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how is the larping in your country?

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America, so bad in most places and great in very few places.

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Supreme. Actual larping rather than guys let's head to the woods and awkwardly hit eachother with shit looking foam sticks.

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Eh, it's pretty good
warhammer 40k LARPing is absolutely glorious.
Chaos lord of khorne here.

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The Holy Land of Israel. Terrible. All larpers are pretentious 30 year old wanabes who seem to be completely unaware of how ridiculous they look in their 'artistic' games or 15 year old pimplefaced lowlives who like hitting each other with fake swords.

You are a fun of purplenails aren't you.

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Or he will have you shot by his war-nerds and fed to the trolls!

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thinking of getting this as a lrp weapon...
bloody pricey though...

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Germany. and its ...epic

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LARPers are one step above furries in the great hierarchy. I am surprised this thread goes UNSANCTIONED.

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said the fat cave dwelling 40k grognard

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Britfag. It's the retarded poor relation of The Sealed Knot or medieval re-enactors over here. Bunch of goth/metaller role-players poncing around actual castles: epitome of kitsch.

And we really don't have the weather for it.

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there should be an anme about larpers

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Norfag. It's actually fairly good, from what I hear. I haven't actually attended one in years and years, though.

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Socially acceptable, more so than tabletop RPG, but no one minds that either.

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can't we all just get along?

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I hate 40k too. Tourneyfag asshole obsessed with a children's cardgame is the term you are looking for.

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my god...it would be horrible...
someone do it!

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Both Britain and the land it has ruled has a shitty scene. Coincidence? I think not.

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Better than the US larping but still far away from the german or scandinavian quality

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I'm stuck in New York City.
No larping for me.

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Aren't German/Swedish larps much more scripted, anyhow? With casting and lines?

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Another Britfag and, yeah, it's pretty awful. I'm sure there are probably some very good (and small) LARPs out there, but the large and strangely popular ones seem to be, on closer inspection, terrible clusterfucks.

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NYC has a massive vampire the masquerade following.

Oh you don't mean LARPing, you mean dressing up like faggots and hanging out in the woods.

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as opposed to dressing as a emogoth faggt and hanging out in a club?

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As opposed to dressing up like faggots and pretending to be socially adept master planners when you're all neckbearded social retards?

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>>17898316dressing up like faggots and hanging out in the woods

That sound like LARPing to me.

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That's exactly what I want to do, bro.

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I think he meant that vampire larps are THE REAL LARPS because they are dressing like faggots in the city not in the woods. A very important difference if you ask me

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Country? I think there are pockets of good LARPing communities.

State? Utah? I've seen the same LARP group at Liberty Park once or twice, but nothing other than that.
Pretty stigmatized 'round these parts.

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big fucking surprise

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Louisiana here
WoD larping: damn good we have a very large player base and some phenomenal role players.
Boffer Larping: Sucks ass, no one knows how to costume and everyone wants to play the antivillan.

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The closest thing to that is the Nephem stories.

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Sa mori tu ;) , hai da o fuga pana in Transilvania.

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nah, that would be a good nerd movie but you need something else for a anime series

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Massachusetts, USA.

Which basically means we have great territory for fantasy, but the players suck and put neither money nor effort into it.

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Add in a love triangle, make them teenagers in high school, and give them a LARP club with a couple secondary bros/comic relief and some non-LARPer friends as tertiatires for single episode appearances or named extras.

BOOM! Instant first season.

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yeah and it will be totally different than the original story, you could even say that it wouldn't be the same story

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In the country there are lots of different kinds, however locally it is Amtgard, a den of Lulz and Faggotry

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Larp is still pretty awesome here.

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Not really.

The real difference is that the clothing, weapons and equipment standards are WAY more strict. Nothing visibly modern, at all, weapons has to look accurate, no foamswords or tape clubs, some larps enforce real weapons (blunt, though. Hollow if clubs etc)

Also has a higher focus on RP and lower focus on neckbeards whacking eachother in the dick.

Also heard about some american larps actually using shit like hp, levels, monster spawns, allowing cameras etc, don't know what's up with that.

Basically you just... Live as your character for the duration of the larp with minimum OOCing.

I think the main reason for the difference is because americans grew up on Dungeons and Dragons, which uses levels and shit and is more combat and min/max based while scandinavians grew up on Drakar och Demoner, EON, SAGA etc which is more sandbox without levels

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That's no beard the man eats steel wool and grew face armor.

