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You guys like warhammer 40k, Right?
Have a choose-it.
Pick one.

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Well Necrons are sentient now, aren't they?

In terms of self-preservation, I'd probably pick Eldar or Tau, but for fun I'd be an Ork.

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Tyranids, hands down.

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I was going pre-matt
but disregard that i guess.

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Mystery Box

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Fuck all of those options. I want to live and fight for my great Grandfather, Nurgle, Lord of pestilence and decay. Truly, he is the only one to care about his children.

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Eldar are probably the safe bet, here

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Oh yeah. Space Marines can be corrupted by chaos.
Forgot to mention that.

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>self preservation.
>space elf pagan death cult.

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What this is fucking retarded

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pansy space elf

eldar have objectively the best life of anyone there

being a tau isn't so bad, but they have a shitty lifespan, and some humans in the imperium don't have it so bad, but none of them are in the imperial guard or the spruce maroons

i guess being a newcron wouldn't be so bad either all things considered

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I'll go with either Ork or Space Marine.

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>Thinks Eldar are cool

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Always take the box.

It's chaos, isn't it?

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RAM? A quite exotic choice you made there.

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What KIND of necron is really rather important here. If it's a flayed one for example, I'd say no.

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That box better be for the greater good.

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Your choice.
Any class in this is your choice.

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Mystery box.

Even though it's obviously going to be squats.

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I'll take Eldar.

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They're a lot cooler than spess mehreens. The hardest part of playing Space Marines is telling your parents you've got a colossal hard-on for big gay 'bears' in power armor".

Seriously if you don't think Eldar can be cool you haven't see Saim Han, motherfucker.

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mystery box

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Well in that case, make me a Mekboy. I'll be the unstoppable but unnoticed boy at the side of the warboss, with my kustom force field and shokk attack gun murdering everything.

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mystery box!

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for those who picked the mystery box. You have been shammed. You're forcefully turned into a Pony in the middle of an exterminatus on your home planet.

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>doesn't think eldar are cool

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>spoilers on /tg/

Come on man.

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Aw shit. Wrong board.
Well, the gigs up.

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Op is officially a loser the mystery box is now Tyranids

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Your Wife's head. She represented 'Lust'. Happy Valentine's day.

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rolled 10 = 10


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>eldar have objectively the best life of anyone there

This. And if the question is about you becoming what you pick IRL, still Eldar. Space Marines are giant ugly retards, Tau are weak uncoordinated dwarfs, Necrons are CRAWLING IN MY SKIN THESE WOUNDS robots, and Orks would be killed on sight. Eldar are fabulously beautiful superspeeding hyper graceful dudes who can see the future.

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I'm down with this.

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>in the middle of an exterminatus
So, death, chaos, or nid recycling.

All fine choices in 40K. Thanks OP.

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At least I was a Pony, for the seconds it lasted

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Well, Necron Lord then. Borderline Destroyer Lord, too.

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GF, then. Failing that, your hands and all your porn.

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Oh good. I'm perfectly okay with this instead.

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My face when.

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And here we go....

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Hope the Mystery Box is the most glorious star spawned gods. The Norn Queens will embrace us in their genetic shredders! We will fall as men and ascend as GODS!

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>dat mass reaction to the mystery box
this is why i love you, /tg/

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It's okay, we'll use the elements of harmony to power our magic and stop the bombs! Then we'll have a chat with the Imperium and resolve our differences. Then we can be friends!

Best Option XD

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>Eldar are fabulously beautiful superspeeding hyper graceful dudes who can see the future.

and the only future they can see is the downfall of their last god, the death of all their heros, the destruction of all the craftworlds, and the entire universe burning in the flames of the last battle. Pretty depressing really.

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Every bit of life on your planet is being turned into flammable black goo.

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Oh, wow, I remember that fiasco. That was hilarious

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Pure cancer.

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>attention whore ahegao
What have we done?

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Well that's fine too, we'll just have to stop the fire. Anything's possible with the magic of friendship! ^_^

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God damn horsefuckers.
Someone post equestriaexterminatus.jpg please

>> No.17934502

It's a damn shamed it's only being aimed at the ponies, and doesn't include the fucking marine-fags as well.

