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I am seeing how you female, BUT HOW DO YOU MALE /TG/
This is how I male gentleman.

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This is how I Summoner.

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+4 STR

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I like how the armrest have pillows
that's classy

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This is how I Psion

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I like how he's summoning extraplanar horrors for a peepshow

Wizards just don't give a fuck

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This is how I rouge

>fromote insertion

I think we should just be friends captcha

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This is how I ride alone.

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You like that one? This is how I Wizard Duel.

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how on earth did that guy do that...

thats fucking incredible.

must have used some sort of boost

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Spetznaz are best

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This is how I male monk.

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This is how I barbarian.

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This is how I elf.

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I love you. No homo.

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this is how I human expert

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This is how I warforged artificer

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This is how i male everything at the same time

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This is how I male Brit-barbarian

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This is how I plan of action

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This is how I Ranger.

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This is how I male bard

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I don't because I'm not a dyke who brings her fucking fetishes to the game you fucking carpetmunchers

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This is how I Hunter.

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This is how I male Bardbarian.

If you were not at least a little sad at the end of that book then you have accidentally replaced your hear with a lump of glacial ice.

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this is how i CoC investigator

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It's funny cuz that's a female

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This is how I Barbarian

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What the hell are either of you talking about? Clearly this is a guy

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Really? This is how I Investigator.

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This is how I cavalier.

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this is how i male elf

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This is how I male Wizzard

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This is how I male bard party.

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There was one episode where he crossdressed, but we don't like talking about that

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It's a gas gas gas.

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This is how I 9 out of 10 male chars

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This is how I mad scientist that went off the deep end and defied the laws of gods and men and conventional thought process.

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>we don't like talking about that
Are you sure?

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This is how I Mage.

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His girlfriend prefers him in manly clothing too.

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We should team up.

I'll find a phoenix wright to round the party out.

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This is how I male.

The problem is that this is also every NPC when I DM. Including the priests.
The players even joked that this is my way of keeping them in check, so they don't start killing everyone.

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This is how I barbarian.

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Only one man could run screaming into the Dungeon Dimensions armed with nothing but a sock full of sand, magical-winter behind him and unthinkable horrors in front of him.

But they kept his hat and put it on a shelf in the library. There was no way a mere man could survive where even the gods and the demons had abandoned and the Creator had walled off for good reason. but the kept the hat.

But a Wizard (or Wizzard) will always come back for his hat.

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This is how I Kitsuki.

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This is how I investigator.

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This is how I male vindictive Rogue.

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This is how I paladin

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This is how I male rogue.

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>roll sanity

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This is how I male space marines

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Actually that split personality is probably what kept him from sliding deeper into insanity during the course of the game.

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This is how I male gunslinger

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This is how I male bard.


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This is how I male

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This is how I bard

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That game.... that game is so bad it's good but it's also good. I don't know how that's possible to pull off.

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It actually does a good job with character development and making the town seem like a real place. It's odd, and the action scenes suck, but you care enough about the characters and setting to keep playing to see what happens.

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This is how I male peasant

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This is how I male rogue.

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>nobody bards like this

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Oh my god it's been far too long since I've played those games.

I need to reinstall them.

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This is how I male pheasant.

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They're too old to run on my computer.

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How I male btw...

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