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Canada, terrible on the west coast. Couldn't speak for anywhere other than BC though.

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More awesome larp stuff.

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Melbourne, Australia; we have a boffer-bashing group that I've never been to, and a yearly city-wide Humans Versus Zombies with nerfguns that lasts for a week and is AMAZING fun.

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I prefer my larps with live armor.

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Once more into the breach!

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>live armor
Seriously, where do you guys get these phrases?

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I heard that Bicolline is pretty good although some of the larpers in canada doesn't really consider it a larp

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More pictures?

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Yes Live armor and Live Steel

As opposed to foam weapons and armor that isn't made for actual protection but just to look fancy.

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well, what kind of pics do you want?

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Terrible. There is like one LARP in my whole city, which is pretty shitty and on the other side of town, I don't think there are any good ones in the whole state.

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FYI: This guy is the Professor, one of the best LARPers I ever had the chance to play with. He is a great guy, and the gear he and his folks built is just amazing, for example, they built a fucking steam-tank.

Pic very related.

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I think he means real armor not foam and leather painted to look like armor.

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then maybe real armor be somehow better or functional. I don't see why would it be a live one as it's not a living one.
But it's just one of my pet peeve

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Daily Lives of High School Boys is basically 80% LARPing.

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I think it would be awesome to have a game of paint-ball game that last for a few days. Two armies of paintballers, with maybe an objective to reach or something to capture that they have to take back to their base.
But it's a few days travel on foot away from the starting area. So you need tents, food for the night and of course extra paintballs.

Or maybe, a massive complex which must be defended. One team is the attacker the other is the defending.

Does anyone do stuff with trench warfare?

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Woodsball is pretty fun, i've seen some stuff with live helicopters and trenches
I don't think anyone does full on constant warfare though, just because it'd be near-impossible to get more air that way, eating would be a massive hassle, and sometimes you just want to take a break.

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historical reenactments are the best LARPing.

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My introduction to LARP came from a "boffer group" then after that was an utter failure i went to Adrian Empire and heavy combat was referred to as live steel. It just stuck.

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alright, now I know who to blame

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>limiting yourself to one

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Romanians prefer to LARP all over Europe as beggars, eh?

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Just Googled "live steel combat" and a number of metal on metal or real armor and weapons so it seems like a legitimate term.

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I wouldn't call it legitimate but yeah, a lot of people use it. But then again as I said it it's just a pet peeve of mine

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Same way as they do medieval-type LARPs. The combat isn't constant - break off to regroup, re-arm, scouting actions, skirmishes, etc. Real soldiers find time to eat in real wars, so I don't see the problem there. With air/ammo, that could be fun too, having to do supply runs and such.

Maybe it takes a while to respawn ("get reinforcements") too, so if a bunch of people are killed off, there can be a rest.

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I have pictures of that group.

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More awesome armor ideas!

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How do LARPers deal with wounds? Say I hit you in the chest with a sword. How do we determine if you're dead or not? What if I hit you in the arm?

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Well, it's not the first time that I post pics about them

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captcha: fookit 4-0rK

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beat that!

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there are three main ways and of course much more variations of them

First one is no matter where they hit you they will do the same damage, although in these systems the damage of different weapons are varies. May or may not you have to shout the damage

The second one is there are different hit areas like torso, arms and legs and damage is depends on which area you can hit.

The third one is "act out accordingly" no real rules about damage, you have to decide how serious the wound is.

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You have hitpoints, but you have to keep track of them yourself. It's not that good a system because it's really easy to cheat, but it's the only thing that works for LARP.


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Germany, fick ja!

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What about medics?

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Is that a priest of Sauron?

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again, depends on the system. There are ones with instant heal and ones that you have to rest for X minutes/hours and/or someone has to tend your wounds. Or there are ones without healing at all.

larps are not unified, there are several different kinds, so asking how fighting or healing works in larps is like asking how fighting and healing works in RPGs, you will get different answers for different RPGs

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Looks like a Skullrot, I've heard that they do that.


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>>this thread

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For the emperor!

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Holy shit, how do you LARP with live steel and not get grievously injured?

Like, it doesn't matter if you stab a dude with a blunt sword or a sharp sword, either way, that dude's still stabbed.

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best rules there is:
armour gives you an extra hit points. if you're hit you take damage.
padded -1 extra hp
chain -2
plate -3
helmet -1
they dont stack (except from helmet)
easy as pie

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ausfag, one started up near me about a year ago. Haven't been yet but I heard they're modelling it after the more well known eurpoean larps so that makes me hopeful.

