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Say you know the following for certain...

1. There is no hell, or at the very least, if you become a vampire, you won't be automatically condemned to such a place.
2. You can choose whether or not to kill someone when you drink their blood. You can also choose whether or not to turn them into a vampire like yourself.
3. You can still eat food; it just won't give you sustenance. For that, you need blood.
4. The psychological need for sunlight to maintain emotional health will be eliminated/moonlight will suffice.

Would you consider turning into a vampire?

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How resistant am I to damage?
How damaging is sunlight/fire?
Will I have physical capabilities beyond those of a mortal man?
Can I still have sex?

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Nah. Eternal life's not all it's cracked up to be.

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Consider? Yes. Accept? Likely... especially since the choice is probably or death....

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Might be fun for a while--though, honestly, being required to take blood would suck. And I'd get *all* the diseases. Or at least be a carrier for a lot of them.

Now, if I was properly careful, I might be able to make use of it.

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Then you're not a vampire, you're just a homo
See: Twilight

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I wouldn't go that far, but I've got to agree to some extent. This isn't really a vampire--its an immortal human who occasionally drinks blood.

Vampires are monsters. Immortality without loss is great, but it makes for terrible stories and a very unfair universe.

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>be immortal
>no drawbacks

Is this 3.5?!

and yes, for the record, I would.

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I'd take that offer in a heartbeat
twilight vampires are basically demigods
sparkly, sparkly demigods.

OP: Probably. but answer >>17837578

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>immune to 'normal' death and afterlife
>require blood for sustenance
>draw power from the night

What's "not really a vampire" about this?

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>How resistant am I to damage?
>How damaging is sunlight/fire?
Extremely. You can't go out during the daytime at all.
>Will I have physical capabilities beyond those of a mortal man?
>Can I still have sex?
Not so. You cannot go out during the daytime. You have to drink enough to sustain yourself. If you're not willing to kill, that probably means three or four people a night.

>mfw people don't know Dracula could go out in the daytime, and wasn't forced to kill all his victims

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>If you're not willing to kill, that probably means three or four people a night.
Suddenly, it's a tough decision.

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In my last heartbeat!
People already think I'm a vampire. That or British.

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so how often will I need blood?
I'd still do it.

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It'd make me more durable. The food thing is silly, though I guess I'd still be able to drink coke (and no calories, since undeath). I'd always be able to turn my wife before she got old, and our son if he was hurt.

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>mfw someone reads bram stoker

though this is definitely starting to sound like Anne Rice. They could even have sex, it just wasn't pleasurable.

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Quite a bit.

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>You can also choose whether or not to turn them into a vampire like yourself.
Stopped reading here. If it works that way, that's really up to my "parent" vampire to decide, more like an intelligent zombie.

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I didn't say you wouldn't get in trouble if you changed people willy-nilly. I meant the mechanical aspect would be up to you. Drinking someone's blood wouldn't automatically turn them.

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Eternal life is badass. Although I'm going to have to ask my parents if they would give me blood.

That's an interesting question. How would one's parents react if their child was a vampire and needed blood?

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Bram Stoker's Dracula was fantastic. How could someone claim to like vampires and NOT like that book? It's like, loving dystopian fantasy but hating 1984.

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>Drinking someone's blood wouldn't automatically turn them.
When has it?

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Probably badly, unless your parents are serial blood donors.

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>> All important drawbacks removed by idiot Op

Why WOULDN'T someone become a vampire in this setting?

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Never! Vampires are the scum of the earth and deserve to be staked on sight!

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Would food still make me fat if I gorged/ate unhealthily? How much blood do I need?

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>ask your parents
how old are you?

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Lots of people seem to be seeing this as

Other than the reliance on blood and aversion to sunlight others have mentioned there could be more typical vampire problems the OP hasn't covered...
1) Blood
2) Sunlight
3) Your personality is warped into a malevolent version of its former self.
4) Your body is warped into a hunched, pale, bald thing with a bat-like face.
5) Can't cross running water, need to be invited into homes, need to sleep with a few handfulls of your native soil, other similarly odd little ones.
6) Aversion to religious iconography.
7) Glitter.

