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>start building a CSM army
>wanna make it unique
>decide on a lovecraft-themed army
>buy a bunch of ymgarl genestealer heads from chapter house studios
>use them for all my marines
>take them to FLGS
>playing a pickup game, put models on field
>"hey, where did you get those heads?"
>"chapter house studios"
>"those aren't legal, are they? they look too short, and if they aren't GW models they're not legal"
>call tournament organizer over, he says they're fine

>decide to use warhammer fantasy river trolls with tyranid arms as obliterators, they turn out awesome, i use them in a bunch of games and a tournament
>come up against that guy again
>"there's no way those are legal, the guns are too big and they're not the same size"
>calls a judge
>judge says they're fine, compliments me on the modeling

>decide to use a nurgle plague hulk with tentacles greenstuffed on the face as a defiler, it looks fantastic, my girlfriend names it reginald
>take him to FLGS for a pickup game
>we decide to do a team game, that guy is on the other team
>"what is that?"
>"it's a nurgle plague hulk from forgeworld, but i'm using it as a normal defiler"
>"you can't just use different models like that, it's a different size, that's not legal"
>call a judge
>once again, he looks at it and compliments the model, says it's perfectly fine
>that guy doesn't say a word, just packs up and leaves

>want to model my winged daemon princes as night gaunts, using the new vampire counts vargheists with their faces greenstuffed blank and horns put on
>afraid something like this will happen again

What do you guys think? I know the models aren't exactly the same, but I really like the direction this army is going, and I don't want to lose a tournament because someone doesn't want to play against a custom unit.

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Everyone whose opinion matters keeps saying it's all awesome.

Keep it up.

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If it's a pickup game and someone's complaining, they're a douche, plain and simple. If it's a tournament, it might be a different story, although if a judge gives the okay then your opponent has no reason to bitch.

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Fuck that guy, if the judge says it's okay then it's good. If he's the only one with a problem with it, then don't bother compromising with him.

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I wouldn't worry, seeing as the judges, the one's whose opinions matter, are on your side.

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I don't know why you're troubled. One moron who doesn't get it keeps not getting it, while everyone else does.

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Just make them closer to the right size this time because it might be a bit annoying to some people.
That guy sounds like a jerk, who cares what he thinks? If he had the ability to make cool models he would do it as well.

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Am i really the only one?


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See, this is why I play Brikwars instead of 40k. There's no such thing as "legal".

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They're just trying to get you disqualified so they don't have to play you.

They're afraid of your prowess.

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Judges probably complimented the modeling because you spent more money on it then just base models.

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punch that guy the world will be a better place, trust me i punched a guy once. Felt awesome

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My judge is a really nice guy, though--I don't know if I'll ever win a tournament past the local level, but if I get lucky at an 'Ard Boyz tournament some year, I don't want an actual GW organizer to send me home. If everything is based appropriately and easily identifiable, does it fulfill the requirements for a GW tournament? I just want to make sure I'm not breaking any rules.


I've got a full set of pictures of the Oblits and a picture of the plague hulk before the tentacles, but the oblits are my favorite anyway, so I'll post them.

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Those sneaky bastards.
Making you feel good and doing their jobs at the same time.

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Lovecraft horror army? yes please.

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That shit sounds fucking AMAZING, OP!



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Too many variables i don't think this really proves punching someone makes the world a better place.
What was the guy you punched like? In what manner did you punch him? Where did you do it? When?
More info man.

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OP, you're everything wrong with the world. Games aren't about having fun, and the Warhammer hobby CERTAINLY isn't about modifications and personalized armies. The first red flag was when you admitted you don't play out-of-the-box Ultramarines. Fuck you and your mary sue speshul snowflake bullshit, I hope a fat kid eats all your models.

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The only thing that might be a no-no is the chapterhouse heads. GW has a thing about other companies bits, but as long as the other stuff is GW/FW you should be all set.

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i think so long as they're more than 50% GW parts, and you're not using LOTR bits(this might have changed) I believe it counts as a GW 'model'.

If the units can be identified, you'll be fine. this guys is probably just trying to get an easy win, because he's a little shit.

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The only scenario where you might have been in trouble was the first, depending on how much of a Nazi the organizer is (and he wasn't). Anyone who questions the legality of all-GW conversions is just being a douchefag.

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all modles have to be more then 60% GW bits. also, no lotor at all.

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OP here, lemme just peel these off the iPad I had to take the pictures on and I'll put them up.



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Don't respond to the trolls, OP.
You're safe here.

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>Not OP
That was a troll? I'm pretty sure he was being sarcastic, hell his post made me laugh.

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So one asshat complains about your great models, but the people that matter are on your side?

Keep being awesome, bro!

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> I hope a fat kid eats all your models

I fucking died.

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OP is a fag who doesn't post pics of his awesome models.

