaign where about so we decided not to (there where more moments just like that).

we did get Karl to put his hand to the everburning flame at the temple of ulric at middenheim, that was a intence moment, waiting for the GM to describe what would happen (sigmar himself where untouched by the flames and surely if Karl where to be his second comming.. And if not, if he was a tool of untold evil, surely he would burst into flames, eight?).

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Anyone got any experience running a game anywhere but the Empire? Tempted to set a game in Araby/Tilea/Estalia (slaving and magic item-trading storyline)

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we have a small lustria campaign (on hold) and a border princes one that we've shifted to new characters, a sthe old ones took more ruling roles in the community. also that karak-something aint exactly in the empire, more close to the badlands i think?

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Sadly the lands beyond the Empire aren't really elaborated upon too heavily in WFRP.
I mean even /tg/ has occasionally expressed desire to finally see grorious Nippon and ching chong Cathay.

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they have some fan made material. but the parts with human civilisations do lack alot of focus and details (none to slim), where the not so human (lustria for example) parts can get away with it (plus there's some quite good fan material out for lustria campaigns, along with alot of great very well worked fan material in general for WHFRP 1st and 2nd ed).

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I'd rather want some much more in depth materials abour Tilea and Estalia. Shame 2nd ed never got a chance to cover them.

>> No.17963460


Of relevance to non-Empire (Empire too).

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Whoa that's pretty impressive

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Play dorf, you won't regret it.

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I'm running a game of WFRP, we took a break for Christmas, hopefully starting back up on Saturday. So far, the players have been given a baby born on Gehamnisnacht, its left foot a twisted claw. The thief left it by the roadside. A few days later, the party went into the woods to try and find a Toll-Keepers chest, found a sleeping giant. The Halfling shot it and woke it up. All of my wat.

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So... I know the Black Library 40K books are pretty popular around here... but...but... are there any good WH Fantasy novels too?

>Please respond

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The Vampire: Genevieve. Why ask?

>> No.17964265

SWORD OF JUSTICE is actually very good, there are a few others, but even less people care about the Warhammer Fantasy BL publications than the tabletop.

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If you need another, I'll gladly join up. Played WFRP on and off with some friends, but not often enough to build a proper character.

Currently we're three town guards, driving off local bandit camps and similar threats. (Base careers, really)

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holy shit, this is amazing
thanks for this

if that's any kind of real email, then you're written down as well, assuming you're okay with playing online

you're welcome, OP

I was hoping you'd happen back upon this thread

anyone else have any interesting stories or any unanswered questions?

I really wish WAR had turned out more like pic related

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I got everything from /rs/ are you googling right?

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Anything involving Skaven or Dorfs.

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got you written down as well

what time zones are you all in?

>> No.17964514

That's my number one fear.

>> No.17964532


GMT+1 for me. During the week, I only have a few hours in the evening, but as far as weekends go, I can be a bit more flexible.

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>Skaven or Dorfs.

The only reasons fantasy is worth paying attention to.

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>> No.17964649

EST for me

>> No.17964693


no prob, bro

always trying to support more WFRP on /tg/

way to go proving that /g/ doesn't totally not care about it

that being said, more tales! more inquiries!

>> No.17964751

>more inquiries!

Why not just play 40k instead?

>> No.17964805

because I can actually fight trolls in fantasy

>> No.17964807


40k's all well and good but sometimes you wanna branch out and try something else.

>> No.17964809

Question about weaponry in 2e: Are Great Weapons worth it? The "slow" quality doesn't sound like they'd be worth having to take the talent to use them.

Also question on character creation: How many GMs let player pick and choose things (to a reasonable degree) or do you all force ALWAYS RANDOM ALL THE TIME?

>> No.17964828

>40k's all well and good but sometimes you wanna play something better.


>> No.17964875

personally, I love having players roll up random characters

but that being said, if they really really want to roll up a character who is worth something in combat, I let them roll from the careers by role table in the career compendium

works out fine

>> No.17964880


Roll for three, pick one, is the way our GM does things. I find it to be the best of both worlds, slightly random but still player input.

Great Weapons are great (no pun intended) as long as you know how to use them. Going without a shield leaves you very exposed, tho, especially if you don't use parrying stance.

>> No.17964900

Which of the books in these three packages is the core one?

>> No.17964908

>> No.17964976


>Using Great Weapons
>Not having Dodge Blow

>> No.17965006


> dodge once
> no more options to evade certain death.

>> No.17965009

yes... more art

>roll for 3, pick one
I like that rule and may end up using it

I think it's the first one but I'm not positive
I'd say you can find the others on /rs/ but they were on MU

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>> No.17965045

>> No.17965059

>> No.17965080

Wow, my dwarf folder was a lot bigger before my hard drive got wiped...

>> No.17965081

>Using Great Weapons
>Not using Halberds

Seriously, is there ANY reason to use a spear or a great weapon over a halberd?

A halberd is cheaper than a great weapon AND it can do the same as either the great weapon or the spear.

Poor old Zweihanders are left out in the cold.
On the same note, why are gunpowder weapons so shit?

>> No.17965141


You need a different proficiency for halberds, for starters. I could be mistaken, but I believe more careers offer access to great weapons compared to halberds.

