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Continuing from thread one >>17885111

You decide to speak with Picus now, and leave Sarma behind.

Picus sees you approach.

"I approve of your afterlife, it gives so much more meaning to the choices one makes in life. I also like your necromancy, if just for the flavor."

"Thank." You say, "So I noticed you basically did the exact opposite of Ius in nearly every round, any particular reason?


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Yes. Yes! YES.

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Why are we talking to that metalfag Picus? We're not done scoring with Sarma yet!

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Fuck scoring.
Find out what Picus plans are then have a chat with Ius.
Get to know ALL the players.

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"Ius is interested in how mortals develop 'positive' morality. This is the goal of many gods like him. The see morality... as a barrel. They want to watch mortals climb the walls of that barrel so that they can learn, through the mortals, what it is exactly that lies outside of it. Us gods may be all knowing, but our omniscience prevents us from understanding the true nature of such aspects of mortal sapience. I, however, am interested in watching them creep downwards. As our goals are opposite you can see how our actions would, naturally, be opposite as well."

You think about what he has said.

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Yes we are, there's more to godhood than chatting up goddesses. The whole thread has been awesome, and we don't need yet another erotic quest, there's plenty of those already.

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We're done scoring, time to socialize. We can "hit that" another time.

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Interesting, I hadn't seen it like that yet. I had almost dismissed you as yet another "yayevil" gods.

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We should talk to the formless one. Ask him of his plans for the Far realm

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"So you merely wish to experiment and witness the opposite that Ius does? That's perfectly cool. But I have to ask, what about the times in which your two desires conflict? What about those that he strives to raise, will you seek to pull down?

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What does he mean by "creep downwards"? What insights can mortals provide that way?

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So Is this guy about watching the mortals succumb to decadence or is evil and depravity his thing?

Lets chat up Ius, and ask him if as GM he has any special powers, or if his part is done and he's now just a player.

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Seconding. Worried about someone summoning Cthulhu of course.

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"Interesting, So your saying you aren't trying to be evil, you just want to see what it is that makes mortals become evil." You ask.

"Correct, and understand, through that, the nature of evil."

"And what of Ius, he's the GM."

"He won't stop me. It strengthens his goals if there is a opposite force. Also because I, myself, am not evil I do not plan on attacking him, just his creations and goals, which if fairplay."

"I see" you respond.

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What can you hope to gain in this game merely by opposing the GM? It is true that Ius is promoting 'goodness' and 'enlightenment', but why do you settle for just opposing him? Do you have some greater goal in mind?

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This guy seems like he knows what he's doing, and we have a good idea of what to expect from him as the game goes on. Good.

Let's talk to Formless and see if we can get him to dial back the dickery a bit.

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"I see. Well, I suppose I should remind you that since I'm taking the role of neutralizer or equalizer, I'll act in behalf of whoever is under threat of being overwhelmed. Of course, that means I'll aid you and yours as easily him and his depending on the circumstances.

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"What can you hope to gain in this game merely by opposing the GM? It is true that Ius is promoting 'goodness' and 'enlightenment', but why do you settle for just opposing him? Do you have some greater goal in mind?" You ask.

"Like I said, my motivations are independant of him. Examining evil for knowledges sake isn't something that is done much, so I would like to contribute to that. I had decided upon this before I even met Ius. I'm going now, see you next session."

You let him go. Who should you talk to next, and what do you ask them?

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Forgot to add: We should talk to the Formless now, see what's up with him.

I think he's our opposite. Ius and Picus are acting as two sides of the same coin. If we're all about preserving the balance of the Gods, I believe the Formless is about breaking that balance.

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rolled 95 = 95

Also, I gotta go, I'll be reading the archive tomorrow so IT BETTER BE EPIC.

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You approach Formless.

"What." He says sharply, you can tell he is angry.

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yup. he reminds me of one of my players in d&d on a monday.

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Yeah, Formless just seems to be out to try and harass the other players. Let's talk to him and tell him to knock it off a bit.

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Uhhh, I don't know. Compliment him on something? Let's try to get him to talk without making him overly sensitive or defensive.

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I love this place...

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Don't snap back, be polite.
Ask him if he got to keep his far plane and tell him that you liked his idea of making it his holy place and ask him exactly what he intends to do, except the obvious "kill maim burn" which he has already said.

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Your creation of the Far realm was most impressive. It is unfair that Lus immediately banished it. Tell me formless one, what do you hope to learn from this cosmic game?

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"Divine magic was a good idea." You say.

"Ya, it would be lame if all we could do was watch the others..." He says, his anger subsiding.

"So what are your plans?" You ask.

"I don't know, I just want it to be epic you know. I've read some of the other realities that had all those awesome apotheosises and god-slayings and god-wars and stuff. I just want to do something like that, something awesome."

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Just nitpicking, but I'm pretty sure it's Ius, not Lus. As in capital 'i,' Ius.

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"Do you mean like creating a lesser pantheon of Gods that will war among each other, or sentients warring in the names of the Gods? I'm not so certain it'd be a great idea if one of us warred against each other. With all our power, it might just end up unmaking all we've created. No more epics, no more awesome stuff."

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Thanks my bad.

Do you intend to slay Ius?

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rolled 74 = 74

I second this motion.
Plant the idea of demi-gods and champions in his head.

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"When you say god-wars, how do you mean. I don't recommend instigating a war between us..." you say.

"Nah man, its boring if we are safe. Anyway I'm gone, see ya." Formless leaves.

You can see that Sarma has left as well, Ius is the only one left. You can either speak with him or leave.

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Lets go talk to him then, might as well.

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Speak with him, ask him if he has any plans, and maybe ask him if he knows about the formless one's 'epic' ideas.

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You note that demi-gods sound like an awesome idea you may want to try at some point.

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Okay.. Not as planned.
But yeah, speak with lus and ask him the same boring questions.

Once we are done, make a note on all of this and hide it on the moon.
If anyone gets powerful enough to get to the moon, then they can get to see the game notes of their god.

I mean, don't you guys have some snacks, drinks and notes around the table? What if the pieces could actually reach and look at that?

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Does this involve getting it on with mortal beings, Zeus-style? Cause I think just elevating someone to be our champion is a bit more our style.

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Oh dear God, I hadn't thought of it that way. We're all about the sentients learning about the Gods and finding the secrets of creation.

Our greatest disciples are all about breaking the Fourth Wall.

That's it, our first Champion is Deadpool.

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Why did you banish the formless ones monstrosities to the far realm?

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We could just create them wholesale, or as personifications of prevalent themes in this reality or of the Gods.

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Probably so they wouldn't wreak the whole planet once time began

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You are interested, then, in the potential that our creations possess? I too, am fascinated by what they may be capable of accomplishing.

But conflict without purpose is meaningless. Surely there must be a way to instead use that conflict as a means to an end.

Perhaps we can agree to a mutually beneficial course of action. It is my intention to preserve the balance of this world, to prevent the concentration of power from becoming lopsided, such that it utterly destroys the creation, making all our work for naught. And yet, I am intrigued by what our creations might accomplish, if left unchecked.

