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But we already knew that. Let's have some mental exercise, fellows: From what /tg/-related property is the worm monster in panel 1 plagiarized? I'm almost positive it's from a D&D sourcebook or a Magic card or something and I could use some help confirming my suspicions. Help me, teegee!

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Dune, Tremors, DnD, Beetle Juice, Australia.

Nobody owns the copyright on giant worms, bro.

Go be butthurt elsewhere

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try "Dune". You might have heard of it.

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He's not awful because he uses giant worms, OP. Stop being difficult.


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I think it would be easier to find the things that Dominic Deegan Has not "stolen" from.

I don't think I have seen a Dakka related anything.
his orcs aren't orky
not many vidya references like oh so many other comics.
his comics magic system is more overpowered than 3.5
what else am I missing?

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Ugh. This reminds me how some failed highschool dropout failed lounge singer was able to take 2 weeks of correspondence courses and become a powerful enough ice wizard to wipe out a town. With a 100 foot tall ice golem. And defeat in less than a second the strongest non-magical mercenary in the world.

Why doesn't everyone just study magic for a few weeks in that setting? It's like getting +10 class levels in wizard by just reading a magic book from cover to cover.

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>implying that pose, the action and the specific features of the worm are not directly ripped from another drawing

We're not talking some generic concept of a big worm, chum. This is a straight-up rip. Notice how it displays some depth and dynamism compared to anything else the comic's vegan superdouche author draws? He traced that shit, bro, don't be deliberately obtuse.

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The infernomancer's character design is ripping off eddie from guilty gear.

wait, shit, I'm looking for stuff that's original.

Anyways, there's a lot of webcomics that have okay art, but that are in really dire need of different writers. (as opposed to shit art + shit writing). Seriously, someone hire the dude a ghostwriter, and his stuff would be at least tolerable.

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Reminder: This is what passes for a hero - and good storytelling - in Mookie's book.

He sucks. Sucks sucks sucks.

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dominic deegan is like farts

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that must be the most static rape I've ever seen drawn.

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It gets better: Later, people get mad at the rapist for raping a person. But it turns out that they are only mad because a demon made them mad! NOBODY COULD EVER TRULY HATE HIM, IT MUST BE DEMONS

Fuck that comic and fuck its no-talent plagiarist author.

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Oh wow. This is worse than terrible Japanese porn.

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He's actually issued an apology for that whole storyline.

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I'm not so certain about that

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It really is, the japs at least seem to have this unspoken sense of "Yeah, this is fucked up and horrible, but your dick's hard for it anyway, isnt it?"

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to be fair that's yandere, they're all kinds of (sexy sexy) fucked up.

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Not trying to justify this guy's awful writing, but really, if I was told that some chick would get her ass murdered if I didn't rape her, I'd most likely rape her.

This is assuming that I'm not some kind of magic dude or super fighter or whatever the characters in this setting are.

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Actually, he hasn't. He wrote a pretty long-winded passage about how rape victims e-mailed him to tell him how tastefully he handled the whole thing and that he has tons of people who supported it, but he is very sorry if anyone got offended. It was a complete non-apology wrapped in bullshit with a wholly unjustified messiah complex thrown on top. He believes everyone loved it and cherry-picked validation for his obscenely retarded "story".

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He was just a confused teenager at the time. He and the chick's dad were basically the only two who believed women were worth a damn, and the chick's dad was just killed trying to protect her.

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Or he could've just gone in the tent, roughed her up a little, sat down beside her, hugging her and explaining the situation to her.

And then left, walking out the tent to give the tribe a thumbs up. It honestly seems like he just wanted an excuse to throw rape drama in there.

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That and it's a shop, that's not what she says in the manga. Guy was having sex with her friend instead of her so she's about to all stabby.

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He isn't bad because he puts in worms.

He's bad because everything is very black and white and has no idea how to really set a mood.

I really liked Dominic deegan when I was 13, but it hasn't aged well at all.

Every bad guy is things Mookie doesn't agree with.
Every good guy is stuff Mookie agree's with.
His Morality and characters are grossly two dimensional and he viciously patronizes them.

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Where the heck is this from?

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These threads always make me warm and fuzzy inside.

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I hate to be that guy, but I, too, want sauce on cleaver-chan.

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Weren't they going to have the resident medicine woman check to make sure he actually went through with it though? I mean, it's not like they actually trusted him to go through with it at all.

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Even then, it would just be a matter of de-flowering her.

You can break your hyman from riding a mechanicle bull.

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Keep in mind: The guy who is telling him that she will be murdered if he doesn't rape her is making it up.

EVERY OTHER CHARACTER standing around watching this happen knows this.

This was revealed during a later story arc.

