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Everyone has an old favorite or two at least. So why not beat a dead horse with a flail and share a few?

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My favorite was the copypasta for responding to the mastermind baby images.


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Favorite copypasta

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easily one of the most emotional writefaggotries I've ever read

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>Easily the greatest tale ever written by any mortal ever


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don't have an image saved, but the first one that came to mind is Space Marines vs. stairs. that whole thread was beautiful, and normally i fucking abhor anything warhammer related.

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Anyone else miss being able to have /co/ related topics? I enjoyed the Deegan rage threads

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>No idea how old this is.

I also loved that Barstow Station writefaggotry.

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can someone explain that picture to me?

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An old bit of /tg/ story about Sisters of Battle visiting a primitive world that worshipped the Emperor, but barely understood the story. So the Horus Heresy was the Horse Heresy.

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I just love his face. promotions were great if only because i got to see this image and so many derivatives.

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I see, many thanks

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I remember, and I cried...
Also, Nice Trips...

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>Remembering old stuff

Something about this isn't right...

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Old writefaggotry about a couple of Sisters of Battle stranded on a feral world, learn about how the locals understand the Imperial history/Horus Heresy

So for example, the Emperor was betrayed by a horse. One of his children was a Wall, Sanguinus was a girl, Salamanders were the "Great Green Ones," Gillman tries to take their manhood with his coat of stars, etc

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Of course you need camel! Everyone need camel! I am Crazy Hassan, and I have a used camel specially for YOU! Camels last twice as long as horses, drink a third of the water, and just between you and me, look very nice. But come, you must see my camels! A camel for all situations and all permutations! You are stuck in space? I have space camel! Comes with it's own helmet and rocket! Buy now, I'll throw in bottle of fresh, best-quality air for free! Need to cross the ocean? Aqua-camel! Comes with its own waterwings! Great bargain - you buy the body and two legs, I'll throw in another two legs FREE! I have sold camels to everyone! No complaints! Tell your friends, tell your family! Bargain camels, almost never used! Ah, that one spit on you, it must like you!


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>maybe he's the Drizzt of necrons

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Kromgol threads were all about manly tears, bro.

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/tg/ always has the best ideas

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An old favorite? Wow. I haven't been here long enough for that.

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Manly tears.

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He is my personal hero. I named my cat after him.

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We had a lot of threads like this in 2011

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Please do not take these items.

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It's still old even though it still comes up.

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Hug Tom.

Read note.

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You cunt. You beat me to it.

But nobody beats Crazy Hassan in savings.

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Who are the two guys next to Gygax?

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Babby sitting there made me laugh.

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Man that was a fun fucking month.

Thri-Kreen everywhere, drawfags doing nothing but bug requests. Romance blooming in every writefags heart.

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The one on the left is Richard Garfield, PHD.

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Man I feel like re-reading this.

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>evolve third eye
>blood everywhere

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Is Baron Munchausen the history professor? (actually, is the history professor Baron Munchausen?)

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the right is Wells, one of the first wargame creators

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I want one.

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Not a meme, but I fucking loved when the spess mahreen 40kay movie came out

A meh movie, but the discussions and reactions were god tier

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Replace with skinks.

On the right is H. G. Wells, because he wrote a tabletop war game which I'm fairly sure is now public domain. Don't know the one on the left.


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Better version

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Have you checked out Nan Quest? It's progressing at glacial speed, but there was an update the other day.

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I could post this shit all day.

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Not really a big fan of quests, I rarely join them and when I do I usually just spectate.

Ruby quest is the only quest I've ever finished, I'll check out the nan quest in the archives thought.

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Remember Johniass Dragonraper and his humble sidekick Diquad?

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Who always died.


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Well, thematically it's fairly similar to Ruby, although the slow pace (Weaver's too busy drawing poni) combined with the hype ("OMG THIS ISN'T EXACTLY AS GOOD AS RUBY YOU SUCK") means that while I'd certainly reckon checking it out I wouldn't go into it with too many assumptions.

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Does anyone remember the fist hydra?