If there is conflict, let it be for the purpose of driving our mortal creations to reach ever higher, to reach up for the heavens, the stars and the infinite cosmos. Let them strive to become like us, as they are wont to do.

And if they should prove themselves worthy, and succeed, that should make for quite the apotheosis, would it not?

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Seconding this question.

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Ask him about his motivations for playing, mention your objective is to keep the balance for a good game, make sure he does not think there could be any reason for godly violence.

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Aaand I typed too slow.

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You approach Ius. "So whats up with Formless? I just talked to him and the things he said aren't exactly assuring. Said he just wants to make this game 'epic'".

"There is one of them in every group I swear to us." He says, "My last creation had someone who basically ripped strait of Lucifer, he named himself Satanus."

"Do you think it'll be a problem?" You ask.

"I know it will be..." Ius responds.

"Do you think it could have been avoided had you not banished his abominations to the far realm?"

He seems angered, "Well I can't just let him do whatever he wants. I'm honestly surprised he didn't make his magic "sex" or "chaos" or something. "

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This. THIS. Dear us, THIS.

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called it :P

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Plant the idea of having the abominations as a common antagonist in the world, something for everyone to band together to try and defeat.
Another question would be how driven the humans are going to end up, considering they tend to be the ones setting the standard.

And tell him to add some strange, legendary creatures scattered around the world. Sorta like left over, neutral creatures that just chills out.
One of a kind stuff. Just use some leftover materials from the original creation.

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I feel like this guy is being a bit of a dick because Formless isn't adhering EXACTLY to what he thinks a good session should be. Don't want to say it to his face though, just maybe tell him to be a little less uptight about the game.

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I love the idea of the mortals discovering the gods and for what purpose this universe created but deadpool??? really??

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Deadpool is a well-known and a well-loved character that was told by a God-like being that he's in a comic, and continuously breaks the fourth wall in his meanderings.

The connection is pretty clear.

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Deadpool is just really the first character people think of when they hear "fourth wall breaking".

Neo might be a better analogue for what we're talking about here.

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Seconding this

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How about we tell him that we can let Formless have his cake, and eat it too?

Tell him we should each elect a champion, a mortal on the plane of our creation to either ally with, or oppose other champions. Either that, or make a lower pantheon of demi-gods, two or three for each of us, and let formless foment a war amongst the demi-gods. As long as we're fine, why does it matter?

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I knew we were going to be all about breaking the fourth wall. That's why I suggested me make our temple the realm of gods...

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When dose Neo ever break the fourth wall?

>> No.17889598

"Well perhaps we should just leave him alone for now, but should he try anything too drastic... there are more of us than him, no? Also, even though the world is complete it feels like it could use for specific stuff, places, creatures, people, maybe demigods that could handle our conflicts for us. Can we still add that?"

"Yah" He responds after a sigh, "That's a large part of what the rest of the sessions will be, ordaining champions, creating legendary places and things, inspiring leaders, etc..."

Ius is just staring at the planet now.

"you know what we forgot to do..." He says." We forgot to name it."

"Want a recommendation?" you ask.

he looks around, "well everyone else already left, so ya go ahead."

What do you want to name the planet. (roll d100)

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It's a somewhat inaccurate explanation for his capabilities.

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rolled 31 = 31


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You know what.
Apotheosi is my vote for the planet's name.

Because damn it, you got my respect and mad props for this.

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>described siospie

Siospie, the indescribable planet.

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>>17889614 here
>>17889608 is the superior choice

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I support this completely.

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I second this.

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I second this.

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>>17889608 here

Maybe just Apotheos to make it a little more like a planet's name.

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Ok so he was told that he was in a comic but we want someone that seeks the truth, not someone that has had it already explained to them. Our champion should strive to discover everything he can about everything, learning about the gods and for what purpose this universe has been created. We need someone who seeks the truth out for themselves.

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here! here!

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rolled 82 = 82


Hence why I suggested Neo.

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>>17889636 here again

Didn't realize so many were seconding it. You can ignore the tweak then, if everyone has already chosen.

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Jesus Christ, buddy, I said it jokingly.

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rolled 37 = 37

Still, finding out that the "holy scriptures" on the moon is just the notes of your god notes and details that your entire exsistance is just a past time hobby of the gods.. I think I would take a Kratos.

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I could not agree more with all of these statements

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"Apotheosi" You say.

"Apotheosi? As in Apotheosis? The ascention from mortality to godhood?"

"The conjugation would change the meaning to 'that which causes ascent to godhood'. I have talked to the others. You wan't see see mortals ascend morality upwards. Picus wants to see them ascend it as well, just differently. Sarma want to create a world that ascends beings from just that, beings, into infinite and unreplicable works of art. And Formless wants it in the most literal sense, because it is epic. Even I want to see the mortals ascend, in their knowledge and in their understanding. So it is a fitting name.

Our world is that which brings the ascent, Apotheosi."

". . . I love it, Apotheosi it is then..."


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rolled 52 = 52



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rolled 95 = 95


This is the best quest I've seen in a long time.

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Seconding this!!!

>> No.17889784

"Well then" Ius begins after a long pause, "See you next session."

"Ya, you too."

He departs, leaving you alone. There isn't much to see, the entire universe is in stasis right now, so after a few moments you too leave.

The next part will take me a little bit to get preped for, maybe 30m or so. In the mean time I'll still respond to commands which ask questions about the quest's setting and whatnot. Also, you can still visit any of the other gods if you want.

>> No.17889799


Ah, so now we wait.

I can't think of anything else to talk about with the other gods, maybe about Formless' plans for demigod wars?

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everytime someone says that the quest disappears after 8-9 sessions...

although i agree.

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rolled 64 = 64


30 mins?

O_O there goes me sleeping!

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rolled 72 = 72

Awww.. We didn't stash the notes on the moon

>> No.17889834

rolled 11 = 11

I propose we find Formless, and communicate to him something along the lines of >>17889485

Make sure to keep it friendly though, we don't really want him going all-out hostile at us right from the beginning.

>> No.17889839


We can do that later. It's not like there's going to be people up on the moon immediately.

>> No.17889849

rolled 3 = 3

Eh, true. It is just me overreacting.

>> No.17889861

Type it out in word first >_>

Your first thread had a very epic feel about it. That gets shattered when people go around saying "ya" "wan't see see," etc. Everyone makes mistakes with stutters and misspellings / misuse of names, word will help you fix that quickly.

>> No.17889867

it seems that i shall be awaiting along with the other people in this thread

>> No.17889902


Oh, I assure you, there'll be others waiting with you.

On a side note, were you a part of that Crimson Spectres Chapter Master Quest thread some time back?

>> No.17889933

I have A. Firefox to help me get my spelling right and I downloaded B. Tinyspell so I got annoyed to all high heaven whenever I made a misspelling.

>> No.17889935

why yes i was, why do you ask?

>> No.17889956


I was the first-time writefag for that quest. I was gone for a couple days, and I saw no more archived threads, and the chat was always empty when I logged in. Did the DM just quit?

