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Imperial Guard General.

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...Is this field research into the claim made in the other thread as to the post attraction level of a thread with an IG pic and "Imperial Guard General?"

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weird proportion general

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Beta's of the 40k universe

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It's 'affix', not 'a fix'

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>So called "underdogs" of 40k
>Can field 9 Lemun Russes in a normal game
>Can call down orbital bombardment every turn
Imperial Guard game-wise and fluff-wise are the true Mary Sues of 40k.

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>a fix bayonets

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the army isnt the underdog, the individual guardsmen are the underdogs. Sure they tend to win, but (at least if the table reflects fluff) the casualties are enormous.
The underdog is the lone guardsmen standing in a shitty foxhole as artillery (sometimes his own) rains down on his head and all manner of space monsters or chaos people try to kill him.

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Say, where is Avitus anyway?

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>fluff-wise mary-sue

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If the fluff reflected the table, you'd regularly see IG companies with more tanks than guardsmen, and no-one would die because no-one could get close enough to harm the tanks before being killed.

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Am I the only one who actually fields IG fighters in Apoc? I'm sure I can't be, because the mental imagery of a fight with them is just too cool for words.

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If the fluff reflected the table, a single squad of Astartes could fight an entire army off a planet.

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Ah, you've seen the Movie Marines list, then?

The only time I've seen a missile launcher be justified at 150 points. 250 points counting the marine with it.

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This made me smile.

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Why do you guys still play this game, when GW clearly doesn't like you? Shouldn't you have some representation of your different regiments beyond a generic special character?

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> He's never read codex: catachans

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CCS: Vox, RS, Medic, melta. 110p

2 x PCS: Vox, Medic, lascannon. 85p
2 x 5 x IS: Vox, Melta, lascannon. 85p

2 x Leman Russ BT, lascannon and HB sponsons. 185p

TOTAL = 1500p

Yes. I have too much free time.

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Regiments, report in!

Cadians reporting!

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Steel Legion, check!

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What's all the noise?! We're trying to get some digging done here!

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I don't have enough sand in my buttcrack to start being nice, what the hell did I get dragged in here for?!

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''All Guardsmen are weaklings and traitors''

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Vhat iz et zhat you need, comrades?

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Did somebody say Iron Guard? Since I thought somebody said Iron Guard.

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Gonna drop some Steel Legion up in this bitch

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Ain't no party like a jungle party

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I've seen some shit

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Hey-hey! Vostroyans here, we brought rahzvod!

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Someone post the guards raping an eldar chick pic

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What, you've never seen it?

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With pleasure

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That sarge with the bolter on the bottom left, his "I just don't give a fuck" face on the bottom left cracks me up every time.

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I really, REALLY hope this was entered for the Golden Demon at some point.

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I don't if it was entered and I highly doubt it. But I know it was done for this story.

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Other way around, someone on /tg/ wrote that story after that picture surfaced.

Apparently the diorama was made by a Russian chick

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Hey guys. Check out this sweet Statue.

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Oh? I always believed otherwise.
And I'd be sincerely curious to see more works of that russian girl.

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Does anyone have one zoomed out far enough that you can see the Wave Serpent?

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What is your favorite regiment?

I gotta say, I love Vostroyans. Their archaic look really fits the setting better than any other regiment. I just wish that they had plastic models because right now, they are way too fucking expensive. One day I will field a glorious Firstborn army.

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Ave Imperator!

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isn't it.. Victoria Lamb?

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Vostroyan too. Steel legions are pretty cool too.
But same here, no plastic kit. So I'm with my cadian.

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The best Guardsmen come from Catachan. Everyone knows that! Who else would you call when you're chest deep in mud crawling with burrowing centipedes that can tunnel into your spine and control your nervous system? Who else would you call when you are being assailed from the canopies of the jungle by tentacled discs of fat swinging from branch to branch spitting skin withering toxins? Who else would you call when three of your platoon are trapped inside of a steel strong cage of flower petals? Not fucking Vostroyan pussies, I tell you hwut.

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Personally, I fucking LOVE my cadians. But they do need to be gothick-ed up a bit more. Current IG just feel a tiny bit too 'un-40k' for my liking, but that might just be because all the 40k-madness units like ogryns, priests, and the like are crap.

Aside from the psykers, anyway; I hear they're good but I've never made a unit of them and tested that.

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>I'm building a Vostroyan army over the summer.

>I know it'll bankrupt me.


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That moustache gave me an erection so hard, I tore my pants.

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Then you are clearly a Vostroyan at heart.