That said the only one of those that'd put me off is 3.

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What are you talking about? You still need plenty of blood and sunlight will kill you.

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>>> All important drawbacks removed by idiot Op

With the arguable exception of the first "draw back", Dracula wasn't subject to those either.

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It is ridiculous, but he hasn't said we get all the traditional superpowers.

The food thing bugs me the most.

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Assuming that the calorie intake conforms to basic thermodynamics, no.

>3-4 per night if you weren't going to kill them.
I'd get caught, I live in a town with a population of 450,000 (inc suburbs). I'd get caught very quickly.
The way I could scrap by:
- Animals. I better get 2cats.
- Work in a suitable workplace... and be incredibly lucky.
- If it was one person once a week, then my town could probably sustain me through prostitutes.

In my setting, I'd get caught and then committed to a mental ward. Where I would starve.

Do vampires die if they don't feed? Or do they just become dried husks? If we poured blood down the throats of mummies, would they become responsive if they were vampires?

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To see as my world crumble around me?
To watch all that I loved become dust?
To never again walk in the warmth of the sun?

I would not accept this fate, nor would I wish it upon anyone. Were it within my power, I would lay all cursed with such a horrible fate to rest.

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This depends OP.

Heavily on

1. There is a God
2. There is an ordained order of the Church tasked with hunting these creatures down
3. There also exists magic/sorcery available to non undead
4. If Vampires have the weaknesses attributed to them in fantasy.

I would much rather be a warlock or necromancer than a vampire if given the choice, however I'd say, if given knowledge of vampires, I'd choose to hunt them instead.

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I'd even without that.

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You could rent out a storage locker or shed or wild piece of land and kidnap people and put them in it. Your very own blood bank.

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Probably not. If vampires were a reality, there are likely bigger, scarier things out there that you could become.

If for some reason your vampire fetish doesn't knowledge that possibility, then I'll just start killing vampires, for sport if anything. But I guarantee someone has to step up to kill off the numerous emo ass bitches that would take the offer.

Most modern vampires are either depraved sub-human monsters, or wansty weaklings undeserving of power. someone has to cull the herd, as a normal human or something else.

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Though I do admit that it doesn't top my list. I have the Vampire Chronicles for that. But I've read quite a bit of(mostly bad) vampire stories, and don't completely understand people's(peoples'?) problem with newer teen vampire shit. I mean, twilight isn't great, but it's not god awful either, and the Vampire Academy series by Rochelle Mead is really good. The only real problems they seem to suffer is that "AND EVERYTHING WENT BETTER THAN EXPECTED" is the end of every one of them. I get the theme sort of like coming of age, but seriously?

And I ramble a lot. Apologies.

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Oh hey!
Confirmation that the supernatural exists.
Pledge myself to some dark force and become a vampire will all those shitty drawbacks?
Nah no thanks.
God will help me smite this asshole on my journey to become a lich.
Which we have just proven is viable and a better deal altogether.

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Yeah cause folks who go around killing people are the true heroes who never raise the eyebrows of things like law enforcement.

>> No.17837825

Best version of vampires in any recent work.

>> No.17837827

Then you're an egomanical cunt for projecting your own wishes onto others.

>> No.17837837

>God will help me smite this asshole on my journey to become a lich
>God helping an aspiring lich

How far have you thought this through?

>> No.17837842

>from 4chan
>plays /tg/
Liches are the end result of an extreme amount of drive and focus. IE: You'd have to get off your fat ass first.

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>become vampire
>become a sherpa
>raise yaks, live off yak blood and milk
>watch the world crumble around me from my lofty mountain view

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>1. There is a God
>2. There is an ordained order of the Church tasked with hunting these creatures down
Only if you start to stir up too much shit.
>3. There also exists magic/sorcery available to non undead
Yes, but it'd still be available to you.
>4. If Vampires have the weaknesses attributed to them in fantasy.
Garlic makes your nose sting like a bitch. Holy water hurts like fuck but can't kill you. Wooden stake "kills" you, but you then have to be decapitated AND have communion wafers shoved in your mouth, then have the whole fucking thing burned if they expect you to stay dead.