>> No.17889961

So how is this plane of death going to work?? There is a guardian who is the gate keeper between the two planes. And we judge the souls that have enter the afterlife and then give the souls to the deity that it most served in life. And what about those who exploits the laws of the universe? Do we give those souls to the formless one?

>> No.17889988


I like the idea of them being banished to the Far Realm.

>> No.17890014

rolled 71 = 71


Only problem I see with that is giving the Formless One utter control over beings who broke or exploited the laws of the universe. I'd be more fine if we gave Picus those instead, and gave Ius the good ones.

>> No.17890029

it was a lot of things such as work/not enough time/ and the fact that the DM underestimated TG that forced him to put the Chapter Master Quest on hold indefinitely. a shame too, the DM had some fairly good plans in store for us.....

>> No.17890047

rolled 89 = 89

Maybe we should have that souls of great warriors that work on heroic champion/demi-god level (That wasn't a destined major champion nor a demi-god, but got up on that level by hard work, skill and some luck) that their souls are outside the normal system and mearly kept under wraps?
Sorta like: You guys are just soo good that we will keep you in this vallhalla-esq place.

Just to keep them out of reach from returning in any way, even by powerful Fey magic.

>> No.17890065


Yah me too. But how would the plane of death work exactly, each deity controls a section that contains all of the souls for that deity. Would each deity reward souls for following them in their own way?
Ius - would be similar to judo/christian heaven I imagine
Picus - ??
Sarma - Some sort of beautiful forest
Formless one - Far realm
What would our section of the plane of death be like? Sharing in our god-like knowledge with the souls so that they may a glimpse of the infinite?

>> No.17890082


Yes, that is a problem. Maybe we could deal with them personally?

Ooh! Ooh! I have an idea. Ius ruled out the idea of destroying them utterly, but maybe we could take them and reforge them into the very elements that this universe is made out. The bricks that creation are made out of, if you will. Seems a fitting punishment, ones that seek to break the rules of reality become the fabric that we use to reinforce it.

>> No.17890088

rolled 52 = 52

Nirvana. The accumulation of perfect knowledge leading to utter freedom of the soul. You can either ascend to become a part of that knowledge, or stay and teach the mortals.

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A great library of course.

>> No.17890100

why does that remind me of "wraith the oblivion"

>> No.17890101

Seconding this.
We shall call it the Library of Babel, and all we know shall be recorded there.
Also the moon.

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Digging the name, and of course the moon, always the moon

>> No.17890128

Sounds like a great work around!!!!

So we would absorb them into us to share in our knowledge?

>> No.17890129

rolled 20 = 20


It's too bad. I was really hoping to take that AL sleeper agent places.


Reminds me of a novel I read once that was basically a romanticized Hell, in which a Fallen Angel finally redeems himself enough to ascend back. It was actually well written, and I liked how many of the Fallen Angels are merely absent of morality, though those that rule are very, very evil. But back to the point at hand, the thing that made it interesting is that when souls were sent to Hell, they were sent as energy. They automatically manifested around them the image and matter of their original forms, but those who ruled in Hell could make use of their energy however they wished. Absent all other forms of resources, human souls were therefore used for everything, including the bricks a city was made of.

>> No.17890149

rolled 14 = 14


It would also add knowledge and insight to ourselves. We're not almighty, all-knowing. Beings in this world can learn, and with that ability, coupled with the inspirations we and others give them, they can reach heights of knowledge beyond even us, potentially. By gaining perfect understanding, they can choose to join us and be one with us, and by doing so increasing our own perfect understanding.

>> No.17890153


Well if we REALLY wanted to be dicks, we could do something like the Wall of the Faithless.

But that'd be unnecessarily cruel, I think.

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ah yes... Questor, i figured it was you.

>> No.17890191


I like the idea of a great library that has all of our knowledge in it to share with the souls. But I see a weakness with this being that necromancy is one of the magical abilities. Wouldn't it be possible for someone a person to call back one of the spirits in the library and learn everything about us.

>> No.17890199


Questor? No, I went by the name Conn.

>> No.17890217


I really like this idea

>> No.17890222
File: 64 KB, 399x396, Raven's Flight.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Warhammer 40k: Raven's Flight (The Horus Heresy) [Audiobook]
After the horrors of the Dropsite Massacre, the Raven Guard are trying to survive in the caves and mountains of Isstvan V. Their plight is desperate, and escape from the roaming Chaos Legions seems impossible. Meanwhile Colonel Valerius of the Imperial army begins suffering terrible dreams, believing the Raven Guard to be in trouble. But he faces obstacles of his own in attempting what he believes will be a heroic rescue. Can the decimated Legion hold out against the forces of the World Eaters long enough to reach an unlikely salvation?


>> No.17890226

We should perhaps try to alter the afterlife so no knowledge from it can be brought back into the 'real world'.
Stops them from cheating, and knowing the afterlife exists, right?

>> No.17890233


If they become an extension of ourselves, if someone were to recall one of those souls, we could make sure that they won't tell anything specific beyond what we allow mortals to understand otherwise. Sort of a non-disclosure agreement.

>> No.17890236

But would it be possible for you to call back a soul that has no desire to go back?

If someone is admitted into the Library of Babel, they would have desired, in life, Knowledge above any other motivation. They'd have no intention to return to the realm of the living.

Besides, could a mortal mind even handle the infinite knowledge of the Library of Babel, or would it simply be driven mad by the glimpse into Infinity?

>> No.17890244

rolled 26 = 26


Perhaps Necromancy for those who've ascended to the Library is less a summons and more a petition. Instead of disappearing into Nirvana or being the next Buddha, they all rise to the Library. Necromancers bid for their aid and if they choose to do so the spirits will come down and teach mortals.

>> No.17890302

ah yes Conn, i apologize for forgetting. but yeah we should probably get back to the quest

>> No.17890329

An interesting notion. Just as Arcane magic calls upon the elements, Druidic upon nature, Sorcerous upon demons, and Divine upon the gods, so does Necromancy follow much the same guidelines. It is less of a forcible bending of said medium to your will, and more of a friendly petition to higher powers.

This could also allow for "White" and "Black" variants of each magical discipline, a split between those who see magic as nothing more than a means to power and those who respect the source of said magic.

Of course, if a soul was forcibly ripped from the afterlife, it would be quite unwilling to talk about anything it might have learned there, wouldn't it? In any case, I propose that the nature of the Knowledge granted to those who enter the Library of Babel is such that it causes them to realize why our plan, which involves hiding a great deal of the Knowledge within, is for the best. Thus, regardless of whether they are summoned forcibly or willingly, they will do their best not to spill the beans too much. Only what is necessary and relevant to the task at hand.

In any case, it'll at least be interesting to see Necromancy depicted in a much mroe positive light than the norm.

>> No.17890349


Ha, I like this idea. I'm kind of imagining it like Force Ghost Obi-Wan from Star Wars, with a whole bunch of "from a certain point of view" fudging to keep mortals from knowing too much that they're not supposed to.

After all, knowledge is best gained through your own experience!