It lasted an entire year and nothing happened.

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Yeah, assuming they can't tell somehow (magic? doctors? whatever), there is also that option. Of course, if they could, and raaaaaape really was the only option, I imagine that most people would be able to explain what's going on and generally be a lot less trauma-inducing about it.

This tusk-toothed loser doesn't even looked like he tried.

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That's a matter of them not telling him. See: Confused teenager.
Also relevant to this. He probably thought that he had to in order to save her, because he wasn't thinking clearly. You've never panicked and done something dumb?

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oh, and then the orc girl knocked the guy's head off with a hammer (without actually damaging the head) and the tribe of misogynist orcs made her their chieftain and she stopped feeling bad about the whole thing and got over all of her issues because now everything was resolved forever.

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Kuro Loli (black loli) by Wanyan Aguda. Mostly stories about insane violent lolis. And sex.

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it's called "together forever"
there's the link, and here's the actual page

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yandere loli mind

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Oh look, it's the only named black guy in the whole comic and he's about to rape a white woman!

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Hey, he knows how to draw totally batshit crazy loli.

For example, looks cute and innocent, talking to some social worker or teacher about how she loves her brother. Right?

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Note: The black man rapes the white woman because the white man makes him.

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Then some sex, then introspection about her future.

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/tg/ no longer allows /co/ related topics.
Thus why you no longer see WAKFU threads.

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i noticed that pic conveniently doesn't show the blood spatter covering her nun outfit from when she murdered her brother so that his last memories would be of the perfect little her

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Man, I wonder if Dominic Deegan is worse than Eragon.

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So, /co/'s most hated webcomic is Least I Could Do, /a/'s is Mistakes of Youth, /v/'s is Ctrl+Alt+Del, and /tg/'s is Dominic Deegan.

Does /tg/ have a favourite webcomic?

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Yeah. I thought that was rather clever.

Though my favorite story in the book is about the american twins with their gun-kata.

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Warning people away from Dominic Deegan isn't a /co/ topic, it's a public service.

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Meh, I've read italian porn comics with better stories and less OP magic than DD.

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Paranatural, if they have any senes of quality.

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... Talking heads... Ugh...

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>That feel when you can't see galeries marked as loli in yuropoor.

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Here are the twin gun kata/gun fu lolis.

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>/co/'s most hated webcomic is Least I Could Do
Really? I thought it was also Ctrl-Alt-Del.

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Note: They make the black guy do it because his race are "known to be criminals".

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I used to read DD because I love puns and every strip was either a pun or setting up for a pun, but he's pulled the same horseshit puerile attempt at drama that CAD did, taking a really touchy subject and completely hamhanding it.

Now I read it because I am too fucking lazy to delete the page from my feed.

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the end

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The one on the right is so pretty--oh, wait, that is supposed to be a guy.

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It's close, but LICD gets more ragethreads. Buckley, while a horrible slime of a man, at leasr manages to be a good laughing stock. Sohmer causes nothing but hate.

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Hey look, black people are noisy and solve their differences by dancing!

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Oh christ this art is giving me hemorrhoids

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Monster Pulse. The powers could be straight from Don't Rest Your Head.

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I always thought their ethnicity was supposed to be closer to spanish/latino

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Those are black people? Why do they ALL have such incredibly straight hair and... white skin?

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Ahahaha, I love that "Whaat?!"

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Thats another thing.

Every single character looks exactly the same. You can't tell anyone apart unless they're an orc.

Then you can't tell the orcs apart from the orcs because all the orcs look exactly the same.

Everybody looks the same.

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The Abominable Charles Christopher
Friends with Boys

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Also Fuck Fuckley is more /v/

And he gets plenty of hate on /v/

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Semashi are Spaniards, dude.

Not every ethnicity with darker skin than sheet-white is black.

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...I'm not used to seeing necrophilia and self-snuff together.

Or apart, really, but it's even more confusing together.

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Spaniard here, i feel offended by that.

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You're white as a sheet?

Go outside, man. Go.

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Yes, and not i'm not going outside.
And i'm not offended by that, i'm offended because you relationate me with THAT FUCKING SHIT.

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Dammit guys.

Now that I've seen that panel I'm too curious about the actual thing not to ask for a source.

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Maybe he was offended at the idea that spaniards resolve all their problems with dancing. Instead of only some.

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Man, I'm pretty white and even I'm not as white as a sheet.

Where I'm farmer tanned... I'm more like a very pale mocha colour with a few splashes of these thick, perfectly brown freckles that get smaller and more frequent as they run up my shoulder.

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Ah, yes. I should have said "A terrible, hamfisted grasping at Spanish stereotypes instead of black ones."

I thought that was understood, though, given that the entire portion of the Internet that knows about this comic hates it.

