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Any houserules for Daemon players in 40k out there? My group just got a deamon player, but he keeps getting swept (I destroyed his army, when he had over his points allowance, only losing 3 of my models in the proccess). We had a rule saying that in turn two everything else he has comes in via outflank, but that didn't help him so much.
Any ideas?

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"Warp stuff swirls and fizzes around the air as Daemons appear on the battlefield, distorting the physics of the area around them. Though the hefty swing of a blade may not be affected enough to detract from it's original path, the course of gunfire is often altered. As such, on a turn when a Daemon deepstrikes onto the table, any unit wishing to fire at it requires a roll of a 5 or above to score a hit." - I just wrote this, what do you think?

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Shit, let the filth burn in the fires of the Emperor's fury.

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What's the fun if they don't struggle a little?

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All the fun, the enemies of man must fall and the universe purified, that is all there is to it.

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Well, joke's on you, I play Necrons, Tyranids and Dark Eldar. What now?

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The foul xenobreeds will suffer the ultimate punishment in time.

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I have also never played as marines, EVER. First army was Dark Eldar a couple of years ago, never played any imperial army, never plan to, unless they make sisters better at some point. U mad?

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Anyways, back to my original question. Some of my club mates think all daemons should have heroic intervention, but I disagree, since it'd turn the tables too rapidly in the other direction. >>17886600
stuff like this maybe?

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Why would I be mad? Mankind will be triumphant amongst the stars and all others will perish.

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>implying the necrons won't turn off all the stars and watch you burn if it goes really badly for them.
>implying the impirium won't be crushed by the tyranids if they come in at full force
>Implying dark eldar give a fuck
>impling implications

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>Implying they will not all be smitten by the will of the Emperor and the strength of the Adeptus Astartes.

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>Implying the Emperor is anything more than a corpse.

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It's SMOTE fuckass.

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>smitten [ˈsmɪtən]
>a past participle of smite

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>> also a form of girlish glee-based love

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bumping to reiterate my question.

also, does anybody know when abaddon quest is on next? I fell asleep during the last thread.

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Uh yeah I got one. Learn to play.

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He can play, it's us, as a group, who want him to actually stand a chance because we keep annihilating him so easily, even me, and I'm the worst player there.

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Yeah, I had a similar case at my LGS recently. No matter how hard we tried, he just couldn't win. Mind you, he was playing a mono-Khorne army, but I mean he couldn't even scratch most armies.

What is your Daemon player running, before we suggest any houserules?

>neralive rolls.
Exactly captcha. Right on the head.

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