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Hey, /tg/, how come you never talk about da boyz? Let's get an ork thread going.anything orky or ork related, why you like orks, why orks are good, some draw/writefaggotry, anything.Come on, It's ork time!

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Shameless self-bump.

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Orks are created for combat and victory.

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Because Orks are not, and will never be spess mehreens. And therefore, will never aspire to /tg/'s lurve of fat, gay dudes in power plot armor.

Go to the-waaagh.com if you want Orks.

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Where do i go if i want Eldar? The weedy, incomplete, Psychic Orkz.

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The 40k online site. It used to be called Eldar Online, but it's still pretty much pure Eldar players.

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>tg doesn't talk about Orks.
Welcome, we're pleased to have you. Use a coaster.

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this reminds me of an idea i had after watchign Megas XLR for my warboss.

a looted dreadknight, cut up and posed to be elbow droping something (a dread maybe?).

painted up like megas, from the flames to the chicks on the side.

but then i figured i would never paint it. so it remains an idea only :(

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I believe that orks never perform negatively in combat. If an individual was to win, he would obviously win.If one was to perish, he would perish so that would not count.And if we make hasty retreat we could always return to attempt it again, understand?

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Dude, orks are pretty psychic, too. In fact, every ork is a powerful psycher, they just don't know it. If you give an ork a bar of metal (this is where it gets awesome) and convince it it's a gun, it WILL fire bullets. And theoretically, since orks get stronger the older they get, as long as an ork has food and a supply of enemies and isn't mortally wounded, it could live eternally.

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Orks neva lose. If dey kill you dey win, if you kill dem den it don't count, and if dey run away itz so dey can krump you betta later, see?

If you must start an Ork thread do it properly.

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That's NOT how it works. Again... The-Waaagh.com

I recommend you read Dim's post about Orkish Misconceptions in the Fungus Brewhouse. For fuck sake, you sound like a goddamned marine-fag with the shit you're spouting.

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Would I be right in thinking a stick with ammo taped to it might work in a strong enough WAAAGH! field?

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>If you give an ork a bar of metal (this is where it gets awesome) and convince it it's a gun, it WILL fire bullets.
That part is bullshit though. It came from the mouth of a techpriest who couldn't understand how a shoota could shoot, when he basically found a metal box with various screws in it. Mekboyz aren't just there to be flashy, they actually know how to build and maintain shootas, vehicles and spaceships, that shit isn't just magic, and i hate when people say "durr orkz can make anything be anything becuz of waaagh magics durr"

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nope. The individual using it must be convinced it is actaully a working gun. Every ork knows that a sitck with ammo sticky-taped to it won't fire, but if you gave teh stick to a mekboy and he gave you something that looked like a shoota (even if it's still jsut a solid piece of iron or wood) it would work fine, since "It's a shoota ya git! Stop mukkin' about and krump somefing wif it!"

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The Ork 'Waaagh' psychic effect does not work that way. Orks can't magically believe they fly, nor do their vehicles/guns work off hopes and dreams. Their guns actually work mechanically. They actually fire bullets. The guns are prone to jamming and misfiring in anyone else's hands, however. Likewise a normally unwieldy axe is in no way cumbersome to an Ork.

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They're not stupid. A solid chunk of metal shaped like a shoota will not fire in their hands. But it will make a nice club.

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But that is how it works.
Mekboyz have an innate understanding of technology, but even so Ork technology is far more efficient and reliable than it ought to be.

That's what I meant, the stick is endorsed by Mekboy Mike.

I cite the incident of an Ork pilot flying home without an engine because he believed the wings were what mattered.

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The bar of metal bit used to be cannon.And yes, i know that mekboyz and big meks actually build things, but the psychic gestalt field does help considerably.The bar of metal thing was an exageration, but a really basic gun would fire bullets and damage someone for the same reason that blunt axes can destroy power armour.I never said that it was magic.But it certainly helps a lot.

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okay maybe it has to have a barrel and a magazine... but from what i've understood a shoota doesn't really have to have functioning mechanic stuff inside as long as it has a trigger, a magazine and a half-way usable barrel.

Some ork shootas are however very well constructed and in almost as good condition as other races weapons. Those are the weapons of large warbosses like ghazgul and mekbosses

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No. Ork technology is more efficient and more reliable in THEIR hands only. The Waaagh has an effect, but it's not world-changing. A red vehicle goes A BIT faster for them than a similarly tuned vehicle painted a different color. Yellow guns make more noise and are more impressive. Blue is luckier. Etc.