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just the fact that the dude with the dredlocks is preparing to punch that ork square in the face compels me to agree with you

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Gah! I can't decide between Catachans and Vostroyans for my infantry army! On one hand, I do love Vostroyans for their exotic look. They would be a lot of fun to paint too, but they are so fucking expensive! Catachans have the special characters, the fluffed out background, the chance of their own codex... And I love Vietnam era US grunts. Too many decisions....

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If you're good at converting, I've sen some amazing Vostroyans made from kitbashed plastics.

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Nope, I'm not that good at converting. I'd need to buy them off of ebay probably.

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Valhallans due to the Cain novels and that I love the WW2 soviet army look they have going.

>Dat ork's face
Man, what I'd give to have it as a reaction pic.

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Gotta say, my favorite regiment has gotta be Mordian Iron Guard. I don't really know why I like them so much. Just so dapper.

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Elsyian Drop Troops, just the idea of recreating apocalypse now with valkyries and vendettas.

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He's gonna punch an Ork. And the Ork is wearing a flatscreen tv on his chest.

My favorites are Elysians, even if they are the Straight Man to 40k's joke. There's something just delicious about low-flying Blackhawk and SuperCobra equivalents in 40k, since combat helicopters and other VTOL vehicles get me hard.

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>all my yes

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'chans have plastics

sure the troops look a bit naff, but the heavy weapon teams and HQ box are ace

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Space Rambo Fuck Yeah!

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Can anyone recommend some good custom models for a wehrmacht themed IG army? Maxmini make some great heads in stahlhelms but it would seem a waste just to plonk them on Cadian bodies and 28mm ww2 infantry with 40k guns glued on generally look like shit.

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Wehrmacht? Steel Legion.

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they're pretty much spot on. And "true-scale" proportions, like most metal guardsmen

Steel Legion are Maximum Swag

>duplicate file entires, duplicate file entires everywhere!
Have some Cadians instead

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Wish GW made those bastards in plastic, their bodies would be perfect, also
>mfw the price of a steel legion squad on ebay

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buck up. Metal Guardsmen are what separates the boys from the men

Making an army is pretty cheap with veterans/loads of heavy tanks now, anyways. Back when I started 'guard you needed a minimum of 55 troopers to satisfy your basic force org requirements

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What do you think of these? The guns and some of the helmets look like shit, but it shouldnt be too hard to replace the arms with cadian arms, and the rest of the helmets look snazzy as shit. They look more Helghast/Space Nazi than traditional wehrmacht but I kinda like them.

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buy a butt-load of Cadian arms off of ebay bits sellers and you're set, pretty much

Personally? I've got my Steel Legion and Metal Cadians, so I'm not particularly drawn to them. But they're alright

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Fuck yes, vostroyans!

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How does one beat orks?

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By having more numbers than they do

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Vostroyan Bump

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How does one beat spess mehreens? That's a better question.

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Every time I see this picture, I imagine him yelling this...

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as many shots per turn as possible
and pie plates
we're talking mortars, basilisks, vanquishers.
the more orks you can eliminate per turn the better your chances of success.

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its called more tanks,plasma and melta plus all of the above

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Does anyone have that image telling the story of how a group of DK troops dug a trench INSIDE of a Imperial Navy spaceship?

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>Digging a trench inside an imperial navy vessel

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Heretics your Game is through cause now you have to answer to


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Is this what you meant?

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Now, I know why the first-borns are all males. They issue carapace armors to men and gala robes to women.

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Oh you silly krieg.

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Looks like most of you have probably never heard of Savlar.

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Savlar chem dogs, right?
"High as a kite, ready to fight" is their motto I believe.
So my first bet is they're all druggies with chemical weapons.

>> No.17946218

> Never heard of Savlar
You would have to be pretty high for that.

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Mr. Guardsmen,
Why is it on week 2 of the invasion, as I watched my family get ripped asunder by orkz, we heard that the liberation fleet had just finished mobilizing.

Why are you so slow?

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Fuck yeah!

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Mr. Guardsmen,
Why is it on week 2 of the invasion, as my men were getting equiped and my tank blessed, we heard that you were lazily watching a family show.

Why are you so lazy?

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Mr. Citizen,
Why is it on week 2 of the invasion, as my men were getting equiped and my tank blessed, we heard that you were lazily watching a family show.

Why are you so lazy?

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>orkz ripping people apart a family show
I guess war really does turn people into desensitized assholes

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>family show

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How'd you go about modelling a Chemdog army?

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While the commissar doesn't particularly care about the sexual pratices of the rank-and-file, I wouldn't say the war veterans have desensitized assholes.

