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"W-would you go out with me, Anon-kun?"

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Ground you, take away your manga and your internet. Allow you to have friends over, just to rub in the fact you don't have any.

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I read that as 'Take away your magma' and proceeding to think 'Teenager has entered a Strange Mood!"

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You don't any weird techno organic STDs do you? I'm not going to wake up the next morning and NO ANON YOU ARE THE NECRONS, and then anon was a tomb spider?

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Fuck.... any teenager I know capable of having magma is not one I feel comfortable grounding.

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Nope, otherwise she would have managed to save that poor tau girl, in the sequel.

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Nah. You can do better.

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Sure, we are just getting groceries right? I could use the extra hands.

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Sure, as long as it includes candy!

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I dig candy, so sure.

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Oh, Xeno!

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Dismantling incoming!

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TASTY heresy!

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B-Baka! It's not like I want to disassemble your chassis or anything!

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>mfw heresy

Xeni is shit-tier heresy though

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Xeno is best heresy. Shit, son, she's DOUBLE-heresy. Triple, if she's kustom.

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Skeen, get out with your shitty drawings.

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Fuck you both

Xeno is shit

Deal w/ it

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you jelly because she's more popular than your generic daemonette OC.

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Well hello there Shirou.

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Apparently you whoresons and daughters forgot what is and what is not HERESY!

THIS is Heresy

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Silly xeno, you don't even have a vagina.

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>jelly of an amputee / inflation / diaper fetish dumpster

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your femdom/futa/succubus dumpster is no match for Xeno.

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This is NOT heresy

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>having a futa fetish
>claiming superiority

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oh yeah?

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What, you gay or something ? Just have a seat, we'll talk about it if you know what I mean

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Not gay, it's just that your fetishes are fucking tame.

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>liking dicks
>calling somebody gay

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I'm not convinced, that looks more like a cd player or a stack of hokey pucks.

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oh boy here we go

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If you have to ask the question...ITS HERESY!

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Just use the OTHER entry port, man.

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let us not go there

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Hmm I am going to need to see some tits here mis...thing before I can appreciate your argument.

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you shall only have dicks from this one.

Because Skeen wants to be the little girl.

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I don't give a shit I'll send em' all to Slaanesh on the end of my dicks.


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>prefering watching dude's ass during porn
>not gay

also fuck xeno, slaanesh thread

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but don't YOU prefer sucking dicks? Or having your ass pounded? Because that's totally what your porn suggests.

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>this thread

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not the futafag here, I just prefer demonettes over xeno

also fuck you, dumping delicious blue gurls

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No, imma dump delicious blue girls, instead of boring purple girls.

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lol, derpface

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well it's like your opinion man

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>cd player crotch

Why do I find this idea a lot hotter than a vagina?

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Because your dick is only a centimeter wide, or maybe you like slamming it in a drawer?

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>she offers you a heart-shaped scarab

wat do?

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That's not a scarab, that's a human heart, she took from those Imperials she butchered the other day.

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It only looks like that because it was in a tech priest.

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Stuck it up your ass

>mfw this thread
>mfw that giant purge

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Xeno wouldn't be that mean. She simply would ask her friends to disintegrate them.

Don't you mean "purgation", little sister?

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Oh come one it's the same thing

Just burn fucking everything already

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I'm not saying she ripped it out herself, she probably asked Mr. Legs to get a pick up a gift she can give out, while he was working.

"Mr. Legs, I need you to pick something up for me, I want something to gift, and I'm not sure where I can find something decent." Or something like that.

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...thought I had stumbled onto /a/ when I saw this thread...the fuck fa/tg/uys?

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Waifu faggotry knows no bounds.

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Oh thank the Emperor, help me purge these heretics!

...not sure if I should blam...

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I still want to punch out the idiot who was going on about the cockbulge like it was a freaking udder, evolution does not work that way.