A stick endorsed by a Mek is still a goddamn stick to the Orks. Theyr'e not fucking stupid, they're just simple. A gun has to be a gun, with the proper working parts, in order for it to fire in their hands. It will, however, resist jamming or misfiring no matter how shoddy the ork craftsmanship is.

In the case of the Fightabomma... The wings are mostly aesthetics until atmospheric flight is needed... then they're still mostly aesthetics. Fighta Bommas are more of a high-powered rocket with wings and guns attached. They CAN break the atmosphere and fly into space, and do require fuel.

Think of them as the ultimate jerry-riggers.

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Quiet you, you ent elpin fings.
Dese stoopid umies comin ere finkin dey understand Orky kulture.
Da shoota works coz a mekboy made it. I trust da mekboy to make da dakka coz e's a mekboy and dats wot mekboyz do.

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As we got a right Orky thread going already. Shokk Attack Guns, the thought of them pleases me, do you use them?
The current model isn't doing it for me, any good conversions you know of?

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dat pic, HAha, I approve! I approve!

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I like the concept but don't keep up with current GW literature. Or any GW product at all.
I will say that I think the Orkz should have unpredictable-yet-effective weapons.
Like a gun which might blow up in your face but will almost certainly take a bunch of enemies with you.

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I do not recall a time that the bar of metal bit was EVER cannon. In RT era, they were masters of ForceField technology. In RT and 2e, they used the same weaponry as everyone else (bolters, meltaguns, etc.) In 3e, the fluff only outlined the psychic resonance having a minor effect. A techpriest couldn't figure a shoota out, because it had stupid amounts of redundant parts and was overly complex.

Ork fluff has never (afaik) ever supported the the 'clap your hands if you believe' trope to the point that new players and non-ork players perpetuate.

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second half of it.

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To be honest, they are quite unruly and unpredictable and have an equal chance of killing you, so a big mek with a KFF would be better, specially for a fast attack army...
Still, if you play orks, you should LIKE unpredictability, so go for it, buy one!

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The gun itself is the best part on the current model.

They're ok, just make sure you still have a KFF.

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I appologise, it's likely that i was wrong, but i read online that that used to be canon.Please don't think i'm a newbie that has just started orks and jizzes over the gestalt field shit, it was just the gun thing specifically.
Still, i maintain my previous point regarding ork immortality, since old age just makes you stronger as long as you fight. in fact, this might happen...http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Deffboss

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>you should LIKE unpredictability

So long as it's still remotely effective. A SAG, yes. What's not to love about an AP2 Ordnance Template? Wyrdboyz? Not so much... Not really worth the points or HQ slot they eat. Zzap Guns? Not since they took away their 2d6 armor pen.

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Yeah, their regenerative properties pretty much keep them alive so long as something doesn't kill them. They just get bigger and meaner with age.

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hey guys, im a total noob, and i wanna make an ork army, and i need help/suggestions. check out my thread.


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PKs on every Nob leader.

No exceptions.

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While i agree with you, who can deny that the useless old zogwort is something that always brings a smile to your face when he turns papa smurf into a widle squig? can't really afford to use him outside of apocalypse, though...

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The abundance of psychic hoods, and runes of warding, makes Zog not even worth mentioning. The armies he'd be most useful against, are the ones that get all the psychic defenses.

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Try this: have six warbikes, 3 deffkoptas, 10 nobs, 35 boyz (extra five are cheap and easy to put together, only there for mob rule) a painboy, a warboss, a big mek with KFF, a trukk, a battlewagon, three killa kans and some lootas. Keep the lootas back with the killa kans. Have the bikes go forward for distraction and disruption and use the deffkoptas for a similar purpose, but for tankbusting, too (use rokkit-lauchas) get the big mek with KFF in the trukk and some boyz in it, and put the nobz in the battlewagon with your warboss and the painboy.do whatever you want with the other stuff for flexibility.
This doesn't always work but it can be troublesome for your opponent because he will be expecting a single- minded army, but this hybrid army actually works.

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Also remember this: The tech priests consider themselves the masters of technology. Their ego is as big as their temples. The tech priests come up against te Orks, a race of complete morons, and can't work out their obviously primative technology. All attempts to pull the equipment apart and rebuild the Ork technology fails, but THEY are the Tech Priests of Mars and are CLEARLY the better brains here. In the end they give up on the hope of understanding the technology and pen it down as magic.

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