>> No.17837861

Yes, you could. If fact, that's probably the easiest route.

You'd have to keep them alive, that costs food.

If animal blood is all good then you could just own a farm, but the daylight thing is pretty messed up for farmwork.

I can see how easily vampire would consider man to be a lesser species, like animals.

>> No.17837866

You say egomanical cunt.
I say messiah.

And given how history works, so long as I win, I'll be right. And if I'm wrong, well, I'll be dead so it hardly matters.

>> No.17837871

How does this whole vampire regneration thing work?
I get that they can grow back limbs but after they are decapitated and staked? How do they get back to normal?

>> No.17837882

The kidnap thing is the good way to go, i think.

Also: Is vampire blood like a drug like in WoD, or just regular blood?

>> No.17837888

Nah. I like my humanity.

>> No.17837896

Your assuming most vampires would even knowledge human law, much less abide by it.

Besides, you can't kill something that's already dead. Or Undead. I'm just a natural reaction to the unnatural.

>> No.17837901

the real question here is why is that vampire girl biting a tombstone

bitch, there's no blood in there, it's a rock, what are you doing?

>> No.17837906

>Variant - Lich
>Good Lich
>Requirements: Not Evil

And the fact that this is -god- here. He can do whatever the fuck he wants.

Once you learned you could be a real life wizard you'd sit on your ass?
Glad im not you.
Once this shit is proven possible im on it like white on rice.

>> No.17837908

Actually, one thing we are forgetting is willing blood donors.

Those goth chicks... some of them are already pretty messed up. But imagine being DEPENDANT on one of those. Give me death, OP.

>> No.17837914

You might be able to get a Renfield to handle the day to day work, I don't know. If not you could just keep them relatively malnourished until you drain them dry or they die on their own, then bury them (or dispose of them, more likely) or use them to feed the next batch.

Coming from Miami, never really thought burying bodies would be a good way to get rid of them, when there's so many water sources and huge patches of land full of carrion eaters.

>> No.17837916

But if the vampires are masquerading as humans, then whether the vampires care about law or not, you're still going to have to worry about law enforcement seeing you stake "people."

>> No.17837925

>bitch, there's no blood in there

There apparently is? Maybe it's splatter from a fight or something?

>> No.17837927

There's no indication this "setting" follows DnD rules.

Anyway, if it's the Christian God, he kind of frowns on sorcery.

>> No.17837928

>Is vampire blood like a drug like in WoD, or just regular blood?
Drinking vampire blood after losing a large amount of your own blood can turn you into a vampire. However, if the vampire from which it comes is already dead when you drink the blood, you don't turn because it loses its supernatural qualities.

Theoretically one could rig up a trap where a vampire is staked, has the wafers in his or her mouth, and has razor wire around his/her neck... the mortal cuts himself/herself open and almost bleeds out, drinks the vampire blood, wakes up, and pulls the string to kill the vamp. But if the vampire dies before you turn, you don't, and if the vampire is able to communicate with you, even telepathically, before it dies, it can control you because you're its progeny.

So there's no real way to make that work of which I'm aware. At least not without help.

>> No.17837934

Apparently most vampires would spawn from this thread. So they'd have at least as much knowledge of the law that 'If someone has a gun and is approaching my domicile, I can call the police and/or kill them in self defense.' as well as 'If I look innocent, the crazy man with a gun trespassing on my place and calling me a vampire is probably going to be taken care of for me.'

>> No.17837935

So we know theres a god? And i assume by extension an afterlife? Well fuck, im just going to live a good life and then go to heaven. Why? Its fucking heaven, thats why.

>> No.17837940

Pick one.