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rolled 90 = 90


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Here's what i got, battle brother.

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Dude, don't you talk shit about horse fuckers.
Those people have some serious guts.

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Yeah but it doesn't say we're moved to the 40k universe.
So...possibly we get to see a good end.

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Precisely. Turned to pony. On home world: Equestria.

Equestria, where literally everything can be solved by magic deus ex machina powered by being really good friends.
Space marines don't stand a chance.

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And it will be the second time that brother turns on brother and the battle of the Astartes devastates a thousand worlds.

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>Astartes fighting amongst eachother
Is such a thing even possible?
i guess it is.
it'd be pretty badass to see.

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>See: Horus Heresy, Equus Heresy

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Of course it's possible, but the last time it actually happened was basically the Horus Heresy.

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There is a type of dueling in every chapter to deal with in-fighting as far as I know.

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And rereading your question I realize I misread it.

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Horus Heresy and the current state of the game. It's not like there's anything else for spess mehreens to fight these days.

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Looks like someone slept through all of his Imperial History classes.

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Why is it your /tg/?

>> No.17934751

You first, marine-fag. Why do grognards have to shit in everyone else's cereal bowls all the time!?

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The taint has been found in this thread. I hereby sentence the death of an entire thread by the power of the inquisition. May imperial justice account in all things.

The emperor protects.

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It's funny, I have the same reaction to 40k threads. I'll grant that they do have some claim to be here though, unfortunately

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because /tg/ stands for transgendered and not ponies.
if you like ponies, you are not transgendered, you are a fag.

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And you have no right to be anywhere except /soc/.

>go there

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Oh, Hi guys, how're you doing...

>> No.17934812

Ooooh, you're lucky my orbital friendship cannon's .gif is too big to upload...

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>> No.17934816

Thanks again for the Blood Angels, bro. Deep-Striking Termie-Raiders with the help of some Scouts always makes my day.

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Oh I beg to differ, I often like to discuss traditional games, I also happen to abhor 40k. Trolling 40k threads is actually a traditional game to me.

deal w/it.

also, why /soc/?

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This is now a 40k image dump you guys in?

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How is this obeying these rules? Report if you'd like, but I'm just curious.

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Because by posting ponies on a board in which you know it'll piss people off is breaking that rule.

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i'm in

pic related: with fire

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You know, at least the pony fags are less obnoxious than the self-righteous marine fanboys.

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So one person breaking a rule justifies another? I'm not seeing your logic...

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And posting this one because everyone should have it...

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Are you still here bothering people? Hey, Go away.

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New codex idea for you bro

>> No.17934933

Speaking of Tau, they get one or two neat things in the Apoc books if you care to look for them.

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To answer the OP choice, Space Marine.

If I can choose type? Gray Knight.


>> No.17934946

I <3 40k guys, it's so gritty and dark, I feel like I just belong there sometimes. Plus orks, they're so randum ! XD

>> No.17934952

Not a tau player but was looking in the second apoc book on friday and damn is some of their stuff sexy

>> No.17934961

Neither of those are choices, mr. fagballs.

>> No.17934962

I believe the mods need to 404(exterminatus) the thread, the taint is too great.

There is no one more obnoxious then ponyfags.

>> No.17934964

In the grim darkness of /tg/, There is only war.
And it is time to repent.

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>> No.17934969

And now you're aiming it at me, and I'm demanding explanation. Where have I been unreasonable? What have I done to justify attack?

>> No.17934974

Tau might be easy to convert, but even without all the fancy Armored Core conversions, their stuff is pretty damn neat when painted properly.

>> No.17934991


The picture in the OP says Imperium of Man. You can be an Imperial Gaurd or Space Marine.

Stop being dense.

>> No.17934993


Here's the list for the inquisitor. Hopefully they will cleanse.

>> No.17934996

>There is no one more obnoxious then 40kfags and ponyfags.

Fixed that for you. And you emphasize why 40kfags should be lumped in there.