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>No LotR bits at all.

Goddamn it New Line Cinema, I hate you so much.

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Okay, here we go. Sorry about the photo quality, I'm a terrible, terrible photographer. There's six of them in all; two squads of three with my defiler as the third heavy support.

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why does he give a fuck how big your models are? arent all measurments to the edge of the base anyway?

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This is great!

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holy damn

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So fucking sexy

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Wait, why does GW say you can't use a line of models they produce for conversion work?

I assume there's a not stupid reason for it.

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>I assume there's a not stupid reason for it.

brace for disappointment.

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Licensing nonsense has been going on with the Lotr line recently.

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This guy's cool. Greenstuffed two guns together for an over-the-shoulder thing, might tidy the connection up before I prime it. I'm trying to paint all my infantry before I move on. inb4 drill the barrels; I don't have a drill the right size, but I'm trying to find one.

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Are you sure this isn't some sort of omega attempt to goad us into seeing your awesome models?

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if it was then he'd do completed ones

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>It was part of the license agreement with New Line, because they hate money and success.

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Just so you guys know, I left some of the facial features (noses especially) off intentionally. It makes them a little more horrific. This guy has a fishhook in the other hand, didn't take the pic at quite the right angle.

see this

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Just wait till he plays an old ork player OP
>"what the hell are those?"
>battle wagons
>"but one is twice as large as the other, those arent the official models, this can't be legal"
>get fucked

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It matters for LOS in 40k, determining cover and all sorts of stuff. It's a big deal to some people if you model is 1cm either way, trust me I do alot of this sort of stuff myself

Pic related, scratch built Tyranids I made

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Scratch built tyranids?
You sir are a god among modellers.

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So which one is Reginald? I won't be able to recognize it from your description because I cannot into Warhammer, but I want to see what kind of thing has a name like Reginald.

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This guy's my favorite. Took me forever to dig out a cavity big enough for the third arm to fit in properly, but it paid off (in my opinion, but I suppose that's sort of subjective).


Funnily enough, we do have an old ork player--back from the days where you could fit as many orks in the transport as you could pile in the physical wagon.

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was at a party semi-drunk hears that some guys have been talking shit and wants to hurt my little brothers friend, so we get riled up and decide to meet them at a gas station. As the 2 groups meet a lot of shit get yelled, the biggest due in their party is out to one side my friend who is as big as their big guy is right behind me. I say something cheesy "fuck this shit lets fight" punch their big guy on the right side of his face, perfect hit. He stumples/falls as my friend knocks him clean out with a punch to the left side. The rest of their little warband get an asswhooping and then run. we call an ambulance, next day we hear that this big guy who is a low lvl dealer for Bandidos in our area got beaten up by Hells angels. Lol

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1. disregard haters
2. continue with kewl models
3. ???

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Was running out of ideas, so I decided to make one with two guns and no fists. He's a pain to fit in tight spaces (aka the buildings where I always deploy my obliterators).

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This one's my favorite, personally.

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You're fine dude. They promote conversions all the time and so long as you can always state "This is _____" you're gold. What is bullshit is "Oh this is a proxy model" and it's weapon load out will change from first turn powersword to 3rd turn powerhammer.
Now only problem may be WYSIWYG types. So long as every upgrade is on the model you're in the clear and if that guy comes back just refuse to play against him. Like straight up "no fuck you I'll play someone else that isn't a dick about me being creative with MY models that I PAID for"

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I try

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And here's the last one. He was actually the first one I put together; the 'nid arm fit almost perfectly into the socket.

Reginald is the plague hulk--I've got a high(er) definition picture I took of him at a friend's house. I was actually saving them for an unboxing thread, but I'll go ahead and post him anyway.

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Holy fuck, I don't play 40k (In fact, I kind of hate the pen & paper stuff) but this shit is cash OP.

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Model your shit as whatever you want.
Only faggots will complain, and they're in a tiny minority.

Your toys, your money, your invested time, blood, sweat, and tears. Only really tiny people would claim otherwise.

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What do you come to this board for?

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For two years in a row, according to Surveyfag, DnD has had more players than 40K on this board.

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Searching the true meaning of /tg/.


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>on /tg/
>not into pen and paper shit

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>>17878423 whut?
>>17878435 wut?
>>17878445 whuu?

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Well, I for example don't play RPGs and I don't play table-top games either. In fact, I don't do any of the things which are considered on-topic for this board (well, except computer games rescued by Commander Keen) and still visit it every day. It's just that this board is the best there is and fluff discussions are great. I understand that some people may not be able to understand that.

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OP here, found the pictures of Reginald and tinkered with the resolution. They're pre-tentacles, but hopefully you'll get the gist. There's three, a full shout, a close up, and a rear shot.

>captcha: Solemn, eatxchan


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Oh fuck, that thing looks grisly. Awesome.

