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/tg/, I have a problem. You probably get this all the time, but what army in 40K?

I'm not very proficient in all of them, so I'm coming to the experts. Here's what I'm looking for: A fast moving army backed with big guns. Assault or Shooting doesn't matter. Can you help? I'm open to anything.

TL;DR - Pointers on army? Like fast with big guns.

pic maybe related.

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White Scars? Lots of bikes n' shit.

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Tau. Their entire thing is mobile shooting.

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That would be Dark Eldar.

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mech-guard + valks/vendettas would also work

Or Mech-Eldar

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I could see that. I've always liked bikes, but I was looking at a pretty broad spectrum.

I've mentioned this dilemma around my local shop, but they're all stumped. I've heard that Eldar bike lists aren't very good. And that the IG are pretty cut and dry in the "put-guards-in-chimera-run-shoot-die" type of way.

Personal preferences?

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IG can do foot-slogging pretty well with powerblobs (50 something men with sergeants with power weapons and commissar, combined with priest/straken can really beat face in close combat). It's a lot of fun to play, but expensive and it's a pain in the ass to paint 100+ guardmen.

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Eldar. Also objectively and without a doubt the best looking army.

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this seems like the thread to ask, i intend to build a 500 point ork mek list for shiggles, how effective is this as list, will i just be stomped every game?

2 x big mek
2 x deff dred
3 x killa kan

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I heard that they aren't very hoard, but have low Strength and Toughness. They play well on the table?

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Read fluff until you like an army for it's fluff, the game isn't fun unless you are ACTUALLY INTERESTED IN WHAT YOU PLAY.
...after you find a race you like, you can figure out the playstyle

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Don't do it OP, the only thing worse than a Tau player is an Eldar player.

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yeah diversity sucks....

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:| I don't like Space Marines, and all the books I read tend to be about them.

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I'd say this, but I'd say look at pictures instead of doing a lot of fluff reading- because the fluff tends to be horrible. What's cool for me is the absolute basic concept of a side- Orcs in space with crazy inventions, Elves in space following strict paths to prevent civilisational collapse, giant decaying medieval space empire- and the images that go with that. For me at least the stuff that gets written about those sides is where it goes bad and uninteresting.

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Yes, it just takes a lot of skill. Both Elfdar and Dark Elfdar are tricky to master, since they aren't very tough, and some of their units are very specialized, thus you need to be careful with them.

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Oh, and Chaos, of course. Chaos is probably the best example of something that sounds like an awesome concept, that often looks cool, but as soon as they try writing something to flesh it out it goes grimstupid.

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How practical would an infantry-based IG be? Focusing less on the armor and more on just huge numbers of Guard.

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What's bad about Space Elf players? I'm intrigued. Is it the running-away-for-all-the-battle-and-jumping-in-at-the-end-to-grab-objectives? If so, problem is... anything else tends to end up a horrible slaughter.

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I actually like most warhammer fluff quite a bit, TBH. I don't even care if it gets cheesy; for every bit of cheese/unoriginal writing there's a wealth of truly epic heroes, and the most dire of villains. It's a setting filled with on-the-brink-of-the-apocalypse drama, where every battle is the final battle, for not only a doomed galaxy-spanning empire, or the entire human race...but, ultimately, an entire galaxy. Warhammer is in it's own field of sci-fi - even TVtropes makes the claim that warhammer CREATED grimdark. Warhammer is the setting that dares to break the mold where, in the end, the good guys always win. But in Warhammer...there aren't even really any good guys, and the ones that are the lessest of all the evils, are the first ones to be fucked. For the kind of setting that GW has created, I think they've done, for the most part, an excellent job of making it fascinating and dramatic, with as little cheese as is possible for the pot they've stirred up.

Also: Not OP, and just my two cents.

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They are pretty good, providing you don't run into Purifiers (Cleansing Flame will trash you) or units with many attacks in hand to hand, in my experience tying a squad of Termies with TH/SS in hand to hand is a good idea, since they'll take forever to kill you. You can fit insane amounts of heavy weapons in blob Guard, you just need Creed to give orders to them.

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Anything not mechanised is playing hard mode IMO.

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3.5 Chaos book was the best Chaos book, 4 ed got them gimped in most areas.
How I feel CSM should be: codex as thick as loyal marines with lots of crazy wargear, abilities and daemonic gifts (curse you Gav!) and units like Daemon Engines etc. You can drop daemons, whatever.

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Horde Orkz are pretty straight-forward.

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Don't decide on army depending on tabletop playstyle, you'll spend HOURS, DAYS painting those models, if you don't like the aesthetics, you won't get far.

Read the lore, look at the models, decide, THEN learn to play them on the tabletop.

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