>> No.17837954

>living on knees instead of living on feet

>> No.17837955

I accept, and immediately move somewhere with a higher/denser population.
I kill try to feed on (kill) people I don't think should live - drug dealers, gangsters, etc. I take my victims' money (all of it).
Also, I maintain a facade that I suffer from extreme photo-sensitivity, and complete a multiple degrees through means of a butler with a video connection a la L. This is because I fucking love academia, and also so that I can legitimately found a consulting company specializing in decision theory with a secret "over-night delivery" assassination branch that I'll use to gain control over large parts of the world, with my own vampire assassin squad (who have had their ability to turn others destroyed, and to whom I will provide with adequate blood through connections).

>> No.17837957

You don't get the whole smite part do you?
Become a messenger of gods wrath against the vampire menace.
And you get to be a lich because why the fuck would god keep you dead when you have work to do?

>> No.17837964

>there's no automatic damnation
>if God hated vampires, there would be
>so what makes you think God wants you killing them

>> No.17837966

First, find out how much time it takes a mortal to turn, through testing. Second, set the timer on your automatic vampire-capture machine accordingly.

Then, regardless of whether you become Controlled, the vampire will still die, thus releasing you.

>> No.17837977

I'm torn between being a Tzimisce or a Setite. One is utterly monstrous, the other is socially depraved. Why can't I have both?

>> No.17837984

Frankly I'm confused as to why you would think 'vampires are real! = Every type of super natural thing is real!' I mean, besides kitchen sink style settings, there aren't that many settings where you have vampires AND D&D style mages walking around.

>> No.17837990

I picked up the Setite novel on a lark back in the day, turned me onto the world of darkness.

Shame they were so wrong.

>> No.17837991

I don't think you get the whole smite part. Why does God need you in particular to be an instrument of his will? There are plenty of Faithful who do not want to become a lich.

You are hardly the best choice for a messenger of God's wrath.

>> No.17837999

>>17837991 this. Also, >>17837964

>> No.17838011

That has nothing to do with my question. I want to know if i can chain people to me using my own blood, so i could kidnap a lot of people, and then get another one to work for me and get me the food to feed the other ones.

Like ghouls, you know.

>> No.17838013

Sorry cant hear you. Angelic chorus was turned up too loud. Brb eternal happiness.

>> No.17838025

You can be a Tzimisce who follow the Path of the Catarsis.

Catarsis is the best path.

>> No.17838029

No one isn't going to say anything when you dissolve into a pile of ash. Or does the autopsy on you long after I'm gone.

Sorry bro, as much as i like to ridicule them, the government ain't that stupid. Masquerades at that level don't work. And if for some reason it did, some asshole like me would expose it at the beginning.

Go fap off to your blood fetish and/or delusions of grandeur someplace else.

>> No.17838030

mind you that's spiritual happiness
no sex, no drugs, no rock and roll

>> No.17838041

>implying that an eternity of perfection isn't a good reason to do so
Idiot. Though I'm still turning, and I'll offer you the choice, and you'll be oh so hopeful, only to hear as the last of your blood drains "Oops, guess I forgot."

Then you'll die, and we'll all live happily ever after.

>> No.17838043

Fuck yes I would. As long as it wasn't a straight-up Nosferatu monster, I'd probably go Vamp.

>> No.17838050

>blood fetish and delusions of grandeur
Man, I think a guy who pops up in every supernatural thread pretending to be a hunter of things supernatural is the one with fetish and delusion problems.

>> No.17838072

>OP says vampires aren't automatically damned if they're destroyed
>no reason to assume any holy powers have a problem with vampires at that point
>everyone still wants to be a holy slayer of vampires
>if God doesn't hate them and they aren't killing people, you're just a murderer
>mfw most of this thread would become murderers and consider themselves better than vampires who aren't really hurting anybody

>> No.17838085

vampires are really lame.

>> No.17838088

Baby, you had me at vampire.

>> No.17838090

Catholic heaven's a fucking scary place. You're pretty much turned into a bliss zombie with out any free will beyond praising Him. Yeah, I'd take the vampire deal just to avoid that. Well, granted i'd wait a fews seconds to see if I suddenly Awaken or discover I have some badass sorcerous bloodline... if no, then yeah, I'll take the bloodsucking leach powers

>> No.17838101

if god god is real, then presumably other gods would be too

you could eschew heaven in favor of famed Valhalla...