>> No.17890401

Postan in epic thread, can't wait for more

>> No.17890410


"Ask of the Ancients any question you would wish, but be wary. The answers you receive are not always the answers you seek, and not all things are meant for mortal ears."

>> No.17890424

[You have no idea how good of a feeling it is to return to your quest thread after 50m to see that it is still very much alive with discussion, especially following the Apotheosi thing...]

It's time for the next session. You have been eagerly awaiting this moment for a long time now, considering the things that need to get done. This next session will be minor creation. By now, Apotheosi will have developed continents. Now is the time to place the races, landmarks, and other things throughout the world. You begin to transport yourself back to the universe.

Are there any aspects of minor creation you think you need to go over in your head? Or perhaps there are things you want to do the moment you arrive?

>> No.17890450

rolled 82 = 82



I'm out to get something to eat, but hopefully it'll still be on later.

You guys better archive this if not!

>> No.17890452

Awww hell yeah let's GO!

>> No.17890476


We talked about some refinements to the way the afterlife would work, and pretty much cemented our domain/temple/whatever as a giant library. That's about it.

>> No.17890484

what would count as minor creation? Like landmass, mountains rivers, cities and the like, or can we muck about with some non sentient creatures?

>> No.17890489

Hrmmm... What sort of landmark would inspire the beings to seek truth.... Perhaps a magnetic floating island that slowly rotates over the planet.

>> No.17890500

Kind of like a moon?

>> No.17890505

How about a pillar of obsidian inscribed with many languages, which contains much knowledge, but must be studied intently for a long while before it gives any up? Only the most patient and persistent would discover its secrets.

>> No.17890525

rolled 21 = 21

Rollan for this

>> No.17890532

Yah I guess you are right

Sounds good, make it extremely tall so that it can be seen for miles.

>> No.17890541

You decide you shall be fine, and arrive in the universe.

You are suprised by the sight before you. Sarma was serious when she said she was going to edit her appearance. She is still mostly human-like, but he parts which make up her form are much more inspired. Her eyes are pools of liquid silver, Her hair is a ever-flowing and suddenly ending waterfall. Her skin is the color of snow. She wears What looks to be thick wooden vines which wrap around her body in a eloquent fashion. From her shoulders extend two planes like a horizon at daybreak, giving the impression of wings.

Much more inspired, you decide.

Ius Hasn't edited his apearance at all, nor has Picus or Formless.

"We can begin minor creation now." Ius says. "Lets take a look at Apotheosi."

>> No.17890550

rolled 36 = 36

Woo hoo!

>> No.17890561

rolled 78 = 78

I second this.

Also, stash your notes on the moon.

One last thing: I think we should reward people for being able to summon a soul from the library of Babel.
Yes, the soul could have gathered immense knowledge that shouldn't be possesed by mere mortals, but there are two problems:
1. finding a soul that has that much knowledge stored.
2. Getting it to cooperate.

>> No.17890574

kinda like a Monolith from "2001 a space odssey" but without the whole "touch it and gain instant knowledge" thing

>> No.17890583

All those are fine, though a city may be seen by the other gods as to much. [it isn't the level of power, as creating a mountain is no less significant, it is the level of interaction with the mortals. Time hasn't started yet, so if the mortals see a mountain they would be like, "ok, that's expected", but if they saw a city...)

>> No.17890598

rolled 59 = 59

Make a forest with some of the meanest pieces of warthogs the world has ever seen.
I'm talking Gothic 3 mean.

>> No.17890608

And with the added bonus that there was a Monolith on the moon in 2001.

>> No.17890628

Would a big fucking pillar of obsidian be fine with them? Because I want that big fucking pillar of obsidian, that's awesome.

>> No.17890635


Well, I would say make it similar to earth with varied biomes in different regions. Perhaps a little bit warmer and more jungle like then earth. But I really like the pillar of obsidian idea for a landmark.

>> No.17890643
File: 27 KB, 333x278, 1323453442084.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.17890647


>> No.17890648

rolled 58 = 58

Finally! A good relazation reaction image!

>> No.17890659


Are the races just going to be scattered across the lands, perhaps a concentration of one race per contentment?

>> No.17890664

[Just a moment, realized I need to scan the map real fast, note that yes this does mean Apotheosi will have a map.]

>> No.17890671

rolled 85 = 85

The Fey will have no lands nor any concentration.
They are free nomads.
Maybe they will have a single place, maybe a mountain or something that they will call their crib, but they are scattered all over the world.
Atlest that is how I understood them.

>> No.17890692

I don't thonk this is a good idea. We really want the ability to intervene in the conflicts through the fey. The fey should be innovators integrated into the world's societies rather than dancing in some forest somewhere.

>> No.17890698

I would assume that the beasts, and darkfey would be similar to the fey. Humans and monsters would be the only ones to create cities then.

>> No.17890702


Yeah, I agree with these.

>> No.17890736
File: 114 KB, 1169x850, map2.0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ius speaks "I spread humanity to every region. They will have not but themselves. I shall place the largest concentration of them at the base of My mountain, which will be called Mount Ius."

Sarma then "I have already sown the land with plants and animals, I believe it is only fair that I pass this round."

Picus then, " I take every cave, every cavern, and every space which is beneath the ground and i widen it. I shall make it as though it rained directly into their mouths for centuries without pause, the caves will one day be home to my monsters."

It is your turn.

[Will make a fancier map later, but I needed to get things rolling for now.]

>> No.17890744

rolled 71 = 71

Like I said here.
The Fey are free.

>> No.17890753

rolled 88 = 88

Put a big pillar in some place barren.
Not obviously constructed yet, but a large obsidian spike that could almost have been natural.
We should not restrict the Fey, either.

>> No.17890769
File: 116 KB, 1169x850, map2.1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wrong image by a minor difference.

>> No.17890771

rolled 95 = 95

You mean the pillar of knowledge?
Yeah, some place where it would be a bit difficult to live for long times. As said, only the determined and patient should unlock its secrets.

>> No.17890776

Perhaps we add one of the monoliths to the center of each of the two largest continents. Each with different writings on it. Perhaps you need to transcribe both before you can discern what it says.

>> No.17890788

rolled 21 = 21

Since this is a minor action, this should be a precursor to it.
Just plain spikes now, maybe multiples, so when people see the real pillar they will ignore the fact that its a random obsidian thing, and focus on the text.
If we place featureless pillars now, pillars will become normal later.

>> No.17890795

rolled 59 = 59

I think we need to create deserts, and other harsh and trying environments, where only the brave or the foolhardy would go. Put our pillars inside those areas, like one in a desert, one in someplace like Siberia or whatever.

>> No.17890804

rolled 17 = 17


>> No.17890821

i'm liking your way of thinking, i vote for this

>> No.17890853

"I shall create a pillar of knowledge for the mortals, and should they have the determination to go through the desert I put around it, they may reap a reward of understanding."

Sarma grimaces when you create the desert, you forgot to consider that it may offend her.

The Formless speaks, "I want to put a mountain in the middle of the ocean, and at the top of the mountain its perfectly flat, and in the center is a spring. Then it will look like a mountain of water simply rises from the ocean because all the walls of the mountain will be covered in the falling water."