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Wait, if I understand this correctly, you guys discussed a teenager having coerced sex with someone and nobody posted "it's not rape if there both underage"? That's really impressive, and I'm (almost) sorry that I've gone and ruined that for you, because I'm pretty sure that it's impossible for that statement to be posted and not stir up a shitstorm.

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>Maybe he was offended at the idea that spaniards resolve all their problems with dancing.

Here's thinking that they're still using Navajas for that.

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Gunnerkrigg Court.

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Just for that, I'm going to bring up the fact that they were both coerced into it and thus it was rape for both of them.

Cue shitstorm re: it all being the guy's fault.

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Too late, this is now a knife thread.

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I thought /tg/ hates Goblins more?

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You call that a knife?

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Nah, /tg/ is tsundere for Goblins. Dominic Deegan has been hated by /tg/ since before Goblins was ever mentioned.

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if by "the guy" you mean mookie for writing such an absurd scenario for the sake of easy soap opera angst, then yes.

then to a lesser degree the fictional guy, as he was physically restraining the girl and could have, hypothetically, come up with some completely less awful way of handling it. Like just dragging her into the tent and then lying to anyone who asked, or just cutting the throats of his compatriots as they slept, since he knew this was how they handle things, and somehow he doesn't care about their rape-parties until someone he sort of knows comes up or something?

in descending order of blame: Mookie, shitty orc culture warband thing, dude, girl (look at that skirt. slut was asking for it.)

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the adventures of minmax, snakebutt, and what's-his-dwarf give goblins some decent moments, plus the dungeon they're in has some cool shit

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Wasn't that the one Oglaf's author did before Oglaf?
If so, yeah that is my favorite, and also I want to nominate Oglaf for the title of /tg/s favorite active webcomic.

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>Wasn't that the one Oglaf's author did before Oglaf?
>If so, yeah that is my favorite, and also I want to nominate Oglaf for the title of /tg/s favorite active webcomic.

What? Gunnerkrigg Court is active. And it has nothing to do with Oglaf, other than them both being great. You should read them both.

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see >>17950897.
Gunnerkrigg Court is absolutely fantastic. Absolutely my favorite current webcomic.

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so i literally JUST REALIZED that my Gunnerkrigg Court RSS feed got fucked up somehow and I haven't read the comic in literally months


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The current arc is fairies being hilarious. You will be pleased.

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Oglaf, Gunnerkrigg Court, Guilded Age.

Erfworld? It's in my bookmarks, but I haven't read it for a while.

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Oh man, The Abominable Charles Christopher is amazing. Both in art and writing.

It's one of the few webcomics that have made me genuinely laugh and cry, and all within the space of a minute.

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Just a reminder that Achewood was the best webcomic ever

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>dat fifth pannel

>> No.17951051

Unsounded is the best goddamn webcomic ever and everyone on /tg/ should be reading it.

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>Erfworld? It's in my bookmarks, but I haven't read it for a while.

That's probably because the comic hasn't been running for some time. The artist's mother passed away so she's taking a haitus to do whatever it was people do when their mothers pass away.

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It does still exist, you know. It's nowhere near as good as it used to be, but it's still going on.

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>/tg/'s favorite Webcomics
>Gunnerkrigg Court

Those 3 are pretty much top of the heap for /tg/.

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Hey, never saw this one before. Pretty good, thanks!

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Oglaf is only funny when it has nothing to do with sex.
Go figure.

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Wow... I love Dominic Deegan... it is some of the best writing i've seen in a long time... but I won't argue here since it is pointless too on 4chan so I will just say my peace and leave. Good day and game on elegan/tg/entlemen

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The name was a little too much. You would have gotten more bites without it.

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I like Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic.


Digger was pretty good; now completed.


Tales of the Questor seems pretty /tg/.


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Let's see. /tg/ related?

Schlock Mercenary. Getting paid multiple times for one job is the hope to which all adventurers aspire.

Girl Genius. Because nothing has made me ever want to run a game of steampunk mad scientist more, but I know I couldn't capture the aesthetic.

Skull Kickers. Brand new, but seems acceptable. Adventurers!

A few others mentioned already.

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You should all read GastroPhobia because it is the warrior's code of the Amazons to do so.

>> No.17952329


Mongolian Death Worm. Pathfinder Bestiary 2 IIRC

>> No.17952379

Looks a lot like this.

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Good show, anon. Good fucking show.

Hey assholes, come back here and herp your derp about dune and lolBeetlejuice some more.

Fucking idiots.

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God fucking dammit guys. I finally worked DD out of my webcomics folder for good a couple of months ago and I hadn't seen a page since. It's like a healing wound torn open again.

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