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John Stalvern waited. The lights above him blinked and sparked out of the air. There were demons in the base. He didn't see them, but had expected them now for years. His warnings to Cernel Joson were not listenend to and now it was too late. Far too late for now, anyway.
John was a space marine for fourteen years. When he was young he watched the spaceships and he said to dad "I want to be on the ships daddy."
Dad said "No! You will BE KILL BY DEMONS"
There was a time when he believed him. Then as he got oldered he stopped. But now in the space station base of the UAC he knew there were demons.
"This is Joson" the radio crackered. "You must fight the demons!"
So John gotted his palsma rifle and blew up the wall.
"HE GOING TO KILL US" said the demons
"I will shoot at him" said the cyberdemon and he fired the rocket missiles. John plasmaed at him and tried to blew him up. But then the ceiling fell and they were trapped and not able to kill.
"No! I must kill the demons" he shouted
The radio said "No, John. You are the demons"
And then John was a zombie.

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This image always makes me chuckle

Made because a rash of "Can I maek good necromancer?" threads

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It is also on tgchan.

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We had the coolest drawfags of any board, /tg/... What happened?

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Jesus's Golden Ass that sounds amazing

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This one is actually /x/, can I post it here?

Don't make me go back to /x/

Please don't make me go back there

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That's not even /tg/

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I just remember seeing it here is all.

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>Popular a year ago

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Here, have the finished one.

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No MacGyver? I am disappoint.

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There was, essentially, a "culling". Porn got out of control and then the drawfags started getting banned left right and centre, and the ones who didn't were generally driven away, as I understand.

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Most of the old guard had already left by then. And GreenMarine is still around and he was rather slow when it came to stop drawing naked girls.

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It was more of a wistful "we could have saved the world" than me actually asking what happened. I was there.

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Not really a meme, but god damn when is this picture going to be finished...

I'm still waiting...

and hoping...

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Making fun of FATAL never gets old.

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More stuff from a better time.

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What's the source on the original of this?

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Fun times.

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>spartan with tommy gun riding
>SPQR, lorica segmentata, centurion helmet
Fucking kill yourself.

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Basically the most popular drawfags usually drew some pretty racy requests. Everyone was generally fine with them, as long as it stayed in their own threads.

Then The Summer of Horror and Captcha came. The spam was high, the board was entrenched in trolling. The janitor was installed near the end of the summer to do away with the spam. The janitor, not knowing the difference between a drawthread that included some nudity, and a porn thread, began banning (read ban requesting, since janitors can't ban) drawfags. The ones who were banned began leaving. The ones who weren't began seeing content being deleted.

Many drawfags simply left, because they could never be sure that something they worked on wouldn't get them banned, or would be simply deleted.

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I have most of them. This is the original afaik.

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shit my folders are unorganized

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I find the lack of...for instance, penises, disturbing.

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Combined with the flail snail, it was a fatal encounter to most parties. Started out as a spelling mistake, turned into a horrific master of the seven deadly regenerating palms.

I wish I had a pic of it laying around.

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The Tale of Super Dave. Deep Rot; The Undead Computer. Confessions of a Wayword Son. Twenty Pound Sledge. And many more.

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Remember me?

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I'm done, I need to get some sleep. Enjoy this brief glimpse of a better /tg/ from history, newfags.

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Anyone else remember this story?

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reaction image mode

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>tommy gun
Clearly the Spartan's armor is stolen as well. Legionnaires just weren't that badass, he's obviously a Spartan.

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I gotta say I really didnt miss the angry marines.

>> No.17851832

I feel so bad for laughing.

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They still show up all the time anyway.

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Derailing threads is the greatest /tg/ tradition of all.

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Boxcar joe the magic hobo and Old man henderson

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Hey guys, what's going on?

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ALL the time.

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I find that hilarious because Reptilia is Paraphyletic, and in order to be monophyletic it needs to include Aves and Mammalia.

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Good holy fuck
The premise of this is amazing, in that, the premise of have celebrities in game.
I can just imagine a Billy Mays version of this

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He's secretly Doom-Rider.