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most reenactors are sorta trained to pull their punches.

Only ever heard of one steel larp though and I don't think they are around anymore

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because you're wearing real armour and your opponent isn't actually trying to kill you.

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I heard that in one of the swedish larps where they have real weapons every time someone wants to fight with some other dude they just decide beforehand what will be the outcome, practice for a few minutes and then play out the fight. Of course that game is more like a reenactment with larping elements, village they built.

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I think what you talking about is a larp that uses the Drachenfest fighting rules but the games is more about fights then actual larping. There is a video about it somewhere on youtube but can't remember the name

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Fuck this "live steel" bullshit. I'm used to saying/hearing it yelled during training before a sharp blade is drawn. Blunt blade is not live blade.
And there's no live armour. Foam and various other pseudoarmours are NOT armour, so there's no need to make a distinction.
Really, it's the same marketing bullshit as selling swords as "battle-ready".

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When you see it

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LARPing is non-existent in home country, because of international dogma of SHAMEFUR DISPRAY.

Cosplay is a thing, quite a big thing actually, but dressing up as the animes (and not really doing any RP'ng) just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

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Picture 28 seems to have vanished.

Captcha: cumsoc the

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really? fuck im moving out to bc next year. was hoping they would actually have larping unlike my backwater southern alberta

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The way it works in Adria is that most fights work in a tournament setting the armor requirements are there to protect the fighters. Thrusting weapons have to have to be blunted or capped, and the fighters themselves are not swinging for the fences as it were.

There are exhibition fights that go on until someone can not fight or yields. Normal matches are often decided by killing blows the head, torso, and stomach areas. Some matches hits are scored on the arms and legs after each hit you would stop using that arm or leg.>>17902726

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not exactly as you described but, look into the 24 hr paintball scenario game. Is similar to what you described with objectives, props, and story/RP characters, events have themes and goals ect. However the RPing is mostly left to NPC type characters that are part of the plot or objectives (escort doctor back to you base, the doctor is a player with 3rd party tape and no allegiance) or in the form of "mercs" (3rd party groups with no allegiance but will side with one side or the other under certain conditions such as game money or objective completion). It's a pretty awesome way to play paintball



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It's nonexistend in Greece. Thankfully for me, I never particularly cared for LARPing; it's difficult enough finding an RPG group as it is, I can't imagine having a hobby even harder to participate in.

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Ausfag here. No LARP here and to be these threads make me consider trips to Europe. It makes me sad.

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where in aus are you, theres a few around the place
mostly melbourne/sydney as far as i know

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A buddy of mine went to the local LARP society. Nothing but fat chicks pretending to be elven princesses and guys trying to score with said fat chicks.

>> No.17903850


Just south of Perth. What we've got here is 'apparently' some SCAdians and some steel fighters. I've meet the steel fighters and they're good blokes but all about combat. Havent heard a peep about the Scadians.

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from my reneactment days i think theres a big group in that area, or the used to be a few years ago. reneacment is pretty much larping in all but name.

>> No.17903974

True. we've been thinking of starting a darkon-esque game but haven't found the support.

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except if you are good enough people will pay you to make little "shows"
... Or appereantly you don't have to be really good at it, there are more than a few shit tier reenactor who are paid for doing their terrible fights and all

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same Ausfag here. Gonna dump my LARP folder to keep interest.

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SCAdian here. Wyvernwood, Trimaris.

It has a good following here. Dad's a Squire to Duke Gunnar of Arnhalla.

Speaking of SCA, guess who's going to GW this year? This guy.

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Gulf Wars? Not this guy. Though my wife will be for the end half.

Mooneschadowe, Ansteorra is pretty active on a local level, we've got one major event a year and a Melee event we're looking to start this year. I'm only just getting my fighting kit back together after not fighting for god knows how long, thinking of trying to get squired once I get back into the swing of things, or see if I can get one of my Centurion buddies to make me his man-at-arms.

Maybe next year I'll be able to get to gulf wars and thump your Trimarin butt, then invite you to have some traditional Mooneschadowe pancakes.

While I'm talking to people who might know, anyone know where to get a good rubber (or something else smashy) Axe head? The Rubber ones from Windrose Armoury are too small and they're sold out of their Weapon Foam.

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Everyone's seen those Russian STALKER LARPs right?

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>> No.17906436

which one?

