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/tg/, for my next character, I'm going to be playing a girl who went to so many funerals as a kid that she gained funeral powers.

I need a name for her. I can't think of anything appropriate that isn't too obvious.

pic kiiiiind of related but not really

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Funeral powers?

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Wee lil' Jesse?

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OP needs to elaborate on "funeral powers"

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Amber (dead stuff in tree sap, preserved and locked away.)

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Georgia Lass.

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Tot is german for dead, so something with that

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>Wee lil' Jesse

Nope, gonna be a warforged, not going down that path again. Renegade Mastermaker all the way!

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"Funeral powers" just makes me think she's really fricken efficient at burying dead people. After she makes them look pretty of course, and says a short insightful speech about them even though she's never fucking met them.

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When we were in middle school I tricked my friend into making a character named Tranquil Labia

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Eyptian? Kiya, Khu
Chinese? Naomi, Yukiko, Choi Young
Celtic, Irish, Geilic? Nuala (NOO uh la), Ru`adhnait (ROO uh nit), Neacht (NYACHT)

English? Samantha

>Your welcome OP

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Miriam or Abigail is fine. You could even call her Lucy, for it is just a name.

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>Chinese? Naomi, Yukiko, Choi Young
What the fuck am I reading.

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Funerella. You know it to be true.

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Deathie Muderbell

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Funeral powers?

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What the hell are "Funeral Powers?" do you mean Necromancy?

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I assume she has Summon Hearst I and Cremate as spells.

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She can bury anything that is dead.

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So she's essentially a Cleric built specifically to deal with Undead? This actually sounds like a good prestige class.

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Oracle of Bones, Pathfinder. Pharasma would be a good primary deity.

Alternately, Sorcerer with the Undead bloodline.

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I'm getting hints of The Graveyard Book as inspiration for this. What's the setting? Medieval fantasy, modern fantasy? That's probably more important than her powers. The world names you, after all.

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I never got that "undead" is your power source thing?

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>Undead bloodline.
What in the actual fuck.

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Even though most undead can't reproduce, nothing says that a vampire with enough blood can't have certain functions work properly. In fact, wasn't this the case in WoD? Also, being tainted by an undead touch can have effects on an unborn child easily.

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Although I'd like to think a character could say "My daddy was a skeleton".

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Lucy Westenra.

Because fuck, I don't know. I've been reading too much Dracula.

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It doesn't have to be direct link to gain power through a bloodline. Being born on certain days or nights, seventh son of a seventh son, ancestors worshiping ancient gods, tainted blood from way back, or being born in the wrong place at the right time can be great background bits.

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Funeral Powers: her blasts are fluffed as making headstones fall out of the sky on people's heads?

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I'd carry around a vorpal shovel.

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She needs to have a flame attack called "Funeral Pyre". Just a bit of damage type diversity.

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>/tg/, for my next character, I'm going to be playing a girl who went to so many funerals as a kid that she gained funeral powers.
First off, thanks for my next M&M character.

Second, funeral powers sound awesome. How multiply proficiency is she? Can she like carve coffins in seconds, chip headstones in minutes, adjust the collar of a corpse and have it looking pristine and only-just-dead?

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Nah, man. We should work the full 'funeral package'. I imagine it can all be done with spells, everything else can.

>Create Pit
>Gentle Repose
>Summon Monster
And so on.

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Go on.

>for my next character, I'm going to be playing a girl
That's ok.

>who went to so many funerals as a kid that she gained funeral powers.
If this is an applicable way of gaining powers...


Then why don't all of us have masturbation-related powers?

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Summon Mourners: Summons 2d4 Mourners. They do nothing but mourn for the dead and get in the way.

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Maybe you only get powers from going to funerals. Just because a little girl gets powers from going to lots of funerals doesn't mean that someone who masturbates a lot will get masturbation powers.

The funeral powers phenomenon (FPP henceforth) could be unique to:
>the age she attended funerals
>her, specifically, she is the only one who can undergo FPP
>the number of funerals she attended (either total number could be inordinately large or a specific number and no more/no less could be required)
>the kind of funerals she attended
>where/when she attended the funerals
>whose funerals she attends

Really, there are too many variables for your question to be a logical extension of the premise.

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That's what Summon Monster was for, but I like your name better.

Better throw in Greater Planar Ally too, so we can summon up a Trumpet Archon to play the music.

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>Then why don't all of us have masturbation-related powers?

Do you honestly want that kind of powers?

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Wait, why did she go to so many funerals? Was she a professional mourner? Those people who get paid shit wages to bulk out attendance at funerals?

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Maybe she just went to a lot of funerals.

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The number of funerals you need to go to in order to earn your funeral powers are dramatically less than the number of times you need to masturbate in order to earn your masturbatory powers.

In each case take the average amount of funeral attendance/masturbation and find the cube. That should be your goal. Now get spankin'!

captcha: spake orkenot

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>First off, thanks for my next M&M character.
Also shit, OP has fucking infected me here, I really want to play this character so badly.

I haven't played a superhero game since my immortal suicide bomber but this is just great. I can have a limitation where I need to attend like, three funerals a week and my powers change depending on who the funeral is for and all sorts of shit.

God tier idea, OP, but I'm not gonna be able to resist stealing it it.

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OP here, I just got back. To answer

Her entire family of like a gazillion people all died from plague, and she had to each, individual funeral for them, and then she got a job as a gravedigger because there weren't enough people left in the village for the job to go to someone who wasn't a teenage girl.

Second, funeral powers include trapping enemies in coffins they have to escape, fear and paralyzation effects, summoning falling headstones, and summoning thousands of obsidian butterflies that explode and damage everything near them.

I could use some more suggestions for powers that make sense. I already stole Summon Mourners.

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OP again. People seem to like this idea, so I'll post the picture of her I drew. Any suggestions on things to add? I'm a terrible artist, so don't say anything too difficult or interesting.

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I would get rid of the obsidian butterflies and replace it with like lilies and black roses with the same effect.

Some kind of funeral dirge thing that debuffs/incapacitates enemies might be a good idea. Same deal with a chant - dust to dust, ashes to ashes and all that.

The supernatural ability to help people with their grief if you perform a funeral for them. Like you can influence them with any emotion you want so long as they attend a funeral you're performing.

Turn anyone's gear into suitable funeral garb.

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Also: you could have different themed attacks depending on methods of corpse disposal. Like a fire attack for cremation, an 'earth swallows you up' attack for burial, the ability to summon a flock of murderous carrion for sky burial, poison effect for liquidation/dissolution, slow/binding effect for mummification, etc.

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Everytime someone talks about graveyards and powers

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stopped reading there

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OP again, Samantha sounds like the best bet. It just has a little ethereal quality that the other names don't have.

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I'm stealing this idea, OP

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>/tg/, for my next character, I'm going to be playing a girl who went to so many funerals as a kid that she gained funeral powers.

You're a fucking idiot.

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>funeral dirge thing that debuffs/incapacitates enemies

I know this character probably isn't for Pathfinder, but there's at least one Bard archetype that replaces the buffs caused by Performance with debuffs.

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