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4chan and /tg/ islands

It was like a combination between the best Elf slave girl thread wat do and best just as planned nation buildan dorf fortressan adventure havan threads.

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The "More Realistic Game Session Transcripts" is still the best copypasta.

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This made me loled so hard
kinda wished this was finished and didn't end on a cliffhanger

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YEah, it was pretty glorious when it came out. So many butthurt mehreen fanboys... so many tears! Delicious tears...

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NO, you go away! We already have enough penises as it is!

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da baus reporting in

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... That's not a universal stillpoint, if it was a universal stillpoint, it would be moving at the speed in which the Earth moves in relation to the universe, which would probably destroy all life on Earth, and maybe Earth itself depending on the direction.

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i had always wished this got finished

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Slut Patrol in general needs more love.

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more old drawfagging

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>Marine Biology
Gets me everytime.

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Most of the drawfags around /tg/ are aspiring illustrators, as such that means we're usually working 2 jobs and or also studying ( I am, anyways).

Basically we're just busy, were it up to me, I would be here way more often /tg/ is the best board.

They don't touch base often, but lolcron and jeam miss drawing here too.

DrawAnon still hates you all, but you already knew that.

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I also get the feeling that a lot of the elder drawfags were just plain bored when the moderation monsoon hit, and just plain left.

>> No.17856741

sounds just plain sad.

>> No.17856767

Well, I think a lot of them were clinging to /tg/ out of habig more than enjoyment anyway, and the moderation shook them up enough to notice.

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Does anybody have this one with commissar Kain and orks? When he became their warlord?

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I just love the last panel of this comic. It's the perfect shit-eating "ain't I a stinker?" grin

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You're still my favourite drawfag, you drew the ork Shh.

>> No.17857053

> ork shh

>> No.17857066

Tell me more.

>> No.17857090

Xeno is nearly 3 years old!

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>They don't touch base often, but lolcron and jeam miss drawing here too

Th-they do? Now I feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

>> No.17857115

they don't. At most, they post one or two new drawings per year, but they don't come in drawthreads or even show up under their names.

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See you there

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>> No.17857284

Can someone tell me when Love Can Bloom happened? I started browsing /tg/ around then and I'm interesting in knowing how long that is.

>> No.17857293

I miss Verity posts, what happened to "her"?

>> No.17857305

It's going on...what, four, five years?

>> No.17857325

Christ, how time flies.

>> No.17857329

It came after Dark Crusade, because its set when the game itself is taking place. I think maybe like 2007?

>> No.17857344

These were fucking magical threads.

Fucking Haggard. I crack up every time I see it.

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>> No.17857364

Magpies. Yes, they're not old, but they're the best.

>> No.17857376

Who else remembers the week of Krieger writefaggotry?

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>> No.17857397

I'm actually the one that coined the term Blood Magpies.

I still feel a bit proud whenever I see it used. I'm a shallow man.

>> No.17857436

Did that ever... "end"?
I don't recall there being a definitive ending to that story. They were in the house with the Daemonette, and then we get Imber. Besides that, I don't recall.

>> No.17857440

The last chapter was never written, can't remember why.

>> No.17857484

Chris: Hey, Gwen you up for the RPG tonight?
Gwen: Uhm... No, I'm sorry, I'm busy... Y'know, studying.
Chris: Alright, how about tomorrow night?
Gwen: I'm, uh, well, it's a BIG exam.
Chris: When...When are you free then?
Gwen: Look, uhm, can we talk about this later Chris, I really don't know it's all so stacked up...
Chris: Oh. Kay.

Chris: The crypt awaits before you, a large stone slab of a door taunting you with its goddamn immovable bulk.
Billy: Uh, alright, can you play Gwen's character and have her use that ring-
Chris: No, she says no. Says she's busy.
Giles: Oh Jesus.
Chris: Know what else? She turns to you all, and rips off the mask to reveal she's the lich all along.
John: What? But I remembe-
Billy: . . .Well, I ask

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>> No.17857494

I feel the same way with the whole "Khaine is a C'tan" thing.
(At least I'm pretty sure I'm where it came from, all the evidence I've seen people put forth for it were stuff I put all together into one post from my reading.)

