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You've woken up in your room aboard the Republic civilian transport "Seras". The room is dark but you can make out the shape of a desk and chair in the right far corner but other then the bed the rest of the cabin is bare.

what do you do?

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Listen to Ramones.

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get ye flask

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Use the Force

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Yell and scream "PRAISE THE EMPEROR, I AM ALIVE!!!!!"

Begin your battle hymn. You are obviously surrounded by heretics.

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Look for my lightsaber

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you find nothing

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I sit up, and rub my eyes, searching for my glasses. I then stand up, and keep the bedsheets for some modesty, as i stumble out of the bed.

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Well you can't get ye flask.

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God I hate 40k so much. So, so much.

I wish you faggots were all megadead.

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I must have amnesia, or have had too much to drink.

I look for any possessions or evidence of who or what I am.

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as you stumble out of bed the lights automatically come on and a terminal on the desk begins to fire up. A holo-display appears and it looks as though you have a message.

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I wait for the explosions to start and a very helpful fellow soldier to come barging into my room to stop in the middle of a battle to have a nice chat with me about a Jedi who went missing and to give me tips on using my Heads-Up Display.

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There is a leather rucksack leaned up against the desk.

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Take a chill pill, bro. It will all be okay. 40k can't hurt you. It's just a game, bro. Just a game.

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I'll let out a curse and wince at the sudden change in lighting. Still a little blurry, I'll inspect the Holomessage, still wondering where my glasses are.

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I read this as "there is a leather nutsack propped up against the desk".

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Yes but you idiots shouting a catchprase the rest of us got over six years ago seem to be FOREVER.

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Realise om actually kharn the betrayer, then rip the doors open and axe the nearest jedi in the gut while screaming blood for the blood god.

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Have a look at the message.

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Looks like someone needs a hug. Does someone need a hug?

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As you reach the desk and observe the holoscreen you steady yourself on the desk your palm almost crushing your glasses.

The message reads:

Pirates have infiltrated the first class section all passengers remain in quarters until instructed otherwise by ship security.

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Well, that's unfortunate. Better do as they say.

What kind of light reading did we bring on this trip?

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Search through that bag...would be best if we are armed...just in case.

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Is that sarcasm or are you genuinely offering?

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I'll put on my glasses and blink at the message once or twice. Pirates? This can't be serious. There would be alarms if there were pirates!

Open my dufflebag. Maybe my holdout blaster got through.

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Masturbate furiously to pass the time.

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Well, let's see. It's the internet. We're most likely thousands of miles away. Even if we're nearby, I'm covered in Doritoes flakes and haven't bathed in four days, and I don't plan on doing so anytime soon. I also prefer to sit in my room and shun the sun as much as possible, stewing in my own muck to a nice fermenty finish at an undetermined time somewhere in the distant future. So I'm not leaving my house for any reason.

Do you think I'm serious about hugging you?

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I realize that since this is a heavily armed Republic warship, the only way pirates could have infiltrated is if they had someone on the inside.

Anyone I find is suspect.

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It's okay, you made me change my mind.

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>heavily armed Republic warship

>Republic civilian transport


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i lold a bit
you open the ruck sack and inside you find
A standard fusion lamp, a pair of brown leather pants, Three hydration packs, a small med kit, two dried pieces of nerf meat, a light sleeveless tunic and a heavier long sleeved tunic.

When you picked up the bag you noticed durable leather boots placed neatly under it.

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OP's pic threw me

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are we in the first class section? really?

>> No.17865099

>two dried pieces of nerf meat
Get rid of it, not kosher

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unfortunately all weapons have been checked in to the luggage bay.

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No, I'm serious.

I remember when dear ol' dad PC told me, "Son, don't ever be a hero. Sticking your neck out for other folks will just get it cut up. Your uncle tried to play the hero. Look at him now. Permanent diarrhea. Oh, and stay in school."

Those were his last words.

So let's stay in the cabin.

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Well, Paps advice went unheard. Check under the pillow, we might have still brought something.