Ius grits his teeth, but lets it happen. Sarma seems quite impressed.

>> No.17890871

rolled 77 = 77

I find it offensive that Sarma found the desert offensive.
It is by no means a wasteland devoid of life.
It is a harsh place where the strong and specialized lives. Where the hard survives by being harder and smarter.

And I kinda liked the mountain.

>> No.17890879

>The Formless has a neat idea


>> No.17890883

Cool, a water mountain

>> No.17890887
File: 124 KB, 1169x850, map2.11.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Forgot new map.

>> No.17890889

rolled 30 = 30

Why did you have Formless make something interesting? HIS CHARACTER DOESN'T ALLOW FOR SOMETHING GENUINELY INTERESTING!!


>> No.17890894

rolled 42 = 42

Hey, even That God can have his moments every now and then.

>> No.17890924

He's probably going to have whales get sucked into the spring periodically and come flying out the top, because that is epic.

>> No.17890926
File: 38 KB, 320x315, 45755.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I know, right??? Also - yeah, we really need to explain to her that desert =/= ugly wasteland - my god, think of some of the rock and sand formations out in Arizona... I don't get the feeling we made that kinda place, but... seriously.

>> No.17890927

i thought that the water mountain was pretty nifty

>> No.17890929

After this we should spread our people in several village type concentrations throughout the world. We can build upon these later, and being fey folk they are apt to wander off an fill the four corners of Apotheosi

>> No.17890945

Also, the desert has its own ecology, it's just more sparsely populated.

We could put in some sandworms too, I guess.

>> No.17890952

rolled 96 = 96

Our desert shouldn't be the Sahara/Middle East type desert, that's done in EVERY fantasy. I think we need an Arizona-type desert like this guy suggested: >>17890926

>> No.17890955



>> No.17890968

rolled 48 = 48

Seconding massive sandworms as guardians, and even a possible source of knowledge/enlightenment ala Leto II.

>> No.17890972
File: 159 KB, 720x529, socotra_island.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Yeah, with weird shit growing like this

>> No.17890979
File: 447 KB, 1600x1200, Sarna's so jelly .jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

rolled 4 = 4

Forgot my pic

>> No.17890982

This, absolutely.

>> No.17890986


Perhaps you were wrong about formless. He isn't very creative, and he is horribly immature, but his drive of "do what is epic" does work out occasionally.

Ius' turn. "I surround Ius mountain with other mountains, so the humans which dwell there will be safe from harm.

Sarma. "I bring life to the desert, filling it with creatures capable of surviving in that land. I throw harsh winds across it, and build monuments of sands that shall be called 'dunes'".

Picus I litter the continents with mountains, running along the natural tectonic plates. Within these mountains shall hide every kind of monster, and within them shall be concealed the entrances to the world below."

It is once again your turn.

>> No.17890996

Actually, tell Sarma that it is a small challenge: Create a life, which is suited to place where life should not dwell. Tell her that it is diversity of life(Of course in fancy god-paper notes)

>> No.17890997

rolled 79 = 79

Sandworms, as previous suggestions.

>> No.17891008

rolled 40 = 40

Too many mountains! Let's make a huge-ass forest now, if that hasn't been done.

>> No.17891010

Okay, guys, sandworms consume all the water on the planet in their larval stages. Lets not do that.

>> No.17891016

rolled 90 = 90

They don't have to be exactly like the ones in Dune.
Just large worms that live in the sand, and guard the pillar.

>> No.17891017

Also let's not eat our scientists.

>> No.17891024

rolled 46 = 46

Then how about just big worms that live in sand?

>> No.17891026

rolled 39 = 39

Spread the Fey across the world. Actually, that is a given.

Nope, can't really think of something decent.

>> No.17891027

Make the dessert beautiful.

>> No.17891031

Make a giant sand elemental that randomly patrols the desert taking form of the worst fears of its opponents?

>> No.17891039

If we want codevelopment we should run major rivers.

>> No.17891040

Guys - what about... Oasises in our Arizona inspired desert, that have Fey villages around them - but they /move/ around the desert, and only Fey can find them without getting lost...?

>> No.17891041

rolled 10 = 10

No sandworms yet, and forests are good but there needs to be more than that to it. A kind of low level sentience for living places, guardian spirits of the land various kinds of. It does fit with our theme after all.

>> No.17891043

rolled 5 = 5

Make giant fire breathing salamanders that roam the desert.

>> No.17891048

Create a small ball of ground, plainly hanging in the air, breaking laws of nature, far south-east of the desert. The trick is, the closer to it you get, the smaller it becomes. So at first creatures see it as a giant dome, but in fact it's a ball of rock size of a car

>> No.17891049

How about some sea creatures that are so large they are like small islands full of trees and grass that move between the continents to allow for migration.

>> No.17891053

Make a river of glass that cuts through the sand desert for absolutely no goddamn reason.

>> No.17891056

i vote for these two

>> No.17891062

rolled 95 = 95

So basically, it defies perspective? Fun.

>> No.17891063

rolled 80 = 80

Great gleaming spikes of volcanic glass shall jut forth from the desert, casting shadows and absorbing light, creating infernal hellhouses in some reaches while sapping all heat and creating valleys of deathly cold in others.

>> No.17891064

rolled 21 = 21

Voting these

>> No.17891067

rolled 32 = 32

Votan for this, this is fun idea

>> No.17891072
File: 104 KB, 500x746, Reef.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Place a great colorful reef off the coast of the northwest islands, to attract all of the beautiful creatures in the ocean and to inspire the fay folk who shall live there to take to the ocean, which is as changing as they

>> No.17891075

I think we might piss off sanra even more with the worms though. I think she might spend a turn populating it.

>> No.17891077

rolled 56 = 56

going to roll, cuz were rollan

>> No.17891080

rolled 24 = 24

No, the Fey can NEVER have their own village, temple or any sort of gathering point. By their nature, they don't gather in any numbers except small families that scatters once their children grow.

>"These are fey, They are my children, they are sinners and saints, arrogant and kind, immature and wise. They will serve none and this world will be their oyster, a home for their petty vendettas and brilliant experiments. They will be the guidance and demise of all sentient life, and they will never learn from their mistakes and they will never unite or form a true goal. And whenever my eye, the moon, shines upon them they will be blessed by my presence."

>> No.17891086

rolled 26 = 26

I think the desert is fine as it is, we should work on a different section.

like >>17891049
or >>17891039

>> No.17891100
File: 143 KB, 1169x850, map2.12.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

"The desert shall be guarded by monsters, powerful and large worms which can burrow through the sand. In this way those who would seek divine knowledge would have to brave more than the environment."

"Can I add a second sun?" Formless asks.

"No." Denies Ius.

"Ok. Hrm. All right I make a river that has red water flow around here. This will be the home of the drakfey."

You wince at hearing that name again.

>> No.17891106

rolled 73 = 73

Making some huge rivers around sounds good.

