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Grimdark Monsters? Grimdark Monsters.
If somebody fell like make some fluff, double welcome.

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What a wonderful phrase.

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I like you style.

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Ghoul puppy's.

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More puppy's.

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If that's the best you can do I don't even know why I'm bothering to help.

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I love this artist.

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Might I also suggest the work of Keith Thompson.

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everyone's mate...

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This artist it-s a genius.

Try Iririv if you like this style.

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There is not enough quality art of Quelaag. Or Nito, for that matter. Or even quality images.

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Quality enough?

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Dark Souls

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This is about as grimdark of a monster that i could think of, though really anything in SH is pretty damn grimdark, what with the symbolism each creature has to the protagonists or the secondary characters
>>Btw, has anyone ever wrote or got ole pyramid in a campaign? He may work well in a creepy/spooky D&D session

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Nito is the most metal boss ever

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In b4 tentacle rape miniature

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Yep, I love the design of SH, Parasite Eve and in a less degree RE.

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I loved that game... I remember where I was when I fought that mofo...

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Not a technical campain, but there was a WoW RP I did with something akin to him. The two characters were investigating a successful businessman whom was rumoured to be a warlock. The relatively normal secretary goes through his desk and spots a suspicious paper. The moment she looks at it, every single source of light in the room goes out, leaving them in pitch darkness.

Then they hear the scraping. What followed was a tense struggle for them to find the door by the engineer's muzzleflashes and the sparks flying off the demon's armor.

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Yeah, these fucker were the material from some nigthmares in my childhood...

Kill them with pirokinesis.

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go back to 9gag Rodrigo.

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Nothing is more grimdark than pokegirls.

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Alas who doesn't remember this fuckers?

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Ya, RE had some pretty cool designs, my personal favs was the second mutation of Berkin in his G-Monster form in Resident Evil 2 (as seen on pic), as well as the super lickers in the Umbrella labs in RE 2, heck that ghoul's puppy pic you posted reminds me so much of them

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Aw shit, exactly wut i was talking about, those fuckers always scared the shit outta me when i was little playing that game, hell that one that jumps out of the window in the interrogation room gets me even to this day

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sry, tis be me

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Are you sure than you are not talking about >>17852041?
And yes, maximun level of shit~shit~shit, like when you stumble in front of a fucking Hunter. Dem, I have to replay these games...

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It sucks for G/W maybe, but White's got some sweet human shit going, and Green's got half of the Kessig Wolf Run, which is fucking beastly in the right deck. Or even in the wrong decks, sometimes.

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ya, my bad bro, these are me, just forgotten to put my name in, anywho, ya i loved those games so damn much, RE 2 being my personal favorite, played it so damn much that i unlocked the machine gun & gatling gun, and 4'th Survivor Mode. No luck getting Tofu Survivor or the rocket launcher, don't have the patience or willpower to be ultimate RE player like most people

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Normally I dont replay games, and less when I was more young and the game was In english. But well, I ever preferred SH, the first. So many nightmares... The fear to play it a bit more... Good shit.

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I'm afraid to ask...

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Flayed Servant

A warlike species native to the island chains of Rauro. Subjugated by the Kelwani Sorcerers, the Flayed Servants are the debased product of slavery.

To free them from the pain or the worries of lesser beings, they were stripped of flesh and sentience. Every moment of life is agony to a Flayed Servant; but it is an agony they cannot react to.
Instead, their psyche has been twisted to project the suffering outward from their wet, raw flesh and into the minds of surrounding combatants. They cannot react to the pain they or others like themselves feel or project, and are sent under the command of unliving constructs to fight and to die in the name of the Kelwani Sorcerer Lords.

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Good heaven, sado creatures who project suffer... They will go to my Home-brew setting.

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Grimdark =/= abstract flesh monsters

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Define grimdark.

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I like abstract flesh monsters. And undeads.

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Some good stuff bro, i like the set up and everything

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Well, I have to go to work a bit, good morning to all!

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You telling me your outlook wouldn't be rather grim if one of these was eating your face?

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Antropomorphic genitails general?

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Not as much as it would by seeing something that's supposed to be cute or attractive turn into a vicious meat grinder. Empathy is always a way to get a stronger reaction. In addition to terror and fear, it adds a layer of sorrow and hopelessness your monsters just don't provide.

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Fuck this thing is distrubing

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I sometimes wish that HL2 kept its more grimdark style from early concepts.