>> No.17838112 [DELETED] 


Can't argue with Guts.

>or trips

>> No.17838115

>Already dead
>Different species
>In every culture ever the sun is seen as a god and in a majority a good one, being burned by one would be a major mark against you.

Don't tell me your a vampirefag.

>> No.17838121

yo if i was a vampire i would drain all the niggas that talk shit to me like dat bitch tyrone yestaday that nigga while i was talkin to my girl came up slapped my girls ass i was like is this nigga serious

>> No.17838150

Well i think it depends if its really "no hell" or just "youre not auto-damned", cause if its the latter, youre probably damned if you start killing people. Youll need to find a reliable source of animal blood (if that even works) or feed 3-4 times a night otherwise.

>> No.17838163

Can I just be a Western Vampire from the AD&D 2nd Ed. Monsters Manuel? I want the ability to toss a car, turn into a gas form at will, charm people and polymorph into a bat or wolf at will.

>> No.17838179

>if god god is real, then presumably other gods would be too

That is not how Christianity works.

>> No.17838198

Do you want to dissect that?

Cause what makes you think it's Christianity in charge, and not Catholicism? Or any one of the offshoots of either?

>> No.17838213

OP just said god.
It could be any monotheistic religion god
One I make up
Or any polytheistic religion in where one main god rules

>> No.17838214

Nope. I'd rather be a Dhampyr a la Adrian Tepes. Sunlight? Head aches but bring it on. Water? It's cool I have my snorkel. Magic? Fuck yes.

But if I had to be something else or some ability: Time mage because ffffuck yeah eternal youth and I can just rewind my wounds plus general magics.

>> No.17838221

>implying Catholicism isn't Christianity
Protestant heretic detected.

Just wait right there while the nice men from the 10th Crusade come to take you away.

>> No.17838225

I would say yes, and then, because I live across from a storage lot, buy a storage unit and then go to the inner city and ask homeless people if they would like to live in the storage unit and I would feed them everyday and house, on the occasion, that they would let me drink their blood. Being they are homeless nobody would believe them and if I treat them nicely they won't retaliate against me. Hell if they prove to be good people maybe I could turn them into a vamp too.

>> No.17838232

>Time magic
>Not Biology magic
Enjoy being yourself for all of forever
Me? I can do resets whenever I want. Strengthen myself and create my ideal appearance.
And since its fucking magic.
Fantasy biology can work too.

>> No.17838237

Are we going by which came first, then? So Judaism?

>> No.17838238

I see you adhere strictly to the teachings of Jesus, who was a great warlord in his time.

>> No.17838239

No, OP said Hell, which is sort of a christian thing. I guess Hades could be hell if you interpret it loosely enough.

>> No.17838244

This. I'd rather be a lich. I'm not shallow enoigh the be a vampirefag.

>> No.17838250

Catholicism is "also" monotheistic, and a moot point since Catholicism = Christianity, even if there are other Christian sects.

>> No.17838254

>Not getting your blood exclusively from seducing young women

what the hell kind of vampire are you

get out of my crypt

>> No.17838259

Enjoy getting hunted way more fervently by hunters and also vampires. If I was a vampire I would hunt down liches because all liches are evil.

>> No.17838270

Didn't they also have like every damn vampire weakness ever?

>> No.17838280

If it's about who came first, the Hindus are probably the "correct" religion.

>> No.17838289

Technically, Hindu and Zoroastrianism in turn came from the same religion, didn't they?

BTW, some kind of animism would be "correct," then.

>> No.17838297

So that would include Islam, then?

>> No.17838300

If it's about who came first, we'll have to go all the way back to when man first conceptualized gods.

>> No.17838311

I was thinking about that because itsmagicidontgottaexplainshit.jpg but I think I'm fine with my form right now, if anything I would be much more satisfied with natural exercise and getting the right bod that way. I suppose in my travels we could meet, I have all of eternity to find you.
>get perfect bod imo
>hit pause

>> No.17838319


Nah, the Mother Goddess worship of the early Neanderthals is the first one we really know about.