>> No.17891122

rolled 41 = 41

Declear that any mountain must have atlest one river, maybe two?
That would make for some decent waterways across the continents.
Also, raise an island that is prophiciesd to sink

>> No.17891158

Ius. "I smooth the shores of ever continent, save the ones very near the mountains. This way the mortals will be able to sail across the oceans and settle the far islands or other continents. These beaches will be known to harbour the discovery of a new land.

Sarma speaks, "I paint the world with rivers, so that the creatures and mortals may have access to waters untainted by the salt of the earth."

It is your turn once again.

>> No.17891161

rolled 39 = 39

Seems kinda random. I'd like everything we make to have some sort of purpose, even if the purpose is just 'it looks pretty'.

>> No.17891177

rolled 83 = 83

I shall raise around the world small patches of peaceful land, oases in the desert, glades in forests, and springs in the mountain, where the people can go to contemplate themselves.

>> No.17891180

rolled 61 = 61

Well, the humans that settles on the island wouldn't know that.
And it is all part of the show. With that isle, you are going to make some histories and legends.

>> No.17891193

rolled 17 = 17

On days of the solar eclipse, where the moon passes between the world and the sun, there a stairway to our lunar realm shall be formed for those with the eyes to see it and the bravery to ascend it. Just as God favors the quick, the bold, the daring, and the clever, so too must he favor those with the luck to be in the right place at the right time.

>> No.17891205

rolled 51 = 51

I second this.

>> No.17891216


We should update the map with the other deities holy places.

Sarma's large and very dense forest.
And maybe and entrance to Picus's heart of the world.

>> No.17891235

A giant ass swamp. Make it the biggest, dankest, ugliest swamp in existence. The Swamp to end all swamps.

>> No.17891243

rolled 49 = 49

So fr, we seem to be favoring acquisition of knowledge. I think it more fitting that instead of providing mechanisms for the very lucky to stumble upon a way to to the moon, mortals should reach the moon through their own endeavors prompted by curiosity and search for knowledge.

Going to vote against this.

>> No.17891244

rolled 19 = 19


I like both of these!

>> No.17891248


[you're right. The next update will show those places.]

>> No.17891254

Create Aurora borealis. Make it appear randomly, but quite handy.

>> No.17891258

rolled 10 = 10

Well, maybe have it so you must have the knowledge from the obelisk of knowledge to gain access to it?
Which means that you need some luck aswell, since those eclipses are rather rare.

>> No.17891263

rolled 52 = 52

Create a series of gorges and deep valleys filled with thick jungle, swift rivers and life. At night the plants release soft, colored light that spills just over the lip of the gorge.

>> No.17891279

rolled 100 = 100

and I shall cool the north and south poles setting in the center of the ice in the north a great Library on knowledge to be found only by the brave able to navigate a labyrinth of spiritual enlightenment

>> No.17891282

rolled 15 = 15

I agree with this.

And Auroras in the nights sky sounds good.

>> No.17891287

rolled 40 = 40

I kinda don't like how we're turning into "reward brave adventurers with riches and knowledge" god...

>> No.17891289

Agreed. We can't do natural looking besides beautification at this point. Otherwise intercontinental portal network.

>> No.17891294

rolled 3 = 3

I like this, we can make more villages after this, and this will give our people a fast track to mastery of the sea

>> No.17891296


>> No.17891305
File: 157 KB, 1169x850, map2.13.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

"I shall raise around the world small patches of peaceful land, oases in the desert, glades in forests, and springs in the mountain, where the people can go to contemplate themselves. Every one of these places shall have free vision of the moon during its fullest time, and those who stay in these places while looking upon the moon shall have the moon look back upon them, for they shall glimpse its burning inner eye and know that I am watching, and favoring, them."

Then Formless, "I place all of the Drakfey around the red river."

"You should spread them out some." Ius tries to help.

"They will spread themselves out." Formless replies in a snide tone.


>> No.17891310

rolled 4 = 4

I'm liking this

>> No.17891315

rolled 6 = 6

Don't we already have a knowledge giving pillar. And a moon. I mean I think we should be focusing on building up this world like the other gods are, instead of dumping information desks everywhere.

>> No.17891331

rolled 15 = 15

Taking a great idea and making it better!! Awesome!!!

>> No.17891335

Have we put our fey anywhere yet? I know we are placing them all around but have we done that yet? Is it assumed that they are already on the planet.

>> No.17891352


No we haven't, we should probably do that next.

>> No.17891353

rolled 31 = 31

Look at >>17891080

We can't place the Fey.
The Fey are everywhere.

>> No.17891360

rolled 40 = 40

They strike me as the type that should be scattered more than anything else, living in the obscure, hidden places

>> No.17891415

is it just me or does the Red River kinda looks like a hangman's noose?

>> No.17891444

Ius begins again. "I lace the earth and mountains with valuable materials, which humans strong, dedicated, and brave enough to gather can use to improve their way of life."

Sarma, "I paint the sky, so that under certain conditions it will become aglow with majestic color."

Picus, "I gather the oceans upward around the southern and northernmost points. There i hold them till the lack of sun freezes them into mighty glaciers. These daunting fortresses which themselves drain the heat of life from mortals shall house some of the mightiest monsters I will create."

You speak, "I take the tiny creatures of the ocean and make them shed kingdoms of color. These reefs will provide housing and awe not only to the creatures that made them, but to my fey who shall alone of the sapient races dwell often in the ocean."

Formless, "I take some of those materials Ius made and lump a lot of it near Red River, so that the drakfey can access it easily."

Ius: "..."


>> No.17891464

"You're making it quite easy for your Drakfey, are you not? Are you not worried they might take their epicness for granted and not strive as well as they could?"

>> No.17891469
File: 123 KB, 400x400, 1292896330880.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

rolled 76 = 76


>dat Formless

>> No.17891476


>> No.17891481
File: 76 KB, 500x376, 1298857232134.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Formless' face when

>> No.17891482


LOL!! Classic Formless!!!

>> No.17891488

rolled 65 = 65

Create a stone that records all that happens at the Drakfey island.
It never talks, always watches with it's obsidian eye and simply.. Records..

>> No.17891503

>granted and not strive as well as they could
Fuck, "granted and not reach their full potential of epicness"

>> No.17891511

thirded, the Formless really needs to learn some lessons in being a Deity

>> No.17891512

Ius starts another rotation. " I take many of the plants and make their fruit good to eat, so that humans may have another source of food which they may farm in a single location, and not have to wander with the creatures of meat."

Sarma, "I create other planets in the same solar system, and color them magnificently with gasses and dust. They shall be visible to the prying eye at night."

Picus, "I now litter the mountains, wherever they are, with dragons. And task them with the job of antagonising the humans, but never outright destroying them. With the malevolence of on of Sarma's cats and the cunning of a lesser god, like Formless."

Formless makes a gesture at Picus which is surely meant to be offensive, but his form is formless... so it wasn't very effective.

It is your turn once again.

>> No.17891513

rolled 61 = 61

Actually, just spread these stones randomly across the world.

>> No.17891523

rolled 74 = 74

Create gigantic, hideous elementals that patrol the Red River to "challenge" the drakfey so that they may better reach their epic potential.

srsface at Formless as you suggest it.