> gunpowder weapons
> shit
> not using double glorious blunderbuss action to sweep out half the enemy, then rushing in with your greataxe

>> No.17965160

what the fuck is this?

why is it so glorious?

I always thought the blunderbuss looked amazing
was I wrong in this assumption?

>> No.17965162

I see. I ask because I'm of the type who tends to come up with character concepts first then builds around that. I can work with some randomness if need be, life deals random hands sometimes, and sometimes random stat roll can get creative juices flowing, but WHFB's default looks like it gives zero input what-so-ever to the player in terms of making a character.

>> No.17965171

I don't actually think the core rulebook is in here anyway.

>> No.17965240

it leaves plenty open

it give you your past and what your profession was up to now, but it's up to you to interpret it

one of the most interesting things to do, I've found, is rolling up a character's parents and their professions

you don't have to stat them out or anything, just names, professions, and whether or not they're still alive are enough

that alone can get me thinking on all sorts of possibilities, like when you have a noble mother and a bandit father

which one of them raised you? under what conditions were you born? were you a child of love or just an accident from a moment of passion?

>> No.17965320

I supposse that is a fan made map.
Because half of those locations are real.

>> No.17965327

I think you've just got to go with the flow.

Working with the hand that was dealt to you by fate is a big part of what's good about WFRP.
I'm all for carefully crafted characters, but when I play WFRP I like to go with the dice.
As a GM I probably wouldn't FORCE a player though.

For the price and the proficiencies and the reload times, they seemed really sub-par.
Blunderbusses are great though.
And I guess you could pre-load a brace of pistols, fire them at the beginning of combat and not bother to reload.

>> No.17965333

What house rules do you gentlemen use? We do the following:

Hits to the head deal 1.5x damage. We've flirted with the idea of head hits dealing the .5x straight to the crit table.

We use the DH/RT/BC crit tables, to help differentiate cutting and bashing weapons.

Defensive Stance includes the benefits of Parrying Stance on top of the -20% to hit from your opponents.

If you're using a shield or second hand weapon, you can still take a parrying stance. This grants you two parries in a round.

Lightning Parry removes the parry limit per round, allowing you to give up as many attacks as you wish to gain parries. This combines with your one free parry from a shield/extra hand weapon.

All two-handed weapons deal 1.5xSB damage.

Gunpowder weapons double their damage rating (so from +4 to +8) but also double their reload time.

>> No.17965365

and you have to figure that these are the kinds of firearms that are only really useful in a large group and on a battlefield

not in a small party fighting another small party

>> No.17965410


That's partly how you would fight. A gun or four to be used at range, after which the enemy would be too close to continue using them. At that point you switch to melee.


We use a house rule where, if you flank someone (in the D&D sense of drawing a line between you and your ally, it going through the enemy), the enemy gets a penalty to their attempted dodge/parry. This to make flanking more worthwhile.

Heads tend to be less armored to begin with, so dealing extra damage there seems a bit too much... Then again, the chance to hit someone's head is lower to begin with, so it might work.

Gunpowder weapons are fine the way it is. The damage not being so great I could understand due to the quality of most gunpowder weapons being rather limited after some use.

>> No.17965430


My encounter with Skaven in a 2-square wide sewer system disagrees. Killing 4 skaven in 2 turns is a great feel, especially when the GM had hoped to capture our characters there.

>> No.17965457

True enough.

But when I play WFRP I want to see them get some use, rather than the normal spread of crossbows and bows like every other fantasy game.

The biggest thing that needs fixing is the price lists, I think.
The gold standard is eh, but there's other stuff which is just completely broken.

Side of meat - 'Half a cow, pig, sheep or goat' - 1 silver shilling
Cow - 10 gold crowns

1 cow = 200 sides of meat, or 100 dead cows


>> No.17965458


As it stands there's basically no real reason to use anything but a brace of pistols (for 1st round double shot discard) or the blunderbuss. The longbow (or lord the elfbow) puts out shots so much faster and more efficiently that it's superior to the rifles in every way; even if a rifle does ~2.2 more damage a shot on average from Impact and +1.

With our changes dedicated "do nothing but shoot" types still favor the bow, because the reload time on all gunpowder weapons is really high. But there's SOME benefit to the Hochland or Handgun, now, because if you only have one shot to hit, or one chance for a shot, they'll do obscene damage.

It might not work for all groups, but we just never saw any gunpowder weapons being used until the change.

>> No.17965474


Are those prices based on the Old World Armoury's economics? Because I seem to recall that source book improving things significantly.

>> No.17965488

That's the core book. I haven't checked out Old World Armoury properly yet, as I heard it suffered from much the same problems.

>> No.17965510

For every live cow there is a hundred dead. Such is the grim darkness of the old world.

>> No.17965512

Yes, it is. Perhaps I should have used no name in the field and been Anon?

>> No.17965516


Purely crunching the numbers, you are completely correct, but most of us played our characters for flavor. Having a gun is a lot more fun when trying to impress the girls than a bow is.

Also, rolling that 100 on an attack... SHENANIGANS!

>> No.17965565


I mean, I appreciate that - I'm a WFRP Player after all. My favorite badasses all started out as Charcoal Burners and shit, and I loved it. That doesn't mean I don't wish there was more distinction between all the weapons - this is a widely acknowledged WFRP problem.