>> No.17857518

Someone mentioned that for some reason the writer posted it on 7chan and it never got archived there.

>> No.17857546

If that's the case, I'm surprised they haven't reposted it. Or someone screencapped it. Or something.

I'm not sure its a story that would have benefited from an ending, but at least one better than what we got would have been nice. All we know is that Taldeer is alright.

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>> No.17857648

>> No.17857651

Congratulations, you petty, wonderful bastard. Congratulations.

>> No.17857664

You're the chaos VA?

>> No.17857689

I'm here for a while, gonna dump alphabetically.
Might delve into other folders besides the generic clusterfuck that is my /tg/ folder.

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>> No.17857763

Did the Chaos VA also call them magpies? I don't seem to recall that.

>> No.17857772

>> No.17857791

Is the image limit 150? I seem to recall it being 150.

>> No.17857855

>> No.17857866

Should I skip over the longer screencap stories or post 'em?

>> No.17857880

Orks in Retribution called them "Thieving Magpies" for sure.

>> No.17857889

>> No.17857893

>> No.17857935

I've skipped over BIggs and the CE Fighter.
I'll drop them at request.

>> No.17857965

>> No.17857975

But Retribution came after the meme started on /tg/.

And with all the references in it ("I want to hit them with my sword!" for example) I can't help but suspect the Orks calling them that came because of the meme.

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>> No.17858013

>> No.17858058

>> No.17858080

I'm kind of the only one posting here, and I'm aware that that might be a sign to let the thread die.
Speak up if you want me to keep posting, else I'll let it die in a couple images.

>> No.17858086

I'm not 100% sure this thing counts as a meme but fuck me did I ever love it and the others he made.

>> No.17858104


That's awesome.

...Is that person male or female? I can't tell.

>> No.17858110

How long have you been coming here?

>> No.17858118


Not long, why?

>> No.17858123

Male. That is the honored Fabricator-General of /tg/, also known as Scriptarius.

He even got turned into a /tg/ character along with Dranon, Jubblowski and Lolcron back in the days of yore

>> No.17858126


That's a good question.

>> No.17858128

He's Paragon Scriptarius. Hasn't been coming around lately due to military service but he does fuckawesome conversion work.

>> No.17858129

It shows. Go to suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com and look up Scriptarius in the archive.

While you're there, read Ruby Quest and Maid Quest, too.

>> No.17858147

He did the annual build though.

Good on him for it. I appreciate his work.

>> No.17858155

Even if his works aren't a meme, the man himself almost certainly is/was.

>> No.17858173

He has been going by Fabricator General Scriptarius since late 2010. He's even gotten out of the army.

>> No.17858181


>> No.17858186


Yeah, I'd say mid-2007, probably.

Say, if you're still up to date on the whole drawfag circlejerk, any news on what happened to drawfaggit? The guy who gave us ronery wytch?

>> No.17858195

I thought he was just going INTO the army in late 2010?

>> No.17858199


>> No.17858209

>> No.17858217

Look at these pictures? Would you consider him army materiel?

I think he managed to get discharged on some medical issue.

>> No.17858232

Holy fuck I just realized it's 2012. I've been out of the loop for about a year. Is he still around, then?

>> No.17858234

I think it was closer to mid-2010. Anyway he didn't adopt Fabricator General into his name until christmas 2010 anyway.
Did he have a thread for xmas 2011? I had no internet access so I had no chance to check.

>> No.17858246

Yes, yes he did. I think my favourite exchange from it was:
> I need something to put in Trazyn's bag. Quick, name three imperial weapons or wargear!

> Bolter!
> Iron Halo!
> Hydra Flak Cannon!

>> No.17858257

Yes, yes I am. In fact, I was about to start a new build in just a few minutes before I stumbled into this thread.

>> No.17858273

Ha! Good to see you, bro. Looking forward to your new cool sht.

>> No.17858299

Scriptarius, did you ever finish that Christmas diorama?