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Lightly equiped (with official gear, anyway), everyone and their mother with chem-masks, tatoos, scavenged weapons and looted everything.

And a facepalming commissar. Poor guy.

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Hahhaa, that's friggin awesome

But I ment another one where they lost a platoon size worth of Krieg troops and then later found them in trenches inside the ship.

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Take a liberal assortment of mixed IG and infantry torsos, keeping enough in common to imply a uniformity once existed before scavenging happened. Mixing Catachans and Cadians is the simplest route, but throwing in a few Necromunda bits and 3rd party coats can go a long way. Then buy heads from here: http://www.pig-iron-productions.com/head-sprues-c-4.html?page=1&sort=20a; a mix of militia and rebel would probably work the best.

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So, I'm stuck with a valkyrie box. I bought it for some reason. You know, that kind of moment where every neurons of your brain derp in perfect synchro, as in:
"Hey, I hate assembling/painting vehicles because they are so big and flat, but maybe if I take the biggest and flattest thing around, it will break a threshold and become cool again!"

So, I'm stuck with that valkyrie (don't want to sell it because I'm lazy). And, to defeat the boredom and make it awesome, I'm thinking of a nose-art. Any advice about that (I'm new to free-hand)?

Since my guys are pirates, I'm thinking of either a pin-up (probably Selvaria Bles), snakes or a T-Rex pilot. Yeah, bad puns everywhere.

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rolled 11, 16 = 27

>Apostrophe as plural

>> No.17946620

Do you have any, ANY experience painting traditionally?

If no; go for something more simple. Doubly so if you're new to free-handing. An Eagle/Shark nose would be my suggestion. Nice geometric shapes and solid colours

Just take your time, you can always go back and correct mistakes once they dry, don't paint while frustrated.

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I have the aforementionned pirates (they are just catachans with added bitz). Not really good painting, though, but I'm not totally blue either.

On a second though, what do you mean "traditionally"? If it's classical gallery art, then clearly no.

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Imperial Guard Regiments Fuck Yeah!!

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This kinda reminds me of the sad story guardsmen kinda the courage guardsman but it when like

"Saw a little girl holding a teddy bear today"
"I try to forget the rest of her was holding her mother"

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>the sad story guardsmen kinda the courage guardsman but it when like

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>> No.17947049

Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

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hello there.

Will there be a continuation of your most recent story?

some of us have been waiting for your muse to return, and would be vary glad to know when the next implement or chapter may come.

>> No.17947065

Yeah, no, stop right here.

>> No.17947071

Do you know the artist that did this?

>> No.17947100

Yes there will be

I also finished a story

you should read and enjoy it while you wait for my OTHER SIX to finish

>> No.17947103

I think it's Muju.

>> No.17947118

Thank you.

>> No.17947128

Sorry, I don't really know, I picked it up in a Guard image dump a while ago.

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/tg/ is most glorious these days!

Striperific and musclebound Warlord of Mars dumps

GEoM writefaggotry being finished and initiated, Quests, and more!

Dammit. And I have my financial analysis of ten different companies to finish. dammit!

I hope to God and Hell they are getting Archived!
Or Else I am going to find the 4chan servers, and take a axe to the /tg/ partition

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I always imagined IG's to be singing vietnam-era music. CCR, Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, all those sorta songs

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Now for only $59,99!

>> No.17947231

Must be made in China then...

>> No.17947234

I secretly wanna build a Gallian IG army. Make them using Cadian and WHFB Empire bits with excessive amounts of armour greenstuffed unto arms and legs, with heads from hasslefree with greenstuffed hair.

Thinking about building Edelweiss out of either Panther parts for early American cold war tanks, possibly with a turret build off a Merkava.

>> No.17947246

>Calls Customer Support
Um... I ordered a Krieger in a box, but I am calling to ask about the return policy, because I opened the box and this thing kinda jumped out and is currently killing half of the neighborhood.

>> No.17947268

>Well sir, does your neighbourhood harbour any unsanctioned psykers, chaos cultists or xenos?


>Have you tried turning him off and on again?

>> No.17947341

>try firing some artillery, he should dig an elaborate system of bunkers and trenches then fall asleep for a minute, when he does try and get him back in the box

>> No.17947355

>Gallian IG army

>> No.17947360

>You can also try donning a big hat and telling him to stand down.

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>> No.17947389

Won't work. Creed cannot be a Leman Russ Commander.

>> No.17947391

Um, not that I know of... Oh, wait, there was a Mrs. Biel-Tan that moved in a few weeks ago, would that have been the cause of the problem?