Our group likes the changes well enough, and its lead to a more even distribution of ranged weapons. It also helps gunpowder weapons fill another role - while a bow is infintely better dealing with random bandits for the RoF when you fight something with high soak the damage can't burn through. Enter the always high damage (because of the +8 guaranteed) musket - it'll shoot slow, but it'll break through that soak.

>> No.17965633


I can dig that, perhaps not a bad thing to suggest to my GM.

>> No.17965640

I was thinking of using this price list in future for WFRP goods:

It still seems to be pretty heavily gold-based, but at least it looks a little more internally balanced.

>> No.17965886

So, who's everyone's favorite WFRP villain? Corrupt nobles? Dastardly rogues? Chaos cultists? Gobbos? Skaven?

>> No.17965919


Above all else, players should learn to hate and fear the taxman.

>> No.17965959

The one thing that bothers me is that there is only one kind of crossbow, besides the hand-crossbow, anything from a light horseman crossbow to a siege arbalests uses the same stat.

Has anyone homebrewed soem crossbows statlines?

I find a similar problem with all two handed weapons being the same, so there is no reason choosing a proper zweihander over a more reasonable sized yet still two-handed long or bastard sword.

>> No.17966141

The Necrarch vampires. Just gotta love the whole insane necromantic inventor thing they got going on.

>> No.17966462

Final boss of Warhammer

>> No.17966491

I reckon I may have peaked my WFRP players too early.

They're a bunch of random troublemakers in the Borderlands who've risen through the ranks of troublemaking scum to the point that they'd become the "Knights" of a Bretonnian noble who'd set himself up as king of a shitty town. The major threat was an ancient Nurgle cult that was out to free a Greater Daemon from its runebound imprisonment in an abandoned Dwarf Fortress. In a fairly lethal battle and with the help of the Noble and his soldiers and some ancient runic dwarf weapons, they managed to banish the daemon and the cult, bound to it, went with it. The Noble died and one of the party got named as his successor.

So now they're mostly just struggling with running the town and dealing with the shit that the Borderlands throws at them. Like a Skaven plot. Wherein the rest of the party got pissed off that the member of the party who's now in charge wasn't letting them take slaves as captives and so drove him into the depths of the Skaven tunnels alone.

They're quite into the whole slavery thing. Like I say, scumbags.

It's been a while since we've managed to play, but hopefully we'll be good for this weekend.

>> No.17966523

Heard the Time of Legends books about him sucked. Also, author didn't do proper research on some of the characters. So Nagashs bro4evar turned in to a backstabbing dick.

>> No.17966549

who cares what those crappy books say about the dread necromancer

>> No.17966606

Yeah, I like Nagash too. GW have treated him badly since 5th edition of WHFB, though.

>> No.17966633

Who can resist a man with a hat so festive?

>> No.17966756

I was in a WFRP 2e game on skype, it was really interesting though we'd only gotten to play a few episodes, then the GM disappeared because of school resceduals and i never got to play again

Another, Myself ( dwarven pit fighter) Some mercenary, and a merchant where at some coastal town in the nordlands, when Marauders attacked! We ducked inside a nearby church and bolted the place shut, which the raiders passed over for easier prey.

My glory hound dwarf had a brilliant idea.
Dere out in the town, That means their boats are guarded by like nothing! So the merc and i open the church doors and bolt down the beach to a rowboat, to board their longboat. My second genius idea was to drag the merchant with us, "COME ON LAD, FIGHT FOR YER TOWN!" Who was in no position physically to be able to resist me dragging him.

Our attack on the raider's longboats made the marauders call off their raid, grabbing what loot they can to take off after the almost absconded boats, which guards were managing to win so we dove overboard. Thee town was saved, for the most part, and we were hailed as heros.

>> No.17966962

Tales of the Old World is a perfect introduction to Warhammer for the sheer fact that it presents several different types of stories of various themes, adventure and heroism, mystery, madness and depravity, etc.
Also there's a really good one about dwarves called Honorkeeper which is mostly about the dorfs slaughtering elves all day and being pretty much justified about it.

>> No.17967082

Seconding Tales of the Old World.

Beasts In Velvet is awesome, but that's probably long out of print now.
I also enjoyed Death's Messenger and Forged in Battle

>> No.17967342


>> No.17967648

Did you boys say Warhammer?

>> No.17968028

So... elves.
Does /tg/ dislike Warhams elves just as much as any other setting's elves?

>> No.17968342

one thing I love about the Warhammer setting:


they're still the Tolkien be-all end-all, but everyone fucking hates them so much that it doesn't matter

in-universe they SOLVED chaos
it wasn't a problem until they had a civil war
you know who gives a fuck? nobody. 'cause fuck elves

that being said, they're pretty great

>> No.17968360


Obviously I'm only speaking for myself, but nope, I love Warhammer Elves.

High Elves have the mega-awesome, mega-manly fancy pants elves down perfectly. Dark Elves are awesome because Malekith is the rightful Phoenix King. And Wood Elves have the savage alien fae thing.

>> No.17968473

What was the Old World like when the Dwarves ran that shit?
I'm serious, I was really thinking of doing a campaign way back in the distant past when the dorfs were at their height but I don't think they tell you much about those days except how much better they were.