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Where does one get armor? How much does it cost? Would it work being a bagpiper + Bow? Does it hurt?
Sorry for all the questions.

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>Where does one get armor?
tree possibilities
- you buy one from a larp shop (I wouldn't really recomend it except for chainmail, gambeson and such. the shops are ridiculously overpriced and half of the time the armors are shit tier category even if people say that it's "cool looking")
- find a blacksmith and buy a costume made one. This could be cheaper than buying one from a shop if you find a good blacksmith. Also a blacksmith will make the armor for you (if he is not a shit tier one) so it will actually fit and will be comfortable
- make one yourself. The problems with it you will need how to do it, it's not THAT hard with chainmail, leather and cloth armors, some lammellar ones are doable too but for more serious armors you will need a proper workshop too

>How much does it cost?
It's depends on like everything but mostly on the quality and where you buy it. You could buy a not good nearly full plate for 500 usd or you can buy a decent halfplate for 500 usd, or even a shittier one for 1000 usd in a larpshop

>Would it work being a bagpiper + Bow?
I'm not really sure what do you mean here

>Does it hurt?
if you mean wearing an armor then it's just tiresome after some time. If you mean the hits you will take then it could hurt a little but nothing serious, maybe a few bruises once in a while, with armor you won't even feel the hits most of the times. Of course there are always accidents, more serious hits, but so far nobody died from larping... well... nobody could prove that they died from larping...

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Limited to a handful of months or inside.

Fuck you, Arizona summer. And fuck you old people who come down during the winter to die. Thanks for making the long drive downright terrifying.

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Hosted events with more resources put into them, a substantial entry fee, and made to be worth it for a one-shot go, though some do have sequels/recurring campaigns, look pretty cool - but that's with paintball and airsoft larps that are as NPC and environs intensive as a boffer larp with spawning monsters and so forth.

Examples would be the one-shot mission in an indoor space, with airsoft, US Space Marines, aka Looking Glass, from Mindgames Productions and/or TerrorWerks; Mindgames' alt-history Reich-occupied U.S. paintball game, Amerika!; and the various Fallout and Stalker style games.

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Wish I could find some L5R LARP that didn't feel like awkward white people trying to be Japanese.

>> No.17910305

But L5R LARP is by definition awkward white people trying to be Japanese.

>> No.17910401

except maybe in japan. But the Japanes are trying to be white neckbeards people... such is the life in the Zone

>> No.17910409

Latvianfag here. From what I can tell, LARP doesn't exist here and most likely nobody in my entire country even knows what that means.

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Because swedes are superior

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I love these threads.
It really set the ambition in my mind to attend one of these things; hopefully I can convince some friends to come with me.
Where do most of these more realistic looking ones happen? Germany? Before I saw these, the idea of LARP was always those crappy pool noodle and jeans fights going on in the woods a few miles over. Is there usually an overall theme to them? I see a lot of amazing Warhammer Fantasy armours; if I were to show up with my merry band as Dark Souls characters, would we be terribly out of place?
Sorry if I'm asking so much, I'm just all giddy at the ideas.

>> No.17910550


Germany has mostly high fantasy larps AFAIK and scandinavia leans to low-fantasy larps. Or at least that's my impression from what I see and hear.
Also on mythodea and Drachenfest you can use pretty much any costume that fits into a fantasy setting somehow. I think I saw a few pics where someone used a costume on Mythodea that looked like a Jaffa armor from Star Gate

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>> No.17910941

in this pic the guy in the chainmail is seconds from wrestle to the ground the guy in the platemail who somehow doesn't really acknowledged the hits he took, so his assailant had to flip the visor and figuratively "stab" him in the face

>> No.17911011

Besides Vampire, this is meh, the largest and newest LARP group in Aus is Swordcraft. http://www.swordcraft.com.au/ Yeah, uses modified drachenfest rules. Has battles 'erry tues night and then has actual RP during its monthly weekend events. Would LOVE to go give it a crack but I'm here in SA. Actually considering heading up with a few bros for a shot.

While I'm here, do any LARPERS have experience making their own metal plate armor? I'm designing a LARP / decorative suit right now and could use any advice. Mostly regarding measurements etc. So ya know, it's gonna be a suit themed to look like a medieval batman.

>> No.17911030

*Typo, I am implying that Vampire is meh, not swordcraft which I've never played.

Here is a pic to not make this post useless. It's some artwork I'm basing my armor designs off.