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couldn't be fucked with finding a different one sorry for the confusion.

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What kind of skills do we have?

Also is anyone else in the cabin?

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I wonder why the fuck Im thousands of years in the past on the equivalent of a space trireme.

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under your pillow you find your personal data pad with the receipt order for weapons and armor check still on the screen.

>> No.17865174

You construct a weapon--look around you, can you form some sort of rudimentary lathe?

>> No.17865186

Let's go ahead and review over it. Heads still hazy from the rude awakening.

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you have mid level training in echani martial arts and a background in planetary security. (basically a rent-a-cop)

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you check the receipt for more info.

"This voucher states that i am the order of all articles in safebox number 22." fallowing is a list of objects that are not aloud in general population but no hint as to whats in your box ,and for some reason you can't remember

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(BTW OP, Stick a Tripcode on by using Name#Password format.)
Well. The idea that we have some weapons and armor in box 22 is promising. How long ago was the message sent to our terminal?

>> No.17865292

you are the owner* my bad

>> No.17865350

1 hour and 32 minutes ago which would be 7pm Coruscant standard time.

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That's good. Yet not good. Lets get our clothes on, and listen at the door.

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Let's do a quick mental check of what we know about our situation:
>Who are we?
>Why are we on this ship?

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you pull on your clothes and try to listen through the door but to no avail as it is an air tight seal and to thick for sounds to make it through. You remember the terminal had a security feed of the hall directly outside your door.

>> No.17865453

Need to stay hydrated. I drink my own piss.

>> No.17865471

Let's use that feed now. No telling what could be on the other side of that door.

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you activate the camera and see a group of unarmed people milling around in the corridor. The camera feed is labeled as economic passengers block one.

>> No.17865539

I picked up a bit of slicing from when I was a scrubby teen, working those minimum wages. Lets see if I can't get the camera to display other areas as well!

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dice roll bro

>> No.17865562

rolled 58 = 58

Sure thing, d100 sound fine?

>> No.17865616

you are able to access a new menu of camera but choosing to activate one will short circuit your terminal and lock you out after this use.

crew area
first class 1
first class 2
econ area 1
econ area 2
econ area 3
econ area 4
econ area 5
econ area 6

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Bridge sounds risky, but one way of knowing if shit has gone way out of hand.

>> No.17865757

you choose to view the bridge camera.

You see the captain and his staff deep in argument as the doors are being welded shut by security droids. One of the officer is shouting and point at the door obviously against this coarse of action.As you watch he grabs the captain's lapel and shakes him. all at once the other officers jump in to action subduing the man with swift kicks and punches. They all return to their stations as the captain produces a blaster pistol and shoots the rebellious officer square in his bloodied face. Then looking up frightened he fires a blaster bolt directly at the camera and the feed goes dead.

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captcha is kicking my ass

>> No.17865806

Ah. Shit. Now we're a witness to a murder. Let's collect ourselves, no doubt we're a little shaken by it. Then, open the door to the hallway.

>> No.17865871

You open the door and enter the hall way and everyone glances at you and turns back to their frightened conversations.

>> No.17865944

Step out into the hallway, and close the door behind you, then lean against the doorframe, and listen in on the conversations we can. Cross arms and act like one smooth operator.

>> No.17865948

We at least got dressed before leaving the room, right?

>> No.17865958

Oh, I see we did. Never mind me.

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We need to get something useable for defense, maybe head to wherever we checked our weaponry in, or more likely head to engineering and prepare to fuck shit upp across the ship. Blow up energy conduits as pirates pass, or vent air at whatever choke points we can, including the bridge if possible.

Fuck this shit, Ships are expensive, and I want salvage rights when we kick ass.

>> No.17866025

Or we should find a way onto the pirate ship and stow away, ready to fuck shit up.

I still see engineering as the first priority though, to start killing pirates.