>> No.17968510

Crown of Damnation? Crown of Damnation.

>> No.17968554

did you say crown?

>> No.17968585

Great WHFB comic? Or greatest WHFB comic?

>> No.17968915


dwarf holds everywhere
knowledge of how to make anvils of doom was still around
possibly even more advanced technology
runic weapons and gold errywhere

let me see if I can grab a quote from somewhere real quick

>> No.17969182

I wish /tg/ would like the Warhammer Fantasy setting as much as I do. So much untapped meme and parody material in it that could spiff up this old board.

>> No.17969318

I keep checking in on this thread, and everyone says /tg/ hates fantasy? When did that happen?

We used to talk about it all the time.

so my post wasn't completely OT... here take some Cosplay/Larp Fantasy photos

>> No.17969337

I agree

well if we keep threads like this going, anything is possible

>> No.17969348

>> No.17969372


>> No.17969383

>> No.17969406

>huge pic is huge

>> No.17969437

I killed the thread didn't I?

>> No.17969510


>> No.17969520

no, but a bit of discussion accompanying your image dump would be nice

also, when did /tg/ talk about wfrp a lot? I don't remember this

regardless, instead of complaining, I'm just gonna try to keep up threads like this

anyone else interested in an online game? I'm perfectly willing to GM and have 3 potential players

>> No.17969595

>That feel when a moderately succesful WFB thread

It is a great feel

>> No.17969612

I realized that "recently" might be ~4 years ago... time flies by.

I've got nothing on the game (RP) as I only know bits of the Lore, most of my WHF experience comes with the tabletop.

>> No.17969616

Well, I would but I have no experience with the system and havnt played any PnP in almost a year.

>> No.17969661

isn't it?

>edict 99,050,000
why captcha that's over 9,000!

>> No.17969662

Had daily ones last spring when friendly tripfag Rapunsel created them and kept them bumped. Guess /tg/ scared her away.

>> No.17969675

as I've said before, newbies are more than welcome

I don't at all mind teaching new players the system

'tis indeed glorious

>> No.17969697

I had forgotten about that!

>friendly tripfag Rapunsel
Had useful information (that you could have gotten from a book)

Could be a huge twat though.

i.e. generic tripfriend

>> No.17969707


I remember Rapunzel thread, too many people got mad at the avatarfagging but I honeslty didn`t mind since he actually discussed about warhammer.

>> No.17969709

yeah, but those were whfb threads more than wfrp threads

while I personally like whfb, I don't play, so this thread is much more in my interest

>> No.17969724


Ever had that feeling when you recognise and love an art style but you can't remember or don't even know the name of the dude that drew it?

I'm getting that feeling right now. Who drew these grey drawings for the margins of GW books? They're fucking awesome.

>> No.17969749

I remember a picture like this where a bunch of guys were standing around and there was one guy in the middle who had an inappropriate weapon for their name and then he was shopped into a bunch of pictures.

I wish I could find that again.

>> No.17969759

Well, if you could leave contact information or something I could contact you about it or something tomorrow? Really need to get sleep now.

>> No.17969809


It was the middenheim noble with a hammer in the Swords of Ulric. I did some edits but then I lost them all due to formatting...

>> No.17969833


>> No.17969871


It didn't really matter since the joke didn't outlive the thread of it's birth. Still kinda sad...

By the way, a little off topic here, but anyone know how many new boards were added apart from /vg/? I can't ask in /v/ in it's current shitstorm.

>> No.17972181


gonna go play me some WFRP shortly

I am excite

>> No.17972422

I use these crit charts: http://www.windsofchaos.com/?page_id=19

Are they a bit more work?
Is it worth it?

In my 3rd session, after one of my players had run a campaign of Dark Heresy, they went into the forests outside Nuln, sent by their boss, the Circus-master, to find a little girl who'd been stolen from one of his shows.

They found her, sobbing between some thick roots. Three Beastmen found her at the same time, 5 players to 3 beastmen. I was confident they'd manage to survive but take a few bruises.
Two rounds of combat later, one Beastman has a hole in its head, the Halfling has spilt his guts over the little girl, the thief has fled the scene, the hunter is halfway up a tree and the Roadwarden is frantically reloading his pistol as the other two beastmen turn their attentions to him.

Beautiful. I'm planning to introduce them to the Night Market soon, and have a Necarch vampire come to town.

>> No.17972873

Bumping, for the Heldenhammer!

>> No.17973176

you do me proud, son

>> No.17973215

>Mfw there are no half elves or any other half breeds in Warhammer Fantasy

>> No.17973385

Why does a decreased amount of mary sues make you mad?

>> No.17973404

There's at least a couple of half daemons.

>> No.17973417

Only half-immortals get mary sue points.

>> No.17973448

>implying bretonnian nobility don't have wood elf blood

>> No.17973673

time for rape

>> No.17973677

>Implying they're faggoty half elfs.

>> No.17974208

This is the second time my people have withstood insult in this thread, and I shan't stand for a third.

>> No.17974216


Bretonnia: a place where the nobles are all uppity because they know they will never be as awesome as Sigmar.

>> No.17974404


>> No.17974455

That is a super lame insult, come on.