I bet shes a bit pissed at all these masculine johnny come latelys pfaffing about in her pool.

>> No.17838323

Nah, Hinduism can be traced back some 7000 years, while Zoroastrianism is only half as old.

And they're pretty much polar opposites. Polytheism vs. Monotheism.

>> No.17838332

So, God is Cthulhu then, right?

>> No.17838335

>big tits
>big ass
>doesn't like modern religion
sounds like my kind of goddess

>> No.17838350

He's way, way too modern.

>> No.17838358



I think its why I fell into Discordianism. I like a female deity I can really get behind, you know?

>> No.17838361

>Mention god is real
>Everybody assumes it's Christianity
>Not the single most popular religion on the planet

>> No.17838363

I wonder if you still go crazy seeing him if you're a vampire?

>> No.17838365

If we're going all the way back to man's original conception of gods...

>> No.17838379

This site has a predominately Western culture. No surprise there.

>> No.17838381

you were saying?

>> No.17838384

They could only be hurt by magical weapons (so guns aint gonna do shit, nor will tanks or explosions ect.), they regenerate health, If they are "killed" they turn into the gas form and go back to their coffin then 8 hours later can become corpreal again.
They cant stand garlic, they dont like mirrors or "lawful good" holy symbles (so all of this worlds churchs are out) and they cant be in sunlight for more then a min. They also cant go into homes uninvited but can charm people to let them in. lol

>> No.17838394


Sorry if you feel left out, Islam dude.

I'll disregard your religion the same as I disregard everyone else, ok?

>> No.17838396


This is approaching Twilight level bad, feel ashamed OP

>> No.17838409

Except that Dracula didn't have any of those consequences... In fact, that he was assumed to be damned could as easily come from his evil behavior as his status as a vampire.

In other words, you just said Bram Stoker's vampires were twilight level bad.

Feel ashamed, anon.

>> No.17838428

Even if you don't kill them, drawing blood is pretty much a dick move.
I wouldn't wish that on the people I dislike, and I'm not subtle enough to go about doing that to strangers unnoticed.
In the long run it would be waaaaaaay too much trouble.
So thank you, I'll pass.

>> No.17838434

Add to that that Dracula could go out in the daytime, and anon probably would hate Stoker.

>> No.17838440


Pretty sure Stokers Dracula couldn't turn his power to turn people into vampires on and off...

>> No.17838443

>drawing blood is pretty much a dick move

What if you asked permission first? And what about phlebotomy?

>> No.17838449

There's no way of knowing if he could. He never had the motivation to.

>> No.17838468


He could. Because it worked in Stoker the way it works in later things like Anne Rice or White Wolf.

Dracula fed his blood to Lucy and Mina, and over time they slowly became vampires. So yes, he had "control" over it.

>> No.17838488

Oh, right. Haven't read it in a while.

In other words, OP's vampires are exactly like Dracula, except they can't come out during the daytime.

>people think dracula-esque vampires are Mary Sue

>> No.17838495

I'm still confused what you're all upset about.

>can ingest food without vomiting, but get no nutrition from it
>can have sex

These are the only "drawbacks" OP removed. ("You won't go to hell" is more of a setting detail than removing a drawback.)

That's not a big deal, what even are your standards for "vampires" these days?

>> No.17838499

I'd consider it, but probably wouldn't do it. It could offer a free pass out of the drudgery of modern society due to vampire charm getting me anything I want, but I'm too much of a moralfag to do that. And I'm not too keen on the idea of immortality, really.

>> No.17838502

Oh fuck this then, I'm gonna go hang out in Cardiff till I find a stupid blue box. At least I'll get to have some fun adventures before I die in an interesting way. Beats being killed in some giant holy war between between moralfag hunters and vampires

>> No.17838528

in settings like World Of Darkness, being fed on by a vampire basically feels like an extended orgasm. This is so much so that there are humans who start to actively seek the experience.

>> No.17841536



>> No.17841541

Hells yes.

>> No.17841555

No, but I would recommend it to some people I know to disabuse them of transhumanist notions.

Vampires suck.