>> No.17911031

We have the occasional paintball larp every 8 months or so

>> No.17911044

depending on how complex and good armor you want you will need a few or a fuckton tools. And of course a workshop.
But if you just want patterns try this link

>> No.17911073

Yeah, I've had a good read of thats on offer at that website, cool stuff. I'm actually sitting infront of big bits of paper right now designing it. I'm stumped on how to take accurate measurements of myself with enough room for appropriate give for articulation and pointy bits.

Also, You're cool. I enjoy threads you post in. :3 Keep up the cool-ass pics. Hell, if you can take a camera of your own and take a bunch of your own pics while LARPing that's be awesome.

>> No.17911090

I'm SHIT at posting. This was meant to be a reply to you, Hungarian.

>> No.17911112


most of the pics I posted here are from larps where I played too, and indeed I made some of them.

also about the meassures. working with steel has the advantage that you can later correct the mistakes, you can't make it perfect the first time not even the second time. You have to try it on when you think it's good then correct it, and sometimes you will recognize the mistakes after a few hours of armor wearing...

>> No.17911205

talk to your local renactment groups. Might even find someone selling a second hand set that fits you.
If not there'll be people who can teach you how to make your own.

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>> No.17914391

I live in Norway.

We get government grants for this.

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>> No.17914548

Northern Sweden. Pic related is how we fight.

>> No.17914646

This makes up for every steamfag who glued random gears on shit.

And this ruins it all over again.

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>> No.17914736

>dat flat chest

Is that a trap?

>> No.17914750


Same here in Sweden. Government grants for your hobbies is great.

God Damn I love living here! Feel kind of sorry for you guys in areas without a lot of action. :/ I can pick and choose here really.

>> No.17914755

well, you know the drill:
glue some gears on it and call it steampunk

>> No.17914757

Hey guys, can I have some advice? I am going to be joining a Mages the Awakening LARP, playing a Mastigo Private Detective in the Adamantine Arrow. Any advice on things, like how to act?

>> No.17914771


Bulgaria. Last summer. Just because.

And this winter. Yes in the ***** cold front thats engulfing most of Europe.


>> No.17914784

a flat chest can be just a flat chest, safe to assume there's more flat-chested women than convincing traps in the world

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>> No.17914804

UK, kinda ok I suppose.
Not got shit on Scandinavia though.

>> No.17914823

IIRC she is a girl with an "interesting" face and flat chest

>> No.17914831

troll face moon?

>> No.17914876

>And this winter. Yes in the ***** cold front thats engulfing most of Europe.
we know that feel

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>> No.17915071

>> No.17915238

Can anyone help me?

>> No.17915340

Dutchfag here. Great offer on LARP organisations in the Netherlands (around 8 or 10 to choose from, all in a generaly small area). They often tend to focus more on roleplay then big battles, as you see on the German Conquest or Drachenfest. Usually this means playes can have great influence on the story or sub-plot, instead of being mere cannon fodder

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>> No.17915449

>And this winter. Yes in the ***** cold front thats engulfing most of Europe.

300 people dead all over Europe and Snow on fucking Mallorca and Ibiza.

Fuck Winter. I'm so looking forward to Sparksunday when we're going to burn winter In effigie. The bastard really deserves it this year.

>> No.17915498

These are amazing and I'm saving them all. I fight American, which the group in which I fight is considered more of a sport, but they have heavy inclination towards wearing the proper apparel, my problem is that I find it all to be shit. These pictures are what I am going to emulate. Amazing, truly.

>> No.17915511


if you tell us more maybe we can give you a few advice, but I mage lives are very rare so don't get high hopes

>> No.17915579

We have all kinds of LARP here.
STALKER, Fallout, WW2, Napoleonic, Medieval Slavic and Nordic.

>> No.17915672

With the frost that's taking the better of Europe...

why not make a Song of Ice and Fire LARP?

Winter has come

>> No.17916066

I once bumped into some guys in full chain mail shopping for booze. Weeks later i saw a thread about one of your LARPS and somehow some guys just looked familiar. Could it be you guys? Btw it was around csókakő. (és rohadjak meg ha tudom hogy ezt miért angolul írtam)

>> No.17916097

Common courtesy.

Also, meglepően sok magyar van itt...

>> No.17916124

igen ezt már én is észrevettem, szerencsére elég kultúrált társaság.

>> No.17916230


I don't know about anything LARPing related around Csókakő, I guess they were reenactors or something.

Anyways, greetings, fellow hunfags.

>> No.17916259

also, I still suck at namefagging.

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