>> No.17974478


What, you want me to make shit up? Descended from Wood Elves? Implied in canon. Crazy stick up ass honor-bound? Shown. Never will one of them become a god? Given. Their god is likely actually an Elf? Yeah.

>> No.17974489

Hah! Truly one must be completely devoid of any sense of honor to debase oneself so.

A peasant cannot be blamed for his actions, though. He knows not to be foolish like a tree knows not to grow.

>> No.17974495

Hey dude what do you think about all these female knights in like, Tilea and Estalia and even the Empire and shit? That's pretty sweet, huh? Myrmidia seems like a really cool goddess, I like how she isn't obsessed with trees or lakes or shit but with practical warcraft and the advancement of knowledge.

Have you even considered worshipping her?

>> No.17974503


So, tell me, are the sticks up your asses actually your riding lances, given by other Bretonnian nobles? And what arcane rites surround this? Do they include prayers to your Wood Elf goddess?

>> No.17974517

Do these so called "knights" manage to hold their own in battle against us? Can their brilliant tactics or philosophies match Bretonian steel and horsemanship? No?

Then I dare not insult the proud title of Knight with their ilk.

>> No.17974526

>implying you don't get your ass kicked 24/7 by the Knights of the Blazing Sun and like it

>> No.17974550

Truly, a peasant's simple mind wanders to such odd places, though I could only deem it appropriate that one of their lot equate the mighty Bretonian lance with symbol of male power and vitality.

>> No.17974568


If by which you are admitting you fuck each other in the ass and then break it off inside, then yeah. But no, I was just implying you replace your spines with lances through gross incompetent body modification. Certainly would explain why your backs break so easily.

>> No.17974590

I'm sorry, the who? Ah yes, the filthy southerners who wander about, calling themselves knights and following some goddess of warfare or somesuch. They seem to fall to a Bretonian charge just as well as any other beast that masquerades as a man.

And I seem to recall our Knights not requiring the aid of our Goddess in combat. No, we should prove ourselves worthy to her, and only then shall we receive her blessing. But then again, a just reward requires one to succeed, something those southerners find themselves quite unable to.

>> No.17974612

Oh, silly welp. How could one such as you understand just how many spines shatter upon a fine lance before it gives way to the strain.

Or do you wish to compliment the Knightly resolve? It is hard not to if you've ever seen the glory of a Bretonian mounted charge.

>> No.17974623

Yeah that Knightly resolve is just so crazy good, you guys are so resolute. Congratulations on that. Especially those dudes in... uh, what was the name? Mousillon? Those dudes would never fall to corruption and have a vampire ruling over them for years and years: no fuckin' way would that happen.

>> No.17974645


Lances aren't designed for lateral pressure. Sure, they're designed for head-on collisions, but if you chop downwards with a sword, like SO... You're just holding a fancy club.

Since very few opponents attempt to break your spine by pounding on your head, you seem to be stubborn enough in your stupidity to make a greenskin look positively smart.

>> No.17974657

Currently Gming a game with a taste of Blackhearts and Game of thrones, players are prisoners on death row given a second chance at life providing they work for a noble(who's a tottal manipulative asshole) of a weakened house who aims to reclaim control of his lands and become an elector count and eventually, emperor.

Lots of stealthy missions and sometimes they find themself hunting for treasure to get favors and whatnot. The players consist of 3 humans and a halfling, 2 of them weren't really guilty of their crime, 1 was and 1's actually a spy for the noble who's keeping an eye on them.

>> No.17974678

Ah yes, Mousillon. Truly a tragedy within the otherwise pristine land of Bretonnia. A small, unfortunate blemish. Tell me, how fares your lands? Surely there are no wandring bands of murderous Norscans, Greenskins, Beastmen, and even banditry from your own people? What's that you say?

Ah, I see. Your lands are a great, infectious, weeping sore on the world. Well, not much more can be expected of your kind, I suppose.

'Tis truly a tragedy though, Mousillon.

>> No.17974688

>Tell me, how fares your lands? Surely there are no wandring bands of murderous Norscans, Greenskins, Beastmen, and even banditry from your own people? What's that you say?
Nah, not really. We pay them off or pay mercenaries to take care of them.

Marienburg, fuck yeah.

>> No.17974692


Yes. Because we happen to be YOUR buffer zone. The fact that you are not currently being assraped by Archaon can be laid at our doorstep.

But please, keep condescending.

>> No.17974703


So long as you aren't dealing with mutant children claiming to be Sigmar reborn and attempting to kill anyone who knows otherwise. Like an abbess of Shallya.

Then again, he does have some sort of control over minds, and all of his thralls are currently following him to Altdorf, so we simply need to get in a coordinated strike. If only we don't have to deal with blasted necromancers EVERY time we try.

>> No.17974722

Oh my! Who taught you these big, fancy words? And who allowed you to carry a sword?

I daresay your lord seems to be doing a rather poor job tending to his lands!

that sounds fuckawesome

let me go ahead and guess: the halfling did his crime?

>fuck fuck running out of bretonnian pics

>> No.17974769

Bretonnian, here

I'm off to bed.

good night everyone

I'll see this thread tomorrow.

>> No.17974775

By the lady herself, this thread shall live to witness the dawn of a new day! By King Charles I swear it shall be.