>> No.17891542

rolled 73 = 73

If we did that, we should do so with every race, not just Drakfey.
We shouldn't discriminate here.

>> No.17891552
File: 40 KB, 356x354, 1291615768642.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

rolled 85 = 85



Only for the Drakfey.

>> No.17891556


We haven't placed any Fey on the map yet, now would be a good time to scatter them across all the land and sea.

>> No.17891557

How about we ignore the darkfey again and make more rivers for the sake of human trade and survival against the turtles.

>> No.17891569

rolled 81 = 81

We shouldn't judge.
Let us not antagonize That God here. The other can do that well enough.

>> No.17891584

rolled 73 = 73


What turtles?

>> No.17891585

I think that we should spread half-buried ruins throughout the world with fragments of knowledge, hidden secrets, deep within. The ruins should look like they are those from some ancient race, though no ancient race ever lived there. Make the world seem marvelous and exotic to the humans, even the knowledgeable ones, by creating an unsolvable enigma.

>> No.17891592

This and say >>17891464

>> No.17891593

rolled 80 = 80

This is more something we should do.

>> No.17891594

Are stuff like ocean currents and seasons already in effect by default or do we have to specify?

>> No.17891602

rolled 27 = 27

Oh, and here's a roll.

>> No.17891613

rolled 49 = 49

Fuckwait no, saying part stays, meant the part with throwing fey across the planet

>> No.17891614

rolled 35 = 35

I like this one.

>> No.17891616

Sanra probably has all the rivers she wants though...

>> No.17891629

rolled 87 = 87

We should do this and have them gradually transition in a lot of places into the vast caves and tunnels in the earth.

>> No.17891630

i have to say, this is an amazing tale, i dont have anything to add right now, but its been a good read so far

>> No.17891641

rolled 72 = 72


Lets get our fey on the board.

>> No.17891646

rolled 84 = 84

Agreed, and have the ruins be filled with the most sapient of the elmentals. Maybe leave hints that the elementals built these ruins in lost ancient times.

>> No.17891653

rolled 47 = 47

I think that the fey should be placed in the final round.

>> No.17891654

rolled 67 = 67

Oddly enough, this is Ancient Times.

>> No.17891663

rolled 24 = 24

The fey should be spread wherever the other sapient species are first, then the desert, forest, and seas afterwards.

>> No.17891687

rolled 27 = 27

Exactly, but in a way that the humans should never really be able to unravel. Leave them clues that just lead to more mystery. Never ending trails of almost-knowledge. If they follow it all the way to the end, maybe they end up with a complete cypher for decoding our Pillar?

>> No.17891691

Hidden ruins and vast tunnels sound fun, there should be a whole catacomb of networked tunnels under the ground, give everyone a chance to wander the land as the fey do.

>> No.17891694

rolled 68 = 68

Makes perfect sense! This must be done!

>> No.17891703

rolled 6 = 6

Make a gigantic, empty city, OP.

For absolutely no reason other than to have sapients come across it, wonder who made it and why, and to occupy it and to fight over it.

>> No.17891718

"I litter the world with half buried ruins that will seem as though left by a long dead race. By exploring these ruins the mortals can gain knowledge and technology, but they will never be able to truly unravel the secrets of the precursors because the answer won't actually exist. In this way, I Make the world seem marvelous and exotic to the humans, even the knowledgeable ones, by creating an unsolvable enigma."

Formless begins to speak, " I create a..."

You cut him off, "I wasn't done, one of the ruins in particular shall be buried beneath the red river, and gaurdians 'left behind' by the precursers shall patrol the river to protect it. Also, should the ruins ever be uncovered which is unlikely due to them being beneath a river and guarded by so many elementals, it will be found that the tech within is a magic device the records all happenings within many miles, and that it has been functioning for a long time."

The Formless is silent for a while. "Never mind what I said about the drakfey only being by the red river, there are also some in the mountains south-east of the desert."

>> No.17891736

rolled 6 = 6


--UUUUUCK I'm back.

Also: ohshit

>> No.17891737

rolled 84 = 84

Not really happy that we pulled a dick move only on That God.
The other should also have something that affects them, but not on that scale.

>> No.17891738

rolled 62 = 62

A living city with a mind of its own, growing from and through the very earth. Always in ruins yet always at it growing deeper and higher as its exterior falls away. Growing in our own divine mysteries and secrets the further down it goes.

>> No.17891744


Oh oh... I think we just became THAT God.

>> No.17891747

rolled 91 = 91


Agree with this. I say we implement the same on ALL of the other Gods' major areas.

>> No.17891761

rolled 86 = 86

That is our job.
We watch. We record. We observer.
We need to know more then the GM.
We know how much tax every farmer pays.
We know the names of all the people who dies in every war.
We know the history as it was and as it is recorded.
That is who we are. The guardian of knowledge. And that means that we will be stepping on some toes. But god damnit! We will record it! We will index it! And we will protect it with our very lives!

>> No.17891764

rolled 30 = 30

His drakfey and our fey obviously will should have some pecial relation to each other. Maybe not hostilities, but something... as long as it is somehow awesome for both of us.

>> No.17891776

rolled 10 = 10

I was actually just about to write something to that effect in elaboration of my post:

>> No.17891781

rolled 34 = 34

Was there even anyone calling for us to go off into "That God" territory like that? I'd almost like a retcon where we do something less dickish instead.

>> No.17891783

rolled 54 = 54

these should be combined, the vast underground city growing throughout the planet, making a huge leyline like system, with recording knowledge devices at the nodes.

captcha: Was unsaid

>> No.17891809

I don't think we need recording devices under everything. I mean we are already going to be recording everything from our viewpoint in the heavens, we are a god after all.

>> No.17891825

rolled 87 = 87


What's done is done. Just make the best of it and move on. The DM has been super-amazing so far, so let's not bog it down now by making an issue over it.

>> No.17891829

rolled 83 = 83

yes let's expand this function in some way next round, something like altars that connect to it around the world

>> No.17891831

rolled 39 = 39

Voting against all these city ideas. I say leave the city making up to the actual mortals.

Instead, we should actually make things that are no 'get yer knowledge, mortals!' information kiosks every square mile on the planet.

>> No.17891835

Ius begins again. "I am done, I pass my turn."

Sarma, "I too am finished for now."

Picus, "I create a massive leviathan in the seas. Any who sail do so at risk of meeting destruction by it, and being devoured either by it or the ocean. I create great dragon In the air, who could be mistaken for a mountain that flies. And In the glaciers I seal, deep within their frozen walls, a horror which would take armies united to oppose."

It is your turn, you are currently considering either putting a ruin trap on mount Ius as well (as this is the only other significant heart of civilization thus far) or perhaps undoing to aggression.

>> No.17891837

these are for the explorers and the knowledge seekers, not us

>> No.17891838 [DELETED] 

rolled 91 = 91


What's done is done. Just make the best of it and move on. The DM has been super-amazing so far, so let's not bog it down now by making an issue over it.