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i cant find my bags i lef them right- im sure you kids will be fine one more day with- and then i turned her over and - come on lets go play with my dolls.

you listen to the conversations as they all bleed in to one another and nothing really usefull reaches your ears. You watch as children run off in to one of the cabins fallowed closely by a tired looking mother.
As you stand there the door to the cabin next to your's opens and a man in a brown robe walks out and leans on the wall next to you. You see the glint of a lightsaber on his belt but he some how manages to conceal his identity from the rest of the room.

"do you remember me? i picked up your boarding pass when you dropped it yesterday."

>> No.17866047

Ah! "Er...I'm a bit hazy, but what can I do for you Master Jedi?"

>> No.17866078

"That would be the agent the pirates have introduced to the life support system. It makes concentration a chore. If you would fallow me i will help you remember what i can."
The jedi starts off toward the end of the room and you stare at his impressive form feeling a fluttering in your stomach you cant explain.

>> No.17866082

Greetings to you as well, and unfortunatly, my memories are few and far between as of this moment. Yet, as I am sure you are aware, we have been besieged by pirates. Do you have a plan as to the remedy of this situation? Or will we have to go with my insane plan which may cause more harm than help?

>> No.17866107

"A plan is starting to formulate." he says simply.

>> No.17866114

Shake off the feeling. Not exactly my type I should think. Besides, there is more important things to worry about.

Aside from that, go ahead and follow him. If he doesn't have a plan, i don't know what passengers will!

>> No.17866121

Very well, I guess I will initiate my own plan master Jedi. Do you happen to have a vibro knife or its ilk?

If no, then we need to head to medbay, if yes, then we need to head to engineering.

>> No.17866149

Okay, quick question. WHat kind of person should we go about playing? I am feeling like dashing gentlemen, or something similar.

Also, I do not feel lightside at all for this quest. And I suspect we have actually been mindwiped. Thus we should later check out our records and history in exacting detail.

>> No.17866183

As much as I'd concur, and support the idea of the gentlemans game, I would like to point out that we lack certain gentlemanly things in OP's eyes. As for our character? So far, I'm enjoying playing a run-of-the-mill citizen of the Republic. We'll fill in the background as we go. Besides, it's our first time meeting a Jedi! This should be AWESOME.

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The jedi reaches the end of the room ignoring everything you have said and hold a hand out to your forehead and speaks.

"your name is Lieutenant Jane Aurora that is all you told me when we met. but i think this may help."
He closes his eyes and you feel a sense of clarity come over you as images flood in to your mind.
Your skill at echani martial arts and knowledge of the ships security systems come to you but not much else. "It is very hard for me to restore you while i to and under the influence of this chemical. I have given you what we need to stop the pirates. Fallow me."

The jedi turns to face a pressure door labeled main deck. He tries the controls but nothing happens the ship is in lockdown. "stand back"

The jedi ignites his saber and cuts threw the bulkhead in to the next room. Some how the civilians don't notice the pair of you slip out in to the stairwell.

>> No.17866233

Ah well. An officer. Strange, but I suppose it's one potent drug.

We'll just shake our head then. "I don't remember anything then."

>> No.17866253

"you don't seem to be active military , do you remember if its a civilian rank?"

>> No.17866259

I roll a d20 to determine how many inches of my dick fit inside Kreia while she's sleeping.

>> No.17866263

We'll just shake our head. "Sorry Master Jedi. I barely remembered to get dressed when I woke up. If you are saying that this is a drug, it's very effective."

>> No.17866288

"with out the training i received at the temple i would be much in the same boat as you. The main area that leads to first class is this way." he says ushering you down a hall.

>> No.17866389

"Either way. I'm probably not going to be much used to you...Wait. How did you know my rank, and how did you know what I was trained in?

>> No.17866393 [DELETED] 

the ship explodes you wake u on a desert island realize your sora from kingdom hearts then you fall in to the ocean and suddenly your trapped as semen in a moose testicle because no one is posting

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"the force tells us many things child, you just need to be willing to listen.quiet now i can hear people ahead."

the pair of you edge up to a corner and peek around to see a dozen armed men in breath masks lead by a man in green mandalorian armor. He shouted orders to the lower pirates and they kicked a bound hostage in the ribbs tell he was laying at the mandos feet.