>> No.17974783

You sir, are chivalrous.

>> No.17976030

Bump in the name of Von Carstein.

>> No.17976214

>Bretonnian, here

But you posted the Greatswords of Averland aka REAL MEN not Sir Fuckface the Valiant who rose to nobility by stepping on witless inbred peasants

>> No.17976264

It's the nobility that's inbred not the peasants. And for the same reasons nobles are born nobles nobody rises anywhere.

>> No.17976359

Which Order of Magic does /tg/ like?

Light Order for me

>> No.17976420

>mfw my last character was a Bretonnian noble who made fast friends with an enterprising young engineer while questing through the Empire
>mfw, upon getting home and becoming the head of his noble house, he gave his friend the station of head war engineer and started bringing in Imperial warsmiths and churning out guns for the peasant militia
>mfw his relatives start getting buttmad, so he marries the sole elf PC and makes them even more assfrustrated
>mfw when they can't do shit because he's like the only dude in his entire house that seems capable of producing more than one son

I love this setting.

>> No.17976508

Amethyst, the Lore of Death. The end of all things.

>> No.17976549

You know this thread makes it pretty clear that there's at least a handful of people on /tg/ that do in fact give a single fuck about WH Fantasy, so how do we make these threads more consistent?

>> No.17976930

keep making them and eventually it will drum up more attention

>> No.17977028

Yeah, I would love to talk Warhammer Fantasy but I never played the RPG and only get around to play WHFB once a year. So I fear I wouldn't have much to contribute except some lore knowledge.

>> No.17977045

[spoilersdon'tworkontg] Having a good edition in print would help. [/spoilersdon'tworkontg]

But yeah, keep making the threads. Build it and they will come.

Anyway, I'm currently planning for a possible future campaign and I've made a list of inspirational material. Anyone want to add to it?

The Sad Tale Of The Brothers Grossbart
The Pied Piper
Children's Crusade
The Wickerman
Beast of Gévaudan (Brotherhood of the Wolf)
Wolf of Magdeburg
Solomon Kane
The Amazing Maurice
Sweeney Todd
Brother's Grimm
Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Danse Macabre
Götz von Berlichingen
Elizabeth Bathory
The Witcher
Pieter Bruegel the Elder
Hieronymus Bosch
London: A Pilgrimage

>> No.17977055

But the nobility of that country just gets buttmad if you bring in any advanced ranged weapons. There must have been enough buttrage flowing to flod the world?

>> No.17977063

I really wanted to do a game about the City Watch in Altdorf or Nuln, then I found out there were actually Black Library books written about that subject, basically Warhammer's equivalent to the Discworld City Watch. Still wanna play it though.

>> No.17977079

Should probably add more discworld books to that list.
Nightwatch especially.

Also I just remembered a french film called Vidocq which would be excellent inspiration too.

>> No.17977088


if you're gonna do ANYTHING based on Discworld you should make it about the wizzard's colleges of course

>> No.17977134


Right time-frame, right amount of grimdark, chaos mutations etc.

>> No.17977218

>Greatswords of Averland

ello me good smilin lads

>> No.17977255

Some advice for playing WFRP:
- lose the encumbrance system and just use common sense
- swift attacks are about the only thing used in combat, so either make the alternatives more attractive or nerf them a bit (there's an example in the core rulebook)
- use the riddle of steel prices for goods and services, the economy of WFRP is fucked up.

>> No.17977273

mah boy!

>> No.17977288


>> No.17977334

I've always wanted to do a Harry Potter-esque campaign set in the different schools of magic in Altdorf. The players would all start off as apprentice wizards and eventually each progress into whatever school they favored.

>> No.17977346

>mfw I'm the original OP and this thread is still here

>> No.17977348

I'd be in favor of that premise since chances are Harry would go insane or his powers would summon otherworldly beings of terror to obliterate him in the end.

>> No.17977420

Oh shit, this thread is still here? Nice...

Pic related

>> No.17977463

Yes there is flood-level buttmad. The campaign's not over, supposedly the GM wants the second part to be mostly about managing this whole setup, dealing with other noble houses and closer relatives that are allergic to change, etc. So far, the party is/has been (in order of appearance):

1. Forward-thinking knightly noble.
2. Older knightly noble (my character's uncle, dead).
3. Yeoman/manservant (whose player, I suspect, was heavily influenced by Vimes' butler).
4. Hyper-bro engineer.
5. High Elf sorceress on the run from something.
6. Glorymongering Estalian rake.

It's the first time I've played anything in the WF setting, and it's been bloody brilliant.

>> No.17977646

now those guys know what all this wizardry jazz is all about

>> No.17977659


>High elf sorceress

That's the PC you married right?

>wanting to marry a human

Brace for backstab

>> No.17977713

When Dreadfleet was announced I was kinda tempted to try a campaign set totally out at sea, the thing is though I've got no idea what the fuck happens out there. I know there's sea monsters and Dark Elf rape fortresses floating around but beyond that I don't think much has been elaborated upon in the fluff.

>> No.17977745


Abnett actually wrote a novel about Warhammer pirates, wasn't that good but it should be useful for throwing together a game out there

>> No.17977839

ma nigga

>> No.17978002


>> No.17978108

>Ulthuan isn't hollow

That is a really fucking clever touch.