>> No.17858300

Alphonse Kapown


(ctrl+f it)

>> No.17858315

yay, one of my pictures

>> No.17858323

Good to be here. Uni, indie game deving and job hunting is time consuming shit.
Anyway, I was gonna build a Zombie Dragon.

And even if it isn't really that thread relevant, I can clear up the confusion from earlier in ther thread.
Summer 2010 - army
Winter 2010 - changed from Paragon to Fabricator General
Fall 2011 - IRL stuff ate all my time, so I've been a bit invisible here on the chan
Present - Might end up busier than ever, but so long as I don't end up banned or anything, I'm not leaving you guys.

I ended up making two. Blood Ravens VS Trazyn and Doomrider & Sleighnids brings gifts to guardsmen.

>> No.17858329

I'm still vaguely disappointed you didn't fit in the flak cannon. :P

>> No.17858346

Remind me next christmas. Perhaps I can fit it in somewhere.

>> No.17858357


Could someone point the right way for source in this?


>> No.17858359

DM: The door stands before you, an obstinate stone slab taunting you with it's immobility.
John: Oh christ, Billy's off his meds again.
Gwen: Stop touching me, John!

>> No.17858370

Aaaand I think that's quite enough hogging up the thread for me.

As for old /tg/ stuff I miss, I'd probably say D&D optimization is one of the top things. Escape artist spelunker and whatnot.

>> No.17858376

> hogging up the thread

No, please! Post moe!

>> No.17858383

> moe
More. Though moe is fine too.

>> No.17858386

I was one of those write/drawfags...

I'm honestly disappointed with myself I never finished or followed through on what we started there...

>> No.17858387

Here you go:

>> No.17858404

Ok yeah, sure, uh... anything in particular I can do for you or are we just going to chat in general?
And this chainsword is chunky and delicious, so I think it counts as moe.

>> No.17858406

All praises to the venerated Primarch of the Space Wolves.

>> No.17858414

What. The living. Shit.

>> No.17858418

>gingerbread chainsword
its this particular brand of insanity that makes you awesome

>> No.17858426

Could you post the Primarchs as most recently updated? That always fascinated me.

>> No.17858431

I kinda held it together at
>my name is Pinisu Chan
but then I lost it at
>fuwafuwa chinchin high
Curse you, incredibly limited knowledge of japanese, why must you make it so funny to me?

>> No.17858433


>> No.17858445

im going to start screaming now
im not sure when ill stop

>> No.17858447

Here's the gallery link for the whole set, but I'll post the latest ones.
Rowboat Girlyman is the latest to get a rebuild, with Lion up next on the to-do list.

>> No.17858463

Horus' rebuild was probably the most extensive one to date, as it used only one part from his older model. Namely, the ass.

>> No.17858466



>> No.17858483

Sanguinius just really clicks with me. Overall I think he is probably the greatest improvement over the old model out of any of them so far.

>> No.17858498

hey, asses are important!

>> No.17858512

And lastly, the Fifth Emperor - a placeholder until Dranon returns the proper one. He looks like shit.

>> No.17858514

Rather surprised that this hasn't been posted yet...

>> No.17858519

> until dranon returns the proper one
What? Explain.

>> No.17858534

Nat 20 threads. I miss those.

>> No.17858539

A long time ago, someone claimed that there was a Touhou picture for every possible situation.

Anon said that there were no pictures of Touhous in a bar fight.

Then someone posted this.

>> No.17858550

I sent it to him to get it painted (and some extra detail sculpted on). He's had it for about 8 months now.

>> No.17858554

mwuhahah i love this stuff

>> No.17858577

There's also the KILL GEPPU doujin by Imizu.

>> No.17858634

>> No.17858652

>> No.17858658


>> No.17858670


>> No.17858677


>> No.17858868

>> No.17859361

This thread makes me remember the good days. The Before Time.

I miss The Before Time.

I tried going to 7chan when the mods goosestepped in but the idiots over there are ten times worse and proud of their cum-eating to boot.


>> No.17859382

Soldier on, my friend. The good days are not all gone.

