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I've had it with all those space marines, let's talk about the real fighting men and women of the Imperium. The ones who hold the line or die trying everyday. Let us talk about our favorite Imperial Guard Regiments and give glory to those who deserve it.

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Savlar are my favourite by far, nothing like the scum of the galaxy becoming heros lol 'High as a kite, ready to fight'.

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Aww yeah, nice to see that I'm not the only Savlar fan! I'm actually about to commission a Savlar miniature range for Epic, it's gonna be sweet!

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Vat's zat? Imperial Guard thread?

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*savlar bro fist*

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Not really an I.G. fan but the Tallarn Dessert raiders seem cool enough.

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>be German
>see this
>wat do

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Firstborns reporting in!

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I really wish they'd bring back the Praetorian guard.

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you enlist!! DO YOUR DUTY!

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wasn't there some kind of shit storm about them?
a recreation of some kind of historical event, with the orks filling in for the savage natives

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Oh dear, did I miss ze party?

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Yeah. I think it was the Boer War or something like that.

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The Zulu War.

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No, Iron Sky is premiering tomorrow.

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Ah the Stormtroopers.

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armageddon steal legion. OH THE MECH SPAM!

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for ze Gott-Kaiser!

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Why do some Imperial Guard commanders insist on Using World War 1 era Mass rush tactics? They could just bombard them from afair with massive amounts of ground Softening artillery and then roll in with tanks.

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Same reason they don't call orbital strikes down everywhere.

Sometimes you need to take and hold an area, not level it.

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What's going on here, guys?

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But they could be smart about it. Fireteams, Valkyrie support. Precision Artillery. Shooting Commisars in the back.

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Leman Russ standing by!

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Cheesecake Imperial Guard propaganda.
I'm intrigued.

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There's more where that came from.

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Well, isn't it just a Death Korps thing to do WW1 style massed infantry assaults? The Cadian and Armagedon regiments seem to use tactics similar to modern tactics, like tank and APC assaults with air support. Unless I'm completely wrong.

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Because most imperial guard commanders get their positions by political means, not practical.

Also, there's regiments that break that mold, like the Catachans.

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It depends on the Regiment. There are some regiments out there that Use Musket lines and Cavalry.

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This isn't propaganda, all women in the guard look like that and if anybody says differently I'll personally shoot him!

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Armageddon is pure blitzkrieg on the offensive, and have tanks everywhere they can fit them. Cadians mix it up a bit more, varying pretty much from regiment to regiment.

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Steel Legion is best Legion by the way.

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So, Krieg is WW1 Germany and Armageddon is WW2 Germany?

Am I the only one who wants to see a Imperial Guard unit based on Imperial Japan?

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Isn't the Mordian Iron Guard sort of like imperial Japan, just with white people instead of japanese?

Are there actually any regiments that have a celtic style?

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Yeah, more or less. The Death Korps was originally just an alternate colour scheme for the Steel Legion minis, so it isn't too surprising.

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Celtic style?

The Drookians, or the Tanith Ghosts.

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Mordians are more like British Redcoats. Praetorian Guard were like redcoats in the Boer war. But now neither of em really exist :(

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I think the Brontian Longknives are Celtic or something, their officers have claymores.

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Has anyone seen the new maxmini great coat legs? They look pretty cool if you ask me.

There is a regiment called the "Finreht Highlanders" which seem to be pretty celtic styled, also a website called victoria lamb sells some conversions bits which may interest you.

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Thanks, I was always looking for some Celtic looking regiments.

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Actually it's more a Prussian style, from about the time of Bismark. It simply influenced a number of military uniforms around the world given the great respect people had for Prussian military prowess.

The Japanese, for instance, wanted a uniform befitting a "modern" army, so they picked that one.

I don't know for sure, but the U.S. Marine Dress Uniform also seems to be a possible inspiration, and the actual uniform might have been influenced by Prussian fashion, as the United States did have a period of admiration and emulation of Prussian social institutions and the like, owing to the efficiency and "scientific" character of the Prussian approach, a thing much in vogue at the time, the rational approach.

(Which is ironic considering the perverse way misapplied logical thinking and ideology caused so much ruin in the 20th century.)

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Yeah, they do have a sort of Prussian look. I just thought that if 40k had a clearly Prussian inspired regiment, they would wear the typical Prussian pickelhaube instead of the less common peaked cap.