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You don't know SHIT about disturbing, son.

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HL2 kept the grimdark, it just didn't go full-on Giger. Which is good.

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again, that's not grimdark, thats just ugly and horrifying. Grimdark is despair, not horror. the average person cannot emphasize with a hand-less pitch black skeleton.

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No, no, it's all right, /tg/.

Not like I was planning on sleeping tonight anyways.

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Even like this?

They didn't emphasise on this at all in the final game. Hell, stalkers are not even enemy encounters there.

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What the fuck is that.

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And they don't even look that disturbing in the final version.

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I'm not sure what's creepier, the idea of the creature itself, or the fact that GabeN can totally resonate with 14 year old sexuality.

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This thread should really be called "Oozing Fleshheap Undead Monsters." Is it impossible to have otherworldly terrors, vicious animals, and leviathan sea monsters in a grimdark setting? Must everything look like it was assembled from a heap of dismembered, decaying corpses?

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Because it takes so much less effort to do that.

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I can't find any adequate pictures but The Book of Unremitting Horrors has some good monsters in it.

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He's a fun guy.

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What comic is this from?

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should get some Beksinksi in here

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Well, people truly want's grimdark? Well, you will have grimdark.

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Google Junji Ito. He has many comics.
This one is about sea.

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I'm searching in the /x/ folder...

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I think she looks pretty cute.
I'd hit it.

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I was actually just thinking the same thing. Sans the fucking it, cause that thing looks like a child.

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>looks like a child
Guess what.

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A short film called The Gate, has some pretty good cgi freak/monsters. Very Parasite Eve, short version here

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Chicken Butt.

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I'd still hit it.

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I'm in /tg/ after all...

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Not that's very respectable of you.

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Well what? It's cute? It doesn't even have talons or huge teeth. It looks like it'd be a scavenger, not really into hunting on it's own but rather just eating up whatever it finds left behind.

Sure it'd suck to find it crawling around your house, but after the shock wore off, I doubt it'd be all too hostile or vicious.

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what the utter fuck
am i seeing

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I will not enter in the realm of /d/. >>17856631
Well, these things enters in the Oozing Fleshheap Undead Monsters.

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More from this set, please.
Post the mirror one.

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I doesn't have it bro, I'm sorry.

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Well, this one...

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Lucky for me then that this is not an average mammal in anyway.

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Oh fuck

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An entertainer and his ugly dolls?

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You're right; it'll probably figure it out faster.

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I can't be the only one than these fucking dolls make uneasy(it's that the word?).

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Yes. Uneasy is a word...

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Oh, I think than this one count's too in the fleshy monsters.

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I know than this one was a famous monster...

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Hmm I prefer the old pedobear.

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Well, mi /x/ folder it's over (I have some gore ones, but just no) I will return to the old and fleshy ones...

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I'll not bother reposting this, since I already did so in a different thread, but this 'story' is definitely creepy. http://marathon.bungie.org/story/wherearemonsters.html

Honestly I guess maybe you have to be in the right mood, I've played this game a thousand (maybe even an infinite!) times over, and these terminals never really struck me as creepy until I re-read them last night. Dear god, Hanger 96.

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>That feel when victim has no gf

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Ah, Isis, the queen of 14 year old nerdy girls with Mary Sue characters everywhere.

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What happens if people get exposed to neutral warp/chaos

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We can reconvert the thread to a creepy histories, I'm a bit bleh with more fleshy creatures.

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Voidmother... I don't recall reading it. Mind telling me the book?

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It's OC, I created it for an upcoming RT game.
But I'm intrested in the voidmother you're thinking of, too.

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A lot of these are shit.
Also, how fucking sweet would Lo be as a villain.

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I'm thinking in one?

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god. why god.

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adorable, they've made a little band

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You have the rest of the set?

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I'll just leave this here...

I love Kingdom Death firgures

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i have a googel

mark powell, sir.

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Oh god... wow...

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Not sure if this qualifies...

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seriously, whats the exact definition of grimdark?

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I do too!

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"It is usually used to describe a setting that would equal poor living conditions and life expectancies for those actually living in it"

Ok then urban dictionary, i trust thee.

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1 more for the road

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I see, thanks kind anon.
So thinks than aren't sane or "lively". Flesh creature enter in this definition.

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I love this story.

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Fail, this one.

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I feel so sorry for Quelaag and her sister ;_;

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