>> No.17859389

You know, I tried standing up and pointing shit out last time I ran into a particularly bad instance of /tg/ being /v/? I got yelled down, someone else actually LEFT over it, and everyone was celebrating the trolls vanquishing the paladin.

>> No.17859442

Was that the thread where he started spamming dicks in an effort to get permabanned then left? That was a bunch of /v/irgins getting mad at people for thinking their board is shit(it is) and a huge misunderstanding.

>> No.17859479

Yeah, that thread. It makes me sad to think that those people honestly don't see anything wrong with what happened.

>> No.17859516

I'm sorry for causing that to spiral out of control by responding to the thread without refreshing it first, but I really do hate /v/ as a board and think /tg/ is a lot better, pretentious or not. Then someone thought I was the first guy and everything went to shit.

>> No.17859638


Well, this thread at least is still sort of undercover. Quick, which board on which chan is the old /tg/ resistance!? I'M OUTTA HERE, SUCKERS

>> No.17859680

there isn't any

its gone, gone forever

damn shame

>> No.17859700


>> No.17859760


My whole heart shook
when I read in that book
That you can never
go home

>> No.17859795


>> No.17859797

I am very disappointed in you /tg/! How could you forget about your very good and completely unassuming human friend Sir Brian Consumptington III!?

Here I was about to invite all of you over for some delicious brai- I mean scones and tea! We humans cannot resist scones and tea am I right?

>> No.17859909


Apologies Doctor, but I'm already engaged to go fishing with Sir Beary Bearington Esq. at his rural country estate this summer!

>> No.17859949

No one cares about you, you overgrown brain in a jar.
What about me?
You never write.
You never call.
The tomato patch is overgrown with weeds.
All this time with that whiner Bjorn and the blue ceiling pest for company.
Is this anyway to treat your grandfather?
That is it you are all out of the will.

>> No.17860589

>> No.17860635

Stairs, the one true enemy of the Imperium

>> Captcha completed Spagrap

>> No.17861270

...man, I miss Touhoufag (and the other touhoufags). I don't do the whole touhou thing but those guys were pretty amusing. Shit, Touhoufag was the one who created such gems as the Anal Escape Artist and Hikki Borg Cube. We never get awesome silly rules stuff like that anymore.

>> No.17861516

>> No.17861572

Take this broom Old one. You are not forgotten, someday the turnips of /tg/ will yet again grow.

>> No.17861635

I miss when /tg/ made original characters.

>> No.17861652

Anyone remember her?

>> No.17861701

Most of them were just an excuse to slap a pair of tits on something vaguely /tg/ related though.

Better than the furry circlejerk that happened during the heyday of Ruby Quest though.

>> No.17861702

>> No.17861714


>> No.17861734

>>tomo takino the wildcat gaurdswoman.jpg
Oh god

>> No.17861782

Here's the real question: Does anyone remember Warcraft Wednesdays?

>> No.17861980


Wallhammer was the greatest thing ever.

>> No.17862223

I sure as fuck don't.

It's like people who've never played a roleplaying game in their life make up wacky hijinks that they thinks are soooo funny.

>> No.17862280

...but that particular screenshot is based on something that actually happened. To be specific, some anon was playing with a faggot DM who'd punish the players for natural 20s. The rest of the thread was full of those intentional exaggerations of the DM's retardation.

>> No.17864738

im a bit busy and this is a big, yet good thread, where can i look at this later?

>> No.17865142


>> No.17865461 [DELETED] 

I remember, have have collected, a good portion of these old Memes. I was around for most of them too.
I've been here almost 5 years now... god damn I need a life.
You guys gave me the Crow/Magpie motif.

>> No.17865494

I remember, have have collected, a good portion of these old Memes. I was around for most of them too.
I've been here almost 5 years now... god damn I need a life.
You guys gave me the Crow/Magpie motif.

>> No.17867091

No much nostalgia. I love you /tg/

>> No.17867177


Those nice people at Danbooru keep translating it but the damned mods keep not-approving it.

The savages...

>> No.17867886

Heh, it shocks me every time I realize how long I've been here too...

>> No.17870435

Has this been archived?

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