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rolled 31, 38, 21, 22, 37, 38, 87, 85, 10, 67, 19, 95 = 550

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There is, the Teutons.
Fourth row, sixth column.

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Mordians were described as having design roots in US Marine dress uniforms. Their fighting style well that's pretty obvious now isn't it.

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rolled 47, 56, 2, 79, 93, 82, 48, 88, 79, 10, 34, 80 = 698


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Fanatical Imperial Guard infantry regimen recruited from the average convicts of a feral jungle world specializing in stealth warfare, equipped with the traditional equipment of the Imperial Guardsmen. They believe they are the best of the best and strive to prove this at every opportunity. They are close friends with the the space marines and join forces often to fight their sworn enemy: the dark Eldar

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I always wanted to build a force consisting of Rough Riders, Ogryns and some kind of transports. Would be really shitty but might have a chance in close-combat.

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pic related

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Oh wow this is awesome.

An Imperial Guard force from the jungle death world REDACTED. The world itself is divided into seven Clans who used to fight for supremacy and safe territory on the planet in their large heavily armed and armor walkers. As natives of a jungle world they favor guerrilla warfare and hit and run attacks over straight up assaults. Nicknamed 'clanners' by other regiments their friends in the Administratum keep the techpriests off their backs over their clearly modified Armored Sentinels besides no Clan would willingly let their glorious machines be worked on by any outsider.

Their enemies are the hatred Tzeentch cultists of the Inner Sphere worlds, and they fight against them with great fervor. The Clans wish to showcase their prowess and skill to the Imperium, and its known that they fight for the honor and glory of their clans and a little less for the Emperor. Conscription in the Clans comes from all sections of their society men and women pilot and maintain the mechs that their warriors ride into battle.

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By the Emperor!

There's like a regiment for very culture imaginable: Prussians, WW1 Germans, Chinese, Samurai, Soviets, Aztecs, Maya, British and many more.

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It doesn't. Rough Riders do ok for their first charge. Ogryns run into much the same problem that Ork Choppas have... A lot of stuff out there is stupidly better, and swings at I4 or higher. Tack on a 3-wound count for every Instant-Death you suffer (say at the hands of a Dreadnought, or a Thunder-hammer Wielding Wolf-Wolf-Bark Rider Wolf), and the Ogryns will fail miserably.

The problem Ogryns have is mostly due to GW's shittily designed 5th ed combat resolution. The person who kills more, wins. Which puts an automatic favor towards armies built around survivability first, and killing power second. Ogryns have a lot of basic high strength attacks, but no power weapon/fist leader, no initiative, and no armor worth mentioning. Their point-cost is excessive for what you're really getting.

If GW wanted to really fix Ogryns, they'd first fix the Combat Resolution to be not as derpy, and then treat the Ogryns like a standard squad of Guardsmen. Basic weaponry they come with, upgrade options, Sergeant upgrade, and give the Sergeant options like a Power Sword, Power Fist, or other standard IG leader additions.

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Here's the other page I have.

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rolled 73, 75, 20, 26, 51, 1, 54, 63, 58, 36, 60, 92 = 609

I'm rolling

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The jungle Forge World artillery Militia focusing on Drill & Discipline who have gone heretical. They are recruited from the worlds priesthood which are the worlds elite preferring to use traditional equipment. Their regiment creed is FOR THE EMPEROR, although they went heretical. They are friends with the Adeptus Astartes Chapter of the Imperial Fists and constantly fight the Orks.

Here are the numbers 9, 58, 8, 82, 1, 10, 37, 2, 8, 50, 26, 28.

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I personally think ogryns would have been a pretty good choice if Cruddace didn't change their point cost and made the Bone 'ead leadership eight, at 25pts each you could have fielded a five man squad at 135pts or 190pts with a chimera, this would have made them a lot cheaper than most of the units they will tie up and would allowed them to be used as a counter charge units and actually make back their points against horde enemies .

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Cool how there are so many different types of Guardsmen. The Vostoyan Firstborn are quite ne aren't they?

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I regularly use ogryns in my savlar army, but i do agree that they dont do enough for the points cost, epecially when its nearly a quarter of the total points!
Option for a power weapon at least for the bone 'ead would be a welcome minimum improvement, especially when all attacks bounce of marine armour...

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