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What do you think about the new Necrons?
Any advice which units are worth buying?

I just got an Annihilation Barge. Thinking about getting Lychguards / Praetorians. Should I equip them with warscythes or shield + x ?

Got any good army lists?

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Not a Necron player, but had some games against them. Lord in Command Barge is good, Scarabs are nice, same goes for Spyders, Wraiths are awesome. Warriors in Ghost Arks are good, though keep them out of CC at all costs. Lychguard and Pretorians aren't that hot for a close combat unit if you ask me.

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Thanks for your input. Are warriors out of arks any good?
Still got like 80 models of them. Used to spam them when there still was phase out. Are monos still any good? Their point cost has been reduced to 200, but they cant tele units out of combat anymore :-/

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Old necron player here,


That is all.

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warriors are still fine without arks, but with arks they get better (i usually see people run large squads or warriors and just have the ark run along side them)

the monoliths great to protect warriors and other shooty units, just park your guys infront of its portal and dare people to get close.

command barges are great and so are annihilation barges (i run 2 anni barges, they are better then riffle dreads for less)

i got a box of lychguard/praetorians and used them to make crypteks and lords for the royal court.

other elites like ctan shards and trarch stalkers are better elite choices (and a deathmark squad with a abyssal staff and veil cryptek can destroy terminators because the ap 2 template gets to wound on a 2+)

scarabs are great against vehicles, but only vehicles.

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They can glance vehicles to death at torrent of fire stuff, though they fail utterly against FnP units. And Arks add some mobility and survivability to your scoring unit. They are ok.

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Cheer up!

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Lychguard and Pretorians are only good if you play "Bounce a Trazyn"

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good ol crazy trazy
yeah i concur with you that they only work well with trazyn

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Those necron flyers (forgot their name) are pretty good.

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What about Necron heavy support? Which units are good?

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Just a bit..

Everything that was the 'Necron' is now gone. Awesome fluff, full of destruction on a galactic (universal?) level, gods that eat suns for breakfast, and a unending tide of ever repairing machines hell bent on removing life down to the atom.

And the monolith, oooh the monolith, the IDon'tGiveAFuck'olith. What that, melta/lance weapons? 404 errors on fucks. Deep striking 3 of these bad boys in a game was always going to ruin your opponents day. Now, they go pop faster than an ork trukk running into a land raider.

The list goes onandonandonandonandonandonandonandonandonandonandonandonandonandonandonandonandonandonandonandonand

inb4 haters gonna hate

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>Awesome fluff, full of destruction on a galactic (universal?) level, gods that eat suns for breakfast, and a unending tide of ever repairing machines hell bent on removing life down to the atom.

are you sure you're not describing the NEW fluff?

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3 Monolith build wasn't that hard to deal with, when I figured out that I can ignore them and kill-off your Necrons to force Phase-out. Usually my opponent was too busy using the Monoliths to teleport his guys away instead of shooting pieplates at me. And it was the only legit build Oldcrons had.

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>hell bent on removing life down to the atom
[citation needed]

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That would be the newcron destroyers, or the newcron scarabs.

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5th ed fix that, When there are only 3 monoliths and a Nightbringer on the board with Warriors walking on board a couple of turns later, you find that the phase out rule was never really on your side.

Old fluff: Killed everything, went to sleep.
New fluff: Betrayed the C'tan, feel asleep for no reason.

See 'destroying all life' section in the 3rd ed codex/

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>destroying all life
where in that codex again?

All they did was killing troubleshooters, and then capturing the remaining ones for the C'tans to devour. And the C'tans didn't even intend to kill everything, but to farm humans.

Killing everything was never never their goal.

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Shooty IG can kill your monoliths and then nuke your warriors with all the shit it has. Remember, Ordnance worked against Monoliths.

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>Old fluff: Old Ones killed themselves with enslavers, went to sleep for no reason.
>New fluff: Betrayed the C'tan, doing so left them to weak to fight Eldar so the went to sleep to hide out.

Funny how little Oldcron fans actually know of the old fluff, eh? It's almost like they only ever played Dark Crusade and listened to some guys on /tg/.

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>Old fluff: Killed everything, went to sleep for no reason.
>New fluff: Betrayed the C'tan, feel asleep due to being left too weak to defeat Eldar.
fixed for greater factual a

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>It's almost like they only ever played Dark Crusade and listened to some guys on /tg/
True dat. And I don't get it. Are anons like that actually Necron players who couldn't into their own fluff? Or are they pretending to be oldcron players to serve the higher goal of wardhate?

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rolled 6, 11, 6, 18, 10, 2, 7, 11, 9, 7, 3, 14, 10, 15, 13, 11 = 153

Omnicidal robots just seem cooler, I think - and IIRC the Necrons did often show up and kill everything with two neurons to rub together - but other times they were more interested in farming people, perhaps depending on which of the C'tan they were working for. The Nightbringer does seem like it's interested in killing everything, while the Deceiver, being the massive troll he is, would be more interested in preserving at least some sentients, if only to bask in their suffering. I'm kinda torn on the oldcron-newcron thing myself.

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fucking dice

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Personally I like the newcrons, mostly because it's primary focus is not the C'tan, but still allows you to fluff your army as one of the rogue Tomb Worlds that worships them.

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HEY tell me if Monolith is still great compared to the new other heavy supports

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It's ok, though not as nearly unkillable as before.

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Are melta and lance effective on monolith again?

whats its role now?

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It's still capable of some shooting, and also deep striking and teleporting friendly units isn't that bad.

Even with it's huge immunities gone, AV14 all around is good protection.

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Living Metal ignores shaken on 2+ and stunned on 4+, melta and lance work against it.

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Its teleport ability has great utility, with no range restricions, allowing to shoot Particle whip and getting units from reserve at will.

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