>> No.17878554

Captcha is warning us that Reg here wants to eat /x/chan.
Not surprising.

>> No.17878569

My girlfriend was over while I was working on him, and when she saw him finished, she just said, "You should name him Reginald. He probably likes flowers." It stuck, so now he's the happy-go-lucky death engine who stops on the battlefield occasionally to pick buttercups.

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Man I'd love to see that thing properly painted. Any idea on color schemes?

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I like nearly everything /tg/ related except for 40k and warhammer.

I also don't care for most of the videogames, except for roguelikes.
I do like roguelikes.

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And here's the back. I'm running him with the battle cannon and two close combat weapons, so I figured the hand-held cannon and xboxhueg sword would represent it pretty clearly.


Cthulhu-y; green with heavy brown washes to look all slimy and muddy, like it just crawled out of a swamp. Purplish intestines, rusted sword--not that different from a standard Nurgle model, to tell the truth.

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Looks swell

>> No.17878669


Thanks! I'm glad all you guys think they're cool models; I don't trust my friends' opinions for obvious reasons.

>"Hey, check out this paint scheme for my Necrons!"
>"That's... creative, man. Looks good."

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It always hurts my brain when I try to imagine people like in OP's story existing.

I mean... it's a modelling hobby. That's one entire third of the entire point of the franchise right there. (The others being painting and gaming)

You're using models of similar size, and on correct bases, so no reasonable complaint can be made about it impacting the rules, not that either of those SHOULD matter but in 5th ed they do sorta so... sigh. But still, you're using the correct sizes and bases so what the fuck?

I mean, clearly there are people who just play for the game. That third of the hobby appeal is every single bit as legitimate as loving to convert or to paint, but... to be somehow unaware that those other two thirds even exist? How the fuck does he even think like that? Does his understanding of the word "conversion" begin and end with kit-bashing two tactical squads together so he can have two of the helmet he likes?

At least we can put to rest the myth that ignorance is bliss, because he seems to be rather irate.

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The only thing that I think could be even cooler is somehow putting some things on it like parasites or something that rides around on it eating what it leaves behind or whatever. Like the things that fall off Cloverfield and then run around biting shit and making them pop. Symbiotes! That's the word.

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heres what i suggest you do for a prince OP

>get the everblight "proteus" kit from Privateer press: http://privateerpress.com/hordes/gallery/legion-of-everblight/warbeasts/proteus
>add the head to daemon prince along with lovecraftian bitz
>add a bunch of cheap gas mask/ymgral bitz to your army for the hell of it using the wargames factory shock troops kit (lovecraftian heads on every sprue)

i hope that gets u some ideas.

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>call tournament organizer over

Sounds like an asshat that was trying to win off of a technicality instead of actual gaming so I bet if you watch him play others you would see him cheating(when he does call him on it). So much people are quick to ask for an army list or look up a rule then misuse their own. 4 years ago some dildo asked to see my army list and my codex after losing, motherfucker was 150 points over

>he was the store manager
>don't let me see you in here again.

>> No.17878756


I try not to get mad at tabletop games, but it buttfrustrated me more than usual because of the way he ditched his teammate who was really excited to play. Didn't even apologize to the poor guy.


That would be pretty sweet-Nurglings come to mind first, but it's supposed to be less Nurgle and more Lovecraft. Since his front claws are opposable, I'm likely going to put a Guardsman being crunched in one--maybe even get one grunt of every race and switching them out between games.


That's a good-looking model, but I am trying to keep it GW-legal. This thing: http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/catalog/productDetail.jsp?catId=cat750033a&prodId=prod1500562a is absolutely PERFECT for a nightgaunt--spectacular model, and it would look just like one after I blanked out the face--but even though GW makes it, you can't use LotR models in 40k because of ridiculous copyright laws.

>> No.17878760

thats cool, but this guy's even better:>>17878703

>> No.17878786


There's a Chaos player at my store that does the same thing. He's total shit at the game, though, so he always loses anyway.

>mfw his dreadnoughts fire frenzy into the back of his rhinos

>> No.17878805

>you can't use LotR models in 40k because of ridiculous copyright laws
I'm going to regret asking this, but do you know the specifics?
>bracing for stupid

>> No.17878815

keep it up OP.

mostly the people who complain about things like that are people who are a pain in the ass the play with anyway

>> No.17878828

i think many would agree that a headswap on a plastic daemon price still keeps it far above the 60% GW bitz level. just add some tzeenchian bitz for some lovecraftian feel. (all that PP kit comes with is the head, but all u need is that...) oh, and i'll also suggest combining bloodletters with ymgral heads. fuckin sweet.

legal+awesome=win. i wish you luck bro.

