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Does anyone play Wraithguard heavy list?

How is it going for you?

Also, tales about deeds of the dead eldar general.

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are they still sold in individual blisters? I remember the old Iyanden being expensive as fuck to make

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I believe you can buy a pack for 55 to 65 but I am unsure. I've tried it on Vassal, but never in game. Too expensive.

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Yes they are. 9,5- 12,5 euros/blister here.

I remember reading Iyanden players blog on warseer.com during 4th edition and I really liked the gameplay of his army.

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Go on.

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I'm pretty sure buying all the models necessary for a full army would bankrupt most small countries.

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I always promised myself that if I ever played a(n) (Craftworld) Eldar army, it would only be made of Wraithguard and Wraithlords.

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sexy ones. with round butts and slender waists.

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I want my Wraithlord to surf on top of Falcon.

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I think I'm sitting on 10 or 12 of these guys, bought them over time, a long time ago. Like Iyanden flavor but never finished my eldar army.

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i have a guilty pleasure.... buying wraithguard on ebay for $10 or less each even if i have to strip them.

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Have fun buying all those Wraithguard. I feel really sorry for Elfdar and hope they get a plastic/finecast kit for them that isn't 1 model. Other then that it's a pretty decent build. They can work well with Wraithseers I guess. T 6 3+ with FNP is crazy.

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at some point my 2000 pt army will be as follows:

x20 wraithguard x2 spiritseer
x20 harlequins
x2 wraithlords

all will be painted up like harlequins

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I have been collecting Iyanden themed list and now I have the models needed to complete it:

3x Wraithlords
20x Wraithguards + 2x Spiritseers (warlocks)
1x Farseer
1x Avatar
(+10x Warp Spiders)*

I have the models and it took about 3 years to collect it bit by bit. Two of the Wraithlords haven't been glued together yet but evertyhing else has been built up. Painting is the next step.

It has been 2 years since I last time played 40k. Just got fed up. I was playing with Daemonhunters back then on Hard Mode.

Last weekend I had my first three matches with them. It was supposed to be a small tournament with 1000 pts total. That equals 1x Wraithlord with Wraithblade & Scatterlaser, 20x Wraithguards with Spiritseers and Conceal ability and 1x Farseer as compulsory HQ unit with Mindwar (might have been fortune) & Singing Spear (I don't have the list at hand so can't verify this was the exact build).

But when I got to the tournament grounds I was informed that the point total was 750 pts. So I was just turning on my heels and heading back home when the judge asked me why wasn't I staying? I told that my minimum 2 troops would go over the 750 pts. He was bit suprised about this and asked what was I playing with and I told it to be Iyanden themed list with Wraithguards, Farseer & Wraithlord. He then gave the permission to use the Wraithguards as a troop choise even under the 10 Wraithguards minimum. I was happy that I could play and had to tweak the list a bit. So off there went 4 Wraithguards from both troop choises and Farseer got the Fortune and Runes of Witnessing. Then the list was good to go.

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Tournament was 3 rounds:
Round #1:
Was against Tau with 2x Devilfish with Fire Warriors, 2x Broadside Battlsuits (Railgun & Smart Missiles) + Shield Drones and Commander with Cyclic Ion something & plasma.

Wraithlord took quite heavy hammering from broadsides and fell quickly, Wraithguards managed to advance slowly to objectives and were hammered down one by one. The T6 isn't much against S5 rifles. Farseer took hit from Smart Missiles before she managed to do anything. Overall total loss of the game but it was first time for me to play with Eldar and this kind of list.

Next was Round#2:
Necrons... Overlord + 10x Immortals, 2 groups of 5x Necron Warriors, Some teleporting Cryptek and 2x Barge thingies that shoot like hell when rolling 6.

Game started bit poorly and other Wraithguard troop was downed to two Wraithguards on the first turn from shooting of the barges. Farseer tried to have a mind war with Overlord on few occasions Farseer failing all of them. Wraithlord was running towards the Immortals & Overlord and after few round managed to get close, burn them with 2 flamers, shoot with the Scatter Laser (doing 17 wound, Necrons saving all but 5 and 3 of them came back at the end of phase). Then assault to close combat where Wraithlord failed leadership test against some Overlord ability and Wraithlord did harakiri on the spot. Rest of the game went quite badly as the cryptec deep striked with warriors and hammered the 2 wraithguards left down and barges kept shooting the rest. Total loss but the game was fun.

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And the last Round #3:
Against Grey Knights. 2x Dreadnought with Twin-Autocannons, 2x Razorback with Twin Assault Cannons, Xenos Inquisitor and basic Grey Knights with swords and 1 hammer.

I got the first round and Wraithlord managed to Immobilize 1x Dreadnought with Scatter Laser. Wraithgurads walked in cover with the Farseer. Next round Wraithguards got a bit of firing from Razorbacks and a Dreadnought. On my following turn I thoght that I should go and rip the Dreadnoughts with Wraithlord-melee and started running towards them. Farseer threw her singing spear towards one of the Razorbacks doing "Stunned" result but it seems to not matter with the GK vehicles. Following turn was quite spectacular as the Razorback fired the Wraithlord, hitting with 3 shots and rolling triple-six. So no saves and 3 wounds make the Wraithlord quite a dull boy. Now I have two hammered down Wraithguards being assaulted by Greyknights. I thought that the game would end on round 2. But somehow gurads managed to hold themselves together up untill round 5. When last of them fell. So total loss.