>> No.17978145

>City of Vermin (do not go here)

>> No.17978256

expansions / supplements WFRP needs:

Nippon / Cathay / Ind

>> No.17978376

Kislev got one, it was called Realm of the Snow Queen.

>> No.17978435

>That feel when you just bought a good-as-new copy of the 2nd edition core book for $20

I'm not even sure if it was a good deal, but it's really difficult to find out-of-print stuff here in Denmark

>> No.17978482

Amazon has them as low as $10. New is $70 and up, though.

>> No.17978520

Are there any of those GMs from last night still around?

>> No.17978523

>not believing that women are incapable of betrayal or other complex stuff due to it being fundamentally contrary to natural female purity

Seriously though, somewhat braced. It does seem like this was planned, at least to some extent, by her. She's been lugging around this sword that my character is now wielding, and it seems like that's the reason she's running from something. Less braced for betrayal than for general bullshit, though.

>> No.17978603

I am. If you want in, just give me your email.

Or did you have a question?

>> No.17978629


>> No.17978705

Got you down
Time zone? Times available? Experience? Don't worry, none is fine.

>> No.17978728

Time zone Central, times available... erratic, but I know them two weeks in advance. I don't have experience with playing but I've read a fair amount of fluff.

>> No.17978767

Another guy from last night here wondering if I can join in to?

>> No.17979158

Sweet, this is still up.

Looking forward to the game, although I do wonder how easy it will be to run with the different timezones and whatnot.

>> No.17979165

kay, got you and your info recorded along with the other 3

sure thing, like I said before, I need an email and your time zone/availability info would be great

back home so I can accompany my posts with images again

>> No.17979186

my current plan is to accrue as many potential players as possible and see what works out from there

>> No.17979201

I'm Cryocron. Would you be able to email me, so we can start talking about character concepts and the like?

>> No.17979297


may not be able to today, but I will at some point soon

anyone have any more riveting tales or questions?

fff- dammit, I had one more Bretonnian picture...

>> No.17979356

What rules will we have for character creation? How will stats/career be determined? What races/nations will be available?

>> No.17979415

If any of those GMs are still around I'd like to play. Email's in the field, I'm available most nights. I've never played before but I've glanced over the rulebook a couple of times and WFRP sounds like a lot of fun.

>> No.17979416

Personally, I love having players roll up their characters in WFRP, but we can go with another anon's idea of rolling 3 characters and picking the one you like best

I have the character folio for rolling up names, any of the 4 races are available unless someone wants to do something weird and run an all orc campaign or something (not something I'd be against)

I also have the career compendium for career rolling and, as I said before, if you really have your heart set on having a fighter or a ranger or something, you can roll on one of those tables they have on the back

basically, I'll walk you through character creation partly to help new players and partly because I just love doing it

hell, I'm up for just rolling up random characters with people, then fleshing them out I love it so much

>> No.17979439

got your info as well, time zone?

>> No.17979463


>> No.17979469

To be honest, when I have a character, I'm probably going to be adamant about playing the career and maybe attribute set that I have in mind from the beginning... could we, after rolling, still place the rolls in the stats of our choosing?

>> No.17979561


>> No.17979702

noted, thanks

There's always Shallya's mercy, and it's not like you can't get better through advancement

one of three reasons: they're useful to have to huck at someone during a fight, he likes cutting apart opponents or captives in fun and interesting ways, or maybe he just fucking loves knives, okay?

>> No.17979725


>> No.17979737

so having lots of knives is crazy but wanting to cut people up in interesting ways isn't worth noting?

>> No.17979760

Why is it that you enjoy randomness per se?

Also, if you're curious, my ideas at the moment are for a disguisedly female Bretonnian knight-errant or an elf wizard. Though the latter is harder to pick up without any supplements on elven culture at all, and the Realms of Sorcery book wholly ignoring elven magic...

>> No.17979786




>> No.17979837


He's clearly a D&D adventurer, thus requiring him to have a +2 Orcslaying dagger, a silvered dagger, a Good-aligned dagger, an Evil-aligned dagger, a Law-aligned dagger, a Chaos-aligned dagger, an adamantium dagger, a flaming dagger, a frost dagger, a knockout-poison dagger...

>> No.17979931

Mr Rage, did you forget to put your name on?

>> No.17980008

I enjoy the randomness because you get to watch a character slowly come together. You get lots of different parts that come together to make a whole, then you go back and come up with your own reasons for their origins.

It's like looking at a really interesting picture of someone. You look at everything about them and wonder why they're doing what they're doing, how they got there, what happened to that part of their face.

>> No.17980013


>> No.17980018

Not that guy, but I think in WFRP it's best not to think anything up beforehand and then just use your dice rolls to spur your creativity.

For example I roll a human:
Tollkeeper or Roadwarden.

Stats are

WS 25
BS 29
S 35
T 23
Ag 38
Int 24
WP 31
Fel 32

12 wounds

Resistant to Disease and Savvy.

Decent strength and agility, rubbish toughness and intelligence. BS better than WS
Fellowship's not bad.