>> No.17935001

I love the tau aesthetics and one day when I have all the money ever I will buy them

>> No.17935014

does anyone have that "x,x everywhere" pic with a fresh cultist and a slaaneshi cultist saying dicks, dicks everywhere?

>> No.17935019

>Advance like everyone else
Nope. I wouldn't get a crisis suit if I were human and if I were Tau I'd be S.O.L. because I'd probably get killed by a Khorne Berserker.

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>> No.17935023

I may have it somewhere my picture folder is pretty bad right now...

>> No.17935026


Stupid mon'keigh, getting upset over candy-colored equines.

>> No.17935035

damn, I want to leave, but the butthurt in this thread is too delicious.

>> No.17935040

And now for something completely different. My other picture of the best primarch is too big, apparently, and it's still a JPEG.

>> No.17935048

space marine should space marine space marine

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>> No.17935056


>Posting on the board designed for them and other RPG players
>Shitposting on almost every board
>Somehow these things are equally obnoxious

>> No.17935061

Tau look cool but are just too damm squishy. I ended up using IG, because i can still get slaughter and still be able to win. Plus i like to see human winning, and advancing as a species (chaos doesn't do that)

>> No.17935064

You laugh, but post 'imperial guard general' and an IG pic and you'll get a full thread, guaranteed.

>> No.17935071

Dammit I love Dorn

>have toduched
Captcha why are you so nasty sometimes. There are things a man does not need to know.

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>> No.17935089

Primarch of my favorite chapter.

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>> No.17935094

> Dorn
You are, of course, kidding?

>> No.17935097

>Want to get into Tabletop warhammer
>Want a Tau army with battlesuits galore
>My face when the prices

Anyway to get mini's cheaper?
I saw something for the XV88 Broadside where it was like a model kit though, like you had to assemble and paint it yourself, is that perhaps cheaper then buying prepainted and assembled? Cause I happen to be decent at painting

>> No.17935103

Sorry for the delays, had to organize a certain folder.

>> No.17935106

> chapter
Legion, I think you mean. Mine as well; say what you will for the Ultramarines, but I feel the Imperial Fists truly embody what a Space Marine stands for.

>> No.17935110

That is an awesome pic

>> No.17935112


Can't speak for my brony brethren, but I really only shitpost on /tg/, due to my pathological hatred of 40k.

Well sometimes I like to rustle /k/'s jimmies, but rarely.

>> No.17935119

>Prepainted and assembled
>Warhammer 40k.

...I'm not sure if you're trolling, or if you've literally know nothing about the game you want to get into.

>> No.17935128

Here it is brothers... observe this xeno, this is the reason why 4chan and the imperium are fading. These creatures bring with them the taint and the rot. Where ever you encounter or suspect these beings you must cleanse them, or the heresy shall reduce you and all you know into a subspecies that worships the death of the noble aspects of humanity.

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>> No.17935130

I literally know nothing besides fluff and RTS

>> No.17935137

Being completely fair to both sides, Ponies were brought up sans-pictures first by the OP. All Ponyfags did was respond when called upon and not shut up when asked to. They made bad posts, admittedly, but they were provoked.

Also, what's your SA username? I'm curious.

>> No.17935142

All good man

>> No.17935143

They are.

They wouldn't be if 40k fags didn't shit up other threads, act like self-righteous fucks, or insist their precious spess mehreens are bettrar than everything else, no matter how stupidly ludicrous the concept of 100 gary stues conquering a whole fucking world is.

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>> No.17935179


Why the fuck aren't these poster banned!?

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>> No.17935191


Off my /tg/ right now.

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>> No.17935199

Guy who posted slaanesh as a male stripper here.

Why would I be?

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>> No.17935217


The best part is that there's nothing you can do about it :P

Bans don't even really do shit to anyone with half a brain.

>> No.17935220

>Has a pathological hatred of 40k
>Enters 40k threads with the specific intention of shitposting

You are what is wrong with ponyfags/bronies. I like the show myself, but I don't act like an ass about it.

>> No.17935224

Why is it your /tg/?
Get used to that. GW is famous for its expensive models. $10 for one mini is not unheard of for terminators, and even more for dreadnoughts, if you know Marines at all.