>> No.17891849

rolled 19 = 19

I say we expand. We scatter these devices across the world.
And there is a huge difference between these recording devices and "our viewpoint from heaven"

>> No.17891859

rolled 78 = 78


Voting for undoing aggression, there must be balance in all things.

>> No.17891860

rolled 39 = 39

Let's place the fey now. We'll scatter them everywhere, sparse and lonely, but fecund.

>> No.17891877

I believe this is appropriate as the guardian of the balance of power.

>> No.17891883

rolled 44 = 44

This but not active recording, passive connections to the knowledge that mortals can make use of, but they can only learn if they add to its whole. Not free access to everything only small amounts of wisdom at a time, since the mysteries of the world should not be so easily overcome.

>> No.17891891

rolled 97 = 97


Another vote for undoing or lessening the severity of our "That Guy" move, and to also scatter the Fey.

>> No.17891897

rolled 61 = 61


You know what, yeah. Apologize for being overly aggressive and ask to take it back.

Instead of placing them in one center, we should simply scatter them. Everywhere.

>> No.17891903

rolled 90 = 90

I vote for this. Clearly we just feinted Formless and he didn't call our bluff.
>Just as planned.

>> No.17891910

rolled 72 = 72

how bout remove the cities from the leyline idea, put quick flowing underground rivers, give the fey a way to get anywhere and everywhere quickly and freely.

>> No.17891929

rolled 45 = 45

We can still keep the heart of the knowledge at the red river, I mean why not? Just don't make it effect the area around it, have it be hidden deep below the source.

>> No.17891939

"I remove the access presence of elementals on the red river. I'm judging from Picus' last action that we can make bigger moves now that some people are opting out?" you ask.

"Yes." Ius answers.

"Then I also disperse the Fey across the land. In the oceans, mountains, rivers, plains, forests, deserts, and tundra."

Formless acts, "I'm done for now."

"Then all that's left is Picus and Uraemrys." says Ius.

Picus, " I add to the materials of Ius other materials which are mostly worthless, or in too little number, to be practical or useful. Yet man and fey will lust after them all the same for naught but their rarity and shine."

Would you like to add more?

>> No.17891942

rolled 39 = 39


That wasn't what was bad, it was the fact that it made it seem like we're essentially spying on him and his center of power.

>> No.17891951

Not scattering the knowledge?
Oh well.

>> No.17891974

rolled 19 = 19


I give a gift to all living sentient beings across the world. A gift they can use as they see fit, that will be universal to any and all.

A gift of curiosity.

>> No.17891977

rolled 30 = 30

Yeah, I really like the underground rivers idea that was presented above. Have the massive network of tunnels also feature a less massive but still extensive network of rivers and other fast causeways only easily accessible to the tough and adaptable.

>> No.17891982


Oh. Well. Damn.

>> No.17891995

I agree.

and ambition.

>> No.17892005

rolled 59 = 59

Can't always win. Those anti-aggression anons won the rolls.

Things to add?
Add schools for all the races!
Some for the nobles, some for the mages.

>> No.17892007

I though seeding knowledge and ambition was what the fey were for.

>> No.17892026

rolled 5 = 5

We can't add cultural things yet - you would just be adding meaningless buildings. Let's go with this:

>> No.17892032

rolled 58 = 58


Yah, we are out of the creation phase, this is more affecting the physical world.

>> No.17892041

rolled 98 = 98


Having someone tell you that you should learn only gets you so far.

What I'm advocating is to include in the mental make-up of every sentient being the potential for a burning need to learn.

>> No.17892046

[The knowledge has already been scattered as part of the command which made the ruins, the ruin beneath red river was one of many and just got more elaboration.]

[The thread is autosaging now, so we will need to wrap it up then I shall be off to bed,]

"I contribute the the underworld of Picus by running great rivers through the world just beneath its crust. Those with the gift of swimming, such as my fey, may utilize them to quickly navigate the world. Also, I expand the ruins into greater complexes, many of which lead into natural caverns and under-rivers."

You pause for a moment to think of other things.

>> No.17892050

rolled 69 = 69

Give all mortals free will, make their it so their minds can not be directly influenced by gods or any demigods that may come in the future,

>> No.17892064

rolled 53 = 53


Holy shit, two threads taken to their full completion in a single day. I don't think I've seen a quest thread do that, though I haven't been in much.

Also, thread's been archived. Vote, mofos!

>> No.17892070


[Indeed, however the ruins idea seems to be an example of how you have sown such a thing into the mortals without manipulating the weave of sapience or reality.

>> No.17892074

Can't do that.

>> No.17892091

rolled 10 = 10

Voting so that we can do that, and actually do it.

>> No.17892094

rolled 29 = 29


Well, in that case. Islands in the sky, anyone?

>> No.17892097

i have a question OP: what day of the week will you be running this quest on?

>> No.17892103

I think we are good. When will you be coming back on to resume this awesome quest?

>> No.17892129

Very well then. The thread shall close here. Thank you for playing, it has been truly awesome.

Expect the next thread Sunday afternoon. I can guarantee it won't be tomorrow. At worst I may have to wait till Monday afternoon, but it will definitely be one of those two days.

>> No.17892147


Around what time?

>> No.17892157


Thank us for playing? Thank you for providing something fresh and fun! I've seen "you are a God, what do?" quests before, but none have been nearly as fun as this one has.

>> No.17892159

Thanks OP, and I'll make sure to upvote on suptg

>> No.17892184

thanks OP you are truly awesome in DMing this quest, and if you're still there Conn i hope you'll make it to the next Deity Quest.

>> No.17892194

Probably 12-1

>> No.17892227

rolled 15 = 15


Oh, I will. And I might namefag next time.

>> No.17892268

Send them back. With every new life a soul has, they gain new experiences, new knowledge, and new chances.

Basically, where reincarnation in real world religions is a way to perfect yourself so you can abandon reality? Reincarnation here is because reality is awesome and everyone who wants another spin of the wheel should be able to get one.

>> No.17892271
File: 67 KB, 574x650, 1321665683707.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

that's quite excellent. also pic related it's what i see our Deity telling the Formless in the near future

>> No.17892348

i just want to say i love you guys.

>> No.17892368

rolled 18 = 18

It was fun.
It was great.
And with my luck, I will be without the great internet for the next week. Maybe even two.

>> No.17892438

Places of mystery where the rules work differently, or not at all. No matter how much those in our world learn, there will always be things of wonder.

Also, the chance that anything in the world, given enough time or the right opportunity, can become sapient. Because all things strive, and should have that rewarded.

Finally, we spread the gift of life across the stars, that a million million different paths might have the chance to flourish.

>> No.17892508

now i wonder how we and the other gods will react to outside influences investigating our Party's planet?

>> No.17892560


Yah, that could be cool. Some other kid stumbles into the sandbox to see what we are doing.

>> No.17892598 [DELETED] 
File: 77 KB, 400x600, 1325050551347.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

perhaps, but let's not get too ahead of ourselves. maybe we could bring it up the next time the DM runs this quest

>> No.17892671

perhaps, but let's not get too ahead of ourselves... maybe we could bring it up the next time the DM runs this quest.

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