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that would be the author, so, you might as well punch him for drawing her with short hair, or on an orange background.

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>tau girls

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big utter cameltoe

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How would an udder make less sense than a dick?

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>Mfw Xeno thread

Knock it off, you degenerate piece of trash!

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When there are two perfectly serviceable utters on her goddamn chest, having a 3rd one at her groin, where it's awkward to hold a child, makes no goddamn sense.

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why would there be two udders on the chest when one is enough?

why would there be a dick on a female?

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she might have big vulvas

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Okay, gentlemen, cut it off.

On this here picture, it's a dick.

>> No.17942377

on this here picture, it's a boob.

I drew it, I decide what it depicts. Deal with it.

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>yfw xeno is futanari too

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I thought /tg/ hated Yahtzee

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One isn't enough for creatures like humans, and presumably Tau. You see, humans have a longer period before they no longer need milk, as do tau, at least in comparison to other animals. Hence the development of a second "utter" not to mention the fact that it's well within possibility to have two children simultaneously, in more ways than one, and because human babies are so big, they need more room, causing further need for a second "utter".

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she just might have a big pussy

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I am so confused.

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Most of it probably does, but fuck those guys, I find him amusing, and that pick is useful. Even if I hated him for the pretentious douchebag that he is, I'd still use it.

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a hanging pussy

>> No.17942416


Keep telling this to yourself dude

>> No.17942419

I think it's much more likely that the artist just sucks at drawing.

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the word is "udder". God dammit I know more English than you do.

If we fancy it...

Not until I decide it.

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Or he's just a creep. This is technomancer we are talking about.
Fuck you, it's 3am and I'm drunk.

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I think there was a pic somewhere that illustrated just how much of a creepy fuck he is.

>> No.17942447

There must be a few, yes. Which one specifically?

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at least you're honest about it

I don't really care for xeno or the threads around her, but whatever.

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inb4 404

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I'm pretty sure only one of them will be enough, but feel free to post them all.

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As I said, I'm fine with my sexuality, you're the ones who think it is creepy. And in some measure, I find it quite amusing. And hot, too.

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No, I'm saving myself for my one true Waifu.

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I see what you did there

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this one's my favorite.

The girl is muju.

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I was talking more about screencaps, but whatever.

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bump out of morbid curiosity.

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That image cracks me up

>> No.17942564

hey tech, did you ever do that picture request of mine from a few days ago, the one with the octopus-headed turtle/starfish-type dude?

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>it begins

>> No.17942578

nope, been working on the necromancer chick, but yesterday, I've been too ill to do anything but sleep and puke. And today, I don't feel like drawing anything more complex than smut.

>> No.17942585


I don't know what, but this made my night

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Can we have more Doom Rider? Also, what's his theme song sound like again? I know it's NANANANANANANANANA DOOOOOMMM RIIIDEERRRR but doesn't it go to the tune of some other song?

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Well, as long as you still plan on working on it I'm happy.

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I always figured it was something like that

>> No.17942674

I do.

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Good to know you are still working on the necromancer. Did you get the Brom feel you were after with black and white, or did you go with color?

>> No.17942749

tried color, but it didn't work either.

I don't know, I think it's because I make the shading too strong and too progressive, but I'm not sure. Maybe it's just because it's not realistic enough.

>> No.17942797

Brom is an odd fish, he can do really elongated stuff almost DiTerlizzi like in the plucker, but if you look at the flesh and veins in the arm of his "lone wolf" pic of Elric it is really realistic.

>> No.17942821

the problem is not with composition, anatomy or anything, only texturing/shading.

>> No.17942910

At 5am my ideas are probably more harm than good. Wait until you feel better, maybe it will come to you. I have time.

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S-stop being so moe, Xeno!

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It's Anon-SAN to you.

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*wobble wobble*

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Did what I could. won't spend any more time on it.


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shit I don't even know if the previous one wasn't actually better

>> No.17945329

so ronery...

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