>> No.17935225

Fuck yes that is bad ass as hell

>> No.17935227

Forgot the name of the artist, but I know I've saved every piece he's done.

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>> No.17935235


>> No.17935241

>this thread

>> No.17935242


>> No.17935243


>> No.17935250

Aerion the Faithful.


>> No.17935255

Aerion the Faithful

>> No.17935259

You are what is wrong with 40k fags. I used to like the game myself, but I never acted like an ass about it.

For what it's worth, I don't like MLP either.

>> No.17935261

$10 isn't so bad, but right now, I'd be more interested in FireWarriors and Crisis Suits

>> No.17935267


love you, too!


>> No.17935269


>> No.17935270

Watched. Thanks, fa/tg/uys.

>> No.17935276


>If 40kfags didn't shit up other threads
They don't. Not here. On /v/ maybe, but that board's a cesspool of shit anyway.

> act like self-righteous fucks

pic related

>or insist their precious spess mehreens are bettrar than everything else

Ok, now I'm almost positive you're just talking about /v/. Vs. threads are rare as shit on here, and when something can legitimately beat something in 40k, /tg/'s normally quick to admit it.

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>> No.17935296


>> No.17935298

Mods really need to 404 about now

>> No.17935299

>the Sautekh Dynasty will rule all
>if you oppose, the Silent King will personally fly into your house and mess up all your furniture
>Ultramarines die of cosmic space radiation
>Xeno is disassembled
>anyone willing to give themselves up will be made into Immortals
>anyone who doesn't will be scarabs or furnace food
>ponies are gaussed
>doom arks will now sell ice-cream (no seriously)
>all overlords will attend your birthday parties (unless your name is Adrian)
>we take the Orks and shoot them out of the galaxy AT the Tyranids
>Trazyn MIGHT give some of your shit back. maybe.

All these are possible if you make ME your Necron lord!

>> No.17935305

Not to mention /tg/ fucking hates space marines because they aren't many enough. Now if he talked about how nothing was allowed to be better than the Imperial Guard, maybe...

>> No.17935308


well ponies are just a medium really, if there was something else that pissed of 40k fags as much I'd use that.

>> No.17935312

you guys know if you ignore the troll it'll go away right?

just stop responding to it and let the dumpers post images, eventually this thread will die and the troll will go back to doing whatever the hell it was doing before it got all the attention.

I know this post is counter-productive to that, but I just thought I'd point out that it's pointless to argue with someone who doesn't care about winning the argument.

>> No.17935318

You've got my robo-vote.

>> No.17935335

Are you kidding? every thread that doesn't have a specific non-40k topic gets immediately infested with PAULDRONS.

>> No.17935340

Why this has become a fairly decent art thread with one or two outlying losers


>> No.17935341


>> No.17935349


>> No.17935366


>Missing the point entirely.


>That entire post

Haha oh wow. Sure buddy.

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>> No.17935375


>> No.17935378

You must be new here...

>> No.17935386


>> No.17935388


This is a lesson I've been trying to teach /tg/ for years.

/tg/, /tg/ never changes.

>> No.17935392

This guy sounds like he's got it figured out.

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>> No.17935411


>> No.17935413


>> No.17935420


>> No.17935423

Only now do I realize how massive that picture actually was.

>> No.17935429

>countermissed my point.

I'm not being an ass about ponies, I'm being one about 40k.

>> No.17935434


>> No.17935436

You have some damn purdy pics Fireman I like em

>> No.17935449


>> No.17935450


Been here 3 years. Literally never seen 40kfags shit up a non 40k thread unless it was a pony thread. And I've only seen that three times.

And like someone else pointed out, /tg/ likes Imperial Guard more than marines anway.

>> No.17935451

I live to serve.

>> No.17935463


>> No.17935465

When you've got about 6,800 pics in your 'Cool Art' folder, you're bound to have some nice 40k stuff.

>> No.17935471

>Has a pathological hatred of 40k
>Enters 40k threads with the specific intention of shitposting

The main point was that being an ass is a bad thing.