I could put my Shallya's Mercy on Int, boosting it up to 35 with Savvy, then go for Tollkeeper and head for Politician
Or I could stick it in WS or T, go Roadwarden and then Outrider or something and use that decent Agility for sneaky scouting purposes.

I wouldn't do this in all RPGs, but I think it's in the spirit of WFRP.

>> No.17980038

EU UTC+01:00

Not sure the timezone thing is correct.

>> No.17980052

Is it a policy you particularly want to enforce for everyone?

Also, do you have any instant messengers?

>> No.17980090

truly the deadliest of dances

I absolutely agree with this gentleman as well

>> No.17980336

Actually... where can the most fluff on elven culture be found, particularly in the area of elven magic?

>> No.17980629

Pretty much just their army book.

>> No.17980657

First Ed. had it.
Second Ed. only says "shit's way overpowered, fucking elves" and leaves it at that afaik

>> No.17980726

Drat. Should I stick with some other class, then? I sort of like wizards...

>> No.17980899

Sigmar's name this thread is making me really want to get my 3rd ed game back up and running.
One Warhammer newbie, one semi newbie and one veteran pc and playing through Eye for an Eye.
It was fantastic.

>> No.17981170

there's a small amount in realms of sorcery

I'm on meebo now as waaghummer

anyone interested in wfrp can contact me there

you should just roll up something, trust me, you can use that as an awesome springboard

fuck yes new art

>> No.17981227

It seems to say you're offline there...

>> No.17981309

make sure it's two a's in waagh, not three

it should work now

>> No.17981376

Can you message me as Dracocron? I'm still getting nothing from your end.

>> No.17981437

There we are, all up and working.

anyone wishing to play WFRP online at some point or wishing to roll up a character or anything may contact me on meebo at waaghummer

in the meantime, anyone else have any stories or art or questions they wish to share?

>> No.17981614

How does a Bright Wizard sleep without setting his bed on fire?

>> No.17981630

>implying he doesn't like his bead to be on fire

>> No.17981820

>> No.17981898

they don't have beds, they sleep in the fireplace

>> No.17982099

Any of those GMs still looking for players?

>> No.17982188

I'm still here

email, time zone, time availibilty, experience please

>> No.17982324

GMT -8 (Pacific Standard Time)

For the next month, MWF 7:30a to 11a

No experience whatsoever. I do have the core rulebook and the Old World Bestiary, which I was thinking of running for my players someday.

>> No.17982539


>mfw when said "High Elf" turns out to be a Dark Elf that wrecks your shit.

>> No.17982701

>> No.17984584

got you taken down as well

this thing is fantastic

>> No.17986852

LIIIIIIVE! In the name of Constant Drachenfels!

>> No.17987427

WFRP should let you play as a lizardman

>> No.17987876

fuck yeah

I'm not even sure what that would entail, exactly, other than fighting skaven.

>> No.17987890

Fighting various dwarfs, humans, and elves (those fuckers) invading Lustria to steal Lizardmen gold and relics (our shit!).

>> No.17987909

Lizardmen hate Dark Elves and Skaven more than the other guys though, with the latter they're more like 'get off my lawn and don't take my lawn ornaments' whereas, with the former they're more 'I'LL FUCKIN KILL YOU DEAD BITCH'

>> No.17987923

Yeah but how do you... interact with your fellow lizardmen?
How rigid is their caste system? What's the lizardman psychology like?

>> No.17987945

>How rigid is their caste system?
You seem to pretty much do whatever it is that you are good at. Conveniently, you are usually spawned color-coded to tell you what you are good at.
>What's the lizardman psychology like?

>> No.17987985

wth, thread still alive!? consider me surprised.

about the random rolling; it's a great tool/source for inspiration. many times have I not had any character concept just to have the randomness hand it to me. usually I end up changing some of it as a concept emerges from it all but I'd probably never came up with the character if I hadn't started rolling about in them charts.

>> No.17987993

Didn't /tg/ actually do Lizardman Quest a long time ago or am I mistaken?

>> No.17987997


then why play as them? I don't know, I just usually want something more from my game then "DEFEND THE TEMPLE! SSSSSS!" and I'm having a bit of trouble imagining what else you could do

>come at me

>> No.17988005

This is the Charlton Heston of the Lizard people
"Sssss you can take thisss staff from my cold dead handsss!"

>> No.17988015

Well surely their hunters are intelligent and cunning right?

>> No.17988041

>then why play as them?
To make reptile puns. You are talking about 8ft. tall killing machines and 5ft. scribes who don't have a problem picking up sharp things to stab people at a moment's notice. All of whom bicker over incredibly minor things, and problem solve arguments via "mace to chest until someone is too tired to swing again". Have the campaign be all serious, but Lizardmen lets you have some fun with the characters.

>> No.17988245

>lizardmen as predators
Holy shit YES

>> No.17988410

you're telling me it hasn't been done that way in any of the fluff?

>> No.17988966

I'm really not very familiar with lizardman fluff past their premise as ancient defenders of ORDER made by OLD ONES


>> No.17988983

oop, thread has reached it's bump limit

well I guess I'll start a new thread later today if nobody else has

>> No.17989233

That is beautiful, absolutely beautiful.

And yes, iirc there are chameleon like man-hunter, so invisible lizardmen with blow-guns basically predators.

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