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Space Bruce Willis thread? Space Bruce Willis thread!

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That feel when there will never be a space marine movie with properly cast live action counterparts.

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Can you imagine Diomedes saying "YIPPY KI YAY MOTHERFUCKERS"?

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>Space Bruce Willis thread!

the 5th element?

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This is now an Eliphas the Inheritor thread.

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lol you got fucked in DoW2

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rolled 76 = 76

But mostly reinstated with retribution. Fuck yeah terminator armour.

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Bitches know that I'm the most badass motherfucker in the whole DoW series.

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That felt extremely uncomfortable.

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The only thing he inherited was his gene-father's penchant for failure.

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>using Carron to discredit Eliphas

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Eliphas failed on Kronus twice, then again on Aurelia. Mr Metal Boxes, while lacking Eliphas's sublime wit, at least wiped out two Guard regiments in his campaign and is implied to be much smarter than all his ranting and raving would suggest.

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technically (iirc), his death in DoW2 was the last thing that helped ulkair to escape, but then ulkair botched it.

And who knows how many casualties he inflicted on kronus? I'm betting it's a lot more than "lord" carron.

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Eliphas sacrificed another chaos space marine to release Ulkair.

They had a deal.

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He didn't actually die, he just got beaten up and warped away.

>"Eliphas again proves to be a disappointment. His refusal to accept death is an offense to Grandfather Nurgle."

As for Kronus, the sergeants in DoW2 go on about how few men died under Captain Dave Ian Fool's command, so Eliphas can't have killed too many of them. We don't really know which other factions he fought or how far he got, just that he eventually lost... to a guy who didn't know how to stop the enemy from tricking his own troops into shooting each other.

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>Play Ret
Fuck yeah Chaos! Fuck yeah Eliphas

>Suddenly Abaddon

>Abaddon takes every opportunity to belittle, insult, and threaten me

Wait what....

>Neroth acts like clingy yandere girlfriend the whole campaign


>mfw Ret Chaos campaign

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Also, in that disappointment line Ulkair was totally making fun of Eliphas's penis.

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Abaddon warped Eliphas away then he spent a decade personally torturing him.

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"I have grown practiced... at killing you... Eliphas..."
"Death is but the beginning, Thule, as you will mark when your soul belongs to Chaos! For decades, I was flayed and burned! Every accursed second I thought of you and your meddling!"
"Pity... I forgot you... long ago..."

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Best Dread

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> "Pity... I forgot you... long ago..."

Even in death, eliphas gets served

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Eliphas got his revenge on Thule and offered his soul to Abaddon as tribute.

So I think Eliphas comes ahead in this one.

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>Diomedes thread derails into eliphas thread


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>even wanting that
fuck movies. Just make more (decent) games. Space Marine was a good start

that's just because he couldn't think up a comeback.

Eliphas the buttmangled

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What are the dots on his forehead? Noticed them on Captain Titus and a few others but never before? Are they some sort of neural interface, or perhaps a strange STI from spess mehreens facialing each other?

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smell like khorne

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They're service studs. When you've served long enough for the chapter, either 100 or 1000 years depending, they drive a nail into your skul to show it. The longer you've served, the more studs.

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Most chapter masters wouldn't have one for 1,000

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>Gabriel of the Hidden Heart

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Davian Cool had the best fucking lines.


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Diomedes has seniority over Angelos, having both served for at least a century longer and attained basically the highest rank next to Chapter Master, and was the one who actually brought Kyras down while Angelos lay useless and dying on the ground after one hit. Yet the daemon-releasing, sub-sector-dooming Angelos became Chapter Master (assuming the Blood Ravens victory is canon, and you know it will be). Now Diomedes seemed gracious enough about the whole thing... but still...


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your not Sindri

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1- It wasn't Anglos's fault Maledictus was unleashed (It was Toth and Macha's fault)

2-Diomedes served with traitors and heretics for centuries without noticing!

3-Unlike Angelos, Diomedes faltered when the truth was finally revealed to him.

In short, Diomedes does not have the strength of character or purity to lead the Blood Ravens.

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I'd say mostly Macha's, though. Even after all of her doods had been annihilated, how hard would it have been to just explain stuff in a short 1-paragraph speech using small words the mon-keigh could understand? I mean, seriously.

But no, it was all vague "You will doom us all, but I'm not going to tell you how!" shit.

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Still, thinking that destroying the daemon's prison would destroy the daemon was rather derpy. Surely if it were really that easy the Eldar would have already done it.

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Destroying the artifact before the sacrifice was complete would have killed it off for good.

Sadly the daemon gained enough power to endure its prison shattering.

This whole disaster would have been averted if Macha bothered with telling the Captain and Inquisitor some details about the Maledictum.

But No! Telling the dirty Mon'kieghs some crucial information is a big No-No for the haughty Eldar.

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Maledictus said "Had you done so sooner, you may well have vanquished me." I interpreted that as meaning that he would have been banished to the Warp for a few years, centuries, millennia or whatever, rather than being destroyed outright. Either way, he would eventually be able to return to the materium. Isn't the only way to completely destroy a daemon to have a more powerful Warp entity (for example, a Chaos God) consume it?

Though yes, Macha was an idiot. Things like this are why people call the Eldar incompetent.

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