>> No.17935475

Suicide is not an option for you right now, no?

>> No.17935480


>> No.17935490


>> No.17935496


>that ponies are not the lousiest troll on 4chan
>That 40k isn't cool
>that a cartoon for little girls being your social life is
>that 40k players have no lives (we do gotta have money to pay after all)
>That troll /tg/ isn't the high point of your life

>go away

>> No.17935497

Sweet haha


>> No.17935516

Oh I was never denying that. I fully admit to being a dickweed about this.

Really? Not even once? I'll let that assertion speak for itself.

>> No.17935525


>> No.17935533


>> No.17935544


I suppose it's technically always an option. But not one I'm currently considering, no.

>> No.17935553

That berserker is fucked

>> No.17935555


>> No.17935559


>Unless it was a pony thread.

Missed that one, sport. And beyond that, nope, not once.

>> No.17935560

Berserker? That's the new Commissar!

>> No.17935561

Fuck yeah. Show those posers what's up, Berzerker.

>> No.17935562

Having stumbled upon an old 'WH40K' folder I got from Mediafire during some old art thread, I'm now just throwing stuff out at random that strikes my fancy.

>> No.17935571

That's Kharn.

>> No.17935585

Ah, blimey!

>> No.17935597


>> No.17935606

Damn forgot the pic

And thats the pic limit folks...

>> No.17935609


>> No.17935627

>been here 3 years
Really? Ever been in a Warmahordes thread? How about a Flames or Malifaux thread? Sure you 40k fags don't shit them up ALL the time, but you do. From "Hurr Durr Warmahordes is no cheaper" to "FoW is the 40k-version of WW2, you should just play 40k!" I guess I should thank you for not being one of THOSE 40k fags...

>And like someone else pointed out, /tg/ likes Imperial Guard more than marines anway.
Yeah? Prove it. When was the last time /tg/ made a custom /tg/ guard regiment (or Ork clan, or Eldar Craftworld)? All you ever see for /tg/ related fanwank creations is angry mehreens and "custom mehreen chapter thread" shit.

If /tg/ likes IG more, then where the fuck is /tg/'s IG regiment?

>> No.17935631

Well consider it the noble path. Your parents and your highschool (i hope it here in life that you reside) will no longer be shamed by having to keep you around. And as an added bonus your depressed/angst/(most likely) physically unattractive genetics will not contaminate the rest of the world. And you get to experience the serenity of nothing. Everyone wins.

tl;dr Kill yourself, make everyone happy

>> No.17935643


If you want to save money you can buy used stuff: just ask around at the Local Gaming Store or go on Ebay

>> No.17935663

Whelp that was the limit I may be back in a little while with a new thread...

>> No.17935692

We made a meme around these guys FU

>> No.17935717

> From "Hurr Durr Warmahordes is no cheaper" to "FoW is the 40k-version of WW2, you should just play 40k!
>Comparing different tabletop games=shitting up a thread.

I bet you get your panties twisted in a knot whenever someone brings up 4e in a 3.5 thread, or vice versa.

>Yeah? Prove it.
Guardquests, Heretical Love, the incredibly frequent Imperial Guard threads, in which guardsmen are posted all the time, /tg/'s mountains of rage over that guardsman getting retconned out of dying to Horuse while protecting Big E, etc.

Angry Marines are so incredibly old I'm not sure how they're even relevant, and everyone loves Commissar Fuklaw more than the Marines anyway.

Hive Fleet Nidhoggr is a more recent, and more liked, creation of /tg/'s than the Angry Marines, and (gasp!) Hive Fleets ain't marines.

>> No.17935849

when asked between IG and SM, /tg/ would choose IG.
Otherwise, SM have more love (and hate).
Like every one's love historical channel and watch reality show.

>> No.17935863


also, my highschool? wtf?

>> No.17937841

I'll just be an eldar on the bath of the baker or something.
Sit on my wraithbone covered ass, by my wraithbone oven, and sip wraithbone tea. If there isn't any openings for the Path of the Baker (They're always packed for some reason.) I'll be a bonesinger, why would they send the architects to war?

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