>> No.17947396


>> No.17947399

You know, playing a guardsman in Dark Heresy has given me a newfound love for the guard.

>> No.17947422

Perhaps so, once the Krieger has dispatched of Mrs. Biel-Tan, he should go into automatic sentry mode, if this does happen, you are free to give him orders.

>> No.17947434

Prepare yourself renegade Guards incoming!!

>> No.17947451

Renegades you say?

>> No.17947460

Thank you very much. I do have one more question, however, there was a Ms. Eversor that moved in next door the other day, would that cause any kind of conflict, as she regularly lets herself into my home and "requsitions" dubious amounts of coffee and my couch to watch gelt romances.

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>> No.17947470

Get the umbrella, guys. The Colonel of the 54th of Artillery is about to crack that "Rainegade" joke again.

>> No.17947499

>> No.17947504

Alright men, who knows who the best weather reporters are? Anyone? I'll tell you, the Rainegade Guardsmen!
>I'm sorry.....

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>> No.17947522


Where do you get those pictures from?

>> No.17947534

>> No.17947555

>> No.17947566

It's raining Guardsmen, hallelujah?

>> No.17947579

I... Wanna convert to IG.

Fluff loyal IG, as in more guardsmen than tanks.

What kind of army list should I aim for?

>> No.17947593

Pic related?

>> No.17947602

The Imeperial Guard hve the best tanks in the Imperium. And the Prettiest women.

>> No.17947611

Preeeetty much, yeah. With a few tanks thrown in because hey, they look cool.

>> No.17947616


>> No.17947629

>And the Prettiest women.
Was hard...

>> No.17947637

Baneblade Motherfucker.

>> No.17947648

So, first you wanna go on the black market and sell your kidneys and any nonessential organ you might hae, maybe then you'll have enough money to buy a 1500 list.

Seriously speaking, you should start off with buying the 10 Guardmen Box, and until you can gather enough models to start putting together Platoons and Companys, play with MeltaVets in Chimeras and watch that squad/s either dies horribly, dies after making it's points back, or dies after blowing up a land raider and winning CC against the termies that jump out. Int hat last scenario, feel free to trollface.jpg

>> No.17947657

Give tanks to your command squads and nothing else. Run platoons. Blob it up.

Autocannon heavy weapon squads are a must. Make them engage you on your terms.

>> No.17947662

>> No.17947663

>> No.17947681

55 men 6 heavy weapons a russ a sentinel and a chimera... 300 dollars down only 500 to go

>> No.17947698

thank the emperor for the cadian battleforce

>> No.17947713

Ccs, vox- 55

Vets, demolitions, chimera, melta x2- 175
Vets, demolitions, chimera, melta x2- 175
Vets, demolitions, chimera, melta x2- 175

Pcs, vox, Gl x2- 45
[squad, Gl- 55
Squad, Gl- 55]
Squad, flamer-55
Squad, flamer-55
Hws, Mortar- 60
Total- 325

Pcs, vox, Gl x2- 45
[squad, Gl- 55
Squad, Gl- 55]
Squad, flamer-55
Squad, flamer-55
Hws, Mortar- 60
Total- 325

Pcs- 30
Squad, Flamer- 55
Squad, flamer- 55
Hws, LC- 75
Hws, LC- 75
Total- 290

Total- 1465
Fast Attack
[S sentinel- 35
S sentinel-35]

[S sentinel- 35
S sentinel-35]
Heavy Support
Leman russ, FS, HF- 170

Demolisher, FS, HF- 185

>> No.17947744

Oh shit son.

Guess I need some more cash before I even think about doing this.

Time to not use my salary for a while

>> No.17947760

Favourite fluff regiment? Elysians or Harakoni's.

Love how their armour looks.

>> No.17947763

This reminds me, how the hell do I get custom badges to work in DoW II: Retribution?

I know it should be 128x128 in png format and it should be in the badges folder, but for some reason they don't show up in army painter.

Pic related: What I'm trying to use for Guard.

>> No.17947768

what language is that on the bottom of the diorama base? it seems familiar, but i cant place it...

>> No.17947782

They look like they're from the Imperial Armour books, but of a much better quality than a scan. I'd like source as well

>> No.17947799


Relic's boards have guides for that sort of thing.

>> No.17947802

Probably Finnish or something.

>> No.17947818

You best be trolling.

Looks Slavic to me.

>> No.17947823

And google says Polish.

>> No.17947853

I honestly have no idea what language that is. I'm just assuming it's Finnish, hell it could be Romanian for all I know.

>> No.17947888



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