>> No.17841572

>disabuse them of transhumanist notions

>> No.17841591

I can turn other people into vampires, right? Hell yeah, why not? Should be fun.

>> No.17841605

You should be REALLY careful with that, though, especially if the ones you turn can turn others as well. Predators outnumbering prey and all.

>> No.17841608


Well, yes, basically.

However, what constitutes as changing someone "for the better" is always very arbitrary, so I'm not sure why you are complaining about this.

>> No.17841612

The problem is that you think you should have control over their decisions about what to do with their own bodies, not that you personally would choose not to do it.

>> No.17841620

Vampire: Human Revolution

>> No.17841625


Not guy you were ranting at, but;


>> No.17841635

>cant go out in sunlight
fuck this shit

>> No.17841636

Photoshop some fangs on there and it's perfect.

>> No.17841638


I don't, though.

>> No.17841642

I think that young lady just threw up on that gravestone, I'd go help but you know,


>> No.17841655

The answer is yes. No holding back. The one thing I fear in life is death. To be granted a way around that would fulfill my deepest desires. If there is one thing that would ever tempt me to darkness it would be the gift of immortality.

>> No.17841670

nty, still living with my parents leaves me feeling enough of a worthless parasite as it is...

>> No.17841780

>if you think science should be used to make people stronger or smarter, you obviously hate the poor people in other countries and want them to suffer
Best. Strawman. Ever. Because it's not like having scientists who are like a dozen times as smart as any human alive now could come up with better agricultural plans that would easily feed everyone, or possibly even usher us into an age of post-scarcity, right?

Anyway, this is off-topic. Yes, I'd become a vampire in that specific situation.

>> No.17841816


>Because it's not like having scientists who are like a dozen times as smart as any human alive now could come up with better agricultural plans that would easily feed everyone, or possibly even usher us into an age of post-scarcity, right?

I bet you that if you asked someone who lived 80 years ago,

"what'll come first-two people arguing anonymously without knowing or caring about one another's nationality and culture, using devices that enable near-instant communication and do not necessarily require *buttons* and can construct and play films in real-time based on the decisions of the user while said communication is happening, or everybody in the world having enough fucking POTATOES to live on?"

Mankind has a colossal shared knowledge base and near-instant communication, textually, visually or through games. People who lived in the past would tell you that the singularity has come and gone. Meanwhile, Africa.

>> No.17841830

Well, yeah. We also need to fuck the banks and the megacorps, form worker cooperatives, and help people in third world countries ourselves.

I'm just saying, if, while I'm doing that or after I'm done, I find out I can get surgery that will allow me to live for 300 years or something, I'm not going to be opposed to it.

>> No.17841833

We're still working on the Africa thing.
We'll probably solve it eventually, once we get hydroponics down, and that isn't really related to the singularity.

>> No.17841838

I would consider it, but only if it improved my ability to hunt the wicked amongst their kind.

Especially since killing and forcably turning others is optional in this scenario. They don't even have an excuse anymore.

If I do turn, I'm going public about the whole fucking shindig too. No way I'm letting that shit stay secret.

>> No.17841843

How the fuck would you know? What the hell is that horrible philosophy of life of being content with what you are?

>> No.17841844


Yeah, sorry about the rant.

All that i'm saying is that the 300-years life extension thing is probably going to come in before any kind of equality.

And that its very presence will make equality nearly impossible.

>> No.17841849

When has equality ever been possible?

>> No.17841850

On the bright side, if immortality gets old you can have an epic fight to the death with psychotic 'killdeathmurder' vampires until one finally bests you.

Valhalla awaits, friend.

>> No.17841882

Technically, it can't be possible. Bias and prejudice can't be killed off entirely without culling humanity's emotions entirely.

And I'm saying this as an egalitarian,

>> No.17841922

Christianity and Judaism aren't even monotheistic, in the old testament it speaks of the Jews conquering people, and god "punishing their gods", implying that they clearly MUST exist - that, or the "perfect" bible lied. Just lol.

>> No.17841923


By "equality", i mean things like "everyone gets to eat at least one potato a day."

That kind of pretty basic survival thing.

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