>> No.17878833

OP they are probably just fucking BUTTMAD that they will never make something that cool. and that you are styling on them.

be proud, keep doing what you do best, and most of all...

keep on being classy

pic related- its you as you rule the land of your FLGS and all the butthurt fags that inhabit it

>> No.17878861


Classy as fuck! Now I'm imagining a Defiler with a top hat...

Stuff looks awesome. I'm planning to hopefully do an Umbra force in a Lovecraftian style, and this stuff's just brilliant.

>> No.17878883

>build a CSM army
>end up playing a WYSIWYG guy
>heavy use of the mutations sprue because it looks cool
>so mad oh god
>i'm 150pts under the game limit and I gave him my army list and told him what each of the models were to calm him down
>still loses
>complains that I was cheap for having a specialist army instead of footsloggers

Just ignore them OP. If you're really worried about being booted from a GW tournament, talk to one of the judges before you start to find out if your models are ok. Can probably venture to a Games Workshop and bug a redshirt there to see if he knows too.

Also, a fun way to mess with Spess Muhreens is to buy some beakies and convert them. I have one and his squad drew all fire until he died.

>> No.17878885

OP back again, actually found a very helpful forum post on Astronomican:

"There are a number of legal issues that complicate the matter beyond what I originally stated. The reason for this is the contract between New Line and Games Workshop. Initially, the rules were very clear: no part, model, fluff, or anything else from the LOTR range may be used in any of the other game systems, or vice versa. This includes taking, say, Balrog wings and putting them on a Bloodthirster or suchlike. This was essentially because they did not want Games Workshop to use their franchise to sell GW franchises.

However, times have moved alone: New Line, having come to know the GW Modus Operandi better, and observing that it is just as like to go the other way (other systems into LOTR), they've eased up a bit on this. As such, there are no longer any major legal complications in doing this, and it is permitted.

In GW tournaments, therefore, you are now permitted to take LOTR minis, conversions and so on (this was not permitted before, an army that did this was barred from taking part). The only provision, in this case, is that the models in question may not be photographed (as it would breach the GW/New Line contract)- as a general rule, you are also barred from entry/winning the best army at these things."

>can use the demon
>can't have it photographed, can't win best army
>can never get any sort of GW recognition for the centerpiece of my army, nor have my army photographed if I win an event

Dunno if it's worth it, considering the emphasis I put on modeling.

>> No.17878944


>heavy use of the mutation sprue

I would deliberately play your army just so I could look at those models for an hour and a half.

>> No.17878969

For me personally, theme armies can be really cool. And you sir, make some really cool stuff. Especially like the idea of a Lovecraft-theme. And they are beautifully done, good job OP, keep doing what you're doing.
Also MFW I seen these models.

>> No.17878986

Sombody make that into a a reaction picture.

>> No.17879025


I think it already is.

>> No.17879106

Gotta keep the pimp hand strong OP. Keep the haters in line.

>> No.17879131

All I have to say to that is my army goes by the phrase "Black and Yellow camaro" Also jousting on bikes...

>> No.17879141

I'd say keep it GW.
You could probably win best army at a tourney with it.

>> No.17879163

OP, you are amazing. I can only hope to be near your level of modelling some day.

This whole thread is equal parts bro-tier and win. This is why I love you, /tg/. Stay classy.

>> No.17879203


>mfw everyone on /tg/ is a bro

>> No.17879242

thats cuz we are elegan/tg/entlemen. not douchebag /v/irgins that scream at each other over EKSBAWKS LYYV.

>> No.17879271


2/3rds of the game is modeling. When I still played 8 out of 10 players had cobbled together armies that were nothing but globs of spray paint, and half of those players were mehreens. I wish more people in my area would have tried themed armies it might have kept it more interesting and I would still play, most conversions I seen were just tactical marines with 5 arms glued upside down on their back.

Anyway OP next time you see that jealous bitch karate chop his wind pipe in half.

>> No.17879306

i've spent more time modeling than i have playing. its kinda sad.

>> No.17879317

If your models are roughly the same size and use the same bases, I'm ok with that. That guy is just a douche. I actually want to make my Iron Warrior Daemon Prince from Dreadknight.

>> No.17879340


Ya but that's how it should be, if I'm going to spend almost $40 on a tactical squad I'm gonna try and make that shit legit lol.

>> No.17879363


>> No.17879371

nah bro, guy's cancer. keep doing whatever you like. you have creativity, he's just jelly.

>> No.17879384


>make a dreadknight into a counts-as bloodthirster
>leave the GK pilot in
>watch the nerdrage

>> No.17879413

...I consider myself a pretty open-minded guy when it comes to tolerating other players' modeling ideas.
Seeing this in real life would probably send me into frothing, inarticulate fury.

>> No.17879419

Unless you were playing in GW store, I can't see the problem

>> No.17879464

I'll consider that

>> No.17879586

That's pretty awesome already. Have fun man.

>> No.17879938

Your opponent was just being a fucktard screw him.

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