I held the last place in the tournament and was proud. Hadn't had that much fun for a long time with playing with minis.

Here were 3 shorts stories of my battlefield experiences with Iyanden list.

*Warp Spiders are there just to fill the list over the standard 1500 pts if playing with higher point total.

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I have to suspect that wraithguard armies aren't hugely competitive...

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Well, I'd like to do this.

But after those battle reports I'm not sure If i want too

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Yeah, I'm thinking wraithguard need some tactic other than 'walk into enemy fire until they die again'.

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As hilarious as it is to watch, Yes. I'm not sure I want to drop $200+ on a new army just to see it consistently slaughtered.


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Wasn't the classic footdar tactic to put shadowseer'd Harlequins in front? Mind you, would that achieve anything now except to give the Wraithguard a cover save?

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Dark Eldar up in this bitch too!

I've recently made a 1000 point Wych Cult army for a story campaign. Shit is so much fun. My strategy is torrent attack, and having fleet & combat drugs on the entire army is brilliant.

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Your nice Elfdar cousins are totally jelly of your shiny and competitive new codex.

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It's cool, you guys will get your update at some point and continue to scatter laser my paper planes out of the sky.

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Yeah, we can blow you guys up I guess...

mfw I really want to be killing Marines with my overcosted weaponry


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How to make an Eldar player jelly in four easy steps: a guide for the Deldar

>now, before we start fighting it's only fair to point out what I've got
>so, three lances here, another three lances here, another couple of lances here...
>yup, same stats as your bright lances. Oh, except mine are BS4

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Wraithguard are great but you REALLY need to know when to stop. In 1500pt games 1 squad of 10 is all you need: more than that and you just cant support your T6 troops. They need babysitting, by that I mean bubble wrapping! Wraithguard tactics boil down to protection from long range ordnance and protection from high strength assault units, you need to be able to handle both of these problems with the rest of your army to get the wraithguard into 12" killing range, if you get them there and keep them there for several turns you WILL win the game...

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Nagger, you could buy a car for that.

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Wraithwalls either succeed amazingly or just get crushed. Some kinds of lists they just can't deal with (high mobility), while other lists and armies they are unstoppable against. It also depends on how much cover is on the table (more is good).

The entire strategy revolves around how you can pull off multiple volleys from your wraith cannons. In order to do this you need to keep them out of combat. In my experience the best way to do this is to throw three wraithlords at the front, charging forward with swords. They'll absorb heavy weapons fire and prevent the enemy from engaging your wraithguard while they are still alive. In addition to this, I normally keep a solid squad of scorpions with farseer behind the wraithguard wall as a counter assault unit w/ doom support, once the wraithguard finally get assaulted. Use wraithcannon and the lords to destroy elite infantry and powerful vehicles, and then use the scorpions with doom and/or fortune to mop up the remaining infantry.

If you can, try and get a cheap troop like rangers in to sit on your home objectives, so that you aren't wasting a 400 point unit standing around doing nothing.

Eldar are hard pressed to be competitive right now. Wait for 6th ed / next codex, which should hopefully be coming soonish.

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6th ed's soonish, but the codex? Late 2013 seems the earliest possibility...

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I just like wraith lords.

They're so cool.

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Very much this, I also use a wraithwall every game I can, I tried a number of things to maintain that sweet spot, nightspinners for dangerous & Difficult terrain was useful but lacks killing power.
Guardian bubblewrap stops them getting assaulted for ~1 turn (use it well) and I use meched warlocks for the counter assault wraithlords go down horribly easily in 5th, as the cover rules punish monsterous creatures and reward everything else.
I dont bother camping objectives whole army moves as one regardless of mission objectives anything else is just begging for a tabling sadly.

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My favourite wraithlord story?
>turn 1 - kill vindicare with a bright lance
>turn 2 - do the same to a stormraven
>turn 4 - punch an (eversor?) assassin to death. Was the one that pops out of one of your units.
and that is how 155 pts of wraithlord took out 600 pts ish of grey knights.

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I'm going to be honest: If you're going to do a Wraithguard army, you'll need to invest in resin casting. Just find someone who already does it, and ask to use a bit of their resources and expertise. Once you have a good mold, you're set, and can do this shit at home.

just buy one or two models, and break it into one or two sections, then cast them in one mold, or three models/mold.

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Since Wraithguard can be also used as elites, why not have two squads at 10 and two squads at 5, and stick the elite-slot ones in transports? then they can zoom around and take things out, surgical-like. disembark, shoot, get back in.

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as cool as wraithlords/guard are, i won't be putting my money into a force until they get a squad box. i will say that an entire force of them would be the most badass thing the eldar have.

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Favorite Wraithguard story:
Turn 3 shoot Draigo and Pals through 2 friendly units
Turn 4 shoot Draigo and Pals through 1 friendly unit
Turn 5 doom, guide, finally waste Pals with wraithcannons
Turn 5 assault punch dragios stupid face in.

Satisfaction was had that day

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2 ten man squads -> 800 points
2 5 man squads -> 430ish points
2 wave serpents -> 200 points

1400 points, with no melee ability nor an hq slot.You'll disembark the wraithguard, make one volley at 12' away, and then get charged and killed (slowly, but still killed).

As previously stated, the game plan is about figuring out ways to make the wraithguard shoot more than once per game, and once their in close combat they aren't going to be shooting unless you have something to stop the enemy charging (wave serpent wall, guardian wall, wraithlord charge) or counter assault to free up the survivors (scorpions or warlocks)

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