"haha A padawan!" shouted the man yanking the hostage up by his braid.
"oh this will make a fine trophie." he said ripped the tight braid from the boys head along with a small chunk of scalp. The boys crys were drowned out by the muffled laughs of the pirates.

"go check why its taking so long to capture the bridge."

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That does seem odly specific, especialy when having echani training we have not actually had any echanni memorabilia.

Nor from what I can tell, anything specific to the culture. Still, we shall take a boon. What is our preferred method of combat?

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Let the Jedi do the Heroics, but these pirates outgun us, and outnumber us. Right now, we're distraction, and I'm not about to walk out and just flash these guys. Spot something to Slice or tamper with. Even a whistling pipe can distract them long enough for a Jedi to deal with them. Engineering consoles do nicely.

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His mind fucking us, that how we don't know anything. And he know loads about us.

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Yeah, lets go see if we can access a console and set something to overload. The jedi can pull the padawan out of danger while we fry the pirates.

No offense, but no way in hell would even a martial arts master of the highest order go in unarmed against men with guns, armor, and mandalorian melee shields.

Its just not happening that way.

I understand we know the martial art. But we are (as far as we know) neither superhuman, nor skilled in any other manner.

If we fight, we fight dirty.

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put that in form of an action

>> No.17866621


>The Echani were known to focus primarily on melee weapons, such as vibroswords.[4] Echani-made double-bladed vibroblades were used by Palpatine's Royal Guard, yet again influencing their look. Though their personal energy shields were popular during the period surrounding the Jedi Exile's travel through the galaxy, they eventually fell out of general use.

>With rare exception (such as the Sun Guard), the Echani eschewed the use of armor, preferring to fight in minimal clothing. Their fighting style focused more on agility and movement, and so anything that hampered their freedom of movement would be avoided.[2]

Not even a sword, we dont enter combat without a weapon.
Hazardous to our health and such.

>> No.17866642

you dart to the other side of the hall way and find a counsel when you activate. after a few moments of tampering you find the power conduit in the center of the room. The computer alerts you that and tampering with the conduit will result in almost assured death for everyone within the room.

>> No.17866650

we need to get the jedi to secure his padawan.

No reason to make him want to kill us.

Simplest way is to force pull the kid. Then blow the conduit.

>> No.17866653

rolled 54 = 54

Something just clicked then. Running on almost autopilot, we'd spot a nearby engineering console, and pull it's access panel. With a few pulled wires and a disconnected chip, we'll try to overload a nearby power box next to the Pirates.

>> No.17866654

i never said it was a good idea to rush in there bro

>> No.17866685

Ah. my mistake. Still doesn't change my viewpoints
we don't want to kill the jedi, unless we can get both of them. I assume we cant in any manner that is feasible, so we have to save the padawan.

>> No.17866775

We done? Archive and new session? or what?

>> No.17866828

im waiting on you guys to decide what to do.

>> No.17866848

Ah. Hack into the emergency system and make it seem like this section of the ship is losing atmo. (Emergency lights, warning siren... etc.)

>> No.17866896

roll please

>> No.17866941

rolled 74 = 74


>> No.17866975

Alarms start to screech and the pirates laugh making rude gestures at the cameras.
"can't get rid of us that easy Captain" shouted the mando as his comrades pulled on the rest of there breath masks. effectively they were now in space suits.
"boss the hostages are gonna die."said one of the thugs

"let them" replyed their leader.

>> No.17866990

rolled 60 = 60

Thats fine. Entirely and completely.

Can we turn the fire suppresion systems on, and have them target only living things with masks on?

>> No.17867022

you rolled for a question lol i need actions to count the rolls

>> No.17867050

rolled 65 = 65

Ah. Then activate fire supression systems, targeting anything that is higher than two feet off the ground, motion based.

>> No.17867080

the fire sepression system kills everyone in the building including you GOODNIGHT!

ill come back some time and continue the story

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